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Michael Jackson’s Reckless Death Is Pinned On Conrad Murray: Who’s Really Bad?

SO, Michael Jackson’s personal ‘feelgood doctor’, Conrad Murray, has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter. This apparently provides closure for those who have tried to make sense of the pop icon’s death in June 2009. Because for many, the idea that Jackson died a tragic, accidental death as a troubled star who was under a lot of pressure, that he was simply an afflicted man who finally dug too deep into the medicine cabinet, apparently just won’t do.

The six-week trial didn’t only lay bare intimate details of MJ’s life and death, beginning with the distribution of gruesome images of his body in a hospital gurney and a photo of his naked body at the autopsy – it also revealed that, today, the idea that tragedy sometimes strikes, for little explicable reason, has limited traction.

Image: Michael Jackson’s sister La Toya Jackson leaves the Criminal Justice Center, Monday, Nov. 7, 2011, in Los Angeles, after it was announced that Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s physician when the pop star died in 2009, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

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Guilty Conrad Murray Makes LaToya Shake For Michael Jackson: Photos

CONRAD MURRAY has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

Under California law, a criminally negligent act leading to death can be involuntary manslaughter.

Awaiting the verdict, Michael’s sister LaToya tweeted, “I’m shaking uncontrollably.”

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Jermaine Jackson Shocked At How Dead Michael Jackson Didn’t Look Very Well: Photos

THE JACKSONS are not a normal family. For starters, they had a belt-thrash happy pappy who tormented and bullied them ’til they sang like champions and, well, grew up warped.

Then, there’s the whole Michael thing. Michael Jackson was a man clearly unwell in the mind. And of course, his less-famous siblings were apparently keen to join him into the depths of insanery.

Why else did Jermaine Jackson named his daughter Jermajesty?

These days, Jermaine can’t decide whether to speak highly of his now dead brother, or indeed, slate him.

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Michael Jackson’s Trial Won’t Have Video Thanks To Worried Businessmen

WHILE Michael Jackson’s relatives cash-in on the interest surrounding the imminent trial of Dr Conrad Murray and his magical propofol, everyone has eyes squarely on the courtroom.

Will it be televised? Will Jackson’s naked body be displayed on air (you can titter, but this is a genuine possibility)? Will Dr Conrad Murray ever get anything close to a fair trial thanks to constant media coverage and opinion?

Either way, raw film footage of Michael Jackson rehearsing a planned concert in the days before his death isn’t going to be shown to the jury after a ruling from a Los Angeles judge, which is bad news for the prosecutors.

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Michael Jackson V Conrad Murray: Psychic Finds The Bald Truth In Signature Scent

jackson-lisa1MICHAEL JACKSON V Dr Conrad Murray: Back in court one last time, Jackson is making news. A criminal complaint has been filed against Dr Murray which means we can now read the coroner’s report. Jackson’s iatrogenic death was caused by propofol.

Michael Jackson 1990 -1999

In the Daily Star, readers learn:


MICHAEL Jackson was almost bald, needed glasses and had a sealed bottle of urine by his bed when he died, it emerged last night.

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Michael Jackson V Conrad Murray: Introducting Danny Gans

7224701MICHAEL Jackson V Dr Conrad Murray: Will this case finally allow the death of Danny Gans to emerge into the mainstream media? Gans was the Las Vegas stalwart found dead by iatrogenic mean. Anorak’s Man in LA reports:

THE death of Las Vegas superstar Danny Gans by overdose of a powerful opiate called hydromorphone at the prime of his life and career raised few, if any red flags among the members of the Las Vegas news media. The mysterious and untimely passing of the injury-riddled Born Again Christian athlete, corporate entertainment favorite and longtime Steve Wynn showpiece in the middle of the night, and all the strange occurrences before and after his tragic last breath rated little more than cursory coverage and police report transcribing, and the acceptance of one of Danny Gans’ doctor’s claims that the star may have died from the ingestion of a single hydromorphone (also known as Dilaudid or “drugstore heroin”) pill left over from an unused five-year-old prescription.

The willful and shameful avoidance of the Gans story and all its many avenues, including Gans’ ownership of a pharmacy supply house, was made more obvious when compared to the national media’s vigilant and responsible coverage of the death of entertainer Michael Jackson.

Now, the manslaughter charge lodged yesterday against Conrad Murray, the doctor who allegedly administered the fatal dose of drugs that Jackson ordered up, has again brought the Gans case into the national spotlight.

An item on the website titled Murray’s case up stakes in world of celeb drugs notes that

“…the state of California, weary of growing number of celebrity prescription drug deaths, is seeking some control over a festering doctor-patient dynamic that has taken bold-faced names from Heath Ledger to Anna Nicole Smith to Danny Gans.”

While those on the Las Vegas news media would claim that Gans is an unimportant figure, known to few outside the market, others know better. In this case, the musical impressionist is mentioned in the same sentence as two legends, in a story about a fellow legend. Of the four cases, his is the only one that was closed along with all its mysteries left hanging. Yet, according to the MSNBC report, Gans’ death, coming weeks before Jackson’s, may have been a factor in the decision to prosecute in the Murray case– “to put a dent into Hollywood’s pill pipeline.”

Danny Gans’ tragedy may, in the end, help future celebrities. But most important: Will there ever be justice for Danny Gans?

Surely, some of the curiosity will spread.

The Danny Gans Story: The Voices Inside My Head

Danny Gans And Michael Jackson’s Iatrogenic Deaths

The Mysterious Death Of Danny Gans

The Untold Death Of Danny Gans

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X Factor Finalists John & Edward Scare Sick Children For Charity

michael-jackson-thrillerTIME for an X Factor Tribute to Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, and latterly the King of Prop(ofol).

What might be the best way to pay homage to the singer who, if Lloyd Daniels has the X Factor, surely had the XXX Factor? Dr Conrad Murray saying Jackson died from an acute bout of Olly Murs? Pub singer Jamie Archer dressing as a human sambuca? A Halloween rendition of Thriller with John & Edward coming as they are?

Later. For now, the The X Factor finalists are to release a cover (aka inferior copy) of Michael Jackson’s You Are Not Alone to – get this – raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Kids, you are not alone. Michael Jackson’s here. As Sky News reports:

Simon Cowell is urging fans of the show to buy the record to help sick children

And to help third-rate singers who are barely out of school.

In other X Factor news:

Wales Online, Nathan Bevan: “DRUGS can do funny things to a person.”

See above.

Take my uncle Iestyn for example. Someone once bet him to lick the top of the cistern down the toilets of his local and he ended up crawling round the dancefloor backwards, his trousers and pants down and barking like a dog.
To compound that image still further, I should probably tell you that Iestyn also has a pair of eyes tattooed on his buttocks. I can’t blame that on drugs though, he had them done years ago…

But I digress.

What I actually wanted to talk to you about was Whitney Houston on X Factor.

Make the link…

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Michael Jackson’s Mysterious Dr Robert And Paris Puts Her Hair In A Paper Bag

jacko-1907MICHAEL Jackson Homicide Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – Drug cocktails, Dr Robert, Jackson brothers get reality TV series, Paris Jackon puts her hair in a paper bag…

Baltimore Sun Glenn McNatt

I’m no medical expert, but…

Anyone columnist a second opinion?

SAWF News: Minders snatch up Paris Jackson’s locks

Minders swept up Paris Jackson’s hair left on the hairdresser’s floor to prevent it being snatched for DNA testing…  Paris, 11, had a trim at the salon. Her locks were stored in plastic bags to stop them from being taken.

Of course, the hairs are being used to create a new wig for Jackson, who remains alive in rural Sweden.

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Michael Jackson Buried With Naked Boy And Conrad Murray’s Whereabouts Revealed

michael-jackson-in-coffinMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – Conrad Murray’s hiding place revleaed and Michael gets a hole in the ground for his birthday present, when he really wanted some drugs, boys and hugs.

Before Michael Jackson is cremated atop a huge bithday cake decorated with blow torches, each held aloft by the effigy of a hungry, naked child, a few words from Dr Conrad Murray:

Dr Conrad Murray is addressing the world from a secret location in the Tora Bora Mountain theme park, Michigan.

When Michael Jackson fan Osama bin Laden went missing, he too addressed the world from a secret location. Agents waging the War on Terror studied the tapes for clues. The rock structure, the way his beard fluttered, the advert for Bill’s Trucks And Ass Body Shoppe reflected in his eyes – all clues to his whereabouts.

Now Dr Conrad Murray is speaking from a secret hideout. And the clues to where he is are everywhere:

Clue: In the course of his address he blinks three times. Three is the official number of North Dakota.

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Michael Jackson’s Last Meal

michael_jackson-foodMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Jackson’s chef Kai Chase speaks out about Dr Conrad Murray, Oxygen and cooking the book…

On the day Michael Jackson died, his personal chef says her first hint of something amiss was when his doctor didn’t come downstairs to get the juices and granola he routinely brought the King of Pop for breakfast each morning.

Dr. Conrad Murray, the focus of manslaughter investigation, also acted as a waiter? Now read on…

The doctor usually arrived about 9 or 9:30 p.m. and would go upstairs to Jackson’s room, and she said she would not see him again before she left – sometimes late in the evening – but understood he was staying the night.

In the morning, when she arrived for work, Chase said she would see the doctor coming down the steps carrying oxygen tanks.

Anorak has long suspected that Jackson misunderstood those 50 nights at the 02 Centre, London, mistaking them for a chance for a prolonged spell of deep breathing. The shock of discovering that he had to sing and dance might well have killed him.

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Police Raid Home Of Michael Jackson’s Doctor Conrad Murray

dr-murrayMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Dr Conrad Murray’s home is raided by police. But what’s the point? AGW takes a look:

There is more than a suspicion there may not be too much joined up thinking in the US drugs squad the DEA, FBI and LA Police right now.

SIX DAYS after the Houston, Texas offices of Dr Conrad Murray, 51, “personal physician” to the dead and gone Michael Jackson…the Feds have also raided Murray’s rented LA home.

Isn’t the usual police tactic hit everything, everywhere and at once?
That way things like computer hard drives, prescription pads and drugs are likely to be in the places they were abandoned. Murray was the Number One doc for Jacko for around three years. He was there when he died.

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Michael Jackson Craved Milk Of Amnesia Drug

stephen-hoefflin-jacksonMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Michael Jackon will see you now, Dr James, Dr Murray, Dr Klein and Dr Hoefflin – time to examine Jackson’s records and notes.

Daily Mirror: “Michael Jackson’s desperate pleas for sleep drug to tackle insomnia – Driven insane by insomnia as his gruelling comeback gigs loomed, Michael Jackson knew where the answer to his problems lay.”

Mental health issues? A total rest and lots of daytime telly? Lager? No:

The desperate singer turned to Dr Dwayne James and pleaded with him to get hold of powerful hospital drug Propofol (below) to knock him out for a good night’s sleep. But instead of caving in to his dangerous demands, the physician issued him with a dire warning that far from being his saviour, the sedative medics call the milk of amnesia could kill him.

Who knew? Well, the doctors knew. You want another opinion? Anorak’s in-house surgeon says Jackson died from something fatal. Now read on…

The Sun: “MICHAEL Jackson’s doctor made the star’s son watch his vain attempt to revive him, Jacko’s family said yesterday.”

Jackson family friend Dr Steven Hoefflin said Dr Murray made Prince Michael watch him perform cardiac resuscitation on his prone father…

Unpleasant stuff. Watching a loved one die is traumatic, especially for a child. Why was Prince Michael there?

But Dr Conrad Murray wanted a witness to his unsuccessful try at cardiac resuscitation.

Given the  monstering of Dr Murray, his actions seem pragmatic and prudent. But other than allowing Sun readers to gawp at Prince Michael Jackson, what does it mean?

Dramatic new evidence of the immediate aftermath of his death is also emerging. And Jacko’s relatives were said to be ready to launch law suits over the Thriller singer’s “wrongful” end.

So they say. But what proof?

Dr Hoefflin, speaking on behalf of the singer’s mother Katherine, said medics at Los Angeles’ UCLA Hospital believe Jacko had been dead for at least TWO HOURS before he arrived there in an ambulance a month ago.

It is thought he had a heart attack after being given the sedative Propofol at his rented mansion.

Such are the facts.

Dr Hoefflin added: “I can also tell you the police have now pieced together every minute of the last 12 hours before Michael died.”

Any criminal charges? No. Dr Murray denies any wrongdiong. Meanwhile, Dr Hoefflin has more.

THE coroner investigating Michael Jackson’s death has swooped on ANOTHER clinic linked to the star’s skin doctor Arnold Klein.It followed a seizure of the dermatologist’s medical records earlier this week…

Jacko’s ex-plastic surgeon and friend Dr Steven Hoefflin said the evidence from Klein’s 1993 files was “horrifying reading”. He said: “I had no idea Michael was being given this insane amount of Demerol.

“The maximum amount you should give a patient of his weight and build in SEVERE surgical pain is 200mg a day. Michael was being given 800mg a day.

I feel Dr Klein was over-treating him to make money. I have launched a lawsuit against Dr Klein for fraud. It is my opinion that he got my patient addicted to Demerol.”

It’s all in Michael Jackson’s best interests. Anything else, Doctor?

JACKO turned to surgery after neighbourhood kids branded him BIG NOSE. He was in his late teens when he sought out top nose job expert Steven Hoefflin.

Dr Hoefflin nose:

The Beverly Hills medic told how he drew the line at remodelling his conk after two ops. He said: “The best he ever looked was in his Thriller days after the procedures I had given him. If only he’d stopped there.”

If only…

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Michael Jackson’s Brother Tito Fingers The “Killer Doc”

6774170MICHAEL Jackson Watch: The Daily Mirror’s continued serialisation of The Thoughts and Musings of Tito Jackson (Jackson third from left) deliver the font-page screamer:


Grieving Tito Jackson claimed Dr Conrad Murray’s dithering as he tried to resuscitate his stricken brother wasted vital minutes that might have cost him his life.

Through the grief, Tito Jackson manages to string a new story together, and it is uttely fantastic:

I don’t know what the time lapse was between the doctor finding him and when he called paramedics. But I believe if he had immediately called for help we might still have my brother here today, he would definitely still be alive.”

What Tito Jackson doesn’t know could occupy the Mirror for weeks.

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