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ITV fail: broadcaster confuses Ainsley Harriott with Lenny Henry

ainsley henry


This week we learnt that TV chef Ainsley Harriott is also Lenny Henry. Who knew? ITV did. As Henry received his knighthood from Her Majesty, the broadcaster showed footage of the one-man double-act’s career:

Of course, the two men are not the same man.

Whoops! A spokesperson for ITV News went on the record:

“ITV News apologises for the error broadcast in the lunchtime news package today regarding Sir Lenny Henry’s knighthood at the palace. This was the result of an error in the production process in a piece intended to celebrate Sir Lenny’s significant achievements in British entertainment.”

Before praising he man’s cooking and big smile.

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After San Bernardino: victim Nicholas Thalasinos was asking for it

massacre california jews


Linda Stasi has news on the massacre at a social services center in San Bernardino, California. She shines a narrow beam of light on one of the 13 people murdered: Nicholas Thalasinos.

They were two hate-filled, bigoted municipal employees interacting in one department. Now 13 innocent people are dead in unspeakable carnage. One man spent his free time writing frightening, NRA-loving, hate-filled screeds on Facebook about the other’s religion.

The other man quietly stewed and brewed his bigotry, collecting the kind of arsenal that the Facebook poster would have envied.

To recap: one man wrote things on Facebook. One man murdered 13 people. Keep in mind these intrinsic differences as you read on:

What they didn’t realize is that except for their different religions they were in many ways similar men who even had the same job.

To recap that recap: one murdered 13 people; one wrote things. To Stasi’s adipose mind each of those actions – murdering 13 people and writing on your Facebook page – defines the man.

When anyone is murdered in the US – an unarmed man or woman at a do, say – you should withhold sympathy until you’ve seen their Facebook posts, trawled through their tweets and bon mots for signs of gurning stupidity, gayness, fascism, carbon neutrality, football team affiliation, weirdness and so on. This is why mawkish Channel 4 news presenters always emphasise children as the true victims of war – it locates a victim viewers of every prejudice can surely agree as unequivocally deserving of our tears.

(Of course, we who know what utter swine some kids are remain unconvinced by the ploy. Did you hear what spiteful Julie whispered about Zed the bed wetter? Better to sob for Billy, who was good at football and came top in spelling.)

Stasi continues:

One man, the Muslim, was a loser who had to travel all the way to Pakistan to get himself an email bride. (I refuse to add to their fame by using the killer and his murderous wife’s names.)

That wife radicalized him and fueled his hatred. The FBI is investigating her ties to Al Qaeda and ISIS. Go to the Middle East, meet your new wife, meet some terror leaders, begin your wedded bliss back in the USA.

Cherchez la femme, eh.

The other man, the victim, Nicholas Thalasinos, was a radical Born Again Christian/Messianic Jew, who also connected with his future wife online and had traveled across the country to meet her.

The killer, however, became half of an Islamic Bonnie & Clyde, while the other died as the male equivalent of Pamela Geller.

And on Stasi goes. As for being Bonnie & Clyde, mass murderers Syed Raheel Farook and Tashfeen Malik were not driven by any greed for filthy lucre. Nothing so noble. They sought only death.

Stasi then adds:

The killers deserve every disgusting adjective thrown at them. And more. But…


…the victim is also inaccurately being eulogized as a kind and loving religious man.

What d’yer know about the corpse, Linda?

Make no mistake, as disgusting and deservedly dead as the hate-filled fanatical Muslim killers were, Thalasinos was also a hate-filled bigot. Death can’t change that. But in the U.S., we don’t die for speaking our minds. Or we’re not supposed to anyway.

Which makes you wonder what the point of Stasi’s story is? She doesn’t like what the murdered man wrote on Facebook. He didn’t deserve to die for what he thought, she graciously concedes. But now that he is dead, we should spare the pity because his politics were not within the Stasi-acceptable part of the mainstream.

Thalasinos was an anti-government, anti-Islam, pro-NRA, rabidly anti-Planned Parenthood kinda guy, who posted that it would be “Freaking Awesome” if hateful Ann Coulter was named head of Homeland Security.

He was murdered. He was shot dead at a party.

He asked, “IS 1. EVERY POLITICIAN IS BOUGHT AND PAID FOR? 2. EVERY POLITICIAN IS A MORON? 3. EVERY POLITICIAN IS RACIST AGAINST JEWS?” He also posted screeds like, “You can stick your Muslim Million Man march up your asses,” and how “Hashem” should blow up Iran.

His Facebook page warns that “Without HEALTHY PREGNANT WOMAN (Democrats) would have NO SOURCE of BABIES to SACRIFICE and SELL!”

He was asking for it? He was asking to be murdered? Shed no tears for him. He said things Stasi – and how about that name for nominative determinism, folks – does not agree with.

Stasi then nails her bigotry:

We have freedom of speech but…

No buts, Linda. But them no more. Freedom of speech – the right to speak your mind and debate your point of view – has no buts.


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‘On the brink’ at Chelsea: Jose Mourinho sacked by teatime

When does ‘the brink’ become ‘the fall’? The Telegraph says Jose Mourinho is “on the brink” of leaving Chelsea following the Blues’ 0-1 defeat to the mighty Bournemouth.

Mourinho sacked


Mourinho may well scoff at the report. After all, he has been ‘on the brink’ of getting the sack for much of this season.

After defeat at Stoke City, Eurosport wrote: “Chelsea slump to Stoke defeat as Arnautovic puts Mourinho on the brink”

The Express agreed:


Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 11.00.17


ITV said Mourinho was ‘on the brink’ after defeat to Liverpool.


brink jose


After defeat to West Ham United, the Mail said Jose was “on the brink”:


Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 11.00.17


The Mirror agreed.


Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 11.02.20


According to the Press, Mourinho has been a dead man walking for weeks:


tumblr_nwunhz0BSG1u5f06vo1_1280 86341589_mirror tumblr_nxgukdyZ1B1u5f06vo1_1280 mourinho-sacked klopp-chop


To which Jose says:


jose mourinho sacked


Such are the facts.

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How Neville Neville got his name (and what it means for Gary)

In a very good article on former Manchester United and England defender Gary Neville’s move to a top coaching role at Valencia, David Walsh shares an anecdote that shines a light on the former player’s stubborn will.

His late dad went by the name Neville Neville. You will have wondered at some point, “How could anyone do this?” Just after Neville was born the midwife walked into the room where mum and baby were bonding, picked up the chart and said, “Neville, that’s a nice name for a boy.” A great aunt of Gary’s was visiting and she immediately corrected the midwife’s mistake. “Oh, no, it’s not Neville. That’s his surname. Neville Neville? We can’t be having that.” But her niece, Gary’s grandmother, was affronted at the unintended slight. “Why not Neville Neville? I’ll call him what I want.” And so there you had it, Neville Neville.

Can Gary Neville’s defy the odds and succeed at Valenia? If he fails, you know it won’t be for want of effort…


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Manchester United transfers: Harry Kane for £50m, Neymar and Guardiola

Manchester United transfer balls time.

The Sunday Times leads with news that Louis Van Gaal will remain in charge at Old Trafford even if United crash out of the Champions’ League.

But the paper’s Jonathan Northcroft adds that the club are looking for Van Gaal’s successor – and Pep Guardiola wants the job. Northcroft says Pep is “likely” to leave Bayern Munich when his contract expires next summer, and would prefer a move to Manchester United over Manchester City.

The Guardian says United are not interested in Pep. They will “leave the way open for Manchester City to pursue the 44-year-old former Barcelona coach”.

So Van Gaal stays for a while longer. And next summer he’ll get another £200m to splurge on players, says the Sun.

The Sunday Mirror says United will opt for one of Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Neymar. Whether one of them will opt for United is a moot point.

The Metro (yes, we know) says United will bid £50m to lure Harry Kane from Tottenham. There he can link up with former Spurs stars Bale and Michael Carrick, causing Spurs fans and their club’s manager Mauricio Roberto Pochettino to question their clubs ambitions.

Pochettino to United, anyone?

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Arsenal: Joel Campbell has a huge hissy fit, slams doors and hates everyone

We love a good goal celebration. But we’re a tad worried for Joel Campbell, Arsenal’s Costa Rican striker.

Having scored for Arsenal against Sunderland in yesterday’s Premier Leaaue match, Campbell retrieved a baby’s dummy from somewhere inside his shorts and sucked it.



This was a tribute to his 10-month-old daughter Brianna,

At the 2014 World Cup, he also hailed his child, scoring a goal against Uruguay and popping the ball up his shirt to mimic his pregnant girlfriend Maria Fernanda Cascante.


joel campbell baby


If every stage of young Brianna Campbell’s life is to be marked in one of dad’s goal celebrations, we expect to see Campbell pull a bowl of jelly and ice cream from his jock-strap, hold his ears and scowl (the recorder playing phase) and finally storm off the pitch, slamming every door as he leaves and screaming “I hate you!”

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Crime: mother used Brillo pad to remove son’s ‘rock and roll’ make-up

other parents


Other Parent of the day is Coweta County’s Veridiana Pardo Meo Erbskorn, 47.

She’s been arrested after she allegedly scrubbed make-up from her 12-year-old son’s face with a steel-wool Brillo pad to help him pass rapidly though his “rock and roll stage.”

Erbskorn was taken to the Coweta County Jail on charges of child cruelty, reckless conduct and battery.

She wore no make-up.



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Creepy Christmas songs: Angels of Love

An incredibly creepy Christian kids song for Christmas. Linda Blair is away:


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Injury balls: Sanchez and Cazorla defy the media experts and get well soon

wenger arsenal


The media loves to talk up an injury – and few places in football do injuries with more regularity than Arsenal. The Gunners’ midfielder Santi Cazorla is now injured. We have not been told how badly.

At his Friday press conference, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said he didn’t know how long Cazorla will be out for. A journalist asks if he “could” be out til Mach. Wenger replies: “It is possible.”

In the Guardian that becomes: “Arsenal’s Santi Cazorla to miss at least three months with knee injury”

The paper fails to add “possibly”.

The Indy goes better: “… the Gunners now face up to life without Santi Cazorla until March while Alexis Sanchez could miss the rest of 2015.”

He could. But Wenger said: “Alexis is a hamstring [injury] but I don’t know how long it will take, it is usually a quick one to recover.”

Such are the facts.

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Transfer balls: Cavani ‘joins’ Manchester United for £13m less than Arsenal paid

How much is PSG’s Edinson Cavani worth?

According to L’Equipe,Manchester United “have been told” they can sign the Paris St-Germain forward for £32m.

This odd story also appears in the Metro. It’s the newspaper that said Cavani had agreed to play for Arsenal.


Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 20.29.58


How much did Cavani join Arsenal for way back in September? The Daily Star knew:


Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 20.30.44


The Metro‘s story of Cavani now being worth £13m less than he was just three months ago contains not a single named source. It’s just an apparent fact that Cavani is worth £32m.

And why didn’t Arsenal sign the Uruguayan? The Daily Mirror says the Gunners decided the 28-year-old has ‘no sell-on value’. They should have consulted that anonymous source – although Cavani’s value is falling faster than the Star and Metro’s credibility.


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Man caught having sex with camper van towbar

sex towbar cornwall


Shaggin’ wagons were mostly meant for two. But in Cornwall  a van enthusiast has been seen  using the towbar of a campervan to pleasure himself.


Jackie Walker, from Newquay, tells the Plymouth Herald:

“We had an incident outside our house at 1.30am in the morning. My granddaughter was staying with us. She came in my room crying because she’d heard a noise, and said a man came running out [into the street] with something up his jumper. When we got to the upstairs window he was totally naked, trying to sit on the towbar of a campervan. It was disgusting. She’s 15.”


Police reportedly caught up with the tow jobbing pervert.



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Chelsea balls: Costa in London nightclub rage as Jose seethes in total silence

When is a riotous night out not a riotous night out? The Mail leads with news that “Chelsea stars Diego Costa, Ramires and Kenedy risked incurring the wrath of Jose Mourinho by partying into the early hours on Thursday morning at a London nightclub”.

The Chelsea hell raisers were “spotted leaving top London nightclub Libertine at 3.15am”. Ashley Clements has more on these rebels:

Chelsea boss Mourinho may not be best pleased to see Costa out until 3am after seeing his struggling striker throw a touchline tantrum last weekend.  Mourinho’s golden rule for the first-team squad is that they are not allowed to drink alcohol or have late nights out in the 48 hours before Chelsea games – a rule the Blues trio were certainly testing by partying late into the night on Wednesday.

Jose must be doing his pieces. Those Brazilian-born party animals.

Here’s Darren Lewis in the Mirror:

Chelsea’s underachieving squad enjoyed a team-bonding evening out on Wednesday night – with full permission from Jose Mourinho.

Diego Costa and Ramires were among the Blues allowed to paint the town red and were spotted leaving a London nightclub in the early hours of Thursday morning with recent addition Kenedy.

They were joined by the entire first team squad ahead of Saturday’s Premier League home game against Bournemouth.

Such are the facts.


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Syed Farook and Tashfreen Malik were Muslims first and killers second

What part did religion play in Syed Farook and Tashfreen Malik’s joint decision to murder 14 people at a Christmas party in California?

No report of the horror says the husband and wife killer screaming ‘Aluu Wakbar’ as they slaughtered their victims, nor made any obvious reference to Islam.

The New York Post makes the killers’ religion a key factor in the massacre, changing its front-page “shooters” to “Muslim Killers”.


ny post massacre muslims


The Mirror says Farook was a “devout Muslim”. Was his wife? We’re not told. The paper makes no other mention of religion in the article.

But it does position the crime in the context of the wider war on terror.


massacre california


The Daily Mail makes Islam central to the crime. The report says the couple were “radicalised Muslims”. Again we hear that Farook was a “devout Muslim” who met his Pakistani wife online. The Mail says he had been on the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.


massacre california


The Express says the couple were on a “jihadi mission”. The killers are called a “jihadi couple”. But at no point in the article is that a proven fact. The paper is only source of the phrase ‘jihadi couple’.


massacre california


The Sun says the gunman was “crazed”. A neighbour says she “believed” she had seen a black ISIS flag in the couple’s garage.”I’ve a feeling it was an IS flag,” says the source. This becomes the headline “KILLERS’ I.S. FLAG”.


massacre california


Meanwhile detective are investigating…


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Christmas TV repeats story repeats in tabloids

TV repeats tabloidThe Daily Mirror reports that 811 shows broadcast over the Christmas period on the four main TV channels have been broadcast before.

The Mirror, which, like the Express and Mail, has broadcast adaptations of this story for the last 20 years, is dismayed by the news.

Says one tabloid insider: “Every year we have to report the same story as news but with a new headline. This year it’s “‘Tis the season for repeats”, whereas last years we reported “The season for repeats”, before that it was “‘Twas the season for repeats” and next year we have already written “‘Twill be the season for repeats”. These TV bosses just shove out Mary Poppins. It’s not fair.”

Before adding: “See you next year.”






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Jeremy Corbyn loses Oldham in the dead-tree Daily Mirror

corbyn out


In “Dark Night of the polls for Jeremy”, the Mirror’s Dan Bloom says Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is leading the party to disaster at the Oldham West and Royston by-election.

The paper repeats warnings that the party’s 14,000 majority at the last count could be slashed to just 1,000. Labour candidate Jim McMahon is in dire peril.

Such are the dangers of of being a left-wing newspaper at the time of a weak Labour leader reporting on a vote already decided and counted by breakfast time. As readers of Daily Mirror’s dead-tree organ study the predictions about Jezza the liability, the paper’s website reveals the result. Says Dan Bloom:

Jeremy Corbyn has defied his critics in spectacular fashion as Labour won a thumping victory in his first ballot box test.

Activists were jubilant as trucker’s son Jim McMahon romped home with an unexpected 10,722 majority in the Oldham West and Royton by-election.

Critics like, er, Dan Bloom.

Anyone still wondering why newspapers are dying?

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Transfer balls: Manchester United swoop for West Ham’s Reece Oxford

Transfer news: Manchester Untied are making a £8m bid for West ham United’s 16-year-old defender Reece Oxford.

The Times says Oxford is scheduled to sign a news contract at West Ham as early as this month, but only for two years – FA rules prevent any player under 18 from signing a longer deal.

The Times then adds that Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool are also keen on the player, but it’s Man United who are “likely” to make a move.




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Transfer balls: Paul Pogba Wings in to Manchester United

FACT! Paul Pogba is going to play for Manchester United or Manchester City. This we know because the Juventus and France midfielder has been spotted eating in Manchester with pals.

Do these pals live in Manchester, where Pogba lived for two years while waiting to be loved by United?  Do he and his French and Italian pals salivate for Manchester food, jetting in for gastronomic delights?

As ever, the player was at the Wing’s Chinese restaurant, a place so attractive to footballers that the city’s lap-dancers and reality telly starlets have taken to smearing themselves in Peking duck.

“I love Manchester,” said the midfielder, reportedly, as he left the diner.

He loves Manchester on a drab December night. What do they out in that special sauce?

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Transfer balls: Arsenal get Isco, Bender, Navas and a Chelsea ‘sensation’

Arsenal transfers

Arsenal transfer committee


Arsenal are being linked to a host of players. If it goes to form, Arsenal will buy one player at most this January, play him until he can barely walk, talk about his being in the “red zone”, before watching him hobble through the revolving doors at the crowded injury centre.

The Star says Arsenal are favourites to land Real Madrid’s Isco. The Star links to the Metro, which says Spain’s AS says Arsenal are on course to hire the 23-year-old. Maybe.

The Indy says Arsenal are in for …TEN players! They are: Mauro Incardi; Alex Pato; Grzegorz Krychowiak; Ruben Neves; Edinson Cavani; Alvaro Morata; Michy Batshuayi; Jese Rodriguez; Rico Henry; Daniele Rugani; Karim Benzema; Gonzalo Higuain; and William Carvalho.

The Telegraph also has Arsenal’s ‘Top 10 Targets’. They are (not including names previously mentioned above): Ilkay Gundogan; Adrien Rabiot; Riechedly Bazoer; Lars Bender; Vincent Koziello; and Andrija Zivkovic.

The Metro say Arsenal want Jesus Navas and James McArthur.

The Mirror says Arsenal’s top target is Charly Musonda. Who? Why, he’s the “Chelsea sensation”. Yeah, really.

Tally: 20 players.

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Black Depression: Un-Nooh in nominative determinism break horror

un-nooh misses

Missed Un


At the UK Snooker Championship a case of nominative determinism. The player has only the black to pot to make a maximum 147 break and pocket £44,000 in prize money.

He misses. His name? It’s Un-Nooh – aka Un-Noooooooooooooooooooh!


Spotter: Mike Marshall

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If we are at war with ISIS why is Shilan Ozcelik in prison?

Silhan ÖzçelikShilan Ozcelik is in a British prison? Her crime was to try to join the PPK in fighting ISIS in Syria.

In November, Shilan, 18, from north London, was stuffed behind bars following her conviction for trying to join the campaign against Isis jihadis in Syria.

Get your head around that, if you can.

Read this and wonder why she’s in prison:

There was no evidence Özçelik had joined the PKK, made contact with PKK members or travelled to Turkey or Syria before she returned to Britain from Cologne in Germany in January 2015 and was arrested at Stansted airport…

Sentencing her to 21 months in a young offender institution, the judge, John Bevan, described her as “a stupid, feckless and deeply dishonest young woman”…

She would have to live with the “long lasting consequences of a conviction for terrorism”, he added .

Better had she joined the British Army and then demanded they don’t bomb the enemy only from the skies, but also meet them face to face on the ground.

Her friend Mark Campbell puts it well:

“Her family who had contacted authorities for help to bring her home, instead found her being pursued with criminal charges. With the government trying to get support for launching attacks on Isis this is really not the time to be prosecuting a young girl whose intention was to fight Isis. It sends out completely the wrong message and I would urge the Home Secretary to release her now.”

It’s insane.

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Get Your War On: Corbyn wins, Cameron immortalised and tweeters battle on

cam warIt’s war, then. It always is. Britain has entered the war in Syria. MPs voted, backing the bombing with a majority of 174.

The Daily Mirror says this is “CAM’S WAR”, nailing the battle to David Cameron’s lapels. Something in the history books for Dave, then, who had been relying on footnotes about ‘Sam Cam’ and ‘LOL’ to mark his place in the ledgers.

The Mirror leads with news that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn  “warned” that not everyone is in favour of fighting. Says Corbyn: “The Prime Minister’s approach is bomb first talk later.”

But they did talk and talk and talk in the Commons. For an age the talk was about Cameron’s comment that the naysayers were a ” bunch of terrorist sympathisers”. Labelling them all as such was crass and clumsy. Cameron might have surveyed the Opposition benches and been more pointed about those with “friends” in Hamas.

The Sun says Corbyn “cosied up to IRA during its campaign of slaughter” and called Hamas and Hezbollah “friends”.

The Mirror says politicians from all sides demanded Cameron apologise. “12 times” he refused to do so.

Mirror columnist Kevin Maguire looks at the vote and concludes that Cameron “lost the argument” to bomb Syria. Very few journalists are good at maths. But to say that a 174 majority represent a moral defeat is monocular to the point to tunnel vision. Maguire then shares his observation that Cameron is a “posh Tory with no class”.

Maguire also agrees with Corbyn that attacking Islamic State will make us a target. Newsflash: we are a target.

The Mail says Corbyn was “crushed”. In all 66 Labour MPs voted against their leader, including Hilary Benn, who called he jihadis “fascists” and an “evil” that must be defeated. Corbyn was “ashen-faced” and “eviscerated”.

The Indy leads with Benn’s speech. Cometh the hour, cometh yet another Labour MP to show just how feeble Corbyn is.

benn seech


The Mail says pro-war Labour MPs were sent pictures of dead kids  and attacked online by hard-Left moralists. Stella Creasy MP saw her home and office marched on by “hundreds” of protestors. The Sun sees her tweet one righteous tweeter, “Seriously do one sunshine.”

You can’t beat ISIS on twitter, but you can call out a few bellends.

Let’s get our war on, then.




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NUS: Israelis are never killed by ‘terrorists’ and anti-Semitism not a problem


In 1972 Palestinian terror outfit Black September murdered 11 Israel athletes at the Munich Olympics.

Ilana Romano says her husband Yossef was tied up and castrated:

“What they did is that they cut off his genitals through his underwear and abused him. Can you imagine the nine others sitting around tied up? They watched this.”

She wants us to know what happened to the athletes before and after they were murdered.

But the Daily Mirror has a version of the story that should excite some readers:


daily mirror fail

The Mirror calls the murdered Israelis the “terrorists”.

The story has now been altered to read:

One of the nine Israeli athletes murdered by Palestinian militant group Black September was castrated and others were tortured during a 20 hour ordeal.

As you marvel at that error of fact, research and subbing (let’s be generous), the National Union of Students says that Israelis cannot be the victims of terror.

The Jewish News reports:

The National Union of Students has been urged to apologise over the “deliberate omission” of Israel from a list of countries suffering recent terror attacks.

An NUS statement read at its National Executive Committee meeting last night highlighted attacks over the past year by “paramilitary organisations” in Nigeria, Lebanon, Turkey, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kenya, Palestine, and Mali.

“Those who have perpetrated these attacks, have targeted people of all faiths, of all backgrounds and of all identities. Since the attacks, we have seen an increase in retributions places on Muslim communities here in the UK and around the world. We restate the NUS’ commitment to fighting Islamophobia.

“We mourn the victims of the attacks and stand in solidarity with the families and friends o al those affected…and stand in solidarity with citizens across the world who are suffering at the hands of violence and discrimination.”

Islamophobia gets more coverage and sympathy than the murder of Israelis. You might wonder why the NUS is not committed to fighting anti-Semitism, which in light of the attack on a Paris delicatessen and the Jewish-owned theatre is very real.

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Sarah Vine and online attacks on Gordon Ramsay’s ‘promiscuous’ daughters

gordon ramsay children


For two days the Daily Mail has published this photograph of TV chef Gordon Ramsay’s four children: Jack, 16, Matilda, 14, Holly, 16, and Megan, 17. It was twins Jack and Holly’s joint 16th birthday party, and the family were gussied up for a party.

The Mail’s Sam Creighton said the children had been the victims of “online attacks”. And the paper had more to say. Cop a load of “14-year-old Matilda, wearing a black-and-white crop top with matching short skirt”, wrote Sam (age on application).


sarah vine girls


One day on and Sarah Vine, aka Mrs Michael Gove MP, is offering her opinion on the outfits. As you can see, Jack has been cropped from the family photo. Sarah opines:

Poor Gordon Ramsay – now there’s three words I never thought I’d write. The 49-year-old chef posted what he thought was an innocent picture of his children on a night out – and was hit by a tsunami of online criticism about his parenting skills. The problem was the girls’ outfits. Matilda, 14, in a stripy crop top and skater skirt; Holly, 16, in a slip of a sequin dress; and Megan, 17, also in a crop top and spangly mini-skirt.

A pox on that online criticism. Why can’t these people stop shining a light on children. 

She continues:

‘Way too much skin,’ observed one critic; ‘keep their innocence a little longer’ suggested another; ‘those are some short skirts,’ said a third. I can certainly see what they mean…

The online comments which will have cut Ramsay most deeply, the ones that prey on every protective dad’s (and mother’s) darkest fears, are the ones that said his daughters looked like ‘hoochies’ — slang for promiscuous young girls.

Having repeated the words of those online attackers, Vine concedes:

…today it’s different in a way I’m only beginning to understand. The pressure to look a certain way is so much more intense. When I was a teenager, you hardly ever saw a photo of yourself. But in the age of photo-sharing apps such as Instagram, girls are constantly reviewing and analysing their appearance.

To say nothing of the horror of being commented on by middle-aged writers in the Daily Mail.

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