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1974: Iggy Pop Performs ‘Murder of the Virgin’ at Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco

On August 11, 1974, Iggy Pop performed an improvised play called ‘Murder of the Virgin’ at Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco on August 11,1974 in Los Angeles, California. Iggy Pop wasn’t always a car insurance salesman…

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Highlight From Iggy Pop’s John Peel Lecture for BBC Music


HIGHLIGHTS from Iggy Pop’s John Peel Lecture for BBC Music at the Lowry theater in Salford, Manchester.

On Apple and U2:

“The people who don’t want the free U2 download are trying to say, ‘Don’t try to force me.’ And they’ve got a point. Part of the process when you buy something from an artist, it’s kind of an anointing, you are giving people love. It’s your choice to give or withhold. You felt like they were robbed of that chance and they have a point.”

On  Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke selling the album Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes via BitTorrent.

“Sure, BitTorrent is a pirate’s friend. But all pirates want to go legit, just like I wanted to be respectable. So it’s good that Thom Yorke is encouraging a positive change.”

On Modern Piracy:

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Iggy Pop Wants A Kettle, Bob Hope And Fat People From Miami: The Tour Rider In Full



IGGY Pop, star of one of the greatest rock photos of all time, the man who faked Lou Reed’s death, Richard Wilson look alike, ToTP teddy molester, performer of the most revered failed stage dive, the man for whom the show did not always go on, has created one of the most memorable tour riders for his shows.

Well, Pop’s road manager Jos Grain has, as The Smoking Gun reports on the “Marvellous and Most Instructive Information Document…. Including Utterly Confusing Comments and Asides.”

The 2006 rider , has been followed by the 2012 tour.

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Stage disasters: the unlucky 13 pop stars for whom the show did not always go on

iggy pop

IN this Flashback, we look at State Disasters. The show doesn’t always go on

Beyoncé’s bad hair day had a happy ending – she extricated herself from the fan (mechanical, rather than maniacal in this case).

And at least she had the good humour to see the funny side afterwards – other victims of onstage disasters certainly didn’t. And one didn’t even live to tell the tale…


Syd Barrett

Early signs of the Pink Floyd front-man’s mental disintegration were apparent in 1967. That year he appeared on stage with an entire tube of Brylcreem in his hair into which – according to some accounts – he had crushed a handful of Mandrax tablets. Mandies or not, the lotion melted under the lights, leaving him looking like ‘a guttered candle’. The song Vegetable Man (unreleased) reflected Syd’s self-loathing at the time…


Arthur Brown

Arthur’s bad hair was in a league of its own, thanks to his famous flaming helmet, worn in honour of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown’s solitary hit, Fire. Its precursor – a colander soaked in methanol – was less successful. The fuel soaked into his scalp and set his head alight at the Windsor Festival in 1967. The fire was put out with beer.


Vince Taylor

The pioneering British rocker is remembered for two things: his classic single Brand new Cadillac and the mental problems, exacerbated by LSD and booze, which led to incidents such as declaring himself the apostle Matthew at one of his London concerts.

David Bowie was a friend of Taylor’s, and recalls encountering Taylor lying on the pavement in Caring Cross Road, studying a map of Europe and pointing out where UFOs would be landing. He later based the character of Ziggy Stardust on Taylor.


Keith Moon

So many to choose from, not least the time he overdosed and fell unconscious twice during a 1973 Who concert in California. After the second incident, Pete Townshend asked if there was a drummer in the audience, and the volunteer played the rest of the set.

Possibly the most spectacular mishap occurred when Moon detonated some powerful fireworks in his drum kit after the band’s 1967 appearance on the Smothers Brothers show. The explosion (7.20 onwards in the clip below) genuinely stunned the hosts, and is blamed by Townshend for his subsequent hearing problems.

Video here.


Frank Zappa


December 1971 was a bad month for the Mothers of Invention. First their equipment was set on fire by a flare fired from the audience during an appearance at the Casio de Montreux. The casino was razed to the ground, and, as a final indignity, the fire inspired Deep Purple to write Smoke on the Water.

Later that month a fan pushed Zappa off the stage at London’s Rainbow Theatre. He fell into the concrete orchestra pit, sustaining serious injuries to his head, neck, back and legs, and crushing his larynx. He was wheelchair-bound for a long period afterwards and his voice deepened significantly.


Patti Smith


The rock poet ‘did a Zappa’ in 1977, with a 15 foot fall into an orchestra pit in Tampa. She broke several vertebrae.


Harry Styles

One Direction’s young shaver was hit squarely in the other kind of ‘orchestra stalls’ by a shoe hurled from the audience during a performance in Glasgow earlier this year.




The Welsh rockers suffered a less dramatic shock in 2004 when Kelly Jones and Richard Jones were electrocuted at the Bataclan in Paris. Sparks flew but the band played on.


Kris Novoselic

The Nirvana bassist failed to catch his instrument after throwing it in the air during the 1992 Music Video Awards. Apparently he still has a dent in his head.


Iggy Pop

In 201o, Iggy Pop dived at the New York crowd; and missed.

“When I landed it hurt and I made a mental note that Carnegie Hall would be a good place for my last stagedive. The audience were just like, ‘What are you doing?'”



Les Harvey


The mother of all stage accidents occurred the following year during a Stone The Crows gig the Top Rank Suite in Swansea. Les Harvey (brother of The Sensational Alex) touched an unearthed microphone with wet hands and was killed on the spot.

And finally…




Our favourite. Life imitates art as the Irish megastars suffer a Spinal Tap moment – trapped inside a 40ft mechanical lemon. When the fruit malfunctioned the band were forced to clamber out of the back during their PopMart tour in Oslo.

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When Iggy Pop shagged a teddy on BBC children’s telly Captain Sensible laughed

WITH the BBC in the mire and floundering, time to look back at what else aside from a predatory paedophile Aunty dished up to the kidzzz in those dark, Satanic days of the 1980s.

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Famous musicians doing ordinary things at home

IN this collection of great photos, we see famous faces form the 1970s at home. Look out for Frank Zappa, Elton John, Iggy Pop, Keith Richards, Grace Slick, Freddie Mercury and David Bowie:

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‘Banker’s Bicep’ Iggy Pop Insures Isle Of White Festival Rocks: Photos

THE Isle of White Festival In Photos: Iggy Pop is 64. Swearing has not moved on. Hypnotising chickens never gets old. So. Here is the shirtless torso and heroin-addiction recovered face of Swift cover insurance (if you’re a musician who’s ever got cover from them, let us know) and Boston-based Metrobank shouting at pigeons dressed as the cool kids.

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Iggy Pop’s Stomach Makes A Sad Face

IGGY Pop’s torso is making a face. It’s not a pervy and homer Simpson’s face. It’s is merely a window on the soul.

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Iggy Pop’s Last Stage Dive: In Pictures

IGGY Pop, the 127-year-old face of car insurance, says he will not be stage diving any more.

This is not because the insurance is hard to get, but because at a recent show at New York’s Carnegie Hall, Iggy aimed for the crowd and missed.

* The crowd parted and he landed flat on the floor.

Iggy was playing with the Stooges. Iggy is Larry, Curly and Moe in one. Says pop’s answer to Moses:

“When I landed it hurt and I made a mental note that Carnegie Hall would be a good place for my last stage dive. The audience were just like, ‘What are you doing?'”

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Katie Price’s Burning Sensation X Factor Presents The Week In Pictures

pa-7994859WHAT a week that was, folks. We saw Gary Glitter’s Halloween costume, a man was beaten to death on the telly for our entertainment, The Cheeky Girls encouraged thoughts of them mating with X Factor’s Jedward and creating a new breed of horror, Madonna sanitized Africa, police arrested West Ham, Stephen Fry fans pretending to be actors, had a strop on Twitter, X Factor agonist Danyl Johnson was beaten by Hitler, giving us another reason to hate Danyl with a Y, Marlon King was branded a typical footballer, you got to cover your cat’s anus with a glitter ball, Muslims laughed at Muslims, Ollie Murs reminded us of them, Iggy Pop, Muhammad reminded us of corduroy bodysuits, starred in a film as John Travolta, we blamed the Muslims for Madeleine McCann, Al Gore became a God, Daily Mail readers came out in favour of Sharia LawNazis and , we learnt that a virus can wear bovver boots, was burnt as a bitch, Katie PriceSusan Boyle was our transsexual Jesus, Lindsay Lohan died, almost, Ringo Starr became something funny in the water, we saw the Carrie Prejean sex tape, Katie and Peter got back together, we enjoyed blood porn, Sharon Osbourne presented her hairy arsehole, Jedward reviewed their novelty record collection, Elizabeth LambertBeyonce made us watch women’s football- and it was good, showed us her knickers and Nidal Malik Hasan became a victim as he murdered 13 people.

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Iggy Pop Pops Out His Classic Rock Achievement

IGGY Pop receives his Classic Rock Achievement at the Dorchester Hotel in London. Yes, that is him, the one who looks like the winner of Miss Belarus Bodybuilder 1987.

Iggy likes to take his top off. He likes to show you his little Jordans. This is Iggy’s Classic Rock Achievement – being able top take his top off like he means it. He also has veins that, until last year, Old Mr Anorak mistook for a vermillion corduory bopdysuit. He ordered one, in fern green.

Here is Iggy in pictures. He might look like your old dinner lady holding a chunck of metal she’s ripped off the front of an old Rolls Royce to stir her custard. Apologies:


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Billy Bob Thornton Presents The Most Awkward Celebrity Interviews Ever

ANORAK brings you the Most AWakwards celebroty interviews ever.

In 1963, the Irish writer Desmond Leslie – enraged by a nasty review of his wife’s latest play – was able to infiltrate the audience of David Frost’s studio discussion show, march up to offending reviewer Bernard Levin and land a superb left hook on his nose in front of 11 million viewers.

“Just a minute Mr Levin, this will only take a minute,” Leslie had said with impeccable politeness before unleashing a blow described by The Times as “the most public punch since Sonny Liston took the heavyweight title from Floyd Patterson”.

Billy Bob said he was upset because Ghomeshi referred to his acting career in the introduction to the interview. He said he’d told the producer to focus on the band and not mention his acting.

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