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Milos Rajkovic Makes Awesome Gifs of Human Heads

by | 18th, November 2013

MILOS Rajkovic makes terrific Gifs of human heads:

Milos Rajkovic 11


Milos Rajkovic 10


Says the artist: “Modern world society is cluttered with temporarily informations and stuck in acceptable mediocrity because of advertised projection of reality , art should be contribution in fight against that order… Because its irresponsible to leave for future generations internet full of cute animals.”


Milos Rajkovic 9

Milos Rajkovic 8


Why Sholim?

“Sholim is my pseudonym since I was very young, its reverse reading of my name Miloš or Milosh.”


Milos Rajkovic 7

Milos Rajkovic 6


“I’m highly inspired by lowbrow pop surrealism art,” Rajkovic added. “I really feel the power of their work. When you see something that’s scary and funny at same time, while bringing some strong visual messages to you—that’s what I try to do with my GIFs.”



Milos Rajkovic 5

Milos Rajkovic 4

Milos Rajkovic 3

Milos Rajkovic 2

Milos Rajkovic 1

Milos Rajkovic


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