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Nike Jordan arrested for barging into a woman’s home and claiming to be Jesus

Nike Jordan Abila

NAME of the day belongs to man suspected of barging into a female stranger’s home, shaking her and telling her she was a sinner who needed to be saved. The man was chased away by the woman’s four Huskies, Great Dane and Chihuahua.

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Twitter troll apologises when someone threatens to tell his mum

MIGHT it be that all internet rolls are not being all that serious when they make threats? You just need to tell their mum:




Spotter: PopBitch


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Indian Army thinks planets Venus and Jupiter are Chinese war drones

venus indian army

THE INDIAN Army believes Jupiter and Venus are not planets; but Chinese drones. The BBC says the Indian Army has keen keeping a close watch on massive drones over its air space.

Tensions are running high on the border known as the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

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Granny batters burglars with Guitar Hero controller

guitar hero crimeA GRANDMOTHER fended off three armed- ARMED – intruders using the best weapon money can buy –  a Guitar Hero controller!

Melinda Walker – whose home had been broken into numerous times before – hit the burglars repeatedly with the guitar-shaped controller after becoming fed up at their constant attempts to snatch her belongings by robbing her house.

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Man who isn’t Keef Richards thinks human ashes are cocaine

SOME bright spark has nearly ended up tooting a whole dead human up their nose after they stole human ashes, thinking they were cocaine.

William Cantrell (no relation to Blu) took an Xbox belonging to his neighbour, as well as the box containing the remains of the victim’s mother. The 28-year-old’s grandmother Wanda said: “William thought it was drugs. He thought he’d found him a box of cocaine is what he thought.”

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Seagull raids Brighton kitchen as pal steals woman’s false teeth

SEAGULL Watch: A look at seagulls making the news this summer:
Seagull One: Stevie
To Hove, East Sussex, where  Conlett White wanted to film housemate Richard Hammond eating a his prepared meal of including meat, salad and chips laced with loadsa black pepper. Mr White, 30, wanted to film the moment when Mr Hammond coughed. This in itself is worthy of further investigation. Was it a joke? Was it a punishment? Is black pepper a rare treat in that household? Is black pepper code for arsenic?
Anyhow, Mr Hammond never did get to eat his surprise. A seagull flew in and devoured it. The seagull is not Mr hammond. It is Stevie:

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Perth woman gets arm trapped in dog poo bin – fire crew stage rescue

perth dog poo bin trapped

TO Letham park, Perth, Scotland, where a woman, 39, has her arm trapped in a dog poo bin.

Why? Was she trying to post a letter? Was she looking for food?

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Zonkey: rare zebra-donkey born in Italy


TO Florence, where a zonkey is making news. A zonkey is a cross between a zebra and a donkey. says it’s a rare animal, although not as rare as a piger (tiger-penguin cross ) and not as common as a toyger (tiger-pet cat cross).

Ippo the zonkey was carried by a rare breed donkey and fathered by a zebra confiscated from a failing zoo.  The pair met at an animal sanctuary.


Ansa reports:

Ippo was not bread intentionally, but is the product of the zebra’s determination after he climbed a protective fence to get to the donkey, the reserve managers said.

The zebra is part spider on his mother’s side…

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Giant mouse found in Tesco store was by sent by God as punishment for supporting gay rights

WHY did a “giant mouse” run amuck at a Tesco store in London’s Covent Garden in 2012? One theory was that the mnouce had grown super fat on chicken and cakes.

Stephen Green, national director of Christian Voice, says the  mouse was an act of God. Tesco had spent £30,000 to support London Gay Pride.

As he says:

“It is symptomatic of the bad management of Tesco. Any company which announces its support for Gay Pride six weeks before Christmas obviously can’t operate basic pest control.”

Mr Green wrote:

“Nothing has gone right for Tesco since they decided to support ‘gay pride’. Their only hope is to repent of that decision and put their trust in God.”

File under: gay mites.

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Man committed suicide because a crow sat on his head

crow death

“I AM waiting for the post-mortem report, but even I think he took the extreme step due to the crow incident. My brother had called my mother, Parvathi, and told her about the crow. He was very tense when he spoke. My mother rushed to an astrologer and on his advice told Anand to pray at the Hanumantharaya Swamy temple.”

The Bangalore Mirror reports:

Preliminary investigations revealed that Anand got very upset after a crow sat on his head on Wednesday. He immediately called  his mother and narrated the entire incident to her, expressing fears that it augured ill… His mother tried to allay his fears and told him to visit the Hanumantharaya Swamy temple and light a lamp. Anand, however, was not convinced and went home and locked himself away before taking the drastic step. 

Banu Prakash Sharma, an astrologer, said Hindus believe crows contain the souls of people who have committed suicide.

“After death, such a soul will not have or find any place to settle down, so it enters the eggs of a crow.”

Such are the facts…

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Plague of drunk seagulls follow plague of flying ants in Devon – locals fret over first born

flying ants drunk

IT’S OK. Do not panic. We’ve found out why the seagulls are attacking people in Devon.  They are drunk on a plague of flying ants.

Locusts, blood, lice and and the frogs are yet to arrive.

Meanwhile, science tells us that the ants are rich in formic acid in their stomachs. The gulls feast on them and lose their inhibitions. Reports tell us that gulls have been seen flying straight into buildings and into the paths of moving cars.

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Accrington bird gives birth on bed of nails

Hard as nails pigeon

WE wouldn’t say the pigeons in Accrington are hard, but this one’s made a nest on pile of nails.

Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s Alan Wright says:

“My jaw dropped when I saw it but the bird is perfectly happy… I have never seen anything like this before. It’s great that the builders are taking care of this bird. They will probably be like a doting family when the chicks are hatched.”

A doting family who take care of a stay, pregnant bird giving it a bed of nails…

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Albuquerque jogger wanted for malicious faecal distribution

jogging poo

WHO is the female jogger pooing next to a man’s home in Albuquerque?  The man says he has captured the woman “multiple times” defecating next to his home on a morning jog.

He has given the pooing a name:

“This is malicious faecal distribution.”

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How to write your name in cat language

WRITING with cats:

cat alphabet

Do it now.

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Mother offers car to any women who will have sex with her Harvard-bound son

A LOVING mother is calling for a “sugar baby” to have sex with her son before he heads to Harvard. Her advert on Craigslist says in exchange for lots of sex with the lad, the sexer will earn a car. It’s all pretty extraordinary, especially given that hiring prostitute is not all that tricky.

Anyhow, the 18-year-old is handsome, fit, clever and owns almost “zero body fat”. Mum is “sure” he’s virgin. How sure? Let’s not wonder too much:

sex with my son advert


What odds “mum” is the college kid?




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Want to see a bee give a pub drinker a high five – here you go

high five bee

IF you wanted official confirmation of the British summer, then look no further than the fact that bees have started giving high-fives to shrieking, drunk humans.

Now, this may sound like some kind of hallucination, but there’s video evidence!

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Cornwall woman trapped for days in patio furniture

“WE don’t actually know how long she was there for but it was quite a long time,” said Polruan station manager Peter Ripley, of the woman found trapped in her patio furniture.

“It was one of those metal deck chairs with a canvas seat. The canvas had broken and she slipped right down in the seat and couldn’t move. It wasn’t until her neighbour came to water the garden that she was discovered. Paramedics came and she was taken to hospital as a precaution. She hurt her right leg, as her legs had been over the bar.

“She was in the sun all of the time too so she was dehydrated and quite brown.We don’t get a lot of these type of incidents but people who haven’t used their deck chairs for a while should be careful and check them before use, especially the elderly.”

Next week: tanning in swing chairs.

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Invisible sex scares teachers stiff

the-invisible-maniac_1.180xautoTO Nashongo and Makaba primary schools in Siavonga, Zambia, where the teachers are scared stiff of invisible sex with wizards, witches and ghosts.

Chief Sinadambwe of the Tonga-speaking people says the teachers are making ready to flee the area. The Zambian Mail quotes him thus:

“The male teachers complained that they have been having sex with women they cannot see. This has been happening to them for about three weeks…

Have they tried opening their eyes?

“I received a complaint from a female teacher of Makaba Primary School who told me what had happened to her on Friday. She said while sleeping next to her husband, an invisible man undressed her and had sex with her.”

The woman awake to find herself naked and her nightdress and underwear on the floor. She asked her husband (not invisible) if he had had sex with her?

 “The husband started wondering who could have done that to his wife.”

Chief Sinadambwe has called on Government to help resolve the matter.

Meanwhile, if you see anyone looking like they’re having sex with an invisible person or thing – we’re looking at you Rihanna (see stage show) – says ten’ Nail Marys’ and three ‘How’s Yer Fathers…

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We have a new Jesus and he’s Australian

Alan John Miller

RELIGION isn’t too good at providing answers, but has excellent architecture. Alas, it also attracts a fair few people who are mental, making them a laughing stock.

And so, to Alan John Miller who claims he’s Jesus Christ, and he announced himself to everyone in Britain by getting all holy on ITV ‘s This Morning.

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This hairless guinea pig looks like a baby hippo

DID you know that hairless guinea pig looks like a baby hippo? Well, it does. This might be how the little pets are treated before they hit the pot in darkest Peru:

In the United States, most guinea pigs intended for human consumption come from Peru as whole, frozen, hairless rodents in plastic bags.

Hippos are killed in a less refined manner:

In his poaching days in the Congo forests, Guillaume Kasereka used a rusty Russian-made rocket launcher to kill hippos for meat…

“I know killing a hippo is illegal, but I don’t know why,” said Kiyana Zirimagawabo, 55, wearing green flip-flops and a cowboy hat over his graying hair. “Animals are for us to eat.”

guinea pig hippo


Spotter: TIL

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Jehovah the moon: this religious cartoon about obedience to God is batshit crazy

jehovah magic

“DO you really want to play with things Jehovah hates?”

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Indonesia bans sexy female secretaries – men must hire only old unattractive women


“I RECEIVED inputs that many government office heads here are involved in extra-marital affairs with their female secretaries,” Rusli Habibie, the governor of Gorontalo province on northern Sulawesi island, Indonesia.

“They treat them much better than their own wives. They bring them presents from official trips like perfumes or branded bags while their poor wives get nothing.

“For these reasons, I ordered them to replace their female secretaries with male assistants or with old women who are no longer attractive.

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Walmart shopper arrested for tossing ‘nose’ sperm on woman’s leg

frank short sperm

FRANK Short is the 22-year-old accused of tossing sperm at a woman he fancied. She was shopping in a Walmart  supermarket at the time.

The woman told police she “felt something wet on her buttocks, thigh and legs”after Short walked past her.

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