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Miracle Worker Healer Arrested For Killing Follower He Promised To Bring Back To Life

Screen shot 2014-09-22 at 10.14.58


“WHY should I mourn when I know that my brother is in heaven?” said Samina, whose brother 40-year-old Muhammad Niaz volunteered for a miracle.

He’d be killed by Muhammad Sabir, a pir in the village of Mubarakabad in Bahawalnagar, Pakistan, who would then restore him to life.

“He will be rewarded for his services for the spiritual leader in afterlife,” Samina added.

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Great Excuses: Nesting Pigeon Evaded Bath Travelodge Cleaners

GREAT excuses: Rosie shares her Bath Travelodge room with a super-sneaky nesting pigeon:



Screen shot 2014-09-21 at 19.06.13



Spotter: @_youhadonejob


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Man ‘Cooked’ Ex-Girlfriend’s Dog And Fed It To Her



TO California, where  Ryan Eddy Watenpaugh, 34, of Palo Cedro, is accused of killing this girlfriend’s Pomeranian dog, Bear, and feeding it to her.

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Woman Aimed Loaded Gun At 11-year-old Boy Practising Clarinet

Cheryl Ann Pifer


TO Colorado, where an 11-year-old boy is practising playing the clarinet. Neighbour Cheryl Ann Pifer, 60, allegedly took up her loaded rifle,  took aim at the child and screamed, “Fire in the hole!”

Cheryl Ann Pifer, 60, has been arrested and charged with menacing, child abuse, and prohibited use of a weapon.

The boy remains at large…



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How To Fix An Ugly Tribal Tattoo

So. You got an ugly tribal tattoo:

ugly tribal tattoo

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Why Do Stars In The Sky Look Like Stars On A Christmas Tree?

WHY do stars have pointy ends? Because they’re easier to drawer? Colin Schulz knows:

Stars twinkle for a fairly intuitive reason: The movement of the air in Earth’s atmosphere can momentarily dim a star’s light. This is why, says NASA, stars on the horizon seem most twinkly—“because there is a lot more atmosphere between you and a star near the horizon than between you and a star higher in the sky.”

But what about stars’ characteristic pointy star shape? The science behind that is surprising and has less to do with the stars or the Earth or with space than it does with us. Stars are shaped like stars, says Henry Seeing StarsReich in the Minute Physics video above, because of imperfections in the back of our eyeballs. Most intriguingly, says Reich, this biological explanation means that every one of us sees stars slightly differently.

Does anyone really see the star shape other than in drawings, flags or on the top of a Chtimas tree? Don’t we just see a bright dot of light?

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Mug Shot Of the Day: Arie Jr Patterson Is Hot Stuff

Arie Jr Patterson
MUG SHOT of the day features the mug of 36-year-old, arrested in Hallandale, Florida, on a misdemeanor theft charge.
Pass the ketchup…

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Cherries Waffles Tennis Arrested In Florida

cherries waffles tennis 1


TO a Juno Beach surf shop in Florida, USA, where police have arrested three people for a suspected fraud. They are  Vincent Mitchell, 19, and Paul Miller, 22, and Cherries Waffles Tennis, 19.

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This Dinosaur Poo Is 40 Inches Long

dino poo


YOU are looking at a very long turd:



Wilkes Formation, Toledo, Lewis Co., Washington

This truly spectacular specimen is possibly the longest example of coprolite – fossilized dinosaur feces – ever to be offered at auction. It boasts a wonderfully even, pale brown-yellow coloring and terrifically detailed texture to the heavily botryoidal surface across the whole of its immense length. The passer of this remarkable object is unknown, but it is nonetheless a highly evocative specimen of unprecedented size, presented in four sections, each with a heavy black marble custom base, an eye-watering 40 inches in length overall.

You can do better. You just need to try… The Dinopoo sold for $10,000.

Spotter: Unnaturalist

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Mug Shot: Eye Shadow Thief Glam Up For The Camera

eye shadow thief

TO Arkansas, where Brandy Allen, 31, is under arrest on a charge of theft. It’s alleged she stole “handfuls” of eye shadow from the Ulta Beauty Store in Fayetteville.

Was all the eyeshadow accounted for?


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A Look Inside And Outside The All-Black Chicken

THE all-black Ayam Cemani Chicken of Indonesia is all black. Every bit of them – apart from the blood – is black:

Everything about it is black: plumage, beak, tongue, legs, toe nails, even its meat, bones, and organs! The only thing that is black is its blood – though it comes in a very dark shade. They get their black coloring from a generic trait known as ‘fibromelanosis’. I don’t know why you’d want to eat something that’s as black as a black hole, but don’t ever make the mistake of slaughtering it for a quick snack, because one chicken costs around $2,500!


black chicken 3


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Texas Woman Finds Face Of Jesus, Satan And Arthur Brown In A Moth

moth jesus

TO Texas, where Yvonne Esquilin has seen the face of Jesus Christ in the wings of an Imperial Moth that visited her home.

“At first it looked like Jesus,” she said, “and I still think it looks like Jesus.”

Esquilin had been praying for a way to continue her daughter’s education, and believes that the timing of the moth’s appearance is significant. The family also discovered that the color yellow symbolises hope, and brown represents important news.

“I believe this was a sign,” she explained. “God is letting me know good news is coming and to keep the hope.”


moth jesus 1


“People also saw an image of the Devil which is kind of creepy but after staring at it for so long it almost looks like it,” Ms. Esquilin said.

So we looked. And we saw it. It’s hime! It’s Arthur Brown:

Spotters: Christian Nightmares and Christian Today

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The Funniest Russian Dash-cam Video Ever (Really)

Screen shot 2014-09-03 at 10.06.22

RUSSIAN dash-cam videos are a steady source of entertainement on the web. But this one is extra special.

As one readers on reddit notes, “He’ll never tell a soul what happened that day…”

(Hope it’s real.)

Spotter: reddit

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Police Chief Decapitated Boy’s Noisy Pet Chicken

chicken head


“THE chicken was like a puppy dog to my son,” said Ashley Turnbull of Atwater, Minnesota of her son Phoenix and his pet hen. “You wouldn’t do that to a puppy.”

The chicken is now dead. The bird’s head was found by its pen. The body was gone.

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Half Of Young Women Cannot Locate Their Vaginas



THIS is one of those newspaper headlines that really cannot be believed. They’ve printed it, this much is true, but it’s near impossible for the rest of us to believe it:

Half of young women can’t ‘locate their vaginas’

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Estate Agent Advertises Ipswich Home Fit For A Pig

pig house 1

PSST! want to buy a detached fmaily home on Britannia Road, Ipswich?


pig house 2



It’s had one careful owner, as the  advert posted at Rightmove by estate agent Connells, shows:

pig house

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Brother And Sister Having Sex By Church Plea The Notebook Defence

Lovebirds Comp


TO a trailer outside the Countryside Baptist Church, Georgia, USA, where Christopher Buckner, 20, and her brother Timothy Savoy, 25, are having sex. Pinched for aggravated sodomy and prowling,

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How Death Valley’s Sliding Rocks Move

Sliding rocks

THE Mystery of Death Valley’s sliding rocks has been solved. Walkers in Death Valley stumble upon rocks lying at the end of trails. How did they move?

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego:

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Prisoner Died From Eating Cellmate’s Underwear



THE police have charged Michael Jones, 55, with the murder of his Kentucky state cellmate Corey McQueary, 33, who died from eating the older man’s underpants.

Jones has soaked a pair of his gunties in liquid methadone while he was out on leave.

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Artist With Pineal Cancer Creates Lucid and Visionary Work

Screen shot 2014-08-27 at 12.29.57


SHAWN Thornton has cancer of the pineal gland. As his condition worsened, his art changed. 


I suffered from a slow growing cancer in my pineal gland while I attended art school and during subsequent years while my paintings developed with an underlined mythology that alluded directly to the pineal years before I even know of its existence.

I think I’d work myself into a frenzy for a while and yes, when I would fall lie down in bed I’d have something like a manic episode that was very lucid and visionary. That still applies to this day, but I try to control it better so I don’t get sick again.

I’ve had a lot of truly mystical and otherworldly experiences as a result of my history and battle with brain cancer and I’m really drawn to things that resonate with a certain powerful energy, and I’m always honing in on that more and more. whether consciously or subconsciously.

I treat depression with mushrooms. Haven’t done DMT ‘intentionally’. Man made chemicals are a thing of the past for me, as I’m really sensitive.


Screen shot 2014-08-27 at 12.28.59

Screen shot 2014-08-27 at 12.29.28


Shawn talks to Green Line Cafe:

Painting, for me, is largely an attempt to decrypt the mechanisms of illness through a disciplined medium. I feel, on some deep internal level, that through my painting practice I’m engaged in a psychic process to illuminate the intricate vessels and cogs of an insidious physic current that stems, in part, from having had a serious illness, and all the subtle and profound ways I was altered by this experience.

All throughout my early adulthood, I struggled from the mental and physical effects of a slow growing tumor in my brain, the symptoms of which were repeatedly misdiagnosed by my doctors as purely psychological in origin, and it ultimately took over half a decade to get a proper diagnosis and treatment to shrink the tumor. I suffered immeasurably during this period from having repeatedly undergone a host of treatments meant to treat the symptoms of mental illness, and paradoxically, from a mental illness that ultimately could not be contained. The tumor was in the very center of my brain, in a small, mysterious organ at the top of the spinal column, the pineal gland. I didn’t have any prior reason to consider the actual material existence of the pineal before this.


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Free Speech: Police Arrest Child For Writing About Shooting A Dinosaur With A Gun

Alex Stone dinosaur


TO the South Carolina in the US of A, where 16-year-old Alex Stone has been arrested after his cretive writing assignment failed the censors:

“I could understand if they made him re-write it because he did have “gun” in it. But a pet dinosaur?” said Alex’s mother Karen Gray.”I mean first of all, we don’t have dinosaurs anymore. Second of all, he’s not even old enough to buy a gun.”

Investigators say the teacher contacted school officials after seeing the message containing the words “gun” and “take care of business,” and police were then notified on Tuesday.

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Robert Burt Poses In The World’s Greatest Mug Shot

mug mug t-shirt


TO Maine, where 19-year-old Robert Burt has been arrested in June for operating under the influence and driving without a licence. Police took his mug shot.

His crime warranted a custodial sentence. It would begin on August 8.

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Mug Shot: Woman Really Enjoyed Breaking Father-in-Law’s Windows

brick tosser
TO Maryland, where Michelle Waro, 43, has been arrsted for tossing brock through her father-in-law’s windows.
She told the arresting oficer,  “This was fun and they are a bunch of bitches.” 
But was it worth it? Was it?

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Man Killed By Anal Vibrator

anal vibrator


THIS must be a rather sad way to go, death by anally inserted vibrator. Sad though the death itself is it does provide a rather wonderful story about living conditions in some parts of this Dear Country of ours.

The Mail gives us the news:

A jobless man died after a vibrator became lodged in his body and was too embarrassed to see a doctor, an inquest has heard.

Now OK sex games can go wrong and clearly this is one of those cases. There’s stories that at least one Pope (and we’re certain of this about several Cardinals) died getting jiggy with his mistress and there are repeated stories from A&E departments about people turning up with odd things, root vegetables perhaps, stuck in odd orifices. The usual preferred explanation seems to be that they were just peeling potatoes while nude and fell over…..

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Statue Of Jesus Christ Grows Human Teeth

human teeth

THE 18th Century Mexican statue of Jesus Christ is kitted out with human teeth. Did they grow? Is the statue posssed? It is real human being dipped in a plastic resin? CNet reports:

It used to be common for western churches to hold onto human remains: bits of teeth and bone and hair and skin purported to be saintly relics, sometimes holy treasures kept and revered — and sometimes the objects of the fraudulent relic trade.

A new discovery in Mexico, however, is a first for human remains in a church: a statue of Christ has been discovered to have teeth — not teeth carved from animal bone or horn — but actual human teeth.

The 18th century Lord of Patience statue in the parish of San Bartolo Cuautlalpan — known for its gruesome blood and open wounds — was about to undergo restoration at the National School of Restoration, Conservation and Museology. In preparation for the restoration, the team X-rayed the statue, to find eight adult human teeth adorning its mouth.

“It is common that the sculptures have teeth, but they are usually made of wood or bone carved individually or as a plate, but in this case has eight teeth of an adult,” said team leader and school director Fanny Unikel in a museum video. “The teeth were probably donated as a token of gratitude. It’s the first time human teeth have been found in a sculpture.”

Sure. Donating your teeth to Jesus is what he would have wanted. Pick up a donor card at your local statue-orium.

– See more at:

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