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Road Workers Paint Over Dead Animals And More – Photos

by | 9th, November 2013

LAZY is the Memphis city road crew who painted rod markings over a a pile of dead leaves before moving on.


memphis leaves 1

memphis leaves



It could have been worse.


Jack Williams, from Longton, Stoke on Trent, at the spot where he parked, now with yellow lines connected. *..A teenager told how he was stunned to find that he had been given a parking ticket after double-yellow lines were painted on either side of his already parked car. Jack Williams had left his car in Stoke-on-Trent city centre and had returned to find the lines had been painted and a ticket put on his car.  Date: 22/04/2003






Photo dated 13/04/07 of an 18 inch long yellow line on Highbury Crescent in north London. Residents of the quiet street were astonished to see what they thought must be the shortest yellow line in the country.





A section of a very narrow road in North London, just wide enough for a pushchair, is seen having been painted with two sets of double yellow lines, Wednesday, April 25, 2007. Double yellow lines are marked alongside the pavements on British roads to signify that parking of vehicles is not permitted at any time.  




August 12, 2012: Pennsylvania road crew paints yellow line over dead raccoon:

dead racoon



And another raccoon:



Minnesota line painters never saw this raccoon:

racoon dead




A squashed hedgehog with double yellow lines painted on it in Hart Lane in Hartlepool. A worker painted yellow lines over a squashed hedgehog rather than move it off the road, a council spokeswoman admitted. Thursday August 12, 2010.



Hampshire County Council painted round a dead badger:

Mel Kendal, county council environment chief, said: “We would usually liaise with our colleagues at the district council who dispose of animal carcasses on the highways to ensure the badger was removed before the white line painting crew did this stretch of road. This appears not to have happened in this case and the white line painting crew did what they thought was best until arrangements could be made to dispose of the carcass. These arrangements have now been made and the gap in the white lines will be filled in, at no extra cost to the council tax payer.”


Council road workers in Kent painted over a dead fox cub:

kent lines


Local resident Liz Adams stands in the alleyway 1.4 metres wide in Swindon that has had two sets of double yellow lines painted down it. Date: 16/04/2013.





Oxfordshire County Council have painted over double yellow lines which confused motorists and locals after being painted across a speed bump in Bickerton Road in Headington, Oxford.  Friday March 2, 2012.







This might not be a joke:


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