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SADO Charlie Gilmour’s Mummy Sticks Up For Him On Twitter

BERTH blocking SADO (sons and daughters of…) Charlie Gilmour is being locked up for 23 hours a day. Indeed, why not 24? His mum, novelist Polly Samson – married to Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour – has taken to Twitter (again) to write about her poor boy. Gilmore is not long into a 16 months sentence for violent disorder.

Says she:

“Letter from son still locked in 23 hours a day. Pickpocket has offered tutelage but shortage of pockets on prison uniforms. He seems to be coping remarkably well despite being locked in 23 hours a day.”

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Charlie Gilmour Gets 16 Months Jail: Pink Floyd Scion Walled Up

CHARLIE Gilmour’s trip to Kingston Crown Court – accompanied by his with his step-father David Gilmour, of Pink Floyd – ended in him receiving a 16 months sentence for violent disorder at May’s student protest in London.

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Charlie Gilmour Is Banned From Westminster

CHARLIE Gilmour, the son of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, has been at Westminster Magistrates Court, to answer questions about the attack on the royal convoy of cars during a student fees protest.

Gilmour is the berth blocker, a spoilt platoon who has dabbled in modelling and journalism, and studies history at Cambridge – yet claims to have no idea what the Cenotaph is.

Why do the Sados (Sons and daughters of stars) always get to model?

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Charlie Gilmour’s Spirit Lives On In Wisconsin Protests: War Memorial Desecrated

TO Wisconsin, where the spirit of berth blocker and Centotaph Swinger Charlie Gilmour lives on at the state Capitol where the memorial to the fallen has been turned into a tatty protest sign curated by the kind of entitled, middle-class, educated, spoilt, soft, Western poltroons who make any protest all about them.

The more they explain their ignorance, the worse it gets:

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Student Fees Idiot Charlie Gilmour Hitches A Ride To Court With Prince Charles

UNIVERSITY place berth blocker and member of the Sados (Sons and daughters of stars) Charlie Gilmour has been to Westminster Magistrates Court. Charlie – journalist / model / hand-stitched knob – was charged with violent disorder during a student fees protest.

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Will Charlie Gilmour Get A New Savile Row Suit For Court?

CHARLIE Gilmour, 21, of Billinghurst, Sussex, son of no-education champion Dave Gilmour, of the Great Gig in The Sky, has been charged with violent disorder at the tuition fees protest in London. Gilmour is the well-trained history student who was upset to learn that he was dangling from something called The Cenotaph, which is something to do with wars and stuff.

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Charlie Gilmour Epitomises The University Berth Blocker

CHARLIE Gilmour is the graduate of Walter Softy’s club who went over for powwow with the Bash Street Kids for larks. The comparison to cartoon characters are apt because Gilmour is surely the new kid at St Custard’s,Nigel Moleswort’s prep school. He’s the sometime model, sometime journalist, fulltime son of an Etonian and a minted rock star who got us to sing, “We don’t need no education”.

Charlie, as we’ve said, is now getting a reputation for being his own man. For Sados (sons and daughters of stars) this usually means a career in music, modelling or dealing in fine art. The epitome of the rule are the Rolling Stones’ daughters who have nearly all managed to capture their mothers’ model looks and none of their dads craggy bits and take to work as moving portraits. The Sados are unlikely to becomes nurses – and who can really blame them.

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Male Model Charlie Gilmour And The Top Shop Boot: A Pink Floyd Video

CHARLIE Gilmour, son of Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour, and budding male model, has been arrested for his role in the student protests. He’s been pinched on suspicion of criminal damage, violent disorder and, allegedly, stealing a shoe from the Oxford Street branch of Top Shop.

Top Shop has been targeted by protesters over its tax burden (more on that here). Top Shop is billed as bad for Britain. But Gilmour is on the books of Select Model Management who have supplied bodies and faces for Top Shop campaigns. Has he featured in one? Is that boot a portfolio shot, allegedly?

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