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Chelsea captain and the non-celebrity sex tape story

The Daily Star leads with the news “JOHN TERRY IN VILE SEX TAPE”.  Bit of tautology there. It’s hard to think of sex with John Terry being anything other than vile. But each to their own – and in the case of married John Terry, who allegedly shagged a team-mate’s girlfriend, a little bit of everything to John. But before you wonder who else features in the Chelsea captain’s sex tape, or if it’s a solo act, the Star says the tapes doesn’t feature John Terry. It;s got nothing to do with him  whatsoever. Apparently, what is does show is a “lookalike of his mother”.

Knowing what John Terry’s mum looks like clothed or otherwise, let alone watching a sex film because someone in it reminds you of her, adheres to Rule 34 – “The 34th rule of the Internet, which states that any object, character, or media franchise imaginable has porn associated with it.”

On Pages 6 and 7, Star readers get to see a photo of Sue Terry, identified as “not the woman the X-rated sex video”, and  hear from her son, who is quoted: “It’s not her. We will go legally unbelievable hard on anyone suggesting it is her.” As a conniving porn producer cuts the quote and slaps “Unbelievably hard – John Terry” on the video’s cover, we wonder if the Star can create more news from non-celebrity sex tapes, and if Camilla Parker Bowles has quashed rumours about her looking a bit like the star of Debbie Does Dallas.


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John Terry is NOT leaving Chelsea

john terry quitsThe news moves quickly – too quickly for the dead tree press. This morning, the Times leads with “Chelsea snub Terry hid for new contract”. News is that John Terry, the Chelsea captain, is to leave the club this summer when his current contract expires. He wants to stay but the club are happy for him to go.

“It’s all over,” says the Mail. “Terry’s Chelsea days finished.” It’s the “Blues boot for JT,” says the big story on the Express‘ back page. “Captain. Lever. Legend,” puns the Mirror. “Captain. Leaader. Legend, Leaving,” retorts the Sun.

But what does Terry say? “They said that when the new manager comes in, things might change,” Terry said. “It’s a no at the minute.”

So he could stay? He wants to.

This morning Chelsea have made an announcement: “John requested a meeting with the club the week before last. In that meeting he asked about the possibility of an extension to his existing contract. John was advised that while no new deal was currently on the table, that situation could change in the coming months. The club has the utmost respect for John and everything he has helped us achieve to date. He is a fantastic servant of Chelsea Football Club and a superb captain and, as such, the club will keep the channels of dialogue open.”

Stories of John Terry’s demise have been premature.


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John Terry leaving Chelsea is one less reason to hate the Blues

John Terry, 35, says he’s leaving Chelsea this summer.  The club haven’t offered their skipper a new contract.

So he’s leaving the club he’s played for since age 14. He takes with him a haul of four Premier League titles, five FA Cups and the Champions League. He says:

“Ideally I would have loved to stay, but the club’s moving in a different direction. I couldn’t play for another Premier League club. It will be elsewhere for sure.  I feel as though I’m in great nick, I’m playing great and I’ve got a couple of years to go. It’ll just be elsewhere. The club will move on. No player is ever bigger than the club. No doubt they’ll sign one or two great centre-backs.”

The best thing a non-Chelsea fan can say about Terry is that unlike many new fans who see Stamford Bridge as a stepping stone to the rugby and a nice tea, Terry hasn’t left the match before the final whistle. He stayed at the club until it not longer wanted him. He gave it his all.

Now we await his book. It should be a good read – although we also expect it to feature entire chapters in parentheses with reams of footnotes lest any word be removed from context – cultural and historical –  and misinterpreted, to be used against Terry in a court of law, football phone-in or controversial handshake.




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Clear the court: John Terry’s FCB introduces the woman saying ‘vagina’ over and over and over

Vagina in court


When England footballer John Terry rowed with Anton Ferdinand, the matter came to court. In 2012, Chelsea captain Terry was acquitted of the racially aggravated public-order offence of calling QPR’s Ferdinand a “fucking black cunt“. In court the phrase became the acronym ‘FBC’. But his summing up at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, chief Magistrate Howard Riddle used the words many, many times.

Highlights are:

The defendant does not deny that he used the words, “fuck off, fuck off”, “fucking black cunt” or “fucking knobhead”. His case is that his words were not uttered by way of abuse or insult nor were they intended to be abusive or insulting…

He says they were used after a perceived false accusation made by Mr Ferdinand, the accusation being to the effect that the defendant had used the term “black cunt” during their exchanges with each other…

The issue between the defendant and the Crown is whether Mr Terry uttered the words “fucking black cunt” by way of insult…

There is also no dispute that John Terry directed the words “black cunt” in the direction of Anton Ferdinand…

It starts off funny. And then it gets a tad wearing:

It is equally clear, and equally not in dispute, that he also directed the words “fucking knobhead” at Anton Ferdinand…

It is obvious, and again not in dispute, that at the time that John Terry said “black cunt” and “fucking knobhead” he was angry…

Ms Whitewood is of the opinion that the words spoken by John Terry are “Yeah and I [obstruction] you/ya fucking black cunt (pause) fucking knobhead”…

In cross-examination he accepted that he appears to use the word “and” and as a result the only difference between the prosecution and the defence is that the Crown alleged he says “you/ya fucking black cunt” whereas the defence case is that he said “a fucking black cunt?”…

And then it gets to being funny again:

There is then the evidence of Anton Ferdinand that he at no stage accused John Terry of calling him a black cunt…

In cross-examination Mr Ferdinand at first appeared to deny that Mr Terry said, in the dressing room, “do you think I called you are fucking black cunt?”…

There is no doubt the words “Fucking black cunt” were directed at Mr Ferdinand…

Another possibility, and this is a possibility suggested to me by the defence, is that he did indeed accuse John Terry of calling him a black cunt, knows perfectly well that the words observed on the TV footage were in response to that comment, and is lying about it…

Another doubt about the facts is what was said by Anton Ferdinand at the time of his obscene gesture to John Terry, shortly before the words “black cunt” were spoken…

And now tiring:

A related point is the way that Mr Terry’s facial expression changed at the moment he uttered the words “black cunt”…

On the other hand the footage of Mr Terry as he says “black cunt” adds credence to the defence account that something of a different order had just been said to him, something altogether more insulting…

The prosecution point out that in the FA interview Mr Terry was asked “can you remember exactly what you said back to him?” and replied “I think it was something along the lines of, “You black cunt, you’re a fucking knobhead”…

There was a word that looked like Bridges or black. There was another word that looked like cunt…

And finally you can’t stop laughing. You’re sat in the court giggling and snorting like an adolescent. You are riding the “black cunt” rollercoaster.

The prosecution has presented a strong case. There is no doubt that John Terry uttered the words “fucking black cunt” at Anton Ferdinand. When he did so he was angry. Mr Ferdinand says that he did not precipitate this comment by himself accusing Mr Terry of calling him a black cunt….

Weighing all the evidence together, I think it is highly unlikely that Mr Ferdinand accused Mr Terry on the pitch of calling him a black cunt…

And now to the video of the woman saying vagina in court.


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Chelsea: Eden Hazard owes it all to toxic John Terry, the Premier League’s best player

Chelsea captain John Terry is a great footballer. Saying that is hardly going out on a limb. He has been terrific for Chelsea.

But in the Sun, Steven Howard sees Terry as a victim:

“Here was another immense performance. One of the many that a lot of us feel should have earned him and not player Hazard the PFA Player of The Year award. That he was not even nominated by his fellow players shows there are other reasons behind his ommission.”

What reasons? Howard does not say.

The PFA player of the season featured these six contenders: Diego Costa, Philippe Coutinho, David De Gea, Eden Hazard, Harry Kane and Alexis Sánchez. Are they all better than Terry? No. They’re not. If you want to win prizes, you’d pick Terry over Countinho every time.

So. Does Howard have a point? Yes say some other journalists.

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Chelsea Balls: John Terry ‘Takes A Pay Cut’ To Reduce Ticket Prices And Hell Freezes Over



TO Chelsea, where, as the Sun reprots, “JOHN TERRY vows this week to speak to Chelsea’s board of directors about the sky-high ticket prices at his club.”

Good old JT, sticking up for the fans.

But the Chelsea players are hoovering up all that cash – “69 per cent of it [income] went on wages.”

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Chelsea Balls: Manchester City Made John Terry Cry

Soccer - UEFA Champions League - Final - Manchester United v Chelsea - Luzhniki Stadium


CHELSEA captain John Terry cries when he doesn’t win. Other footballers have cried, of course. But Terry is such a divisive character. His tears invite a reaction. And most football fans will point and laugh. He says:

“I was in tears over the Premier League last season, over throwing it away and not winning it, behind closed doors. It’s emotions, that is what I play for week-in, week-out.”

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Rio Ferdinand And Chelsea Captain John Terry Were The Moralising State’s Useful ‘Idiots’

QUEEN’S Park Rangers defender Rio Ferdinand says Chelsea “Legend” John Terry “is the biggest idiot”.

RIO Ferdinand today lifts the lid on the John Terry racism row that ended their international careers.

Did it end their careers? Maybe not because in September 2013, the Evening Standard reported:


Screen shot 2014-09-14 at 09.50.06



When he retired, Ferdinand insisted his decision would allow younger players to come through but also admitted the threat of injuries and protecting his Old Trafford career were reasons. “That was certainly part of the decision over England,” added Ferdinand, who recently made his 300th Premier League appearance for United.

So. Ferdinand quit England. England did not quit Ferdinand.

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Chelsea Balls: John Terry’s Poundland Christmas Toys

WHY was Chelsea’s John Terry shopping in Poundland?

poundland chelsea


JT is not with Oscar, the Brazilian wonder, but 17-year-old Knaphill Atheltic winger and Chelsea fan Jack Jeffrey, who tells Get Surrey:

“My mate asked him if it was OK to have a picture. He was happy to let us. It was weird just walking in there and seeing him. He had a lot of stuff in his basket but I didn’t really see what it was. When I told my friends they were shocked and wished they had met him as well. He’s probably one of my favourite players.”

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Coat Balls: Manchester United’s Robin Van Persie Does An Impression Of Chelsea’s FKW John Terry


ROBIN Van Persie is a lot of things – a top finisher for United’ a turncoat for Arsenal – but he is no John Terry. If you are going to call anyone a JT you’d best get your facts straight. PVP has been called a lot of names but labelling him a JT might result in a libel action and pardonable  violence.

So, then, to David Ken in the Daily Mail:

You’re not fooling anyone, Robin! Were there shades of JT’s infamous Euro gaffe as substitute Van Persie strips out of his coat to celebrate against Arsenal?

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In photos: Full kit hero John Terry and his kids win the Europa Cup for Chelsea

HE did it gain. Full-kit man John Terry came down from the stands to celebrate Chelsea’s Europa Cup win, and just as he did when the Blues won the Champions’ League last season, changed from casual clothes into full Chelsea kit. For added hilarity, he positioned his daughter at the very centre of the team photo. In years to come, when memories have faded, JT will be the family man who with his team of Terrios conquered Europe.


Terry’s kits during the match, in which he played no part.

Netherlands Soccer Europa League Final




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Manchester United’s ‘hurt’ Rio Ferdinand loses to Chelsea’s honest broker John Terry

Soccer - FA Cup - Quarter Final - Replay - Chelsea v Manchester United - Stamford Bridge

MANCHESTER United’s Rio Ferdinand is a terrific player whose decision not to play for England was an elegant revenge for once being overlooked in favour of Chelsea’s John Terry. Ferdinand only got the call because the obnoxious Terry has retired from international football. Ferdinand could have used the moment of his selection to tell everyone at the FA what he thought of them in words of one syllable. But he chose not to rake over old ground and mention the row between his brother Anton Ferdinand and Terry. He just said he’d like to play for England, got picked, then explained that his treatment schedule wouldn’t allow him to play, before heading to Qatar for a spot of media work. Mindful of Ferdinand’s grace under fire, we wondered what it would be like when United played Chelsea in the FA Cup.

Terry never got on the pitch, acting as an unused substitute. The monocular Chelsea fans, predictably, jeered Ferdinand’s every touch. Just as they did when the teams’ last played at Stamford Bridge.

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Want to see John Terry in a posing pouch? Here you go

JOHN Terry has posted this image on his Instagram account. It’s as if someone – possibly his agent – had a word and reminded him that he was the most hated man in the Premier League and should behave in accordance with his status:


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John Terry muses on hindsight

JOHN Terry has had time to think:

“With the benefit of hindsight my language was not an appropriate reaction to the situation.”

Hindsight, eh. Had only someone told the Chelsea captain that saying the words “fucking black cunt” in the general direction of a black man were not an appropriate reaction.

See also: Sooty, Sambo, Serbia and others.

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In praise of Ashley Cole – he’s right about Terry, the FA and Shearer

CAN we now all agree to like Ashley Cole? The Chelsea player was the one person we can say was racially abused in the ongoing saga of the FA versus John Terry. Rio Ferdinand called Cole a “choc-ice“.

Terry, of course, uttered the words “fucking black cunt” in the direction of QPR’s Anton Ferdinand. Westminster magistrates ruled that Terry, who said his words were sarcastic, had committed no criminal offence. Still, the FA said Terry was not a racist but had said racist things. He was guilty of unwitting racism, fined and banned.

The FA wants us to get the moral message. Sod the law. Sod actual racism. We need to be educated. Clive Efford MP, Labour’s Shadow Sports Minister, agrees:

“Notwithstanding the fact that the court has found him not guilty, the language he used has no place on any football pitch in any context whatsoever…The FA must now reinforce confidence in that approach, restate their complete commitment to stamping out racism and build on the work that has been done to date, to send the message to every member of our society that racism in any form cannot be tolerated.”

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John Terry left out of Chelsea’s Dolce & Gabbana shoot

JOHN Terry, football’s oil slick, has been fined £220,000 and handed a four-match ban for not being a racist, rather for saying racist-themed words. His was a “racially-aggravated public order offence”. He said “fucking black c*nt” to QPR’s  Anton Ferdinand,  and that’s enough for the FA.

The whole thing has been a gigantic mess. How it ended up in court is a worry.

Terry broke FA Rule E3, which states that footballers should refrain from using “abusive and/or insulting words and/or behaviour”. This includes any “reference to a person’s ethnic origin, colour or race”.

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John Terry: guilty of racially abusing QPR’s Anton Ferdinand in FA hearing

WHAT do you do about racists? Tell them they’re wrong? Well, that doesn’t work because there’s no reasoning with racists. Punch them in the mouth then? Violence and racism pretty much equate in terms of lousy actions.

Well, if you’re the FA and you’ve just found John Terry guilty of being racist, you hand them a four match ban.

That’s right! Four whole days off work for being a thoroughly awful human. And that’s what John Terry is. That’s not to say he’s an actual racist, rather, he seems to be the kind of person who might say the most damaging thing in his head just to wound someone, whether he means it or not.

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England team resigns to spend more time watching John Terry and their girlfriends

RAINY day. Monday blues. Cheer up. John Terry will never again represent England at football. Says the untenable Chelsea captain:

“I am today announcing my retirement from international football. I am making this statement today in advance of the hearing of the FA disciplinary charge because I feel the FA, in pursuing charges against me where I have already been cleared in a court of law, have made my position with the national team untenable.

“I now look forward to playing for Chelsea FC and challenging for domestic and European honours.”

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John Terry thanks Usain Bolt for helping him win Olympic 100m gold (photo)

CHELSEA John Terry, reportedly, has thanked Usain Bolt for helping him win Olympic 100m gold (photo). JT for BBC Sports Personality of The Year! JT does it again!!!!

Spotters: @IanWright0 @kylebartley22 @Mark__Bright


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John Terry escapes the thought police – real racism exists beyond football

THANKS to Chelsea captain John Terry and Anton Ferdinand, the court of Great Britain and Northern Ireland know that ‘FBC’ stands for “fucking black cunt”. The other thing we know is that an innocent man – Terry might be a dislikable oik but he is no racist – can be condemned by the right minded with a cause.

Comments on Terry have come thick and thicker. Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand showcased his stupidity with a tweet about Ashley Cole being a “choc ice”. Cole held the sensible opinion that the matter should never have reached court.

Duwayne Brooks, Stephen Lawrence’s friend who was there that night when the black teenager was murdered by racists, tells The Times’ readers:

So there can be no denying that the “not guilty” verdict at Westminster Magistrates Court is a setback for those of us who want to drive racist language out of the game… A guilty verdict would have been a breath of fresh air for football at all levels in Britain. 

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Rio Ferdinand calls Ashley Cole a ‘choc ice’ – Liverpool’s Milky Bar Kid Kelly models on

CHELSEA captain John Terry did not racially abuse QPR defender Anton Ferdinand. Now, Ferdinand’s big brother, Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand has called Terry’s colleague a “Choc ice”. A choc ice is someone black on the outside but white on the middle. It is not a term of praise.

On twitter a @CarltonEbanks, opined: “Looks like Ashley Cole’s going to be their choc ice. Then again he’s always been a sellout. Shame on him.”

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John Terry highlight of the day: please, please, please, please

LET no man say John Terry is a bit hard of learning and lacks manners. The Chelsea captain is accused of racially abusing QPR’s Anton Ferdinand. The matter has reached the courts. The highlight of today’s exchange is:

John Terry is asked to repeat evidence that he had been sent off four times in his career. The judge wants him to speak up.

George Carter-Stephenson, defending: . “Can you say, please, four times?”

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John Terry’s bike speaks out

JOHN Terry’s bike is not one of the Chelsea captain’s alleged sexual conquests, rather an actual bicycle that has taken to speaking in the manner of the England footballer:

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John Terry’s racism trial makes adolescents sniggers (video)

ONE day, when John Terry’s trial for alleged racial abuse is over, Sky News’s Brian Swanson will look back at his work. He may go on YouTube:

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John Terry racism trial day 1: Rio Ferdinand’s film choice and Vanessa Perroncel

JOHN Terry. What a geyser, eh?  The Chelsea captain was at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, London, for the start of his trial for allegedly racially abusing QPR’s  Anton Ferdinand. The trial will last five days.

Also in court was Doreen Lawrence, mother of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence. He was knifed to death by racists. Does her presence prejudice your view on the matter?

The Queens Park Rangers defender tells the court that he did not hear the allegedly racist comment from the Chelsea captain during the match in October 2011. But had he done, he would have found it “very hurtful”.

On Twitter, Anton’s older brother, Manchester United mainstay Rio Ferdinand, tweets:

Not much to say about that, other than it’s a pretty so-so film and it’s more fun to watch Terry in the dock.

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