Anorak News | Dubai’s super car graveyard (photos)

Dubai’s super car graveyard (photos)

by | 3rd, July 2015

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Amidst the reclaimed ex-pat heavy sands of Dubai, you can visit the super car graveyard. The story goes that foreigners working in the desert fiefdom need to leave. The most common reason is debt. Under Sharia law failure to pay back debt is a criminal offence with offenders facing the risk of prison. And if you can’t afford to pay off that car or home it might be cheaper to flee.

They foreigners have no time to sell their flashy motors they bought outright or on the drip, so they park them on a street or at Dubai International Airport.

And there the cars stay collecting dust, the Ferraris, Porsches, Range Rovers and Mercedes.

Eventually, people who want the parking space complain. The police are called and the cars are taken away. The BBC says a Ferrari Enzo, worth more than $1 million, was impounded and sold at auction.

But they won’t all be sold.

One day, when the sands have reclaimed the place technology built, and intrepid explorers are digging for signs of what was once there, they’t hit the roof a Rolls Royce, and marvel at the folly…







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