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The Best of British isn’t made here

WHAT is the Best of British?

HP Sauce has a Facebook page.

Nothing surprising about that, except that it uses the social media platform to trumpet its Britishness, and boasts that, “HP, the UK’s no. 1 brown sauce, has been adding oomph to your favourite dishes since 1903.

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Driver fires moving car tyre through BP sign

ALTERNATIVE Olympic Sport of the day:  Are you the crack shot who fired one of your car tyres through the centre of the BP service station logo on the A1 southbound at North Muskham in Nottinghamshire? The wheel bounced along the carriageway before smashing a hole through the bullseye of the BP station’s free-standing Helios (Greek sun god) sign.

Spectator James Kemp, explains:

“A vehicle coming down the A1 at speed lost one of its tyres that then bounced at speed and height down the A1 towards our site. It hit the grass verge in front of our forecourt and bounced straight through our pole sign destroying the BP Helios.”

“Luckily no one was injured but judging by the speed of the tyre on CCTV I have no doubt that it could have been fatal if someone had been in its path. It couldn’t be found after so we presume it’s still on its journey. Nobody came forward and accepted responsibility.”

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Diane Wilson’s Jet Set Code Pink Shrimp Takes On BP

TO the BP Annual General Meeting, where shrimp farmer and serial protestor Diane Wilson from Texas has daubed herself with oil to make a point that oil is bad.

Says she:

“I’ve come all the way here from the Gulf Coast. My community is gone, and they won’t let me in. I am coming to articulate the anger of thousands of Gulf Coast residents whose lives and livelihoods have been destroyed while the BP board continues to prosper.”

Didn’t BP set up a $20bn fund to compensate those affected by the oil leak in the Gulf? Yes, it did.

The basic structure will partially mimic the 9/11 compensation fund, by setting up and publishing criteria for paying out claims. Anyone suffering an economic loss from the spill can file a claim. If claimants are not satisfied with the administrator’s decision, they can appeal to a three-judge panel. Obama said the process would make “every effort” to expedite claims.

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Libya: BP Exposed As Gaddafi Mistakes Own People For Yvonne Fletcher

LIBYA: Is it a good time to invest? BP secured a £900m deal with Gaddafi in 2007. BP has now suspended drilling.

Wonder how BP’s deal with the Russians will fare? The trouble with doing deals with despots is that they might one day need to leave the area quickly. Right now Gadaffi is shooting at his countrymen, just as his countrymen once murdered Yvonne Fletcher and 270 people on a plane flying over Lockerbie.

READ: British Government Helps Gaddafi Murder His People: Blood On The Sand

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Gulf Oil Spill: After The Panic Nature Sorted It Out

THE Gulf Oil Spill was the top trending term on Twitter for 2010. Barring the unmasking of Julian Assange as an alien in the employ of Queen Elizabeth, aka Grassy Knoll and Princess Diana, the poll league table is unlikely to be altered. So, what of the Gulf Oil spill? What happened next?  Before we go on,  a word from 2000, when we were told that oil is a natural essence that has been leaking into the Gulf long before photoshopping BP drilled, Tony Hayward went sailing and we chanted:

The ooze is a natural phenomena that’s been going on for many thousands of years, according to Roger Mitchell, Vice President of Program Development at the Earth Satellite Corporation (EarthSat) in Rockville Md. “The wildlife have adapted and evolved and have no problem dealing with the oil,” he said.

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Ready For The BP Halloween Costume?

IN time for Halloween, the BP horror costume – an outfit of green overalls, dead wish and oil stains. News of this outfit comes to us via AOL, where the writer calls BP British Petroleum. Obama should like that, but the company is called BP. It employs 30,000 US workers.

And, in any case, although the lettering, logo and joke all suggest BP, the manufacturer of this stained overall say BP stands for Bad Planning.

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Operation Noah’s Ark Saves The Non-Dead Of BP’s Gulf Oil Spill

THE BP spill oil in the Gulf Of Mexico has gone. Hardly any creatures died. But naturalist Jack Rudloe is taking no chances. Rudloe has built Operation Noah’s Ark. It’s not a boat, rather an area which includes a grassland and “area that duplicates high and low tides”.

We have to get as many animals in there as we can and then if the conditions permit, be able to put some of them back and get some things started. I don’t believe that the oil is gone. It’s still out there in cold water, little tiny droplets that could come spilling up here in the wrong conditions of one or two hurricanes.

A Job for the boys…

Spotter: Andrew Sullivan

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The BP Disaster Did For A Turtle Called Hayward But Limbaugh Was Right

SO. How bad was the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? President Barack Obama has called the BP oil spill “the worst environmental disaster America has ever faced”. But is it?

When Obama went down to see the disaster for hsimelf, he failed to get the oily seabird photo op. As the Indy wrote:

Despite their frantic requests, no photogenic dying oil-covered birds could be found to form a backdrop for the Presidential tirade as he weighed into BP.

Now the news is changing:

…while CBS, Fox and MSNBC are all slapping “Disaster in the Gulf” chyrons on their spill-related news… The obnoxious anti-environmentalist Rush Limbaugh has been a rare voice arguing that the spill — he calls it “the leak” — is anything less than an ecological calamity, scoffing at the avalanche of end-is-nigh eco-hype.

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The President’s ‘Lies’ Over BP, Lockerbie And Al-Megrahi

DID BP lobby for the release of Lockerbie killer Abdel Baset al-Megrahi’s release to get a big money oil exploration agreement with Libya up and running? Did the Ameicans know all about it and agree so long as it was all kept quiet? Is the talk of an investigastion into the thing just hot air?

Anorak reader Cheryl writes of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s non meeting:

Anyone besides me ‘smell a skunk in the woodpile’? Up until Monday morning the Hearings were still scheduled, as I’ve been checking the schedule since I planned to attend them. To be honest with you, the moment the news came out on Sunday re this Administration’s knowledge of his being released before he was and their agreement to it there was no doubt in my mind the Hearing would be canceled.

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BP Urged To Pump More Bullshit Into News Gulf: Greenpeace Moves Bowels

THE sign outside the BP service station on Hampstead Road, London, says: “Closed. Moving beyond petroleum.”

Moving beyond petroleum… OK. But as a slogan it goes only halfway. What are we moving on towards? And how are we moving there? Are we moving on tofu? Clockwork? Bollocks? Can bollocks make energy? What about lies and information? If lies were info, BP shares would be surely soaring with every photoshop gush.

BP today announced losses of £11bn for the second quarter of this year and confirmed chief executive and jobbing Michael Sheen look-alike Tony Hayward will be replaced by Bob Dudley.

Or will he? If bullshit is power, BP needs to up its output.

Says Mr Hayward, displaying once more his gift for language:

“Sometimes you step off the pavement and get hit by a bus.”

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Tony Hayward Heads To Russia: Next Stop North Korea

WE spotted BP boss Tony Hayward (a shoo-in to play Michael Sheen in a biopic of the actor’s life) being driven away from the offices of BP, in St James’s Square, central London. The BP man has his life back.

And it’s a life that will be  put to use within the group’s Russian joint venture. Yeah, they’re sending him to Russia as a non-executive directorship at TNK-BP.

TNK – Tomorrow North Korea

Tony Hayward Gets His Life Back In Russia – 11 Others Still Waiting

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Does BP Cross Its Fingers And Photoshop The Truth?

BP is doing pretty well in the financial markets. But on the web, the company is faring less well. On the firm’s website, there’s a “View of the MC 252 site from the cockpit of a PHI S-92 helicopter 26 June 2010”.

Only, the picture seems to have been tampered with. Gawker’s Brian Barrett notes the airtraffic control tower is in views, the sea merges two oceans and the “readouts on the dash appear to indicate that that door and ramp are open and the parking brake engaged”.

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In Pictures: Anti-BP Protestors Pour Oil Over BP’s Sponsorship Of Oil Paintings

TO protest at BP’s sponsorship of the arts, demonstrators poured oil and feathers over the entrance to Tate Britain, in Pimlico, central London, which is hosting the Tate Britain summer party. Yep, to highlight how awful BP is at polluting things, demonstrators gave cleaning staff a really horrible job to do on a very hot summer’s day. And as for oil on canvas being unfit for BP to sponsor… Well, you want edgy art? You can’t handle edgy art…


Picture 1 of 7

Demonstrators pour oil and feathers outside the entrance to the Tate Britain, in Pimlico, central London, which is hosting the Tate Britain summer party, as part of a protest against BP sponsorship of the arts.

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BP Gulf Judge Martin Feldman’s Oil Stocks

THE BP oil is still spilling in to the Gulf of Mexio. Obama is looking at matters in Afghanistan. Obama’s sacked General Stanley McChrystal for talking to Rolling Stone magazine before Michelle and the kidzz got their photo montage and cover. But the press is looking at Judge Martin Feldman. Tim Worstall looks too:

The judge who overturned deepwater drilling bans allowing BP to resume oilTransocean and other firms in the industry, it was revealed today.

Yesterday, a Louisiana-based judge Martin Feldman ruled that Barack Obama’s six-month drilling moratorium in the Gulf was unjustified because it assumed that all deepwater drilling was as dangerous as BP’s.

The White House promised an immediate appeal.

Meanwhile environmental groups have said Feldman’s ruling may have to be rescinded because of the possible conflict of interests.

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BP And Tony Hayward Drill Isle of Wight For Clean Water? For New Orleans Strip Club Sues

BP and the oil spill story moves on from Tony Hawyard’s selfless quest for pristine waters to import to The Gulf in tankers – this week Tony is on the Isle of Wight. The latest news is that owners of New Orleans strip club The Mimosa Dancing Girls say the oil spill has ruined their business.

No fishermen means no randy fishermen looking for thrillz.

Barack Obama Is Less Popular Than Offshore Drilling: BP News Round-Up

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BP Boss Tony Hayward Rides The Oily Gulf Stream At Isle Of Wight Yacht Race: Pictures

EARLIER we reported that BP’s PR nightmare Tony Hayward had a yacht called Bob. The swanky boat was cutting through the Isle of Wight’s waters in the JP Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race. ITV news reports that Hayward was in the vicinity of the yacht.

The Isle of Wight is in the English Channel – a ribbon of sea warmed by the, er, Gulf Stream. The warm water comes from the Gulf of Mexico via the North Atlantic Drift. Might it bring some oil?

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In Pictures: BP Boss Tony Hayward’s Yacht Sails The Isle Of Wight’s Pristine Waters

TONY Hayward, of BP, has his life back and in a move that is sure to play out well in the US, he’s, reportedly, on his co-owned yacht Bob in the JP Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race, by the shores of the sunny Isle of Wight. (Although we haven’t spotted him. Still, nice boat.)

Lovely clear waters in the Solent and off the coat of Hampshire and Dorset.

The BP Oil Spill Gets A Dead Whale And Barack Obama Alienates America’s Friends

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British Petroleum V Obama: Henry Waxman And His League Of Gentlemen

BARACK Obama is grandstanding about British Petroleum. The British must be routed and theier backsides whooped. They are not local, you see. They are not Henry Waxman.

Barack Obama Is Less Popular Than Offshore Drilling: BP News Round-Up

American environmental disasters for American people!” goes the cry. Says one Obama aide:

We will have American environmental disasters for American corporations, if it’s all the same with you and your tea, Mr Britisher Man. We want none of your imported disaters. If you want to export your toxic wave go to India, lke we did.

The British are not local. Local things for local people eh, Mr Waxman…

The BP Oil Spill Gets A Dead Whale And Barack Obama Alienates America’s Friends

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The BP Oil Spill Gets A Dead Whale And Barack Obama Alienates America’s Friends

VICTIMS of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill have a totem – a dead 25-ft sperm whale has washed up on the beach. And BP has Joe Barton.

Barack Obama Is Less Popular Than Offshore Drilling: BP News Round-Up

While the UK turns on Obama and realises that all that hope was just hype and hoopla, Americans are moving against their self-serving, grandstanding president.

BP Disaster 2: Carl-Henric Svanberg Feels For The ‘Small People’

Rep. Joe Barton has apoligised to BP at the start of Tony Hayward’s grilling. Hayward is the victim of a £20billion “shakedown”, a “slush fund” with “no legal state“.

Obama has the money. Big Government has the money. Lots of contracts need to be signed to clean the spill. And Big Government can do it better and more openly than corporations with shareholders?

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BP Disaster 2: Carl-Henric Svanberg Feels For The ‘Small People’

OBAMA’S vanity and desperation versus BP’s unoiled PR machine. It’s one helluva fight. And here comes BP chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg. He’s says:

“I hear comments sometimes that big oil companies are greedy companies and don’t care, but that is not the case with BP. We care about the small people.”

Take that Gulf fishermen and hoteliers. File it away with your small hands in your small homes in your small minds.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

In other news, there’s a betting market on BP going bankrupt by 2011:

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Barack Obama Is Less Popular Than Offshore Drilling: BP News Round-Up

BP oil spills into the US Gulf. Barack Obama tries to sound Churchillian, talking of an “assault” on America’s beaches and nation under “siege”. Obama wrests £13.5bn from BP as compensation down payment. BP chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg says BP will not pay a dividend to its shareholders. The news:


Most Americans still support offshore drilling and believe it is critical to making the U.S. competitive, despite the growing oil spill along the Gulf coast, a new poll showed on Wednesday …

In a national survey of 522 adults, on a scale of 0 to 10, the average show of support was 6.3 when asked if the government should allow offshore drilling.

An Anorak readers writes:

Obama is milking this for all it is worth to the American people and starting to come across as quite disgusting and it is not helping his low ratings, since BP had already stated weeks ago it would take care of everything.

Down with Obama!

A Record 57% Of Americans Disapprove Of Obama’s Performance

Daniel Hannan On The Isolated Obama

Not that we should feel singled out. The Obama administration has scorned America’s other established friends. It has betrayed Poland and the Czech Republic, whose Atlanticist governments had agreed to accept the American missile defence system at immense political cost, only to find the project cancelled. It has alienated Israel and India. It has even managed to fall out with Canada over its “Buy American” rules and its decision to drill in disputed Arctic waters. Never has there been a worse time to be a US ally.

David Cameron Reacts:

Cameron said he wouldn’t enter into “megaphone diplomacy” with Obama in the face of calls from listeners to the show for him to take a more aggressive stance in defense of the London- based company.

Daily Mail leader:

Mr Obama gave a televised address in which he once again attempted to rescue his own faltering popularity by attacking what his administration has been careful to characterise as a foreign oil company.

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After BP the US Labels Milk As The Next Big Pollutant

BP will place $20 billion in an escrow account for the Gul clean up – and the US Environmental Protection Agency considers the next bio-hazard: milk. Milk is now a pollutant.

The BP Wave – The Fish In Oil Picture

The Environmental Protection Agency intends to classify milk as a hazardous waste; in the same category as oil.

That means, farmers would have to come up with an oil spill prevention plan which could cost them thousands of dollars.

The Senate Agricultural Committee passed a resolution today urging the EPA to take back those regulations.

Obama Moves To Take Over BP’s Goodwill Funds

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Obama Moves To Take Over BP’s Goodwill Funds

BP is being taken over by Barack Obama. Well, not all of it – just the bits that do good works and reflect well on…Obama:

White House officials on Sunday said they wanted BP to put “substantial” funds into an escrow account to cover claims by Gulf Coast businesses and residents affected by the spill.

President Barack Obama plans to bring up the idea at a White House meeting Wednesday with top BP executives, including Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg.

The call was echoed by congressional leaders and state officials. In a June 10 letter to BP released on Sunday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) and other Democrats asked BP to establish a $20 billion account, administered by an independent trustee, that would be used to pay the damages and clean-up costs associated with the spill. Florida Governor Charlie Crist and other officials in the Gulf Coast region joined the chorus.

It remained unclear how any such funds would be supervised, in particular who would oversee the compensation decisions. Administration officials on Sunday didn’t comment on the size of the escrow account they will seek, or on where money might come from. Nor did officials detail the legal status of the proposal.

Such a fund would provide a measure of security, proponents argue, for people concerned BP might file for bankruptcy protection or otherwise stop paying claims at some point in the future. It also has the potential to give the government or its designees control of distributing a significant pool of relief money.

Oh, thanks Barack Obama. Cheers for the cash you are redistrubuting. Not your cash – BP’s. And you will do a better job of getting value for money than a big company.

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In Great Pictures: Slick England Thrash USA At World Cup

BARACK Obama has declared war on England. Let there be no mistake. Achtung! Achtung! The phoney war is over. Tonight England take to the pitch to right wrongs. Sing up for England – join your chorus to the song book here.

Say “NO” to cocky GIs shagging your girlfriends.
Say “NO way, dude” to American cultural imperialism.

The papers are gung-ho for Obama’s Americans who would do us down.

The Independent says “15 million” will what the game.
The Express adds in illegal immigrants and puts the figure at “20 million”.

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Britons Wake Up To Realisation That Obama Is An Opportunistic, Vain Politician

BARACK Obama. What a ****. Not our words, not those of “sweetheart” Kayla Manson (no relation), but the opinion of the Mail which says The One’s posturing to the US electorate over the BP oil spill. As the headline yells:


Considering Obama views Britain in much the same way Great Britain views Gibraltar this is not too shocking. He stood Grodon Brown up for the scouts and loved the slave gift.  The popular consensus is that £1 in every £7 in the nation’s pension pot is driven by investment in BP. Obama talks of slamming BP and we suffer.

BP And Tony Hayward Are Now A Nigerian Scam: Letter

London Mayor Boris Johnson, calls on Obama to end the anti-British rhetoric, buckpassing and name-calling”.

David Cameron oozes out of a tap and drips:

“I completely understand the U.S. government’s frustration because it’s an environmental catastrophe.”

President Barack Obama says he’d have asked BP Chief Executive Officer Tony and want to find an “ass to kick”.

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