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Trophy Scarves: black artist wears white women for status and power (photos)

Trophy Scarves sees Nate Hill photograph himself “[sporting] white women for status and power”.

Hill explains that it’s not a kink, but “a satire on black men who like to see white women as status symbols”.

But even better than the cold willing white women Hill’s using to warm his black neck, head, ears and easel are the comments.



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This bird makes everyone laugh like a supervillain

It’s infectious. The bird laughs like a supervillain. Then everyone else is parroting it.



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Photos of the Star Trek flat for sale after owner was jailed for sex crimes

Star Trek flat


Will you go boldy into the Star Trek flat in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

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Essex police wait 23 days for drugs dealer to use the toilet

In need of a good, long book

In need of a good, long book


Public Health England cites Sy Allen, 30, arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply class A drugs on March 31. Police belived Allen, of Wood Green, London, had secreted drugs inide his body.

He denied it. So. The police put him in custody and waited for nature to take its course. And a mere 23 days later Sy – and, boy, was that one big sigh –  let it out: 24 wraps of heroin and 20 wraps of crack cocaine.

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Police scrape smugged heroin from inside man’s foreskin

foreskin man heroin


The man on a train from China to Tibet has secreted heroin inside his foreskin.

Having spotted the man behaving in an agitated manner, police patted him down. They found nothing. He took a urine test whish showed up positive for smack. So the police carried on and on patting and poking until they found one-tenth of a gram heroin stuffed down his foreskin.

He would have smuggled more, but, you know, it’s cold….




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China’s Window of the World amusement park offers a cremation simulator

"Chinese theme park sets up 'death simulator' where volunteers can experience being cremated

‘You have to be this long to die’


Chinese looking for a thrill can take the “death simulator” at the Window of the World amusement park in Shenzhen, China. The Indy reports:

Once inside (a coffin), players are then blasted by hot air (up to 40C) and light to create an “authentic experience of burning,” according to its creators, Huange Weiping and Ding Rui.

When the “burning” is over, volunteers see a womb projected on the ceiling and must crawl until they reach a large, white padded area – supposedly representing a womb – where they are “reborn”.

It’s a bit like getting a fake tan in your clothes…



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Lenin’s corpse is 145 years young thanks to paraffin, glycerin and carotene



Anyone keen to have their beloved leader preserved as a relic, should know that the bodies of Vladimir Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il are waxed and dipped in aspic by the “Mausoleum group.” Scienific American reviews their work:

To maintain the precise condition of Lenin’s body, the staff must perform regular maintenance on the corpse and sometimes even replace parts with an excruciating attention to detail. Artificial eyelashes have taken the place of Lenin’s original eyelashes, which were damaged during the initial embalming procedures. The lab had to deal with mold and wrinkles on certain parts of Lenin’s body, especially in the early years. Researchers developed artificial skin patches when a piece of skin on Lenin’s foot went missing in 1945. They resculpted Lenin’s nose, face and other parts of the body to restore them to their original feel and appearance. A moldable material made of paraffin, glycerin and carotene has replaced much of the skin fat to maintain the original “landscape” of the skin.

Come the Revolution, you can eat him…

More here.

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Man given 15 years for having sex with a cow he seduced with magic leaves

sex cowIs Nothing Safe? In Zambia, a man has been sentenced to 15 years prison for having sex with a cow. The details in the Zambia Daily Mail’s report are crucial:

A PEASANT farmer of Chimula village in Mbala district has been sentenced to 15 years simple imprisonment by the Kasama High Court for having sex with his brother’s cow.

Ndola High Court judge Charles Chanda, sitting in Kasama last Monday, imposed the sentence on Wegress Simpanzye, 73, after corroborating evidence adduced to the court by the prosecution and the witnesses.

During trial, Gerald Simpanzye told the court that on the material day in the morning, he took the cattle for grazing in one of the fields but later went to another field to harvest maize. Mr Simpanzye testified that as he was returning to where he had left the cattle grazing, he saw the convict standing on a log and having sex with one of the cows.

When he asked the convict what he was doing with the animal, he apologised and offered to give the witness K500 and a cow as compensation. But Mr Simpanzye reported the matter to his brother Richard, who is the owner of the animal, who later reported the matter to the police.

Police then advised the complainant to take the convict and the cow to the veterinary department, where the animal was examined and semen was discovered in the cow’s genitalia.

The court also heard that the convict must have used charms on the animal as he was found with leaves in one of the pockets of his pair of trousers and that when the leaves were taken away from him, the molested cow became violent…

In defence, the convict attributed his actions to demonic attacks, which he had been suffering from since 1972.

Is nothing safe..?


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Another WTF Japanese game show – Spread Your Legs

Japanese game show of the day is the one where young women dressed in early 20th Century children’s fashions see who can spread their legs the widest. The winner is the contestant with the smile as wide as their gait:



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Wanted man arrested after ‘liking’ his own wanted poster on Facebook

facebook police


Much as we like the idea that villains are master crimianls who stay one step ahead of the rules and bend technology to their aims, the reality is that many criminals are idiots.

Meet Levi Charles Reardon, a 23-year-old Montana man. Police were hunting Reardon in connection with an alleged forgery. Where was he? Well, he would soon let police know. Reardon logged onto the Cascade County Crimestoppers’ Facebook page, found his own wanted poster and “liked” it.

With his location ascertained, police soon picked him up.

And how was your day?

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Naked women broke into stranger’s house and asked homeowner: ‘Am I Pretty?’ (photos)



Intruder of the Day is Makena Marie Haydon. The Arizona Daily Sun 20-year-old Makena broke into a stranger’s house. She then removed all her clothes and bounced up and down on his bed.

According to the police report, the victim called police around 4 p.m. Friday after a young woman he did not know ran into his apartment when someone there opened the door. The suspect ran into a bedroom, started jumping on the bed, took off all her clothes, started shouting “am I pretty?” and refused to leave.

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Is Nothing Safe? Goat in court to see her rapist jailed

To Kenya, where a man is forced to confront the goat he raped in court before getting 10 years in prison.


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Watch Sufi holy men pop out their eyeballs on knives (video)

To the Urs Festival in Rajasthan, India, where Sufi Muslim holy men are showing their love for God by sticking knives into their eyes. The men are devotees of Sufi saint Moinuddin Chishti.

It’s what he would have wanted…


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Dungeons and Dragons players are possessed by the Devil (video)


Dungeons and Dragons is a gateway to hell. So says Baptist pastor Win Worley.


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Obituary of the day: Stella is survived by a ‘shitload’ of grandchildren



The obituary notice for Dorothy A. “Stella” Scrobola tells of a “unique, caring individual who touched the lives of all who knew her.” Stella is mourned and celebrated by her six children and many, many grandchildren:


obituary shitload


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Nothing says RIP than putting your dead lover’s ashes inside a glass dildo

death dildo

Last of the red-hot lovers


Good news, deadsters. You can carry on shagging after you’ve stopped breathing. Mark Sturkenboom’s “21 grams memory box” has a box for the widow or widower in need of company. It contains: a diffuser for the deceased’s perfume, an iPod dock to play “your” songs, a necklace on which to keep the key and an urn shaped like a dildo ready on contain 21 grammes of the dead lover’s red-hot ashes.

Says Mark:

“I sometimes help an elderly lady with her groceries and she has an urn standing near the window with the remains of her husband. She always speaks with so much love about him but the jar he was in didn’t reflect that at all.”


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Famer ordered to take take down his pornographic hay bales (photo)

Aussie farmer Bruce Cook has been threatened with “publishing pornographic images”.  Will he remove the offended hay bales?

“I couldn’t believe it. How could anyone be offended by something that happens out in the paddocks for real every day of the week?

“It’s just nature,” Mr Cook told The Weekly Times…

“I told the copper to p. s off.

“They have picked on the wrong person. I don’t care what they threaten me with. The sculpture stays,” he said.


hay bale porn


You just know there is peer group for this kink…


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Mug Shot of the day: the Washington eyebrow lady

mug shot


Mug Shot of the Day comes to us via Police in Washougal, Washington, who arrested 36-year-old Marsha Santoro.

The story is:

At around 6pm on Friday, police said Santoro was driving when a child riding a Big Wheel rolled out of a driveway and Santoro hit the child. Witnesses told officers Santoro attempted to drive away, but when that didn’t work she got out of her Ford F-150 pickup and walked off, according to police. Police said a K-9 unit tracked Santoro to the hole that she was hiding in.

She faces a raft of eyebrow-raising charges…

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Watch how a trapped snaked thanks its rescuers

This video of a trapped snake being cut has a great ending. But it’s not what you think:

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450 kg man moved to new nursing home by crane and flatbed truck (video)

A man weighing more than 1,000 lbs (450 kg, 71.5 stones) was placed inside a cargo container, then lifted by a crane, before being loaded onto a flatbed truck and taken from Providence in Rhode Island to his new home in Cranston last Sunday .

Brian Butler need to move when notice was served on his Providence, Rhode Island, nursing home. Problem is that Mr Butler tips the scales at 1,000 lbs (450 kg, 71.5 stones). Moving isn’t easy. So. He was placed inside a cargo container, lifted by a crane and loaded onto a flatbed truck. He was then driven to his new home.

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Cocaine trafficker escapes by giving his GPS monitor to a cat

Uses for cats No. 2: mobile getaway device.

Mexican national Diego Martinez-Espinoza was under house arrest in Chesterfield, Virginia, for drugs trafficking. His trial is scheduled for May 6. But he won’t be there. WTKR says that the suspect foxed police by removing his GPS ankle bracelet and attaching it to a cat.

When police went to to see why Espinoza hadn’t responded to their calls to check into the station – the device beeps and beeps until the perp complies – he wasn’t there. But the cat was. And what it made of a cheeping noise following it rond the room is anyone’s guess.

More uses for cats when we find them…

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Florida teen will not be arrested for ‘date raping’ a snake that bit his face

snake kisser


Florida has long history of snake-human interaction. Usually its handling snakes to prove the existence of God’s love. But for 18-year-old Austin Hatfield, it’s all about the kissing.

Hatfield’s designated love interest was a water moccasin. To get it in the mood for smooching, Hatfield kept the creature in his pillowcase on his bed for many days and nights.

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Diner finds used sink plug in her Hog’s Breath salad

salda plug


Things Found In Food spots a sink plug in a salad.

The diner at Brisbane, Australia’s Hog’s Breath Cafe got an old plug in her salad. You have to wonder what vegetable the chef thinks the plug resembles?

The eatery’s ggeneral manager Ross Worth offers up an explanation:

“Food hygiene is a top priority for the company. The plug came from a sanitised ice food bath that was designated for fresh produce such as lettuce and tomatoes to be washed in. On that day the staff members have pulled fresh produce out of the bath and accidently pulled the plug with it. The business owner has re-trained his staff on the right processes to make sure this doesn’t ever happen again. As for the customer’s complint that kitchen staff thought it was funny I can’t comment if they were laughing – I would guess not.It’s not a laughing matter, and I’d like to think they wouldn’t laugh.”

Conclusion: don’t order the mushrooms.

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Modern sex: long lost brother and sister meet on Tinder

Tinder sex brother and sister

After 16 years apart a brother and sister have been reunited on Tinder, the dating app. He looked at her. She looked at him. Thoughts turned to sex. Then they discovered they were siblings. But this isn’t Motherwell, so nothing sexual happened.

Via Mic reports:

De Vries, now 24, eventually moved back to the Netherlands for school, and in March, like any other young adult, joined Tinder and started swiping.

“The first time I swiped her profile I had absolutely no idea… To be honest, it hasn’t been on my mind in the past few years after Maarten, my brother, and I finished a failed search for Josephine a few years ago.”

And yet he happened to swipe right, assuming Egberts was just a nice stranger. So de Vries started talking to her like anyone else. “In our first conversation I was actually flirting with her so the conversation was very superficial,” he said.

And then…

“In our next conversation, I started to get some clues and figured she might actually be my sister. This kind of shocked me, so I decided not to contact her for a few days.”

But after the shock and physical attraction had been given time to cool off, they have met.

Meanwhile…in Motherwell

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Tamworth boy gets stuck inside Minion machine

minion stuck
When Henry Howes failed to grab the Minion’s head with a metal claw, he was disapointed. Henry reached inside the hatch in a bid to grab a Despicable Me toy. He then slid all the way inside.

Helpfully, somsone took a photo of Henry.




The chance to Grab A Live Child for £1 at the Snowdome in Tamworth, Staffs, would undoubtedly appeal to 1970s BBC Radio DJs, but in today’s age it’s frowned upon.
Henry was eventually spared a life as an ornament when staff freed him.

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