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Liverpool: Rodgers defends the ‘boy’ Sterling by questioning his intellect

Raheem Sterling is all over the Sunday sports sections. The Liverpool tyro – Liverpool’s best player in their 4-1 defeat to Arsenal – is going nowhere.


Screen shot 2015-04-05 at 07.34.06


But he might be. Keeping hold of a very good young English player who sees glory elsewhere is not easy.

And Brendan Rodgers isn’t helping. The Sunday Times leads with “Rodgers escalates war over Sterling”. Rodgers says Sterling has been turned by his agent, Aidy Ward.

“I’ve had a good chat with [Sterling], gave my opinion. This is a young kid who has been advised to do something else. You’re not a 20-year-old boy who picked up the phone and asks to speak to the BBC. You don’t do it. And him in particular.”


Screen shot 2015-04-05 at 07.33.29


Rodgers is a patient, intelligent man. But calling Sterling a “boy” is foolish. Telling him that he’s easily led by the big bad agent and not capable of speaking for himself is hardly going to win hearts and minds in the ‘war’.


Screen shot 2015-04-05 at 07.33.52


Sterling has two more years to run on his contract. Can Liverpool in that time challenge for the title? When Sterling looked at his teamates and the wreckage Arsenal wrought on Liverpool’s Champions’ League ambitions, did he see his future at Anfield?

How likely is that?

Not very…




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Liverpool balls: Daniel Sturridge follows Arsenal defeat with a call to party

Liverpool lost 4-1 to Arsenal in the Premier League. The game delivered a severe blow to Liverpool’s chances of Champions’ League qualification. But how does Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge respond? Well, on Twitter he’s having a par-teeee:

 daniel sturridge party

As @andrew_warden notes:

That awkward moment when you are paid to promote something but your team lost today! :/

Sick as a tweeter…

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Transfer balls: Raheem Sterling thinks Manchester United and Arsenal are better than Liverpool

Raheem sterling auction


Can it be that Raheem Sterling, the Liverpool tyro, would leave the club to play for Arsenal or Manchester United? The Sun says the deal to Old Trafford is on.

The last player to move between the two clubs was Phil Chisnall, who left Manchester United for Liverpool in 1964.

Sterling has rejected a near £100,000-a-week deal to remain at Liverpool. He and his agent are agitating for an exit. Liverpool want him to stay.

Their mistake was securing him on a £35,000-a-week deal that ends in two years time. They should have offered him more when he signed that deal just after his 18th birthday. They should have seen the improving player and recalculated his worth. Now that Liverpool are ready to negotiate, Sterling has raised his sights.

Sterling thinks Liverpool owe him back pay.

And Liverpool’s rivals are ready to exploit his position.

Sterling, of course, runs the risk of looking like a greedy, ungrateful, disloyal tosser.

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Transfer Balls: underpaid Sterling wants Arsenal or Chelsea move – and so does his agent

raheem sterling transfer


Is Raheem Sterling leaving Liverpool? Is he going to play for Arsenal. Is he a greedy sh*t or a footballer who knows his worth? Questions abound on the matter of former QPR player Raheem Sterling. And the tabloids lead with the news.

The Sun says Sterling is worth £50m. The paper says he could be on his way to Chelsea. Or Arsenal. Or Manchester City. The Sun says the “race” is on to sign Sterling. It’s race doped with money.

The Daily Mail also leads with news that Chelsea are in the “race” to sign Sterling.

Is it? But Brendan Rodgers says Sterling should be”honoured” to play for Liverpool, adding that the player has two and a half years to run on his current deal and is going nowhere.

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Brilliant, bright and money-grabbing: Raheem Sterling deserves every penny he can get

Raheem sterling money liverpool


Raheem Sterling is not a money-grabber. Well, so says the Times. And ‘money grabber’ is in inverted commas, the words appearing in a headline comment on the Liverpool player’s view of himself as revealed in a BBC interview. In that chat, Sterling confirmed that he has rejected an offer of £100,000-a-week to extend his Liverpool contract, which still has over two years to run.

He also says he’s “flattered” that Arsenal are interested in hiring him.

And he stated:

“Everyone’s dream is growing up seeing themselves in an away kit somewhere in a sunny country.”

You  might take that for poetic licence, Sterling’s ‘sunny country’ being North London in February. But the 20-year-old who left QPR to earn more money at Liverpool is a pragmatist. Sterling wants a move away from the Premier League.




And he won’t weep for Liverpool. Following Liverpool’s win at QPR, his boyhood club, Sterling wrote on his Instagram page:

“Back to where it all started great win from the boys 3 points yerrrr boiiii.”


See how he loves Liverpool. Well, they do pay him more than QPR were offering. Liverpool got Sterling in their club colours because they outbid all other teams, offering QPR an initial £500,000 for the teenager.


In The Nowhere Men by Michael Calvin, we learn:


Sterling was a regular in pick-up games organised by Walley on a pitch marked out in the back garden of the home of Tim Sherwood, Tottenham’s technical co-ordinator. A trial game was arranged, between Tottenham Under 15s and a Brent Schools select, featuring Sterling, who was thought to be available for £200,000. Remarkably, Spurs turned him down, because academy coaches were split about his long-term potential and the challenges of his background. Fulham were convinced they were about to sign him. “We had Raheem in the building, and were totally blown away when Liverpool came in for the boy,” admitted Barry Simmonds, their chief scout. Anderson and McParland had successfully lobbied Sterling’s family, and close friends, that Raheem’s best interests would be served by a £1 million move to Merseyside.

A month before his 15th birthday, he was billeted with ‘house parents’ and installed in the fifth form at Rainhill School in St Helens.


That last line makes nonsense of Ian Ladyman’s clim in the Mail that Sterling is a kid out of his depth. Ladyman compares Sterling’s contract manoeuverings with those of his former Liverpool colleague Luis Suarez, who also sought an early exit from Anfield:

“Suarez was a worldly-wise, well travelled football gun for hire when he decided to take Liverpool on. He left home at 14. He could cope. Sterling, on the other hand, still looks like a boy…and in some ways he still is.”

That would be the same Raheem Stelring who left his native Jamaica at age six and then moved from London to Liverpool at 14.


Ladyman doesn’t seeme to have read the Daily Mail’2012 profile of Sterling’s “extraordinary story”:

“Long before he confirmed his place as football’s next big thing with his first Premier League goal last weekend, Sterling was a whippet-quick slip of a boy from Jamaica with flowing plaits, using his skill to embarrass grown men in adult matches, laughing as they floundered in his wake… His journey… began almost 5,000 miles away in a notoriously dangerous district of Kingston, Jamaica, where he lived until he was six, when he emigrated to Britain and settled with his family on one of London’s toughest estates.


Via Nico

Stonebridge Estate (Via Nico Hogg’s Flikr)


In 2002, the Standard said of Stonebridge:

The area just north of Harlesden, comprising a maze of shabby concrete estates – Stonebridge, St Raphael’s and Churchend – is one of the poorest places in Britain and has become a breeding ground for violent crime and drug dealing.

Sterling ended up at Vernon House Special School, surrounded by “troubled” children. He “shunned gangs to play five-a-side with friends, and the Copland High School playing fields, in nearby Wembley, where he honed his game.”


We hear from Ann John, a Labour councillor for Stonebridge Ward. (Full disclosure: I grew up not far away. I’d avoid the Stoneridge Estate if it meant a much longer walk. It was notorious. It was a place anyone sane would want to get out of.) Says John:

“This is a real rags-to-riches story, so he deserves all the success he gets.”

One of Sterling’s former teachers says:

“Raheem is amazingly intelligent in so many ways… Raheem is a brilliant thinker. He would get concepts off the football pitch as well as on it. He had a great work ethic which lots of the other kids didn’t.”

So. That’s Raheem Sterling: ambitious, talented, smart and driven. Greedy? Yeah, probably. But no more or less than most of us.

Liverpool fans who want him to be one of their own are dreaming. He never was one of yours…

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Arsenal Transfer balls: 140,000 reasons for Theo Walcott to love Chelsea and Liverpool

Transfer Balls: the Times says Chelsea are ready to make a move for Arsenal’s Theo Walcott.

Matt Hughes says Walcott, 26, wants to stay at Arsenal. But at the end of this season Walcott’s current contract will have just one year to run.

There is no guantratee Arsenal and Walcott will agree on a new contract. So. He could be off.

But Arsene Wenger says there has been progress:

“The first contacts have been established with the embassy! We will see how that progresses politically. Walcott was difficult to convince (last time) and that’s why it took us much time.”

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Transfer balls: Sterling to Arsenal, Walcott to Liverpool, Reus to everywhere

Transfer balls looks at the Daily Mirror’s lead story: Raheem Sterling could be leaving Liverpool for life at Arsenal. Recalling how well things went when Arsenal last tried to buy a Liverpool player – a failed bid of £40m plus £1 for Luis Suarez  – investigating the veracity of this story seems worthwhile.


RAheem Sterling Arsenal

Daily Mirror back page


John Cross reminds readers that former QPR starlet Sterling has yet to sign a new deal at Liverpool. He says a raft of big clubs are after the player, mentioning Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Manchester City. Cross then states that “City will make a big bid” for the England player.

That’s pretty much the entire back-page news story. It continues two pages inside, with Cross saying that “Arsenal are serious contenders” and have made “discreet enquiries about Sterling’s availability”.  Given that the Gunners’ apparent discretions are back-page news, you wonder what form the club’s enquiries took: a word in the ear of the Mirror’s Arsenal reporter, perhaps?


daily mail raheem sterling


Over in the Mail, news is that Sterling will not sign for Liverpool “even if Liverpool offer £180,000 a week”. Says who? We’re not told? It’s just a fact that if Liverpool lose their minds and offer Sterling £180,000-a week to play for them he will not stay. Make it £180,001 and… yeah, maybe he will. Call his agent, Make the offer. See what occurs.

After that uter balls, over in the Express, their story is that Liverpool are interested in buying Arsenal’s Theo Walcott, who will be replaced  at The Emirates by Marco Reus. Really? Reus is the player the Express reported had agreed to join Real Madrid and the Mirror said had joined Barcelona.

Such are the facts in the trusty tabloids…







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Liverpool balls: Mamadou Sakho gets English lessons from Joey Barton

MAY 13: Captain, Thiago Silva (L) and Mamadou Sakho (R) of PSG celebrate in front of the fans after winning Ligue 1 during the Paris Saint-Germain Trophy Ceremony at Trocadero plaza on May 13, 2013 in Paris, France. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

MAY 13: Captain, Thiago Silva (L) and Mamadou Sakho (R) of PSG celebrate in front of the fans after winning Ligue 1 during the Paris Saint-Germain Trophy Ceremony at Trocadero plaza on May 13, 2013 in Paris, France. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)


Liverpool news now. The Sun says that Mamadou Sakho used only to speak French to his teammates. Is that good or bad? The Liverpool team that lined up against Manchester United featured five native English speakers. So. Speaking just in French is less than ideal.

But the best bit about the Sun’s story is that Mamadou is quoted thus:

“Learning the language has been the hardest part of adapting to life in England. I get very frustrated when I can’t express myself. Some people told me to speak in French, saying it would enable me to relax a little. But when I spoke French on the pitch, calling for substitutions and similar matters, nobody understood what I was saying. I thought, ‘oh no, this is pointless!’ and felt I really had to learn English. It took me some time, but I’m fine now.”

His English is superb.

But we do wonder if when Mamadou was speaking only in French, he was doing so with the affectation of a broad Scouse accent – you know, in the same vein as Liverpool lad Joey Barton speaks French to the people of Marseilles:



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Liverpool balls: Gerrard earns by the second and Skrtel is a master of cool

When Manchester United beat Liverpool 2-1, the point scoring had only just begun. The Daily Mirror’s man with an abacus used various esoteric and expert techniques and algorithms to award his scores out of 10 to the game’s players.

The scores for the Liverpool team are worthy of comment. Three Liverpool players – Adam Lallana, Moreno and…Steven Gerrard scored 4 points each.  Gerrard scored one point for every 9.5 seconds he was on the pitch. He was, of course, red carded after 38 seconds of playing time. Lallana and Moreno lasted 45 minutes and 66 minutes, respectively.



DAily Mirro Liverpool Manchester United


And that’s not all.

The Mirror praises “Liverpool’s best defender” Martin Skrtel.

He “kept his head while others lost theirs”.




Skrtel has been charged with violent conduct over an alleged stamp on Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea.

It’s almost as if those points aren’t worth the paper tgey’re written on….

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Compare and contrast Liverpool’s ‘Sorry’ Gerrard to Chelsea’s filthy foreigner Diego Costa

So. How did the tabloids react to the sight of Liverpool player Steven Gerrard stamping on Manchester United’s Ander Herrera? Did they lead with a photo of the ‘horror’ foul?

Because when Chelsea’s foreigner Diego Costa stamped on a Liverpool player, it was the lead story for all the wrong reasons:



But this time it’s different.

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Liverpool and Manchester United Balls: 43 Seconds of Steven Gerrard out-performed 45 minutes of Adam Lallana

Liverpool lost 1-2 at home to Manchester United in the Premier League. We at Anorak always like to see what the local newpapers of both sides thought of the game.

The monocular Liverpool Echo and Manchester Evening News only rate players from their own areas. The MEN says the game’s best player was Juan Mata, with an 9 out of 10.

The Liverpool Post offers no rating for the bright Mata, but does say that the best Liverpool player was Sakho, who gets a 7. It gives Adam Lallana a 4. Lallana was not out-scored by Steven Gerrard, who replaced the former Southampton star and lasted just 43 seconds before he earned a red card. Instead of the ‘0’ Gerrard should have scored, the Post offers no score. Ity then adds that Gerrard is The best player to have pulled on a Liverpool shirt – ever.

In the haste to excuse Gerrard, the Post’s man-on-the scene notes:

“Ironically, after that [the sending off] they [Liverpool] played a lot better, they were a better team today with 10 than they were with 11.”

Good old Stevie, G., who does right when he does wrong.

Elswhere the Post adds that Gerrard is “saving the fairytale for Wembley”.

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Transfer balls: Arsenal’s Walcott to Liverpool, Sterling to Real Madrid and Manchester United’s Falcao to the Arndale Centre

Transfer balls: The big football news in the Daily Mirror is that Arsenal’s Theo Walcott is off to Liverpool. Maybe he will “Never Walc Alone”:


Theo Walcott Liverpool trasnfer


Theo Walcott is 26. He has just 15 months to run on his curent £90,000-a-week contract (although that rises to  £100,000 a week in the Daily Express). And since returning from injury Walcott’s not one enough to surplant Danny Wellbeck in the Arsenal pecking order.

The Telegraph says Walcott will remain at Arsenal if he can get a new deal worth more than £100,000-a-week.

But any move to Liverpool, the team he supported as a boy, depends on what the Reds’ Raheem Sterling does. The Express says he’s rejected an offer of £90,000-a-week to remain at Liverpool. We lean that big-spending Real Madrid are watching him closely.

All fans hang on to the idea that their team’s players love their club above all others. They don’t. They see the money flooding into the game, and they want more and more of it.

The Mail says Arsenal’s top-earners Sanchez and Ozil earn around £140,000-per-week. That’s around the same sum as Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard earns a week.

So. Their team-mates demand parity with the top tier earners. But they’re not as good.

Maybe the future is for pay-per-view players, each star linked to the amount the paying fans will cough up to watch them? The better they play, the more the punters click their keypads, and the more the winning players take from the wages pool.

This would more likely result in the likes of Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho earning far more than his curent deal of £70,000-a-week and his teammate Glen Johnson knocking up to four ‘noughts’ from his £90,000-a-week-deal.

Meanwhile, over at Manchester United, Radamel Falcao will not get his £265,000-a-week wages, and what with mortgages and other committments start looking to boost his income with a Saturday job in a hairdressers.

Walcott to Liverpool. Sterling to Real. Falcao to the Arndale Centre. You read it here first…


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Liverpool Balls: Raheem Sterling is off to Bayern Munich in an ‘exclusive’

The Sun has an “exclusive”. News is that Raheem Sterling has yet to sign a deal to prolong his stay at Liverpool.


raheem sterling bayern munich


In September 2014, the Sun had an “EXCLUSIVE” to quicken the hearts of Liverpool FC Fans: “LIVERPOOL are finally ready to open contract talks with Raheem Sterling.” Yeah, finally! The 19-year-old player with three years left to run on his current contract was finally going to have his future sorted out.

QPR-schooled Raheem Sterling was ready to sign a new deal.

But now the Sun says he’s m ioght be off to play for Bayern Munich.

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Transfer Balls: Arsenal ands Liverpool sign Khedira from Bayern Munich and Real Madrid

Transfer Balls catches the Daily Star’s news that Arsenal and Liverpool are all set to sign Sami Khedira.

Paul Brown says Arsenal and Liverpool will both try to sign the German player when his Real Madrid contract ends on June 30. Offering no proof that they will, Brown then says Chelsea could afford to buy him. Why Chelsea would want Khedira and why Kehdira would want Chelsea are not things that bother the writer. And readers can also imagine what other clubs could afford Khedira.

Maybe Bayern Munich can? After all it was the Daily Star that rold us Khedira was heading to the German champions:


Khedira Chelsea


But that would be odd because whilst Brown says Arsenal baulked at Khedira’s wage demands, the, er, Daily Star told us that they didn’t:


Screen shot 2015-03-12 at 09.08.29


But then came Daily Star news that Khedira had gone back on that Arsenal agreement and agreed to join Bayern Munich:


Khedira agrees


So. He agreed to Arsenal. He agreed to Bayern Munich. Which brings us to the Daily Star’s news that next season Kehedia will be playing for Manchester Untied, Liverprool or Chelsea:


Khedira Liveprool



Such are the facts…



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Liverpool balls: ‘Disgraceful’ Muslim Reds fans caught praying on unofficial prayer mat

The Asian Age has the story of the Liverpool fan who said two Muslim fans praying during the team’s FA Cup quarter-final clash against Blackburn Rovers were “a disgrace”.


praying liverpool


The paper has the photo. But the tweet has been delated. Stephen Dodd’s tweet went:

“Muslims praying at half time at the match yesterday #DISGRACE.”

Still, it was up long enough to attract a few comments:


Screen shot 2015-03-11 at 15.23.41

Screen shot 2015-03-11 at 15.22.08



Jesus saves! But Mo hits in the rebound!

Jesus saves! But Mo hits in the rebound!



Screen shot 2015-03-11 at 15.26.55

Screen shot 2015-03-11 at 15.26.37 Screen shot 2015-03-11 at 15.26.03


One shock is that the fans had waited until half-time to pray in the game that ended 0-0. The other is that the mat is not an offical Liverpool FC prayer mat. Call us Liverpool marketing. We have ideas.



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Transfer balls: Arsenal sell Morata to Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool but Real Madrid want him

Transfer Balls brings you news from the murky zone where football news and football drivel collide. Today the Daily Express says Alvaro Morata is off to Arsenal. Not Liverpool. Not Manchester United. The Express backs this up zero facts.

But, then, it has brought readers a welter of Morata news.

On February 23, the Express said Morata was on his way to Liveprool.


Screen shot 2015-03-02 at 10.06.17



That followed the earlier news that Morata was heading to Real Madrid, meaning Arsenal and Liverpool and Manchester United would miss out:


Screen shot 2015-03-02 at 10.07.47



Towards the end of last year, the Express said Morata has turned down offers to play for Arsenal and Manchester United.


Screen shot 2015-03-02 at 10.09.16



Anthony Chapman’s story contained not a single word from Morata on either club. All Morata said was:

“I had offers from England, but in difficult times you have to put your faith in those you can trust. Juventus directors had literally been to my house telling me they wanted to sign me, so [moving to Juventus] was a decision made out of loyalty. I feel a kind of responsibility to do well. Not because of how much I cost, but because I came here having hardly played for Real. A lot of people advised me against this move. They told me to go to a mid-table team. I don’t think I made the wrong choice.”

So much for the “snub”.

But it would have been a shock to Daily Express readers that Morata signed for Juventus. The Express said Morata was heading to Arsenal, Manchester United and Spurs.


Screen shot 2015-03-02 at 10.12.04


And there was the stella news that Arsenal had signed Morata:


Screen shot 2015-03-02 at 10.15.47


But they never did.

Such are the facts…


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Transfer balls: Liverpool to sign James Milner from Manchester City with lower wages than Balotelli

Transfer balls: did you know that James Milner is desperate to join Liverpool. The Daily Express has an “exclusive”:

EXCLUSIVE: James Milner warned by Liverpool to drop wage demands to seal free transfer

James Milner, the Manchester City tyro – still wanted by perennial Premier League title contenders and super-rich club Manchester City – has been “warned” that he could miss out on playing for Liverpool?

Screen shot 2015-03-01 at 07.07.21



John Richardson tells his readers:

The 29-year-old midfielder sees his Etihad contract, worth around £120,000 a week, run down [sic] at the end of the season, making him a free agent.

Talks are at an advanced stage to allow Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers, whose side face Milner’s Manchester City today, to add him to his squad next season but the Anfield club have made it clear that they won’t shatter their wage structure to accommodate the former Leeds United, Newcastle and Aston Villa man.

Shatter? This is the same Liverpool who signed Mario Balotelli for £16m and pay him £125,000-a-week:

“I think we have done a really smart piece of business here,” said Reds boss Brendan Rodgers. “This transfer represents outstanding value for the club.”

We’re sure Milner’s agents are worried sick about breaking that Liverpool wage structure. If they don’t where on erath will England internatioanl James Milner find work?

Richardson adds:

If he is prepared to take a pay cut then a deal could be sealed at the end of the season.

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Transfer Balls: Liverpool and Chelsea’s Kevin De Bruyne wants to play for Arsenal and Manchester United

Transfer Balls catches news of Wolfsburg winger Kevin De Bruyne, 23. The BBC notes that the former Chelsea player “says he would be open to a Premier League return”.

One game we play is to see if the media can link a player with all five of the big clubs: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United.

The BBC says “with Manchester United mulling over a £30m bid for the former Chelsea player”.

The BBC delivers this as fact. Only at the end does it say the source for the scoop is the Daily Express.

Over there, the paper reports:


Screen shot 2015-02-26 at 21.09.08


How badly does Kevin De Bruyne want to play for Manchester United? He’s quoted:

“I feel very much at home with VfL Wolfsburg in this very moment. I am able to sign a new contract with Wolfsburg. Life in football can be fast moving. Football is much about money. Wolfsburg is not yet like Bayern Munich, of course. And my biggest ambition is to come out for a big European club. One I can win trophies with. As much trophies as possible.”

That would be Real Madrid, then. Or Bayern Munich. Or PSG. Or… Or… De Bruyne makes not  single mention of Manchester Untied, who are not even in this season’s Champions’ League and not close to winning the Premier League.

The Daily Star then spins the balls to take in Chelsea and Arsenal.

Screen shot 2015-02-26 at 21.13.14



Oh. And Manchester City:


Screen shot 2015-02-26 at 21.14.09


And over in the Sun, the news is that De Bruyne is a…Liverpool fan.

It’s a Full House of Balls.

Such are the facts.

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Transfer balls: Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United in no-news shocker

Transfer Balls: a look at utter drivel presented as football news in the mainstream media. Today the Express says Liverpool are set to sign Raheem Sterling on a new contract, Arsenal are still going to bid for Paul Pogba, Incardi is off to Chelsea and there is some stuff about Manchester United.


Screen shot 2015-02-24 at 12.05.55



David Wright reports:

Raheem Sterling admits he’s close to putting pen to paper on a new deal at Liverpool, worth a reported £100,000-a-week.


The Express links to the Mail, which reports:

The England star, who is being monitored by Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain, is yet to commit his future to the Reds despite months of talks between the club and his representatives.

Over in the Liverpool Echo, Sterling is quoted:

“We’re working on it and hopefully it will be sorted soon.”

So. No news, then.

As for Paul Pogba to Arsenal, we’re told:

Arsenal are expected to step up their interest in Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba, who is valued at around £80m by the Serie A giants.

Expected by whom? Wright fails to say.

And Incardi? Well, that sgtpory is sourced in the Metro, which notes:

Chelsea are still in pole position to sign Mauro Icardi despite the striker holding contract talks with Inter Milan.

And now for that Manchester United news:

Manchester United are in talks with Fiorentina over a deal for former Manchester City flop Stefan Savic.

That story is soruced in the Daily Star, which reports:

Sport claims United were close to sealing a deal in January before Savic penned fresh terms with La Viola.

So, er, not close at all, then.

More no news in the Daily Express every day…



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Transfer Balls: Arsenal target Martinez wants to play for Spurs, Liverpool and any other Italian club

Transfer Balls: a look at players linked with Arsenal, Liveprool and Spurs by the thin thread of speculation, rumour and utter nonsense.

The Daily Mirror , ever, craven in their reporting.

Arsenal news and transfers: Jackson Martinez wanted as Gunners’ marquee summer signing?

Dunno. And neither does the Mirror, which merely chimes:

Arsenal are hoping to land Porto front man Jackson Martinez as their marquee signing this coming summer, according to The Metro.

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Transfer Balls: Fernando Llorente lines up for Arsenal but will play for Spurs

Transfer Balls: a look at players being linked with Arsenal in the mainstream Press. Last Transfer window, Arsenal ‘signed ’74 players.

So far, Arsenal will this coming summer sign James Milner, Daniel Alves, Morgan Schneiderlin, Nabil Fakir, Guillermo Ochoa and Bernd Leno.

Now the Metro says Arsenal will sign Fernando Llorente. And the bigger news is that they WILL pay his wages! Yeah, he will not have to work for FREE!!

Arsenal ‘line up Fernando Llorente transfer, will pay his £63,000-a-week wages’

The story is based on what someone “said” and “reported”. But with no links, we do not know who said and reported what, if anything.


Arsenal LLorente


It is classic balls.

Over in the Express, Llorente is off to…Spurs.

LLorente Spurs



Tottenham favourites to sign £16m striker Fernando Llorente over Arsenal and Liverpool

TOTTENHAM have emerged as favourites to sign Juventus striker Fernando Llorente this summer, leaving Arsenal, Liverpool and Atletico out in the cold.

Number of source cited: nil.

Number of links to any sources for the scoop: nil.

It is just shame there is no way for Metro and Express to link to their online sources.


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Transfer Balls: Burnely’s Danny Ings dreams of Liverpool and signs two pre-contracts deals with Real Sociedad

Transfer Balls:  a look at football nonsense reported as fact in the mainstream media: Today Burnley’s Danny Ings is heading to Liverpool and Real Sociedad.

The Sun leads with news that Burnley’s Danny Ings is heading out to meet David Moyes, the manager of Real Sociedad. With just six months to go on his Burnley contract, Ings will be a frre agent in the summer. The Sun says the 22-year-old fancies Spain – and is ready to sign a £60,000-a-week pre-contract.


Danny Ings Real Sociedad

Danny Wings in


Odd. Because the BBC’s Ian Dennis said Ings has already signed that contract:


Danny Ings Liverpool


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Transfer Balls: James Milner has wanted to play for Arsenal and Liverpool for over a year

Transfer Balls: a look at utter drivel passed off as football fact in the mainstream media. Today the Daily Express has news on Manchester City and England footballer James Milner:


Screen shot 2015-02-12 at 17.38.04



EXCLUSIVE: Man City ace James Milner considering Arsenal and Liverpool offers

Is he? Richard Tanner says Milner is:

Liverpool, it is understood, are tempting him with the prospect of becoming Steve Gerrard’s replacement in their engine room.

Understood by whom? Reader aren’t told. There are no quotes. No sources. It is merely “understood”.

Arsenal, too, see his tenacity, energy and bristling aggression as the perfect foil for some of their more sublime talents.

Again, this claim is supported by nothing.

This huge “EXCLUSIVE” comes on the back of other exclusives linking Milner with Arsenal and Liverpool, which have been running for over a year:


Screen shot 2015-02-12 at 17.43.18


Screen shot 2015-02-12 at 17.43.08


Screen shot 2015-02-12 at 17.41.45


Screen shot 2015-02-12 at 17.41.16



Such are the facts…


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Liverpool Balls: lucky Spurs, Kane on the line and the Reds only have themselves to blame

How football journalism works: the Daily Mail reports on Liverpool’s 3-2 victory over Spurs in the Premier League.

First up Ian Ladyman looks at Spurs’ second goal. He writes on Page 86 that the Liverpool complaints of offside were unjustified. He says that had Liverpool lost it would have been their own fault:





One page on and Graham Poll notes that Harry Kane was offside and it did matter:





Such are the facts in the  modern media wherein everything is a debate…

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Liverpool balls: Rodgers cranks up the pressure on Jordan Ibe

Liverpool manger Brendan Rodgers is complaining about Londoner Jordon Ibe, the 19-year-old with two Reds’ games under his belt.

“If he was a European player, a foreign player, people would be raving about him.”

You mean like, say, Mario Balotelli, on whom Rodgers and Liverpool invested £16m?

They are raving about Ibe. The Daily Mail says:

Jordan Ibe shines for Liverpool

Steven Gerrard called Ibe “fantastic”.

You see, Brendan, English players do get rave reviews. Foreigners don’t all get special treatment.

But English players can be hyped. Says Rodgers of Ibe’s game against Everton:

“He’s a very, very talented player, you saw that in the game, saw his temperament. He can go into any arena in the world now.”

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