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John Lennon’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover sketch is for sale

John Lennon's former home found an old sketchbook containing this tiny sketch of the john lennon art Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band


is everything a famous name does worth preserving or owning? When the owners of John Lennon’s former home found one of the singer’s old sketchbook they noticed it contained a small sketch of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover. It’s for sale at auction, where the 4 1/4 by 4 1/4 inches doodle is expected to fetch up to $60k.

Julien’s Live auctions trails the find:

An ink on paper sketch by John Lennon of the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover with Lennon’s handwriting of the album’s title on the central bass drum in the image. The drawing was found in a sketchbook left in Lennon’s former home, Kenwood in Surrey, England, and recovered by the new owners. The design of the album cover is known to have been executed by artist Peter Blake based on drawings provided by Paul McCartney. All of The Beatles contributed to the design of the cover in some way. It is unknown how this undated drawing figures into the history of the album cover and Lennon’s involvement.


paul mcartney album beatles


At the same auction you can buy a Paul McCartney signed copy of The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for $1,000.

Where there’s ink there’s brass.

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John Lennon demands a return to the Great British blue passport in the Sun

“TIME to bing back the Great British passport,” demands the Sun. It’s front-page news. The paper says the blue passport is a “symbol of the UK regaining sovereignty from the EU”.

We want a pledge from No10 to reintroduce the true blue, ditched in 1988 for an EU-approved burgundy passport.


passport the sun


Tory MP  Andrew Rosindell adds: “It’s a matter of identity. Having the pink European passports has been a humiliation.”


Liz Hurley naked

Liz Hurley – using her Britishness to build a career as a stereotypical British woman on American telly


It’s burgundy, Andrew.  Your old analogue driving licence was pink. Colour matters. Your passport is a fashion choice. Don’t believe us – believe actress Liz Hurley, then, who when not using the Union flag as a merkin, is saying things like:

 “I yearn for the days when my (gorgeous navy blue) passport got stamped when I went anywhere in Europe and I loved puzzling over fistfuls of Italian lire, French francs and Deutschmarks. It was glamorous and exciting.”

The Sun shows us John Lennon’s old British passport. It was blue. Did Lennon go for the pink one? No. Granted, he was dead before it was introduced. Yes, he did chose in live in America. But the Sun has made it’s point – the pink one is not what the resting Beatle would have wanted.  “Imagine,” says Lennon, “there are no countries… that don’t show due respect to the Great British Blue passport.”


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Dentist Plans To Clone John Lennon From A Tooth And Raise Him As A Son


A CLEARLY bonkers Canadian dentist called Dr Michael Zuk has spoken of his not weird and distressing at all plans to clone dead Beatle John Lennon and raise him as a son.

See, he’s got DNA from the singer’s tooth and doesn’t see any weird moral implications of owning his own little Beatle, like he’s the evil empire in Star Wars, making a load of Jango Fetts.

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On This Day In Photos: John Lennon Sings Instant Karma! With A Sanitary Towel On Top Of The Pops

ON this day in history – 1970: John Lennon performed his solo single Instant Karma! on Top Of The Pops.




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Would you like to see John Lennon cloned back to life from a manky tooth?

John Lennon performs on stage with his first band the 'Quarry Men' at a church function in Woolton, Merseyside, Great Britain, July 6, 1957. (AP Photo/Str)

THANKS to a preserved rotten tooth, a Canadian dentist wants to bring back the late John Lennon back via the scientific miracle of cloning.


Edmonton tooth-botherer, Michael Zuk, claims he has sent the Beatle molar (which he bought at an auction last year for $31,000) to Penn State University, where he says “scientists are considering ways to extract the genetic code from the fragile specimen.”

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How would John Lennon & Bob Dylan fare on The Voice?

PEOPLE who sneer at shows like The X Factor and The Voice often wonder how singers of the past would fare. Would Screamin’ Jay Hawkins get Simon Cowell’s approval? Would someone like Nina Simone stand a chance against Olly Murs if it all went to deadlock?

The fact of the matter is, no-one should really care because the 60s were a completely different time where record companies had loads of money to take loads of chances and, most importantly, X Factor is to music what WWE is to sport – it’s just telly!

Either way, over in the States, The Voice USA have made a video where John Lennon and Bob Dylan appear… and you know something? It’s funny than 99% of the jibes spat out by detractors!

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John Lennon Jewelry on QVC is what he would have wanted

imagine john lennon jewelry

JOHN Lennon Jewelry on QVC is what he would have wanted. I particularly like the woman telling her kids “Imagine there’s no Heaven”, and them answering: “But you told us there was! LIAR!”

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Why ‘gay’ John Lennon liked Yoko Ono


WHAT did John Lennon see in Yoko Ono? In The Beatles, Football And Me, Hunter Davies wrote about Lennon’s relationship with Brian Epstein, the band’s manager. They went to Spain together. Writes Davies:

John wasn’t a homosexual, but he was daft enough to try anything once.”

Lennon’s childhood friend Pete Shotton says Epstein “toss [Lennon] off”.

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John Lennon arrested for murder in Brazil and other letters of note

TO Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where police have arrested three suspected criminals named John Lennon. It’s testament of Lennon’s enduring popularity that John Lennon Ribeiro Siqueira, arrested for plotting to rob a lottery agency, is just 19.
Suspected burglar John Lennon Fonseca Ferreira is 22. Suspected five-time killer John Lenon Camargos Gomes is also 22.

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Christmas hits: those Seventies seasonal smashes

Seventies seasonal smashes

From the time when Christmas records ruled the Earth

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John Lennon ‘To Do’ List Up For Auction (Beatles For Sale)

BEATLES junk always sells, regardless of how dull or menial it is. Remember John Lennon’s tooth getting purchased by some bozo? George Harrison’s Vox amp will soon be on the auction block in London soon. It’s not all handwritten Strawberry Fields (Forever) lyrics and Lennon’s Imagine piano.

And the latest thing up for sale is a to-do list complied by Lennon and will be on-sale at

So what amazing things will we find on this list? ‘Promote World Peace With The Wife‘ maybe? ‘Punch that swine Macca‘ perhaps? One thing that isn’t on there is ‘Don’t Get Shot By Crazed Fan Outside House‘.

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John Lennon Dreamed Of A United States Of Europe

JOHN Lennon died 30 years ago. So. Here’s Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament, tweeting:

And his dream? Well:

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

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NME Tribute To John Lennon: Fail

JOHN Lennon died 30 years ago. In a media keen for easy news and nostalgia this is billed as a landmark. Over on the NME website, the guru’s of pop have created a homepage that pays tribute to the man shot dead by Marc Chapman. It’s touching and sensitive stuff…

Beatles Wives And Girfriend- gallery

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The Beatles: John Lennon’s Lyrics To I’m Only Sleeping Are On Sale

WANT to buy John Lennon’s handwritten lyrics to I’m Only Sleeping? Lennon wrote the words for the 1966 hit in ballpoint pen and blue felt tip. The paper is a reminder letter for an unpaid bill of £12.3.0 for a car Radiophone.

The piece of paper is now worth and estimated £250,000 – 350,000.

The bill was paid…


Picture 1 of 2

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John Lennon At 70: He Missed His Citroën And Apple Adverts But Saw The Light (Photos)

JOHN Lennon would have been 70th today. He never lived to see his advert for Apple or Citroën. He also missed every other mawkish anniversary of this death. How long can you go marking the birthday of a man before it looks like marketing-led campaign?

Lennon, A musician who with The Beatles make some great records and entertained millions is elevated to a sombre, mawkish and meaningful sainthood in a way he would surely have found ridiculous. Evey word of his is analysed and presented as if he never said anything that was not stuffed with meaning.

Says John: “I wanna hold your hand.” Hmmm. What hand? How did you want to hold it? What did you want to hold it with? Is John’s hand a sign of God’s love?

And here he would have been at 70. Or 80. Or  240. That sounds far-fetched. Unless, of course, in the far-flung future people are living to 300 years plus, in which case it’s poignant. Yoko Ono might care to record such a greeting for every year up to 300 and beyond.

Beatles Wives And Girfriend- gallery

To mark this occasion Yoko Ono is flogging a load of Lennon’s solo material which she “remastered” in big box set.

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Photos Of Yoko Ono’s Living Exhibit Visit To John Lennon’s Liverpool

YOKO Ono spent a part of today sat in the front room of John Lennon’s former home in Mendips, Liverpool, as a kind of living exhibit. Lennon lived in the house with his Aunt Mimi and Uncle George from 1945-1963. He’s dead now. But Yoko lives.

Beatles Wives And Girfriends – gallery

She called in to the house after meeting Sure Start members at John’s old school, Dovedale School. The kids waved and cheered. Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh! They’ve no idea who the weird old lady is but she got them time off class! Cheers, John!

But how to get the nippers back inside the classroom? Yoko… How about a song?


Picture 1 of 8

Yoko Ono greets fans during a visit to John Lennon's former school, Dovedale School in Liverpool.

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Vatican Responds To Sex Cases By Clearing The Satantic Beatles

TOP news from the Vatican is that the Pope and the Catholic Church has forgiven John Lennon for saying in 1966 that the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus“. The Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano (in association with Choir Boy Enthusiast), says the Beatle’s music is “beautiful” and the mop tops represent “a precious jewel“.

14 Neglected Beatles’ Gems

The story goes:

“It’s true they took drugs, lived life to excess because of their success, even said they were bigger than Jesus and put out mysterious messages that were possibly even Satanic.”

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John Lennon’s Citroën Gets The Horn

JOHN Lennon is brought back to life for a car commercial. John Lennon has finally arrived. As TB says, “A Citroën is no psychedelic Rolls.”

But this is not just cashing in.

Beatles Wives And Girfriend- gallery

Sean Lennon, John and Yoko’s son, puts us straight on Twitter:

* “She did not do it for money. Has to do w hoping to keep dad in public consciousness. No new LPs, so TV ad is exposure to young.”

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Sam Taylor-Wood’s Nowhere Boy, The John Lennon Story In Pictures

ANORAK was in the press room at the premier of Nowhere Boy, Sam Taylor-Wood story in film of John Lennon’s childhood. Taylor-Wood’s lover Aaron Johnson stars as the young John Lennon; Kristin Scott Thomas is Aunt Mimi.

At the show, we spotted, Tracey Emin, Liz Fuller, Edith Bowman, Sam Taylor- Wood and fiance Aaron Johnson, Olivia Grant, Gary Kemp and the ubiquitous Sarah Brown. The pictures:


Picture 1 of 10

Tracey Emin arrives for the charity premiere of Nowhere Boy, hosted by Quintessentially,, at BAFTA in Piccadilly, London.

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John Lennon’s Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Dies

lucy-voddenRIP Lucy Vodden, the woman who went to school with Julian Lennon and inspired his dad John Lennon to write Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.

She was 46.

The song was about drugs? Not so, says Lennon:

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Hey Rude: Paul McCartney Swears On Beatles Remasters

HAVING brought you the 14 neglected Beatles’s gems, Anorak’s Man In LA has also been working his way through the Beatles remasters. Says TB:

And although we’d have preferred that the cleaned-up, brightened, state-of-the-art recordings had been released ten years ago when people were still buying CDs and we were still listening to music on big Spicas with tweeters and woofers and pre-amps and tubes instead of throuh earbuds, car stereos and computer speakers, the tracks sound great and there are more than a few revelations:

* Paul McCartney does say “Oh, fucking hell!” at around 2:58 of Hey Jude (sound engineers Ken Scott and Geoff Emerick have said that Paul blurted it after hitting a clunker and that it was Lennon’s idea to leave the mistake in the final mix– buried low enough so no one will hear it– turn up the treble and crank it and you can hear it now).

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Michael Jackson’s Last Word Was “Bubbles”

jackson-front-pagesMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Jackson’s last word for Bubbles, whoop of joy and  a shroud and propofol found in Jackson’s home…

Daily Mirror: “’CAN YOU FEEL IT’”

Michael Jackson whooped with joy as he rehearsed on stage for his comeback tour. Thrusting his arm in the air after one of his trademark twirls, he cried: “I feel so alive – can you feel it?”

Well, that’s lyrics and dancing  for you. He was also heard to shout “Thiller-errrrrr!”, “Don’t stop til you get enough!” and “Oo!”

The superstar, who died of a heart attack just hours later, told photographer pal Kevin Mazur: “This is where I belong. Why oh why have I left it so long?”

Anyone feel a Kevin Mazur book coming on?

Kevin watched spellbound as Jacko performed his entire set for an hour and a half until nearly midnight. He sang 12 songs, stopping only briefly to wipe his brow with a white towel strategically placed at the side of the stage.

Even the towel is poignant. Who placed it? Why was it white? Has it been since?

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Celebrating 9-11 With The UK’s Islamists In Residence

REMEMBERING 9/11 with Britain’s Al-Ghuraba movement.

Over a Ramadan fast breaking dinner, members gathered in London for a conference held under the banner, “The September Attacks: Have You Learned the Lesson?“.

Mad mullah John Lennon fan Omar Bakri was there, albeit live-ish from Beirut via a satellite video link up. Good to see Bakri back. Since his departure, the country has been bereft of a gurning, wire-bearded nutter, a face of Islamic fascism we can all relate to.

Can any among the assembled great and good rise to the challenge and be the new face?

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