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Hampshire Sturgeon Found Living At A Carwash

steve sturgeon
IN today’s ‘You’ll Believe A Fish Can Cycle’, we learn of a sturgeon named Steve, who left the World of Water in Romsey, Hampshire, in early February. One month later, staff at a car wash a mile from the attraction found Steve living in a puddle.

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Stoke Highland Oatcake Scammer Sought

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 07.37.44


“WE don’t know where these oatcakes could have come from,” says  Jane Gavin, owner of  High Lane Oatcakes, selling the delicacies to locals and the likes of enter-tayyyyyn-er Robbie Williams and darts champions Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor. A local reseller is repackaging the biscuits and selling them door-to-door. But people who paid £2 for 12 Oatcakes are horrified to find only six in the packet.

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16th Century German War Guide Teaches How To Make Flying Cats Bombs (Photos)



YOU’RE looking at an illustration from a 1530s manual on warfare. The advice is to “set fire to a castle or city which you can’t get at otherwise”.

One way of achieving this is with a flaming rocket cat. You can also surprise the enemy by using doves as instruments of death.

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Lack Of Working Pens Triggers Crime Spree At Irish Police Station

irish police pen
FEW below middle-age cannot understand the irritation of not being able to find a working pen. The youth have iPads and creepy Google goggles to record the everyday, but for many nothing beats the pen when you need to sign a name of jot something down quickly.
Not finding a working pen can lead to a rage.
Mindful of that, we hear of goings on at Henry Street police station in Limerick, Ireland. Members at Limerick Court have heard stories of pen-related incidents at the station. One not isolated incident featured a defendant attending the garda station to sign on as a condition of his bail relating to a separate matter. At the police desk, the man was told that there was no available pen for him to use. He should go home, and return with his own pen.

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Man Who Swallowed Whistle 15 Years Ago Finally Stops Playing That Tune

GOD fear the whistleblower, China’s Liu Yougang, 23, who swallowed a plastic whistle when he was 9-years-old. For 14 years, whenever he slept, his breathing would create a whistling sound.
On the upside, Mr Yougang could whistle along to Les Misérables without having to purse his lips; be able to alert footballers to an incident of foul play without missing a beat; and lighten the mood in time of trauma and fear by nonchalantly belting out a easy listening version of I’m Gonna Leave Old Durham Town.
But now the whistle is out. Medics at he West China Hospital, Chengdu, Sichuan Province on Monday have finally located the whistle and removed it.
Good news, then. And it might have been worse.

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Old Man Who Hired Escort Surprised To See Son’s Girlfriend Arrive

OR alternatively, don’t try ordering in an escort until you’re sure that your son’s girlfriend isn’t one:

An elderly Italian man got a rather unwelcome surprise when he ordered an escort – and his son’s girlfriend turned up.

The 70-year-old from Treviso, a city in the northern region of Veneto, hired the escort from the neighbouring town of Vicenza.

But to his shock, it was his 40-year-old son’s South American girlfriend who arrived at his house, The Local reported, citing Italian newspaper Il Gazzettino.

Red-faced, the pair declined to take the encounter further and swiftly parted ways.

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These Children in ‘Country Interiors’ Magazine Are Called Perpetua, Clarendon and Helvetica

THESE children in ‘Country Interiors’ magazine are called: Perpetua, Clarendon and Helvetica:


Screen shot 2014-03-07 at 11.19.09


Vik and Perry are away.


Spotter: Harry Wallop


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Man Carrying Adult Nappy And Can Of Skol Attempting Coitus With Cow And Sheep By Tottenham Hotspur Training Ground Evades Jail

“THIS is a case which as far as I am concerned is unique,” Judge Patrick James Patrick told Paul Lovell at Wood Green Crown Court. He tells the jurors to stop giggling.

Mr Lovell, 61, is accused of attempting coitus with a sheep, having earlier failed to seduce a cow in a field next to Tottenham Hotspur’s new training ground.

Lawrence Stephen, 23, was picnicking with his girlfriend. He witnessed the scene: 

“The way he was walking around the field, I could tell that he felt like he was the only person in the field. He seemed like he was very comfortable with what he was doing – as if it was normal. He was trying to thrust his waist towards the cows and using his hands to get the cow’s mouth towards his crotch. I can’t remember him forcing the cow – he wasn’t actually grabbing the cow, but he was trying what he could.”

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Delhi Police Unable To Investigate Cases Because They Forget Password To Files

POLICE in Delhi did not reply to any of the 667 complaints sent their way because they forgot the password to their computer.  One officer said the oversight was “a technical problem”.

So, nothing to do with human stupidity , then?

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Man In Homemade Armoured Underpants Arrested For Bank Robbery

TO Portland, Oregon, where Mark Fischer has been arrested for attempting to break into an ATM machine.


Armoured underpants man



When police arrested him, Fischer tossed pepper spray at them. In his backpack they found an acetylene torch, large knife and stun gun. The 32-year-old was wearing not one, but two ballistic vests. But the most notable part of this caper is that Fishers was wearing bullet-proof underpants.

These were not off-the-shelf armoured knickers, but normal pants into which Fischer (or his mum, perhaps) had sewn metal plates. 

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Dorset Police Issue Great CCTV Image Of Wanted West Moors Robber

DORSET police need your help. They want you to identity this man, last seen robbing a the Ladbrokes betting shop in West Moors.


dorset robber


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Bad Souvenirs: 15 Truly Terrible Momentos To Collect And Regret

THE decision by eBay to discontinue its trade in Holocaust memorabilia brought to an end a particularly offensive and peculiar episode in the annals of collections and souvenir-hunting.


Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 12.36.16.png


And while it is undoubtedly one of the most despicable examples, there is no shortage of tasteless, gauche and tacky souvenirs out there, if you know here to look…

(Warning: one picture below portrays a lynching. It is shocking.)

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Thick Bible Stops Bullets From Killing Man (Kindle Too Thin)

TO Dayton, Ohio, where bus driver Ricky Wagoner, 49, has been shot once in the leg and twice in the Bible he keeps in his breast pocket.
Saved by the Good Book. Wagoner went for his three assailants, stabbing one with his pen. When one dropped the weapon, Waggoner picked it up and fired at the trio.
(The pen is indeed mightier than the gun.)

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Police Hunt Lancashire Teens Who Slapped An Asda Worker With A Wet Bream

fish slappers


IS the birth of a new craze? Police in Lancashire are seeking a m an and a women who accosted a shop worker at the Accrington Asda supermarket with a wet bream.

The victim, 52, was working the fish section when a younger women approached. She asked about the fish. The would-be shopper then picked up the bream and used it to slap the fish seller about the face.

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Other Parents: Gallia And Hugo Welcome Twin Sons Lorcan And Hector, Brothers For Merlin

GRIMSTON- to Gallia and Hugo, twin sons, Lorcan Sebastian and Hector Sylvester, brothers for Merlin…

telegraph readers

Mum and dad are investment bankers.

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Photo: Maggot Sets Up Home In Woman’s Ear

fruit fly Maggot-in-ear



“SOMETIMES when we put fruits and vegetables on our dining table, it’s possible that after the larvae have incubated for a while that they might crawl around and then look for some new food and new environment,” writes  Taiwan Dr. Shi Cheng-pien in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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Bank Robber Stashes Loot In Open Umbrella Before Cracking Head Open In Hapless Getaway

hapless (1)


THE Brains’ Trust calls 42-year-old Robert C Williams. This is him in the video below at a bank in Laurel, Maryland. Having scored his instant cash withdrawal, Williams dropped the lot. He then stuffed the $20,000 haul inside an open umbrella. Ran off. Slipped in ice and cut his head open.

When Williams did make it to his getaway car, he’d taken so long reaching it, the police had no trouble arresting him.

YouTube link.

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A Peek Inside Belgium’s Hotel Shaped Like An Anus

anus hotel

BELGIUM has given the world chips and mayonnaise, Poirot and bakelite. Add to that is the Hotel Casanus, a hotel shaped like an anus.

“On a small island nestled between Antwerp and Ghent in Flanders, Belgium lies what could be the most remarkable hotel ever.  Shaped like a giant anus, Hotel Casanus just screams, stay inside me!”

It’s ideal for travellers you are – just passing through…

Find it at the Verbeke Foundation Art Park.


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Poo-Phoria: Huge Hairy Orgasmic Pooh Found In East Kilbride Sewer



THAT’S a huge pooh down the toilet in Scotland. It’s a massive Winnie the Pooh teddy found lurking in Scotland’s sewers last year. Other items found:

Fax machine

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With The Serpent Handlers Of America’s Pentecostal South: Photos of A Gruesome Death By God’s Sweet Love

Pastor Jamie Coots


PASTOR of the day is snake handler Jamie Coots from Middlesboro, Kentucky. Last Saturday night he was bitten by a snake and died. Pastor Coots, who preached at the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name church in Middlesboro, held the belief that poisonous snakebites do not harm believers as long as they are anointed by God.

Do the snake handlers trust God’s enough to dice with death?  Coots did:

“Takin’ up serpents, to me, it’s just showin’ that God has power over something that he created that does have the potential of injuring you or takin’ your life.”

Many people have died.

In 1995, a woman was bitten by a snake in his church. She refused to go to the hospital. She died on Coots’ couch while church members prayed over her.


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Woman’s Buttocks Burnt By Exploding Toilet

toilet fire



TO Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, where a woman has been badly burnt by an exploding toilet. The a methane gas explosion caused by the lack of ventilation and dirt of a Barcelona bar toilet. When the woman sat down and turned on the light, the spark triggered methane gas in the toilet to explode. The blast was made worse because of the pressure.

She is now suing the bar owners.


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Meet Donny Reagan, America’s Most Racist Pastor?

donny reagan


SAY ‘Jesus Christ’ to Donny Reagan of the Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ in Johnson City, Tennessee. The American Jesus blog think he could be the most racist preacher in the USA.

What we learn about Brother Reagan wipes his face a lot and believes God was clever to have invented grass for the sheep to eat, it being true that sheep prefer green grass to orange grass, and that god realised the preferences or the ram, ewe and lamb and created the vegetation in their favourite hues and textures. Amen.

Before we get to Reagan, let’s learn more of the church where he channels the prophets of segregation:

Welcome to Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ. We are a Non-Denominational church but our roots run from the early Pentecostal era making our services more of a Pentecostal type of atmosphere. Our congregation numbers around 600 brothers and sisters of whom many have relocated to our area from Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Washington D.C., Georgia, North Carolina. Also included in our congregation are believers from Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Kenya and the Congo.

The diverse makeup of our congregation offers many different styles of special singing. You may hear contemporary, classical, bluegrass, and some ‘good ole’ Southern gospel singing.

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Jesus Called: The Hotline To Heaven Grave Tribute

JESUS called…

jesus called



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The 1856 Guano Islands Act Gives Americans The Right To Claim Bird Poo Covered Rocks For Their Own


CAN the USA expand its borders and influence by means other than guns and burgers? Yes. It just needs to find the bid poo. As the 1856 Guano Islands Act tells intrepid explorers:

Whenever any citizen of the United States discovers a deposit of guano on any island, rock, or key, not within the lawful jurisdiction of any other Government, and not occupied by the citizens of any other Government, and takes peaceable possession thereof, and occupies the same, such island, rock, or key may, at the discretion of the President, be considered as appertaining to the United States.

El Dorado is covered in poo…

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Jesus, Darth Vader And Superman Witness Hollywood Smash And Grab



“I LOVE Jesus,” declared the man smashing in the window on an LAPD patrol car parked in Hollywood. He then steals the laptop inside. Not too far away a man dressed as Darth Vader looks on.

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