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Hessy Taft: The Perfect Nazi Baby Was Actually A Jew

Hessy Taft


THIS is the most lovely story about a prank that was played upon the Nazis back in the 1930s. They had a countrywide competition to find which baby was the most perfect example of the Aryan race, you know, those with the right blood that were going to inherit the continent. All a bit creepy of course but then that’s the sort of thing that they used to do.

So, they have this competition and Goebbels himself picked out the final winner. Who was, in fact, a Jew, although no one told anyone that at the time. Fortunately she survived the war and the Holocaust and has now been able to reveal all to the world:

When Hessy Taft was six months old, she was a poster child for the Nazis. Her photograph was chosen as the image of the ideal Aryan baby, and distributed in party propaganda. But what the Nazis didn’t know was that their perfect baby was really Jewish.

“I can laugh about it now,” the 80-year-old Professor Taft told Germany’s Bild newspaper in an interview. “But if the Nazis had known who I really was, I wouldn’t be alive.”

Prof Taft recently presented the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Israel with a Nazi magazine featuring her baby photograph on the front cover, and told the story of how she became an unlikely poster child for the Third Reich.

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Swedish Man Enjoys Cold Comfort Of Having 63 Names



SAY, hello to Kim-Jong Sexy Glorious Beast Divine Dick Father Lovely Iron Man Even Unique Poh Un Winn Charlie Ghora Khaos Mehan Hansa Kimmy Humbero Uno Master Over Dance Shake Bouti Bepop Rocksteady Shredder Kung Ulf Road House Gilgamesh Flap Guy Theo Arse Hole Im Yoda Funky Boy Slam Duck Chuck Jorma Jukka Pekka Ryan Super Air Ooy Rusell Salvador Alfons Molgan Akta Papa Long Nameh.

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Man Arrested For Using ‘Non-Disney Words’

CRIME REPORT: Blotter: The police log of Stow police in Massachusettsrecords teh arrest of a man for using ‘Non Disney words”:


non-disney words



Good old, Diseny. Here’s the wholesome story of Mickey Mouse selling amphetamines. The murderous swine

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Illionois Journalism School Misspelled Own Name On Diplomas

GRADUATES of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications, received this certificate from the fabled Illinois school:
medill school 1
Did you notice the missing ‘n’ in “ITEGRATED”?
If you did, you’re overqualified for a career in journalism.

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22 Firefighters Perform C-Section On Man Stuck Inside Huge Vagina

big vagina Fernando de la Jara

FOR one American student, the huge marble vulva at Germany’s University Institute of Microbiology was an invitation not to be passed up.

vagina man

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World’s Ugliest Dog 2014 Might Be Cheating




IS it cheating that the 2014 World’s Ugliest Dog winner is not as nature intended? Peanut beat 24 other dogs to take top honours at the show in Petaluma, California. Peanut is a rescue dog with wounds from severe burns. His eyelids, lips and hair were seared off.

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Terrifying Quiz From 1987 Evangelical Book ‘How to Raise ‘Purfect’ Kids’

IN 1987, John Ray Bohlen taught parents how to raise children in his guide How to Raise ‘Purfect’ Kids. You can read more of his wisdom on the Great Commission Ministries Website.

He writes:

In this day when juvenile delinquency is rampant and broken homes are rife, here is a safe, sure, and sane —– guaruntee from God!!! Here are practical Kingdom principles on how to raise perfect children written by a couple who did!!!

In these pages, meet Joey, Kari, Dawn Joy, and Josh. They are fun loving, people loving and God loving! They are obediant, but creative; righteous but not religious; rrespectful, but not restrained.

John has yet to write a book on spelling, but he is massively popular (it says here):

John Bohlen is a person of unquestioned integrity who has dedicated his life to the fulfillment of the Great Commission. John’s message about “The King’s Greatest Secret” has blessed many throughout the United States, and his books are in great demand in Africa as well as in the United States.


Does it work? Well, look at his kids:

Screen shot 2014-06-22 at 09.43.33



Spotter: Christian Nightmares


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Other Parents: Woman Branded Children To Identify Them As Hers

Kayla R. Oxenham


TO Port Charlotte, Florida, where Kayla R. Oxenham, 23, used a hot stick to brand her 5-year-old and 7-year-old children. She did this because to better identify the children as being hers.

Oxenham, who says she loves fire (note that her head resembles a match), works as a medical assistant.

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Man Becomes Human Pincushion After Slapping Porcupine He Thought WAs An Opossum

possum porcupine


ANTONIO Rodrigues Mororó, 50, from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is the Human Pincushion. His career as a sideshow freak began one night during a party at his home.

One of his son’s told him that his pregnant wife would not enter the house because there was an animal sitting on a wall by the front door.

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Villains Hold Up Gun And Booze Store With Fake Gun

guns booze


THE GUN debate moves to El Cajon, California. It’s 2:15pm. Hiram’s Guns & Spirits is open for business – because guns and booze are the perfect bedfellows.

A man arrives. He points a gun-shaped object at the store workers.

Two accomplices, armed with hammers, smash the display cases and grab fistfuls of handguns.

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Police Find Drugs Stash, Handgun But Not Jimmy Hoffa In Fat Man’s Rolls

biggie weed


HOW fat is Christopher Mitchell.

Why, he’s so fat that he can hide his stash of weed in his stomach rolls.

Mitchell’s hiding place was only discovered when police spotted the 450-lb, 5ft-6-inch high 42-year-old travelling in a car without a seatbelt on.

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Petrol Drinking Dog Spreads House Fire

WHAT does you dog like to drink?




pet sweat



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Crystal Metheney Is Florida’s Woman Of The Year

metheny crystal 1

TO Florida, where the State’s new Woman of the Year has been arrested in May for shooting a missile into a vehicle.

Her name?

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Hospital Nightmares: Nurse Tries To Remove Healthy Eye Instead Of Prosthetic One

TO Småland, where an experienced nurse is attempting to remove a patient’s prosthetic eye for cleaning.
It won’t budge. She reapplies the suction machine. But again the eye is stubborn.
Of course, she is attempting to remove the patient’s one good eye, which is n ow not as good as it once was.

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Man Arrested For Agreeing To Trade His Salad For Oral Sex With A Cop

salad sex

TO FLORIDA, where a 29-year-old Florida local Alonzo Liverman has been arrested for attempting to hire a  prostitute with a salad.

The prostitute was a Daytona Beach Police Department officer. No, she wasn’t moonlighting for extra beans. She was undercover, trapping people looking for rented sex.

Liverman was “operating a bicycle” when the officer approached him. He said he no money.“I’m hungry, you got food?” she said.

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Man Used Skinned Beheaded Dog Dressed In His Clothes To Fake His Own Death

li body
WE have no picture of the man known only as Li, who was involved in this scam, but let us just imagine that he is not all that pretty. As he tells police in China:
“I bought a dead dog, skinned it and cut off its head. I wrapped it in my clothes. I just wanted my [family members] to think I was dead.”
But that wasn’t Li with the four legs, tail stump and paws lying in road near Zhaoxian. It was his sedan on a roadside. But the trail of blood and clothes over the road were part of an attempt to pretend he was dead, the victim of a hit and run. Li hoped his family would think him dead, thus enabling him to start a life with his new lover, most likely a pert Bichon Frisé.
But those wily police DNA tested the creature in the corduroys and sports jacket and discovered that the remains were in fact those of a dog.

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Man Locked Inside Vegas Airport Driven Mad By Celine Dion



RICHARD Dunn responded to being locked inside a Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport by filming his version of Celine Dion’s 1996 hit All By Myself – a song best played and sung well away from any other sane human being.

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Car Threesome Ends In Disaster When Woman Breaks Both Legs When Vehicle Hits Tree

TWO women and a man were engaged in an in-car threesome when when one of them disengaged the handbrake. The rolled into crash into a tree, causing one of the women to break both her legs.

At least she thinks the are hers. We’ll know more as soon as they’re untangled:


Spotter: RocketNews

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North Carolina Water Company Challenges Customer To Walk Like Jesus

TO North Carolina, where the Chinquapin Water Association, aka the Chinquapin Wine Society, adds a little message on its water bills.




Just add water…


Spotter: Reddit


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No Education: Blackpool Kids Missed School Because There Was Cat Poo On The Landing

cat poo


TO Blackpool magistrates court, Lancashire, where Gareth Beresford, 32, is explaining that his two daughter, aged 6 and 9, were unable to attend school because there a cat poo outside their bedroom door. The girls saw the turd and were unable to pass it by.

So. School was out for as long as it took for the poo to vanish or the girls to fashion a ladder from bedsheets and exit via the window.

The council heard the lament. Suzanne Holroyd, prosecuting for Blackpool Council, said the girls has attended ‘only’ 85 and 86 precent of their classes at Thames Primary School. She told the court:

“Mr Beresford said that when the girls visited their mother in Preston she would bring them back late. Then he said that the family cat had defecated outside the girls’ bedroom door and they could not get past it. Then he said they did not attend school because the roof of their flat had been raining in.”

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D-Day’s First Reporter: Gustav The Pigeon And The Message He Brought Home

Gustav the Pigeon's report from the beaches of Normandy, 6 June, 1944.

Gustav the Pigeon’s report from the beaches of Normandy, 6 June, 1944.


THE first war-correspondent dispatch from the D-Day landings came from Gustav, an RAF Coastal Command homing-pigeon, released by the Reuters news agency reporter Mr Montague Taylor. The pigeons were taken across the channel in wicker baskets on servicemen’s backs and set free to fly home with vital information.

The message connected to Gustav’s leg read:

We are just 20 miles or so off the beaches.

First assault troops landed 0750. Signal says no interference from enemy gunfire on beach… Steaming steadily in formation.

Lightnings, Typhoons, Fortresses crossing since 0545. No enemy aircraft seen.

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Vet Shot Zoo Worker Pretending To Be An Escaped Gorilla



IN preparation for the event of a gorilla escaping from Tenerife’s Loro Parque Zoo, a man pretended to be an escaped primate. He was spotted by a vet who shot the man in the furry suit with a tranquilliser dart containing enough medicine to down a 450lb gorilla.

The shot man, a 35-year-old zoo worker, was taken to the University Hospital of the Canary Islands.

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Teenager Jailed For Having Big Gonads And Teeth

gonadsTOMAS has large genitals and decent teeth. Tomas is 13. And those two physical attributes are enough for Russian courts to judge him old enough to be held legally accountable for his actions.

Tomas is a Hungarian national born in Ukraine. On a spring trip to Moscow he allegedly stole a mobile phone. Tomas says he didn’t. He also says he’s 13, and thus below the 16- year limit on criminal responsibility in Russia.

But he’s got those big gonads and teeth. The prison doctors’ examined then and say he’s actually 16 to 17 years old. And as an adult, the courts can jail him.Tomas’ family says that’s not so. He’s 12 . They’ve presented Ukrainian documentation to support the position.

The case is now being looked at again.

As are Tomas’ nuts.

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Police Find 40 Bags Of Heroin In Man’s Belly Button

navel drugs


DRUGS. You can hide contraband pretty much anywhere. But eyebrows have been raised by police in Greenville, North Carolina, who found drugs hidden inside Randall Streeter belly button. How much drugs. A pill or two? No. His navel contained 40 bags of heroin, crack cocaine and Percocet pills.

Mr Streeter is 5’5″ tall and tips the scales at 315 pounds. How much of that weight is drugs, remains to be seen…


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