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Dear diarrhea: man keeps diary of every poo he laid in 2014

Redditor captainmercedes kept a ‘captain’s log’ of every poo he took in 2014. Turds were noted for their size, texture, number and duration. He referred to the Bristol Stool Chart:  “a medical aid designed to classify the form of human faeces into seven categories. Sometimes referred to in the UK as the “Meyers Scale”, it was developed by Heaton at the University of Bristol and was first published in the Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology in 1997.”


poo 3

Numbwr of individual turds passed. Five is pretty impressive.



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Liverpool Balls: Norwegian Fan Names His Daughter ‘YNWA’



Pies spots a Norwegian Liverpool fan who named his daughter ‘YNWA’ – as in “You’ll Never WalkAlone”.

Speaking to Dagbladet, the little girl’s mother, Eirin Isabell Iversen – herself a Tromso fan, described how her and her lunatic husband picked the unusual name after having his first choice scuppered by Mother Nature.

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Other parents: Five-year-old boy given bill for missing school friend’s birthday party

other parentsEver invite someone to a party and have them not show up after saying they would? Ever sue them for the no-show?

Derek Nash and his partner, who live in Torpoint, Cornwall, have been charged £15.95 for failing to take their son Alex to a party at the Ski Slope and Snowboard Centre. They said he would attend. And Alex wanted to go. But they never showed up.

Mr Nash tells the Plymouth Herald that Alex had already agreed to see his grandparents: Party with mates at ski centre? Or grandparents? Tough choice.

 “She saw me and asked if Alex was coming to the party. At this time I agreed and said that Alex was looking forward to it. By this time we did not have a contact number, email or an address to let [the boy’s mother] know. So on the day of the party we asked Alex what he wanted to do; he chose to be with his grandparents.

Back at school:

“My partner looked out for [the friend’s mother] to apologise for Alex not showing up to the party, but didn’t see her. But on January 15 she looked in Alex’s school bag and found a brown envelope. It was an invoice for £15.95 for a child’s party no show fee. I asked Alex’s class teacher if [the child’s mother] had given anything to her. She said, ‘Yes, a brown envelope’. I then visited Alex’s school headteacher, who couldn’t apologise enough that one of the teachers had passed this on. She said she would remind all staff that this was a breach of protocol. I left the school and went to see [the birthday boy’s mother] as her address was on the invoice. When she answered the door I told her I had found the invoice in my son’s school bag and that I wasn’t happy about it. I told her I would not be paying her the money. I told her she should have spoken to me first and not put the invoice in my son’s school bag.”

The couple says the mother of Alex’s friend has threatened the couple with taking the case to the small claims court.

And then this:

Mr Nash’s partner, who doesn’t want to be named, has been in contact with the mum via Facebook hoping to resolve the situation. The mother of Alex’s friend was unavailable for comment.

So. They did have a way of contacting the party boy’s mother? And they didn’t send a note? And then they told the Press when confronted? And they refuse to pay?

Hey, Alex. Stay close to grandpa and grandma. You’re going to be seeing a lot of them at party time. And , parents, don’t bother with invites, just send a subpoena.

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Woman who wet her pants at scary theme park upset her photo is being used by company



Can you identify someone by their crotch? What about if that crotch is wet?

One woman thinks you can. That’s her on the advert for the Spookers theme park in South Auckland. The attrction is using a photo of the woman’s wet shorts on the top banner on their Facebook page.

The woman wants the photo removed. She says those who know knows it’s her.

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The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities Coloring Book: free to Florida’s young Christians

Have you read the “The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities”?

The Satanic Temple wants to give these pamphets to children in Orange County, Florida.

Why? Well the Orange County School Board said that Christians could legally hand out Bibles in school. So. Non-Christian groups wants to hand out their own literature. The Central Florida Freethought Community (CFFC) planned their own giveaways.

But the School Board became a censor:

Orange County Public Schools insisted on vetting the freethought literature from FFRF and other secular groups. It censored many of the materials, including “Letter to a Christian Nation,” Sam Harris’ book; “The Truth,” an essay by Robert G. Ingersoll; “Jesus Is Dead” a book by Robert Price, professor of philosophy and religion; “What on Earth Is an Atheist,” a book by Madalyn Murray O’Hair; “Why I am Not a Muslim,” a book by Ibn Warraq, and several FFRF “nontracts,” including “Dear Believer,” “Why Jesus?” “What Does the Bible Say About Abortion?” and “An X-Rated Book.”

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Watch a thick-thighed woman steal a TV by hiding in up her dress

tv theft


To Guapiles in central Costa Rica, where a woman is stealing a TV set by smuggling up the dress she is wearing.

Shop assistant Jacint Ramirez Callas, 25, is astounded and a little impressed:

“She did it so quickly no one had time to notice or react. And having watched the video it is amazing that the TV doesn’t fall out from between her legs. She must be a pro or have very thick thighs.”

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Jesus Peacock spotted in the Northern Lights

jesus aurora


Is it a bird? Is it a firework? Is it a Russian missile? No, dude, it’s Jesus Christ. And he’s using the Northern Lights over Iceland to make his Second Coming.

Local headmaster Jón Hilmarsson tells his local paper:

‘This was the most beautiful and vivid northern light display I have ever seen. We usually see green auroras but that night I saw bright green, red and purple colour, which is very unusual. Many people see the shape of Christ but also an angel formation.’

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Japan: women licking doorknobs is a fetish

japan 8


How do you clean your doorknobs?

On  Twitter, Door Knob Girl brigns us something no-one in Anorak Towers had ever thought of. And that’s quite something:



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‘Man Tries To Have Sex With Post Box’ Is Nothing Safe?

The Wigan Post has news of a man who “tried” to have sex with a Post Box.


wigan post sex



Two thoughts, well three:

1. He tried to shag an inanimate box with a hole in it?  And failed!

2. Did he wear a, er, Jiffy envelope / French letter?

3. Is nothing safe?


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Sex tip of the day: how to fold your penis into a human love chair

Tomorrow: great car sex

Tomorrow: great car sex


Sex tip of the day is provided by Nigeria’s Pulse, in partnership with Origami Monthly:

Some men believe that because of their penis size, they cannot enjoy sex or give pleasure to their women. But they are wrong as there are positions for every size.

The Average Penis:

For an average snake, it is always advisable to experiment with different positions that will provide deeper penetration but the best position for you is the crouching position.

This is the best position you can adopt for maximum enjoyment. Here, your woman wraps her arms around your shoulders and her legs around your midsection before you crouch down in a squat position so that your body makes a human chair for you.

Then with your left hand pick up a cup of tea and with your right take hold of the TV remote…

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Questions on Islam: ‘Is it permissible to make snowmen?’



Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid is answering you questions on Islam. Under ‘New Fatwas’, the Sheikh talks about snow.

226557: Ruling on making snowmen

Is it permissible to make snowmen?

The answer:

Praise be to Allah.

If the snowman does not have clear facial features such as eyes, a nose and a mouth, and it is merely a three-dimensional figure with no features, like the scarecrows that farmers set up to scare away birds, and signs that are put on roads as a warning of roadworks or construction, then there is nothing wrong with any of that.

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Woman regrets getting squirting penis tattoo on her shoulder



“It was so easy to buy a tattoo gun off the internet for about £50,” says Holly Aston, of Birmingham. That’s her with the squirting penis tattoo on her right shoulder.

“You get the full kit of needles and ink and it’s easy to operate, though they give you no instructions about keeping it sterile. We were very lucky not to get an infection or blood poisoning. I had tattoo parties with my mates. We’d have some drinks and tattoo each other – it was stupid.

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Woman shoots husband who surprised her with breakfast



It was 10:15am in Fayetteville, North Carolina, when Zia Segule, 28, left for work. He headed home to surprise his wife with breakfast.

Segule’s wife, 27-year-old Tiffany Segule, had set the alarm. She was in bed her husband came home. He’s arrival triggered that alarm. So. The good wife did what anyone would do: she picked up a gun and fired through her closed bedroom door.

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Rhinos mastermind zoo breakout

rhino escape


Rhinos are surprisingly bright. The Austrian Times reports:

A young female rhinoceros named Rihanna led two pals on an escape bid from a safari park last Thursday after spotting a security guard had fallen asleep.

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Local News Watch: Bolton hunts tiny hedge bandits

Local News watch spots goings on in Bolton. The Bolton News reports:

A COUNCILLOR has hit out after thieves stole trees from decorative flower pots in Bromley Cross. Around 20 conifers, standing no more than a foot tall, have gone missing from pots put around the village to the dismay of the volunteers who planted them.

Call special branch:

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Police blotter: Man in ‘I have drugs’ T-shirt arrested had drugs



To Florida, where John Balmer is asking “Who Needs Drugs?” The message is written on his T-shirt.

It’s less of a statement than a straight-up question. Who needs drugs? Because John Balmer has drugs. “No seriously, I have drugs.” It says that on his T-shirt, too.

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Rabbit tennis: Lycra suits are designed to give racing camels the edge

“The full body suit can help racing camels run faster, while the cream of the species entered into camel beauty contests will have the ability to stand taller after using the suit,” says Abu Dhabi’s Al Shibla Middle East.
The mission statement from the company retailing its full lycra camel suits to the camel racing community is worth repeating:
Sportswear and equipment is a booming business. Everywhere we look we can see people in tracksuits, swimwear, football kits and jogging shorts-we are told to use the proper attire or else we risk injury, inefficiency or even disqualification. The development of ever more impressive technologies to help advance this market is relentless, and the enterprise is rapidly expanding. But why should this be limited to humans?
Rabbit tennis?

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Just as lingerie turns on human males, tiny jackets do the same for male rats



If you want to get your pets breeding, get them some fetching outfits:

Just as lingerie turns on human males, tiny jackets do the same for male rats, a new study finds. In an unusual study, researchers allowed virgin male rats to have sex with females wearing special rodent “jackets.” Later, when scientists gave the males a chance to mate again, the animals preferred to mate with jacket-wearing female rats rather than with unclad ones.

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Zoo owner fed his thumb to pet crocodile Macca during feeding show

hat crocodile


“He had a chicken in one hand, and he was trying to get the attention of Macca the crocodile with his hat, holding it in his left hand,” says RACQ Careflight spokesman Brian Russell of Ian Jenkins, owner of the Snakes Downunder Reptile Park and Zoo. Mr Jenkins had been playing with his pet crocodile to entertineing the crowds.

“Unfortunately the crocodile has come up and bitten the hat and his hand and has unfortunately amputated his left thumb. The crocodile actually dragged the handler under the water. He suffered a significant hand injury and … he also had a fairly sizeable laceration to his head.”

“It is as simple as Macca took a swipe at him and actually connected,” says Ian’s wife Barbara. “I do know his left hand is badly damaged … we had another person in the enclosure – if it wasn’t for her quick thinking getting the attention away from Ian it would have been worse.”

The quality of Mr Jenkins’ chickens is not known, but when your crocodiles prefer to eat a hat, it’s time for a new recipe…

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Police officer visited home to supervise father spanking daughter and determine it was legal

spanking dad florida


To Florida, where a man is keen to paddle his 12-year-old daughter. She’s argued with her sister. She must be punished. But dad does not want to break the law. So. He calls the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office. Would they come and watch?

Undersheriff Noel Stephen says this is not rare. He has personally supervised approximately 12 spankings. He says:

“It happens.. It’s definitely not something we advertise to do, and even though law enforcement has been willing to help out in this situation, watching a parent discipline their child is something that’s done only when a deputy has no other calls to handle.”

If you need tips on how to assault your child, call the Florida police. What they don’t know about spanking pubescent girls is not worth knowing…

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Narnia revisited: stoned couple spend two days trapped in unlocked cupboard

amber campbell


Amber Campbell, 25, and John Arwood, 31, broke into the Marine and Environmental Science Center in Daytona, Florida, to get goofed on crystal meth and crack cocaine. They found an unlocked cupboard. They went in. They took loadsa drugs. And then they forgot how to get out.



amber campbell 1


Police responded to calls of a break-in. They picked up the stink of human excrement. And thet led them to the fragrant Amber and John who had been in the cupboard for two days.

Or was it much, much longer…?


drugs cupboard

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The Japanese solo wedding service for lonely princesses



Are you a lonely princess looking for a lonley pricness to marry? Well, why not try a solo wedding in Kyoto?

You are single and you don’t know if you would be able to get married and have a wedding ceremony in the near future, but you would like to have some pictures of yourself in a wedding gown or in a gorgeous bridal kimono now, when you are young and beautiful..

..or you even believe that you don’t really have to get engaged to be able to wear a bridal outfit..

..or you are already married, but didn’t have a proper ceremony with a beautiful dress and you find this fact to be quite regretful..

..or you did wear a dress, but it was so long time ago that you would like to experience it again, or you were too busy with the wedding preparations to enjoy yourself fully during your special day and you are looking for a second chance..

Offer yourself an opportunity to experience the feeling of being a princess in a beautiful and charming city of Kyoto!

From ¥300,000 per person (one person only) you get the gown, the photos, flowers and a “Japanese man for image partner during the photo shoot… from ¥54,000 (clothing included).” No rpices are offered for lesser or greater men – say, the French or Texans – but Japanese men are ready and willing.

And realise that by 2015 33% of Japanese households will consist of a single person.  And brith-rates are so low that estimates say that by 2050 the population could be as low as 97 million – 30 million lower than now.

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Seal found in Liverpool field: now find the polar bear!

seal 1


Why did the seal head for a field in Merseyside?

The sea mammal was discovered in a “distressed state” by a dog walker on Monday, close to Newton Brook near Newton-le-Willows, by a startled member of the public. It is unclear how the seal got to the field but it was found about 20 miles from the nearest coastline…

Farm owner Gary Watkinson said: “It’s quite unusual.”


It is quite unusual. But not as unusual as the polar bear chasing it…

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Call David Icke: scientists invent new lizard

new lizard


Call David Icke:

Each year, scientists publish roughly 17,000 detailed descriptions of newly discovered animals. Recently, in the journal Breviora, researchers described yet another, a new species of lizard called Aspidoscelis neavesi.

At first glance, this seems to be a run-of-the mill lizard: a small, slender creature with spots along its back and a bluish tail. In fact, Aspidoscelis neavesi is quite exceptional. The lizard was produced in the laboratory by mating two other species, and its creation defies conventional ideas about how new species evolve.

What could go wrong?

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‘Fat’ Mary squashes nativity donkey to death

fat jesus

To Spain, where a fat ‘Mary’ has crushed to death a natitivy scene donkey:

A donkey, part of a live Christmas crib in southern Spain, has died two days after being mounted by a 150kg (330lb) man who gatecrashed the nativity scene.  The man jumped over a fence and leapt on to the five-month-old donkey, named Platero, who was part of a nativity scene in the town of Lucena, near Córdoba. The donkey was literally squashed by the man.

We need bigger donkeys to keep up with the obesity epidemic…

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