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Epic TV: Australia’s Dancing With The Stars Is A Bitter, Terrible And Unforgettable

TO Australia, where Channel 7’s Dancing With The Stars is compelling.

The twisted clown is called Mark Holden. He’s here to entertain yer:


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Nancy Grace Presents Celebrity Nip Slips: Wardrobe Malfunctions To Order (Photos)

NANCY Grace is no victim of nominative determinism.The US TV host is on Dancing With The Stars, showing her moves and boobs. Egads! What are the odds that her chest would fall out of her clothes on primetime telly?

The Orlando Sentinel describes Grace as someone who “will exploit anything for ratings — we’re talking slaughtered children, abused spouses, you name it… who has made an entire career out of turning other people’s tragedies into entertainment”.

Host Tom Bergeron quipped:

“On the European version that would be perfectly fine.”

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Some Idiot Decides To Give Bristol Palin Her Own TV Show

PRANCING politician offspring, Bristol Palin, is to get her own reality television show in the United States of America. That’s right. That bizarre collection of country-sized states are seemingly hell-bent on making a star of the loinular-produce of one of the most spectacularly dim politicians to ever walk the Earth.

While Sarah Palin is staring at an Atlas and still not quite getting the whole ‘Africa is a continent’ thing and going out shooting elk through the face, despite having access to perfectly good food stores, the TV viewing public will be able to tune in to a show on US cable channel Bio, which will presumably feature Bristol staring into the middle distance and trying to remember to breathe in, and out, in, and out.

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Panic Face King Turns Mass Murder Into Entertainment

panic-face-kingIN Japan, the local have fond a way to hasten the celebrity cull. While the UK and US  boast Dancing On Ice, Comic Relief, live theatre, Big Brother, Dancing With The Stars, airport scanners, America’s Got Talent, Ashley Cole and the Tony Awards, the Japanese have “Panic Face King”.

The would-be TV star told he is to star in a documentary about telephone scammers. Just after the interview begins, a sniper attacks, shooting dead everyone else in the room and giving the nascent telly star a heart attack and morbid fear of going out in public.

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Dancing With The Stars: Kelly Osbourne’s Unbearable Loss

kelly-osbourne-parisIN this week’s Closer magazine new columnist Kelly Osborne talks about her time on the celebrity dance circuit and how she’s lost a stone.. in weight.

Kelly is set to appear on Dancing with The Stars, the US version of Strictly Come Dancing. And she tells us:

“I’ve almost lost a full stone already.”

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Dancing With The Stars Shawn Johnson Excites Mark Ballas

DANCING With The Stars is the family friendly pro-celebrity  dance show, starring family favourite Shawn Johnson and one Mark Ballas, a dancer who lives up to his name.

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Holly Madison Cracks On Dancing With The Stars

MORE news  alerts on CCN (Celebrity Cull News, formely Celebrity Cancer News) where Dancing With The Stars sees Holly Madison – a former Hugh Hefner walking stick – injured.

Madison received medical attention and a broken rib was ruled out. Madison lives… for now:

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Armed Man Arrested At Dancing With The Stars Cull

IN the US, the Celebrity Cull – the worldwide drive to reduce the EU celebrity mountain (and US equivalents) – has touched Dancing With The Stars… An armed man has reached for Shawn Johnson.

Steve-O has taken a trip to the hospital.

Steve Wozniak has a fractured foot and pulled hamstring.

Gilles Marini “separates shoulder”.

Jewel and Nancy O’Dell dropped out of the show just days before this week’s season premiere because of dance-related injuries.

Now a fans of the show’s Shawn Johnson has been arrested:

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