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Nike horror: man flashes women before attempting sex with one of their dogs

Police hunt man who exposed himself to women and tried to have sex with one of their dog'

Just did it


All that money on marketing Nike to the cool kids only for one of your brand’s fans pulls on the big tick logo and attempt to have sex with a dog in Sydney, Australia, after exposing himself to two women.

Police are hunting the pervert. They have yet to search Adidas HQ.


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Thief escaped on foot after his car was repossessed as he robbed store

Che Hearn

Che Hearn, 25, was shoplifting inside an Illinois Wal-Mart store when his car was repossessed.At around 3pm police responded to a call of retail theft at the Wal-Mart. They spotted Hearn, who ran off. He told police that his car had been repossessed while he was at the Wal-Mart.

It turned out that the repossession company had followed Hearn. When he parked up and entered the store, they towed the car away, forcing Hearn to make his escape on foot.


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Patient finds live ring neck snake in his underpants

underpants snake


“(It was) in his underwear,” says certified nursing assistant Veronica Mitchner of the Titusville Rehab and Nursing Center in Florida. “I was like, a snake? A real snake. And I wanted to see the snake and when I seen the snake in a cup, I was like, ‘Dang, that’s a real snake.'”

Mitchner said the snakes aren’t new. “I’ve been here for two years, and I’ve seen them for two years,” she said.


The snake is was a ring neck. Of course it was.

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In Tokyo you can walk through a grinning child’s massive anus (for research purposes)

japan butt

To Japan, where telly network TV Tokyo is furthing mankinds understanding or nature’s wonders why with Karada no Fushigi Daibouken 2015, or “The Mysterious Great Adventure of the Body 2015.

Kids, parents, the man who carries that BA flight bag around Brent X car park, BBC radio DJs from the 1970s and huge anus enthusiasts can become ambulatory turds:

Japan anus expo

Spotter: Kyodo News

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Splorch: enlarge your sex life with a rubber ovipositor (Video)

An ovipositor is an “organ used by some animals for the laying of eggs”. And you can buy one made from a veiny rubber.




It’s called the ‘Splorch’:



Spotter: JWZ

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Newport customer dumped caravan in skip after checking first if it was ok

skip 2


Driver Tyrone Covell, 43, found a caravan in a skip in Newport, south Wales.

The skip was booked by a male customer who checked if the carvan was a prohibited item before ditching it.


carvan skip


“They asked about what they could and couldn’t put in the skip and I sent them over the list but of course we didn’t say you can’t put a caravan in there as it’s blatantly obvious you can’t put a caravan in a skip,” says Melissa Hodges, marketing manager at hire fire GD Environmental.


carvan skip 2


“I had to call the customer and tell them we couldn’t pick it up. I think they were just trying to push their luck. We told them to demolish the caravan and we’d come back and pick it up so that’s what they did. It wasn’t a really heavy caravan but I still have no idea how they got it up there.”

Rraders are invited the spot the difference between the skip blocking the road and a carvan.

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Bush trimmer spots Virgin Mary’s genitals in his log

virgin mary log


Mike Iacovetta, 51, says of the slice of tree he keeps in his Denver, Colorado, garage:

 “She is the key to my whole life.”

‘She’ is the Virgin Mary Mr Iacovetta says he can see in the log’s rings.

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Man finds caterpillar that looks like Lord Kitchener

caterpillar with human faceRobert Palmer found a caterpillar with a human face in Toutle, Washington.

“My first thought was to crush it with my cane, then I thought, no, it looks so strange, I’m going to take a picture of it, ” says Palmer. “I’m going to be 70 in November. And I’ve never seen a bug with a human face staring back at me. I’ve sent the picture to OMSI, the Portland Zoo, Fish & Wildlife, the Extension Service, The Master Gardeners. People either don’t respond or don’t know what kind it is. Some people aren’t taking this very seriously.”

Sadly, the creature died.

But he still has the photo.

“I sent a picture to my grandson, he said ‘nice Photoshop grandpa’. I said I can’t even use my smart phone half the time, much less do some special computer effects. I had to have the girls at the Shell station send the picture to the local TV station. He knows I wouldn’t lie about this.”

download (2)Do we believe in the bug that looks like Lord Kitchener?

“It’s Bob, he wouldn’t lie about anything. He’s just really intrigued by what kind of caterpillar it is, and getting somebody to figure it out, that’s why he’s always talking about it,” said Kay Hank.

“One woman told it looks like the devil,” says Palmer, “I decided to stay away from her, if she’s actually seen the devil. Haha.”

Satan is a caterpillar. Fact.


YouTube link.


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Idiot robber mistook fish and chip shop for Corals bookmakers

fish and chip robbery Derek Carr can’t read or write.So he asked his friend Greg Tod to write a robbery demand on the back of a Ladbrokes betting slip. He’d walk into a branch of rival bookies Corals, hand the cashier the note and walk away rich.

It was a great plan with a few flaws.

Darryl Lovie, defending Carr at Livingstone Crown Court, says that his client went to the wrong shop, specifically one selling fish and chips in Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland:

“The chip shop attendant noticed he had a betting slip in his hand and inquired if he could help him. He then realised Mr Carr was in the wrong shop and told him he was in a chip shop not the bookies next door.”



Lewis Crosby, prosecuting, takes up the tale:

“Carr entered Coral just before 6pm, walked up to the counter where manager Karen Jamieson was standing and handed her the note. It stated: ‘Put the money in the bag or someone will die’. This was read by the complainer who handed the note back to the accused and asked him: ‘Are you telling me you’re holding me up?’ The accused didn’t respond at this time however, he opened the carrier bag and said: ‘Put the money in the bag’. This was overheard by another member of staff who had been on the shop floor.

“Both members of staff pressed the silent panic alarm. The complainer thereafter informed the accused that she was not giving him any money. The accused smirked and said: ‘I was only joking’. He then calmly walked out of the door taking with him his note and the carrier bag.”

Sheriff Peter Hammond called for social work reports to assess Carr’s suitability for post release supervision. The case will call again on July 30.

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Watch a man knock himself out after headbutting a bus

To Florida, where a man annoyed by the $2 fare headbutted the bus.


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Armed rat with small mouse head robs store at

mouse robbery 2


To Barrie, Ontario, Canada, where a huge knife-wielding rodent with human arms, body and legs has held up the Mac’s.

Barrie police Det. Brett Haynes is unsure. He’s looking for a man with a mouse head:

“I would have to say this is the first time I came across a mask used for a robbery that looks like a child’s cute mouse mask. It was a pretty brazen attack for just 60 bucks.” 

A grown man whose head can fit inside a child-size mask?

Will anyone be brave enough to, er, rat him out?


YouTube link.


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Neurotic people see Jesus in things

The “Face on Mars” was one of the most striking and remarkable images taken during the Viking missions to the red planet. Unmistakeably resembling a human face, the image caused many to hypothesize that it was the work of an extraterrestrial civilization. Later images revealed that it was a mundane feature rendered face-like by the angle of the Sun.Do you see faces in inanimate objects (a condition known as pareidolia)? If you do, chances are you’re neurotic.

Brain Decoder, who works at Tokyo’s NNT Communication Science Laboratory tested 166 undergraduates to ascertain their ‘big five‘ personality traits and mood. The students were presented with pictures of random dots and invited to say what they saw.

The psychological tests found a link: students who scored higher for neuroticism were more likely to see faces in the dots.

Of course, that’s not to say Jesus really isn’t manifest in that tortilla, tree stump or stain.

Spotter: Brain Decoder

Photo: The “Face on Mars” was one of the most striking and remarkable images taken during the Viking missions to the red planet. Unmistakeably resembling a human face, the image caused many to hypothesize that it was the work of an extraterrestrial civilization. Later images revealed that it was a mundane feature rendered face-like by the angle of the Sun.

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Amazon gives free buzzing dildo with children’s sandals

Shoe box

In the box

Anyone still too shy to buy a dildo should know that Amazon offers shoppers a free vibrator with pairs of children’s sandals. You just have to select the right brand, which is not all that subtly called PRIMIGI.

Sophie Grantham, 36, didn’t know of the special offer until she took delivery of a pair of said sandals and spotted the five-inch purple Durex vibrator in the box.

Sophie, of Whiteley, Hampshire, explains:

“The parcel was vibrating so the postman made a comment about it maybe being a toothbrush. I was absolutely horrified to find there was this purple vibrator, loose and buzzing about in the shoebox. I don’t know what happened, but it’s not on.”

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Dogs owners in Italy forced to carry bottles for dog wee

dog wee italyReasons to get a cat No. 549: dog owners in Piacenza, northern Italy, can now be fined up to €500 (£350, $550) for not cleaning up after their pet… urinates.

Cats, who wee in your coffee when you’re not looking (fact!), once more escape the laws. And dogs get it in the hind quarters.

Local mayor Paolo Dosi says the rules will mean dog-owners will be forced to to take a bottle of water with them whenever they walk their pets.

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Is nothing safe? Man flew 2,000 miles to have sex with a horse

horse sex arrest

Dobbed in

Undercover sheriff’s deputies in Arizona arrested Pennsylvania man Michael Crawford, 68, on suspicion that he flew 2000 miles to have sex with a horse.

Police say Mr Crawford had advertised for a willing horse owner to let him ‘ride’ their beast. The Animal Crimes Investigations Unit spotted the ad and began to lay a honey trap.

The police conversed with Crawford. When he arrived in Phoenix, they took him to Tolleson, and showed him two ponies.

Crawford wonders why he was pinched when all he’d done was talk about sex with a horse. In any case, he’d been engaged in bestiality since 1970. And had any horse complained?



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Woman driver crashed Mini into fish van while masturbating with Rabbit sex toy

seafood masturbating driver


A woman in her 30s was masturbating with a sex toy when she drove  her Mini into the back of a fish delivery van.

The van diver with M&J Seafood reviewed footage from the vehicle’s rear camera. He saw the woman clutching a Rampant Rabbit-style sex toy and doing up her trousers.

A source explains:

 “A driver was called into the office and feared he was getting the sack. He’d been on his first shift after looking for work for ages. The bosses told him it wasn’t his fault and then said ‘Have you seen this?’. They all had a good laugh.”

Says the company, based in Cirencester, Gloucestershire: “The matter is now in the hands of our insurers.”

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The greatest pizza ‘theft’ story ever: neighbour calls police on stolen delivery

pizza delivery crime


It’s 7:22pm on July 2. A person has ordered a pizza. They call the police. They say a neighbour has taken their pizza. Police discover the neighbour has also ordered a pizza.

It’s 8:03pm on July 2: Neighbour wrongly accused of pizza theft reports being upset.





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End of days: man buys two puppies that grow into bears

Will sh*t on sticks in the woods

Will sh*t on sticks in the woods

Back in 2013, Wang Kaiyu, of Yunan, China, bought male and female puppies- one of each. Theyw er so cure. And then they grew. Big. In 2015, Kaiyu relaised that his two dogs had mutated into bears:

It wasn’t until Wang saw a pamphlet about endangered wild animals that he realized he had raised two Asian black bears, a Category 2 protected species, by accident. He decided to give the cubs up to the Forest Public Security Bureau in the hopes that they would be able to re-home them.

The cubs now live Yunnan Wild Rescue Center.

Kaiyu’s new dog is green, likes to wallow in the bath tub and get get snappy…

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Gamer nut drugs girlfriend so he can keep playing video games

To Germany, where  the Local reports on the a 23-year-old man in the eastern German town who drugged his girlfriend so he could keep playing video games. He tells a court that his live-in lover had returned home after an 10-hour shift at work. She wanted peace and quiet and asked him to stop playing video games. So. He drugged her. He tells a court:

“I only put four or five drops into her tea.”

But when dhe headed to work the next day, the drugs were still working:

“I got up and drove to work although I was nodding off again and again.”

The judge fines the gamer €500 and tells him:

“Your girlfriend slept long and deeply, which didn’t harm her, but this is certainly a premeditated bodily harm.”

The felon is contrite:

“It was stupid, but now I’m on a straight path.”


Adding: “But the massive speeding hedgehog keeps attacking me.”


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Husband says demonic ghost behind wife beating


oujia wales“We are being molested by demons,” says Keiron Fry from the family home in New Tredegar, south Wales. “My wife Tracey goes to bed fine, doesn’t feel anything in the night but when she wakes up she’s in agony. I wake up the next day and said: ‘I didn’t do that’. I would never beat my wife.”

Keiron says he captured the violent ghost on camera as it haunted his sons’ bedroom. The phantom resembles a small child in a white gown with a blue face and a tail. This beats told the couple’s three kids: “I’m going to slit your parents’ throats.”

Says Tracey:

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Walmart shoplifter grassed up by his 6-year-old daughter

shoplifter daughter


A man accused of shoplifting from Walmart was undone by his 6-year-old daughter, say police.

It all went wrong when Scott Birk’s daughter learnt to talk. Now age 6, the girl has grassed up her dad to the cops.

Mr Birk, 31, of New Berlin, Wisconsin, was captured on CCTV at a Walmart store allegedly breaking into a jewellery case and stealings earrings, which he put on. The store’s security guard says he heard Birk’s “6-year-old daughter told him several times to stop breaking into the jewellery case”.

Perhaps to appease the child, Birk then “put sets of toys that he had in his cart into his shorts”.

But that failed.  Because when police asked Birk how she’d gotten to the store, and he’d said that owing to a driving ban he’d walked, Birk Junior pointed to their car and ratted dad out.

Birk has been charged with theft.

His daughter wil most likely get a toy sherrif’s badge:


Meanwhile…in Walmart:


Picture 1 of 17

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Parents failed to notice baby daughter drifting 1km out to sea on inflatable crib

Baby sea drift inflatable crib

Drifting off


Melda Ilgin was found in her inflatable crib 1km out to sea off the coast of Ayvacik, Turkey.



Melda’s parents had forgotten about her.


Baby sea drift inflatable crib

Baby sea drift inflatable crib

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Watch tiny hamster host a fourth of July BBQ

tiny hamster 4th of july


Tiny Hamster Has Tiny Fourth of July BBQ:


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