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West Ham, Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea fans are commanded to think no evil

john barnes banana


No longer cheering for the Black Shirts, the Daily Mail is now on the side of the anti-racists. And it is disgusted and dismayed at the sight of Chelsea fans abusing a black man on the Paris Metro. The paper’s Neil Ashton laments:

 “There is a greater shame here because we foolishly, naively, believed the issue of racism among our football supporters was a thing of the past.”

Is there a culture of racism among football supporters? In the 1980s there was, when black players had banana skins tossed at them and were targetted by monkey noises. But back then the police were shamelessly racist, too, as Mick Hume recalls:

Living in Moss Side, Manchester during the 1981 riots, I remember police vans cruising the streets while riot cops beat their batons on the side and chanted ‘Niggers, niggers, niggers – out, out, out!’. A veteran comrade of mine recalls being arrested in east London around the same time while carrying some Workers Against Racism pamphlets, and being repeatedly asked by the police ‘Do you like monkeys?’ and ‘Why do you live in a monkey cage?’

Racism was open. And it was delivered from the top to the masses below. Demonising blacks and Asians would bind the nation. And now the message from above is of anti-racism. And there is no better way to showcase your anti-racist credentials than by slamming football.

The Mail (number of black faces on the editorial board: nil) reports that any West Ham United fans caught singing nasty songs about Jews on the way to their side’s match at White Hart Lane will be dealt with:

West Ham vow life bans for any fans that ‘behaved in an inappropriate way’ after video emerges of anti-Semitic chant on train

No. Not illegal. No even racist. Inappropriate. When did Mary Whitehouse start running football?

You can see the video here. It’s a few men singing about their penises in public. It’s a bonding ritual, possibly homoerotic. And it is undeniably offensive.

Sam Cunningham and Christian Gysin press f9 on their keyboards and hear from Lord Ouseley, Chairman of anti-racism in football organisation Kick It Out:

“What would have happened if we hadn’t seen this footage or it hadn’t been reported?”

At I guess, I’d say ‘nothing’. Unless any victim would have complained of being abused. But they didn’t. So. Nothing would have happened.

“We need to give people the confidence to challenge discriminatory and abusive behaviour, and this can only be reinforced by action being taken by police and within football by clubs and authorities. ‘Anti-Semitism must be tackled with the same vigour as all other forms of discrimination.’”

Do we allow for context? Do we allow for the West Ham fans to argue that they were insulting Jews and not blacks or browns because Spurs are supported by the Yid Army? If they really hated Jews and not just Spurs fan Jews, would these West Ham fans support a club owned by David Gold, whose father was an East End Jew? Would they not discriminate against them?

Can it be that the elite are wrong and words do not always equate to deeds? You can think evil and not carry out evil deeds?

Of course, the song is insulting. Of course it is racist. And it’s vile. It’s meant to be. Just as chants about Victoria Beckham’s sexual preferences, the referee’s onanism, anti-gayly serenading Brighton fans with the chants “Stand up, cos you can’t sit down”, “10 German bombers” and that tune about the Munich air disaster are meant to be. They are designed to hurt.

And this song, sung by Spurs fans at Sol Campbell who moved to local rivals Arsenal, pretty much ticked every box of bigotry:

 Sol, Sol, wherever you may be,
You’re on the verge of lunacy,
And we don’t give a fuck if you’re hanging from a tree,
You’re a Judas c*nt with HIV.

Did you ever hear the ditty ‘Spurs are on their way to Auschwitz’?

It’s vile. It’s ugly. But it should be legal. Because when you start banning what people can say, you also ban the ability to debate ideas publicly, like adults should do. You ban words and you end the opportunity to hold them up to scrutiny and mockery. If you ban words you let the bansturbators in – and once they stat they can’t stop.

The aim is not to say no evil – it is to think no evil. In the language of the age, you are downloading the songs onto your mind. The Chelsea fans on the carriage who did not sing a celebration of their racism have been condemned for just being there. For looking. For downloading wtong things. Their crime was having racism on their mind. Maybe.

On one football board, a Spurs fan asks for fans to stop referring to West Ham supporters as “pikeys”. After a brief debate about gypsies, travellers and race, one fan sums things up neatly, advising:

Just stick to calling people cu*ts. It’s the safest option.

Or maybe not (NSFW):



Did you laugh at that?

Were you offended?

Did you feel like calling the police?

As Lord Ouseley said:

“What can seem like harmless comments can be deemed offensive by others and lead to unwittingly reinforcing negative stereotyping, including racist ones. We will work with all our partners to ensure that education on what is and isn’t unacceptable behaviour is ongoing.”

And he wanted the police to stop Spurs fans calling themselves Yids. He knew best.

The Association of Chief Police Officers/ Crown Prosecution Service guidance tells us:

As well as tackling violence, disorder and criminal damage we will deal robustly with offences of racist and homophobic and discriminatory chanting and abuse and other types of hate crime. We recognise, as do the overwhelming majority of decent fans, that there is a place for humour in football but where the line between humour and offensive behaviour is crossed then positive action will be taken.

Who decides what is and what is not funny? Lord Ouseley?

When West Ham United fans were told not to chant that Hitler was coming to gas the Spurs fans, they responded by chanting:

“He’s coming for you, you know who is coming for you”.

Of course it is utterly offensive. But it is also witty. But is it funny?

What about the chant directed at Andy Goram, who had been the subejct of a newspaper article suggesting  he was possibly suffering from schizophrenia. To the tune of Guantanamera, opposing fans sang:

Two Andy Gorams

There’s only two Andy Gorams


Short List says that is the funniest chant ever.

But when West Ham fans sang that Spurs striker “Harry Kane talks like a mong and plays like one”, BBC pundit Kevin Kilblane complained to the FA. It is a lead sports story:


kick it out


That’s not a funny song. It’s weak. It’s offensive. It’s witless. But it can’t be crime. That would be madness. Becaue while I think it’s not funny, others without a sense of humour might disagree.

But we won’t get to choose wbhat we say because the elite will tell us what is and what is not funny and the police will enforce their ruling.

I’ll let John Barnes, seen in the lead photo having a banana thrown at him when he played for Liverpool in the 1980s, end this:

“Football can do nothing about getting rid of racism. Society has to [do it], through education and people understanding why they feel the way they do. Prejudice is a problem all over the world. I’m surprised when I see black people in the higher echelons of society. I know the most powerful man in the world is black [Barack Obama] but 400 years of indoctrination into thinking about a group of people as inferior is not going to change overnight. There was the human rights movement in the 1960s and yet 20 years ago we were still being racially abused – and it was accepted.”

It’s not football that’s racist. That’s just what the illiberal elite want you to believe…

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Every single Spurs and Chelsea is a racist say the anti-football bigots

yid army


Fans of Chelsea and Spurs are racist. All of them. Every single one of them is a suspected racist. The Express, Mirror and Sun all lead with the news that Spurs and Chelsea fans are suspects in race crimes. Lord Herman Ouseley, the man the Sun labels the “Race chief” calls for police to “swamp” Wembley when Chelsea and Spurs contest this Sunday’s Capitol One Cup Final.

This week we saw a video of a few West Ham fans giving full throat to their foreskins on the way to play Spurs, a club gamely supported by their vocal and self-styled Yid Army. The Mail calls them “alleged” West Ham fans in language that makes us wonder if being a football fan is now a crime.

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‘New’ footballers: Spurs sign a ‘new Paul Pogba’

Paul Pogba Watch: a look at the lazy media obsession with finding the ‘new’ versions of existing top footballers. Today we learn of the new Paul Pogba, which is very off when you consider that the real Paul Pogba – the old one – is 21 years old.

Today the Daily Mirror brigns news of Baubacar Djalo. He’s 18. He plays for Sporting Lisbon’s Under-19 side. Not good enough for the Sporting first team, Bubacar is, nonetheless, good enough for Spurs.

And he is… the “NEW PAUL POGBA”.




Previously in the Mirror (Jan 6 2015), we met another New Pogba:

Screen shot 2015-02-23 at 20.09.34




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Chelsea and West Ham United fans in battle of who is the more racist

Meet Richard Barklie, 50, of Carrickfergus, County Antrim, who was on the Paris Metro when a black man was barred from boarding the train.

Barklie is a former Royal Ulster Constabulary and Police Service of Northern Ireland officer,. He now works as a director of World Human Rights Forum.

It’s stated mission is:

To unite the human rights activists and organizations around the globe to protect and to promote human rights, values and global well being necessary for the creation of a better world order.

He’s one of the directors:

Screen shot 2015-02-23 at 10.37.20


Belfast solicitor Kevin Winters speaks on Barklie’s behalf. He says his client did not sing racist chants. He says his client is not a racist:

“As someone who has spent years working with disadvantaged communities in Africa and India, he can point to a CV in human rights work which undermines any suggestion he is racist.”

And, well, we didn’t see him singing anything in the video. And since when is singing a crime?

The full statement runs:

“We act on behalf of Mr Barklie identified as one of the people sought by authorities investigating an incident on the Paris Metro on 16/2/15 . We contacted London Metropolitan Police today to advise that our client is happy to assist with inquiries. Pending formal engagement with police, our client is anxious to put on record his total abhorrence for racism and any activity associated with it.

”As someone who has spent years working with disadvantaged communities in Africa and India he can point to a cv in human rights work which undermines any suggestion he is racist.

”Today a senior official in the World Human Rights Forum confirmed their support for him.

”Mr Barklie is a Chelsea season ticket holder and has travelled to matches for over 20 years now without incident

”He travelled alone to the Paris St Germain match and has no knowledge whatsoever of the identities of the other people depicted in recent YouTube video releases. He wants to stress that he was not and never has been part of any group or faction of Chelsea supporters.

”He did not participate in racist chanting and singing and condemns any behaviour supporting that.

”He accepts he was involved in an incident when a person now known to him as Souleymane S was unable to enter a part of the train.

”He has an account to give to police which will explain the context and circumstances as they prevailed at that particular time.

”In the meantime pending that, he wants to put on record his sincerest apologies for the trauma and stress suffered by Mr Souleymane.

”He readily acknowledges that any judgement on the integrity of his apology will be kept in abeyance pending the outworkings of the investigation.

”Given the extremely sensitive nature of the issues engaged we urge upon all media outlets to exercise as much restraint as possible when commenting on the case.

”We accept on behalf of our client that public interest demands nothing but total indignation and condemnation from all media reporting but such reporting ought not to persist at the expense of undermining Mr Barklie’s right to a fair trial

”Tonight London Met confirmed with us that arrangements were in hand to take the investigation to the next stage.”

Or as the Sunday World put it:


Screen shot 2015-02-23 at 11.13.12


Was it a “secret life”? Once upon a time a secret life would have meant you working as a spy, being gay or murdering womenm in Yorkshire. Now the guilty is secret is that you watch football.

And meanwhile…on the train to Spurs with the West Ham United fans:



But what’s odd about the Daily Mail’s take on that chanting is the headline:


Screen shot 2015-02-23 at 11.17.59


Yeah. Not alleged anti-semites. But “alleged West Ham fans” – as if being a West Ham United fan is a crime; just like being a Chelsea supporter is a “secret life”.

It’s not so much racism the papers hate – it’s football fans


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Transfer balls: Spurs’ Kyle Walker moves from Real Madrid to Manchester United

Transfer Balls: Is Spurs defender Kyle Wallker heading to Manchester United?

The Indepedent says Kyle Walker is being linked with a £20m move to Manchester United.

The Daily Mail agrees. It adds:

Tottenham would be reluctant to sell and would demand at least £20million.

Why not at least £30m? Manchester United are desperate. They’ll pay.
And if they’ll pay, others will, too. After all it was not so very long ago one newspaper was reporting that Kyle Walker was off to play for Real Madrid.
kyle walker real madrid
The paper that reported that scoop? Why, it was the Daily Mail…


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Transfer Balls: Arsenal target Martinez wants to play for Spurs, Liverpool and any other Italian club

Transfer Balls: a look at players linked with Arsenal, Liveprool and Spurs by the thin thread of speculation, rumour and utter nonsense.

The Daily Mirror , ever, craven in their reporting.

Arsenal news and transfers: Jackson Martinez wanted as Gunners’ marquee summer signing?

Dunno. And neither does the Mirror, which merely chimes:

Arsenal are hoping to land Porto front man Jackson Martinez as their marquee signing this coming summer, according to The Metro.

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Liverpool Balls: lucky Spurs, Kane on the line and the Reds only have themselves to blame

How football journalism works: the Daily Mail reports on Liverpool’s 3-2 victory over Spurs in the Premier League.

First up Ian Ladyman looks at Spurs’ second goal. He writes on Page 86 that the Liverpool complaints of offside were unjustified. He says that had Liverpool lost it would have been their own fault:





One page on and Graham Poll notes that Harry Kane was offside and it did matter:





Such are the facts in the  modern media wherein everything is a debate…

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Spurs Balls: ‘Hurrikane’ Harry Kane thrashes Arsenal in headline wars

HARRY Kane is the darling of White Hart Lane, or White Heart Kane, as it is dubbed. Having scored both goals in Spurs’ 2-1 win over Arsenal, Harry Kane is the talk of the sports press. And the good think about Harry is that his name makes for decent puns.


The Sunday Times gets Shakespearean:


Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 22.52.33



The Star on Sunday goes with White Hart Kane:



Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 22.52.00



The Independent has a cumbersome “Kane Thrashes Arsenal”:


Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 22.51.44



Sunday Express: Kane and Able. That’s a Jeffrey Archer pun on the Bible’s Caine and Abel, a story of murder. Still. A pun’s a pun, right?



Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 22.51.18



The Sunday Telegraph is on the same wavelength:


Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 22.51.05


The Mail on Sunday win with “Hurrikane”.


Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 22.50.55

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Arsenal host the “Jimmy Savile Fan Club’, says Google Maps: Spurs Fans Follow The Pattern

Type ‘Jimmy Savile Fan Club’ into Google Maps and you find its location: Arsenal’s Emirates stadium.


Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 20.24.39


jimmy savile arsenal



This sort of thing has previous. A search for ‘Shit Hole’ sends Google map users to Tottenham Hotspurs ground:


Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 20.29.38


But surely that’s where the Golden State Warriors play:





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‘Huge’ Transfer Balls for Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester United but not Southampton or Reading

Transfer Balls: As the January Deadline Day shuts the Daily Express tosses more balls than Rebecca Loos at a Peppa Pig Stag do:

Story 1:

Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham and Man Utd target Morgan Schneiderlin’s HUGE transfer hint


Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 20.18.41



The HUGE tranfger hint is – get this – that Schneiderlin is not going to Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham or Manchester United. The HUGE transfer hint involves a club not mentioned in the headline: Southampton.

And that hint amount to Morgan tweeting: “Very happy to be back training ! Thanks to all who did help me and made me work hard to come back stronger!”

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Transfer Balls: Spurs buy Jay Rodriguez for £5m less than Liverpool and Manchester City got him for

Transfer Balls: Can it be true that Spurs are ‘Tottenham Hotsplurge”, a club about to splash out £60m on three players? The Sun says it is:


Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 08.19.40



With the transfer window open, Spurs fans reading the Sun‘s screamer would suppose the players are arriving now. Are they?

SPURS want to start a £60million mega-spree by landing Jay Rodriguez before tomorrow’s deadline.

Exciting stuff. They’re coming. It’s a “spree”:

Tottenham have asked Southampton about the England striker and also have their eyes on summer moves for French pair Yohan Cabaye and Aymeric Laporte.

They’re coming…in the summer (so long as no other clubs outbid Spurs and the players want to join them).

But what about Southampton’s Jay Rodriguez?

Rodriguez has been a long-term target for Liverpool and Manchester City but Spurs could step in and snatch him early. The 25-year-old’s contract runs out next season and Saints want to tie him to a long-term deal.

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Gareth Bale talks about loving Arsenal, not doing things and KIen Follett

The Daily Mirror has transcribed Gareth Bale’s interview on Spanish radio. It wasn’t all that hard: Bale spoke in fluent English, throughout. The highlight picked out by all papers is that Bale used to enjoy watching Arsenal “a lot”. Bale, is, of course, a former Spurs player. But it’s no big shocker. Arsenal have played better and more succesful football than Spurs for so long their rivalry is largely the stuff of historical record.


For our money the highlights are these:

How are the Spanish classes going?

Well, I have classes two or three times a week and I understand more and talk more all the time.

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Spurs Transfer Balls: Delph, Rabiot, Benteke and a ‘new Messi’ lead the charge

Spurs Transfer Balls: so who are Tottenham buying this January Transfer Window? We’ve looked through the mainstream media for insight into which footballers at heading to The Lane. It turns out ther are loads of them. Grab the scattergun:

Evening Standard: “Tottenham transfer news: Spurs eye Seydou Doumbia but club are reluctant to meet forward’s £25m buy-out clause”

The Indy: “Fenerbahce striker Emmanuel Emenike continues to be linked with a move to White Hart Lane after his agent claimed Tottenham remain in the hunt for the Nigeria international.”

The Indy: “Spurs enter race for £27m Manchester United target Nicolas Gaitan; Carlos Bacca deal close”

Belfast Telegraph: “Spurs desperate to land in-form striker Danny Ings

Telegraph: “Villa face losing 25-year-old Fabian Delph for nothing at the end of his contract in the summer, but, again, Tottenham believe the Midlands club are prepared to forgo the fee they could get for the England international now in a bid to boost their chances of survival.”

Daily Express: “Liverpool LEADING Arsenal and Spurs in £5m to land ‘Iranian Messi’ Sardar Azmoun

Evening Standard: “PSG midfielder Adrien Rabiot wants Spurs loan move”

Daily Mirror: “Spurs have their eyes on a series of strikers from West Brom’s Saido Berahino to Valencia’s Paco Alcacer to long-term target Christian Benteke… Napoli’s experienced Spanish star Raul Albiol is one ambitious target.”

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Transfer Balls: Manchester United sign Lloris from Spurs in 2019

The Sun leads its sports sections with an exclusive. No, make that an hyperbolic “Mega Exclusive”. Spurs are selling their best player:


Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 05.40.09


It’s the January transfer window. So. Hugo Lloris, for it is he, is off this month?

TOTTENHAM are set to cash in on £25million-rated Hugo Lloris. The French No 1 will be allowed to leave for a Champions League club in the summer — even if Spurs seal a top-four spot of their own.

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Spurs Balls: Yid Army soon to be owned by Jew-hating Qatar

Can it be that Spurs – home to the ‘Yid Army’ – are to be owned by the Qatari government in a £1billion takeover?

The Sun reports:

The Arabian nation’s sports minister Salah bin Ghanem bin Nasser al-Ali says they want a Premier League club as the Gulf state’s next sporting investment.

But Spurs… The Yids?

Al-Ani promised any takeover would include pumping in the kind of money that helped them transform Paris Saint-Germain from chronic under-achievers to French champions and an emerging European giant.

Nice idea. Problem is that PSG play in a one-team league. The Premier League is a bit trickier.

And with Tottenham owner Joe Lewis ready to talk business if a buyer meets his asking price, the North London side could be the next under foreign ownership.

Al-Ani said: “Of course Qatar wants to own a Premier League club. One hundred per cent. Here in Qatar we are very, very good in taking something and really transforming it into something very, very good. Even if it’s good we take it to another ste.”…

Al-Ani hinted they are looking at clubs ripe for plucking — and Spurs would head that list, especially with a new 56,000- capacity stadium coming.

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Spurs Pitch Invaders: Funny or nah?

IT has been revealed that the three people who disrupted Tottenham Hotspurs’ Europa League match with Partizan Belgrade were internet japesters who are well known for their pranks.

The three are part of a gaggle of gagsters called TrollStation, who in the past, have faked kidnappings and turned Tube trains into ad-hoc stripclubs. Imagine Jackass, without the Skateboards and you’re halfway there.

Alas, the three men are still in police custody after being arrested following their on-pitch antics.

Here’s some footage.

As you can see, some of the invasions were for a decent amount of time, as the blokes had time to take some selfies while darting around the players.

Each of the jokers wore shirts that said BassBuds on them, which is the company that make Spurs branded headphones. They weren’t impressed, saying: “We are appalled that the game was interrupted in this manner. We do not condone the interruption of any sporting fixture in this way.” Spurs were less impressed and cut all ties with BassBuds.

Here’s some more footage.

TrollStation themselves managed to upload a video of their antics (which you can see below), where the invaders state: “Today we’re going to see who lasts longer on the pitch.”

It seems, despite the arrests, they’re planning another gag too, with a tweet suggesting: “The questions is Emirates Stadium or Stamford Bridge?”

Thing is, while it is annoying that a football match should be broken up and disjointed in this way, surely the staid, rarified air of professional football should be broken up now and then with… well… some piss-taking.

No-one was hurt (apart from BassBuds accountancy sheets) and Spurs won the match? Surely we should all just laugh at this and the lads who got on the pitch should get nothing more than a fine?

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Transfer Balls: Which Player Is Heading To Arsenal, Manchester United, West Ham, Swansea, Everton, Hull And Spurs?

TRANSFER Balls: Marseilles striker Andre Ayew has uttred not word on moving to the Premier League. But that hasn’t stopped the media from speculating:

Daily Express, November 13: “Andre Ayew could join Arsenal, Liverpool or Manchester United for just £1.5m in January”

SpyGhana, November 5: “West Ham looks to sign Andre Ayew”

Liverpool Echo, November 3 2014: “Everton FC transfer gossip: Blues eye Ayew January swoop”

Hull Daily Mail, October 20: “Hull City face competition to bring in the forward during the January transfer window.”

The Sun, October 19: “Liverpool, Everton, Swansea, Hull and West Ham are all keen and are watching developments.”

Daily Express, October 14: “Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd and Spurs handed January BOOST with Andre Ayew set for exit”

Daily Star, October 14: “Arsenal, Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester United and Spurs target Andre Ayew set for January switch”

In other news, Andre Ayew is going to Napoli

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Arsenal Thrash Spurs But Chelsea Not Manchester United Win The Football Map Of London

IN London: The Information Capital by James Cheshire and Oliver Uberti, the academics plotted London’s football clubs by popularity on Twitter for the 2013/14 season.

Each square represents 500m x 500m – and its colour indicates the football club with the most-tweeted hashtag in that area.





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Spurs Balls: Useless Adebayor And Weak Pochettino Make One Man Dream Of ‘Man’s Man’ Tim Sherwood

SPURS Balls: The Daily Mail’s Neil Ashton has been talking about Adebayor:

November 5, 2014:

At White Hart Lane on Sunday, Mauricio Pochettino has to make the biggest decision of his short career as head coach of Tottenham: Emmanuel Adebayor cannot play. The striker’s lack of commitment at Villa Park last Sunday, when he was dragged off after 58 minutes, was not just an affront to his team-mates, it was an insult to the sport itself. For Pochettino to make his mark at Spurs, to show the players that he really is the boss, Adebayor cannot be in that team to face Stoke City.

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Transfer Balls: Spurs Sell Lloris To Real Madrid But Barcelona Already Bought Him

TRANSFER Balls: Is Spurs ‘keeper Hugo Lloris on his way to Real Madrid? The Daily Express has an “Exclusive” that says he is…maybe:

EXCLUSIVE: Real Madrid prepare a MEGA £20m bid for Tottenham keeper Hugo Lloris

REAL MADRID are ready to launch a £20million January move for Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

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Spurs Balls: Erik Lamela Wonder Strike Makes Pochettino Think Of Bed


SPURS Balls: Last night on the Europa League, Erik Lamela gave us all reason to regret not tuning in when he scored a sublime goal. What would have been Tottenham’s routine 5-1 win over Greek side Asteras (it Tripolis (it says her) was burnished with Lamela’s stupendous ‘rabona’-style strike from 20 yards.

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Transfer Balls: Arsenal Mascot Podolski Signs For Spurs Again



TRANSFER Balls: Is Arsenal’s Lukas Podolski leaving the Gunners to play for…Spurs? Well, ITV had news.

Podolski set to join Arsenal’s fierce rivals Spurs in £10m deal

Is he?

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Spurs Balls: Harry Redknapp Almost Signed Viera And Luis Suarez, Says Harry Redknapp

QPR manager Harry Redknapp  has his latest book serialised in the Daily Mail.

Having talked utter balls about racism and Manchester City, the media’s favourite man on the inside explains who he signed Luis Suarez for Tottenham Hotspur from Ajax in 2011. Oh, no. Sorry. How he nearly signed Luis Suarez for Spurs had Liverpool not signed the brilliant Uruguayan.

“Despite all that has happened in his career since, one of the biggest regrets of my life in management is not taking Luis Suarez to Tottenham when we had the chance.”

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Arsenal v Spurs Balls: The Sun Puts Words In Wenger’s Mouth

THE Sun loves to turn football into a war. In readiness for Arsenal’s Premier League match with local London rivals Spurs, the paper thunders:

Wenger in Tottenham taunt ahead of North London derby

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Spurs Fans Attack Manchester United In The Saddest Way Imaginable

IN football, you define yourself by your rivals. And Spurs – who last won the league title in 1961 – have decided that the team they can rib and goad is Manchester United, who have won the league title in colour.

This T-shirt was spotted for sale outside White Hart Lane tonight, where Spurs were playing Nottingham Forest (league winners: 1977).



Screen shot 2014-09-24 at 22.04.24



The TV show being lampooned by Wayne Rooney, Angel Dia Maria and Louis Van Gaal (two players who would walk into the Spurs side and a manager who declined the offer to manage Spurs) is Only Fools And Horses, which after peaking in the early 1980s, dribbled on until it excited only as a nostalgic tick, a Christmas treat right up there with adverts for Iceland’s frozen squirrels.

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