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Watch a man play the guitar as surgeons operate on his brain


To Brazil, where Anthony Kulkamp Dias is playing the guitar as surgeons operate on his brain. Doctors wanted to monitor Mr Dias’ cognitive functions during the surgery. Playing a guitar was his idea.

The 20-year-old strummed Yesterday by The Beatles and a tune he wrote for his young son.

Kulkamp Dias tells The Telegraph:

“I played six soongs at certain times. My right hand was a bit weaker because that was the side that they were operating on. So I stopped and rested. I was interspersing songs and talking with them… The doctors asked me to repeat one of the country songs, so I even had an encore.”

Spotter: NY Daily News

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Store apologises for ‘unfortunate’ ‘Krispie cocunt’ typo

Coconut typo

‘Shoplifters will prostituted’


New Zealand supermarket chain Countdown regrets the “unfortunate case of human error” that led to a sign advertising Griffins Krispie Toasted Coconut Biscuits referring to “Crispie Toasted Cocunt”.

The ‘body milk’ is on aisle 4.


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Woman called Wale imprisoned for having too-loud sex

Loud sex court
Gemma Wale, of Small Heath, Birmingham, has been sent to prison of being too noisy during sex. Wale – and how’s that for nominative determinism? – was handed a two-week prison sentence for breaching an earlier court order banning her from “screaming and shouting whilst having sex” at a “level of noise” which annoyed a neighbour.
Judge Emma Kelly revealed that Wale has a boyfriend called Wayne.

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Chocobana-na: you can inject your cream into a banana (video)




Stuck for a way to inject chocolate sauce or cream into a ripe banana? Well, worry no more. The Chocobana-na is here to turn the phallic fruit into a loaded missile.



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Look at his face! Grinning pigs takes a poo in a police car (photos)

pig police car


To Michigan, where a pig has shat in a police car. The Shelby Township Police Department provides the photos. And just cop a load of that pig’s expression.



The story goes that the pig was not on assignment. The pig had escaped its corral – it had run from its yard, charged its owner and become “distracted by a decorative ball”. Police had captured it and placed it inside their car for safe keeping.

“Well, lets say the pig either out of excitement or otherwise felt the need to use the back seat of our patrol car as a bathroom,” says Deputy Chief Mark Coil to CBS Detroit.

Needs must:


pig police car


Spotter: Huffington Post

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Dundee woman upset after visitor snorted ashes of her dead mother she’d been saving for a necklace

“I was shocked and disgusted. We had all been drinking and she just seemed to think it was fun and was showing off about it. This is the lowest of the low.” So says a visitor to Jacqui Tierney’s house in Dundee. A fellow guest has snorted Jacqui’s dead mother’s ashes.

“It’s worse than jumping on somebody’s grave,” they add. “It’s so disrespectful to the memory of someone’s mum and gran and I can’t believe it happened.”

How could someone do something like this?” wonders Jacqui. “It is beyond belief that this happened in my own home. Seemingly, she just took the ashes from the top of my unit and started snorting them

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Boulder artists told stacking rocks is illegal complains

gravity glue


Michael Grab, aka Gravity Glue, says he’s been forbidden from building gravity sculptures – or sticking one rock on top of the other. Grab says Boulder police officer have isued an ultimatum:

“For the past 7 years i have been creating this art in and around Boulder, Colorado, USA. nearly every day! [J]ust this weekend, one police officer has decided that balancing rocks in Boulder, Colorado is now illegal, obscurely referencing two city codes [5-4-8 and 5-4-2] about ‘destruction of public property’ in relation to rocks.”

Those rocks in the river are placed like that deliberately?

“So now the police have belligerently taken it upon themselves to write tickets and/or arrest ANYONE balancing rocks in Boulder, CO. and specifically threatened to ticket me and/or arrest me if they catch me in the future. I] encourage as many people as possible (especially locals) to contact the city council here in Boulder and voice your support for this long standing tradition in Boulder. [I]t is something that an overwhelming portion of the community supports.”

Rooster Magazine adds:

“Why is any of this important? Because if we ban every bizzaro Boulder character that causes a stir…,we’re left with nothing more than a college town with a Target that’s about to become Google’s new headquarters. It’s at time like this, we need less kid gloves in the form of overzealous legislation, and more attention paid to retaining the city’s core personality. And if you don’t like that, f*cking move to Westminster. Keep Boulder weird, and keep Gravity Glue making weird ass rock art.”

At which point Grab says the city’s attorney told him that rock stacking was not illegal in Boulder, opining:

“UPDATE: holy shit! maybe the support was more than i anticipated!!. [J]ust got a call from the city attorney personally here in Boulder telling me that he has ordered the police to NOT cite rock balancing under the city codes [I] mentioned below!!! THANK YOU everyone for the overwhelming support!!!! [T]hey must have gotten lots of calls!! haha :))”

Boulder balancing is now ok in Boulder. Meanwhile…in Intercourse, Pennsylvania…


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Women arrested for offering to lick police officer’s anus

Diane Thomas


To Louisiana, where Diane Thomas, 52, has been arrested for beating her live-in lover “multiple times”. As she was handcuffed, Thomas told Corporal Chris Ballard that jail would cost her “a good job.”

She then, allegedly, offered him another kind of job:

 “If you won’t take me to jail I will get on my knees right now. Officer I will even lick your butt hole.”

At which point the copper with good hearing added a charge of bribery to her rap sheet.

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Muslim cleric says masturbating makes your hands pregnant in the afterlife

muslim fingers masturbating


Masturbation, says Muslim “televangelist” Mucahid Cihad Han, will make your hands pregnant after you die. Your baby finger puppets will most likely be blind.

Responding to a viewer who admitted to onanism in marriage, Han told him to stop it or else:

“Moreover, one hadith states that those who have sexual intercourse with their hands will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife, complaining against them to God over its rights. If our viewer was single, I could recommend he marry, but what can I say now?”

Han has now tweeted his wisdom, as Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News reports. The paper investigated Han’s advice:

“Istimna,” the Arabic term for masturbation that Han also referred to, is a controversial issue in Islam, as there have been varying opinions on its permissibility throughout history. The Quran has no clear reference to masturbation and the authenticity of many hadiths is questionable.

Despite Han’s assertive religious stance, only a limited number of Islamic interpretations categorize masturbation as “haram,” while most of others call it a “makruh” (disliked) act. Many of the mainstream Islamic interpretations even allow it in certain conditions, like if the act could be used to avoid the temptation of an extramarital affair.

Han, who has more than 12,000 followers on Twitter, was mocked on Turkish social media on May 25, after newspapers published his latest television “fatwa.”

“Are there any hand-gynaecologists in the afterlife? Is abortion allowed there?” one Twitter user asked, while mentioning Han’s Twitter user name.

“So you think that being pregnant is a God-given punishment?” another user asked.

Here’s is Han’s interview:

Spotter: Hurriyet Daily News.

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Danish DJ beat baby rabbit beaten to death with bicycle pump during live radio show

Controversy after baby rabbit beaten to death with bicycle pump during live radio show


To Denmark, where Radio24syv is live broadcasting the death of Alan.

Alan is a nine-week-old rabbit being clubbed over the head with a bicycle pump by DJ Asger Juhl.

Asger wants to illustrate the hypocrisy of people who eat meat but take offence at a baby rabbit being beaten over the head with a bicycle pump on live radio.

After three whacks, Alan is dead.


rabbit beaten 2


Asger then took the dead rabbit home, where he skinned it, possibly with a javelin or some other sporting implement.

No cyclists were injured. 



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Watch a bear scale a power transmission tower and raid a ravens’ nest

ber ravens


To the  Wood Buffalo National Park in north eastern Alberta, Canada, where a bear is climbing a power transmission tower to raid a ravens’ nest.


bear 3

Linda Powell of Greensboro, North Carolina, explains:

“We were in a clearcut, where there were actually power lines and towers and I had noticed earlier there were nests at the top of them. I was sitting there and glanced over and happened to see a black bear on its hind legs at the base of the tower and my first thought that went through my mind was: that bear’s gonna climb the tower but I didn’t really think that it would.”


bear raven



Over the next few minutes we watched him very skillfully climb the tower while the ravens were diving at him pecking at him, squawking, trying to do everything they could to discourage him, and he just climbed right to the top.”

YouTube link.

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Women knocked herself out with bowling ball in faked robbery

Jamie L. Gordon


To the Pla-Mor Lanes bowling alley in Decatur, Illinois, where employee Jamie L. Gordon, 30, is spark out on the floor. When she comes to, Jamie says she was hit on the back of her head by an unknown assailant who then stole $2,100 from the safe.

But when police review the CCTV they discover the truth, as one officer notes

 “I observed Jamie walk into the office. Jamie walks over to the counter in the office and picks up a red bowling ball with her left hand and a cash drawer with her right hand. Jamie proceeds to strike herself twice in the back, left side of her head with the bowling ball.”

Asked where the money was, Jamie showed them $439 in her bag. The rest she says she’d invested in the bowling alley’s slot machines. Which makes us wonder why she didn’t use the ball to smash the CCTV cameras and the one-armed bandits…


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1947: Dectorate your children’s room with Disney-themed DDT-impregnated wallpaper



In 1947, Trimz made ready-pasted wallpaper for children. “Actual tests have proved that one fly can carry as many as 6,600,000 bacteria!” But with DDT the fly is dead. The bacteria are dead. And you child is being slowly poisoned.

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Robo-ass: Patrick gets his prostate examined hundreds of times a year

Patrick the prostate ass


Meet Patrick, the “simulated patient that talks to medical students while offering real-time feedback about the virtual prostate exam he’s receiving.” Patrick is the voice of a robotic backside:

Medical Daily reports:

Patrick serves a dual purpose: personal and professional. Personally, he comes equipped with software that enables him to interact emotionally with the student and voice any concerns he has about the procedure. Dr. Benjamin Lok, one of the program’s designers, says the interpersonal relationship Patrick helps foster is invaluable from a practicing perspective. “This virtual human patient can talk to the learner, expresses fears and concerns about the prostate exam, and presents a realistic patient encounter,” Lok told Geekosystem.

The other purpose he serves is functional. Patrick is endowed with force sensors, which can alert the student when he or she is being too aggressive, and can report how thorough the student was in his or her examination.

“Consider this,” Lok said, “how would a medical student know if they are doing a good prostate exam? Currently it is impossible for the educator to gauge performance. This simulation provides performance, feedback, and an opportunity to learn and lower anxiety.”

File under: robots taking students’ jobs.

Via: Medical Daily and DM


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You never see a grown man naked at the airport? You have now

airport stripper 1


The naked man stood inside Charlotte Douglas International Airport, North Carolina, didn’t arrive that way. He removed his clothes in reaction to being told his US Airways flight to Jamaica was overbooked.


airport stripper


Sherry Ketchie was there:

“I seen some people running and I was wondering what they was running from and people were standing there snickering, so I walked over and [an airport employee] told me the man was angry over the Jamaican flight. He had his clothes on, at that point, and then he started standing there with his arms crossed and hollering at the lady at the desk. He stood there for a moment and then started taking off his clothes. I ain’t never seen nothing [like that] in my life.”


A video posted by flashbak (@aflashbak) on

“More people started getting back because that’s when security started surrounding him, waiting for Charlotte-Mecklenburg police to come in.  I was not expecting to see nothing like that, I’ve never seen nothing like that at Charlotte Douglas airport. Never. And that’s when I got out my phone and started taking pictures.”

And thanks to her you can now see what you’ve never seen nothing like never before:



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Dubai tourist imprisoned for tapping policewoman’s shoulder to ask for directions

dubai police


To the fascistic hellhole that is Dubai, where a Kazakh tourist has been arrested for tapping a policewoman on the shoulder and asking her for directions to Dubai Mall. The 21-year-old policewoman tells the Dubai Court of First Instance how she was directing crowds of commuters at the Metro station, when the man known only as KB struck:

“Someone touched my shoulder. When I turned back, the defendant asked me for directions to the mall. I guided him and then asked him why he had touched me. I couldn’t understand his language. He touched my hand again. I pulled my hand away, then I asked him to escort me to the police office. He refused. My two colleagues presented their police IDs. He refused to go with them to the police office and, when they tried to take him, he assaulted them.”

We’re not told how he assaulted the two other police officers, and we cannot rule out his shaking their hands or patting them on the back.

K.B, who denies assulting anoyone, has been convicted of molestation, fined Dh2,000 (£350, $550) and imprisoned for three months after which time he will forcibly returned to the relative sanity of Kazakhstan.

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Deliah Smith is away: man arested in row over how to boil an egg

boiled eggs man


In the 1980s, TV cook Delaih Smith taught the British how to boil an egg. She did not tour the US, an oversight that has led to a row in Florida.


deliah egg


There, Cory Lee Shinkman, 23, has been arrested for rowing with his cousin at the St. Petersburg they share. Police says Shinkman and his relative argued over the right way to boil eggs. He says she was boiling them wrong. She disagreed. And now he’s under arrested for scratching her.

Shinkman has previous, which makes him an bad egg.


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Rhyl man broke into girlfriend’s house and wrote ‘Cheating cow’ on carpet with brown sauce

brown sauce burglar


At Prestatyn magistrates’ court Martin Roberts, aged 34, pleads guilty to burglary in Rhyl. His crime was not in the taking, rather in what he broke into his girlfriend’s house and wrote “Cheating cow” with brown sauce on her carpet.

Mr Roberts will appear in Mold Crown Court for sentencing on June 4.

How anyone knew it was brown sauce and not something more sinister and gutteral is best left uninvestigated.

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Teachers ate school hamster to teach children about value of life

teacher ate hampster


Yu, a teacher in South Korea, reportedly killed the school’s pet hamster in front of children and ate it.

Yu, 44, is  is quoted in the Korea Times:

“I couldn’t control the situation and couldn’t stand it. While watching the hamsters die from teasing, I thought I should teach the children it was wrong to make light of life.”

Let that be lesson to you, kids. Whoever you tease gets eaten – but not the kids in the corner who eats his boogers. That would be digusting.

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Hong Kong Pooey! Woman spotted and photographed taking a poo in public

poo Hong Kong

Pavement f(art)


To Hong Kong, where a woman has been spotted taking a dump in public. Dogs and birds can do this but human beings are held to higher standards.

When the woman laid a pipe in the Tai Wai’s Lung Hang Estate, a passer-by took a photo and supplied the caption “Be careful of stepping on landmines”.

Another commented:

“This is completely normal, Hong Kong’s been ‘returned’ [to China]!”

Is it normal to poo in the street in China? And if it is, does anyone bother to record it and publish the pictures on social media? We’ve not see hundreds of photos of this trend, which means that either the above comment is a slight on the Chinese or else, like the nudists in Central Park and flying cars in San Francisco, it’s lost the power to shock…

Spotter: Bastille Post.

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Trophy Scarves: black artist wears white women for status and power (photos)

Trophy Scarves sees Nate Hill photograph himself “[sporting] white women for status and power”.

Hill explains that it’s not a kink, but “a satire on black men who like to see white women as status symbols”.

But even better than the cold willing white women Hill’s using to warm his black neck, head, ears and easel are the comments.



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This bird makes everyone laugh like a supervillain

It’s infectious. The bird laughs like a supervillain. Then everyone else is parroting it.



Spotter: ★interesting

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Photos of the Star Trek flat for sale after owner was jailed for sex crimes

Star Trek flat


Will you go boldy into the Star Trek flat in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

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