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Demi ‘Bruiser’ Lovato Talks About Punching A Dancer

ROLLER COASTER is a way of describing the past year that kids’ fave Demi Lovato has had. She’s dated a Jonas Brother (who cares which one? Seriously. They’re all grown in the same laboratory), split up with him, gone mad, self-harmed, gone into rehab, got an eating disorder, got diagnosed as bipolar and, most importantly, punched the crap out of one of her dancers.

Demi says:

“I was completely out of line all summer. Just the worst attitude – totally ungrateful.”

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Demi Lovato Isn’t Courting Ryan Phillipe, Right? Now Get Lost

LADIES and gentlemen, here we have one of those magical anti-news stories. It’s commonplace for tabloids and glossy rags to tell you things that aren’t happening, so we’re going to join in.

The big non-news is that Ryan Phillippe and Demi Lovato are not dating. We’ve gone to great lengths to find out something that isn’t happening.

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In Pictures: Kevin And Joe Jones Arrive To See Brother Nick In Les Miserables

WE spotted Kevin and Joe Jonas arriving at London’s Queen’s Theatre to see their brother, professional virgin, Nick’s debut performance in Les Miserables. Nick Jonas he will be starring in the production for the next three weeks. Kevin is the one who looks like an estate agent shopping for a pink shirt; Joe is dressed a Rupert Pupkin. Do girls like this clothing? Do they go bandy at the sight of a George Burns’ cast offs? Two words, lads: Justin Bieber. If you’re not wearing pull ups any more, you’re too old to be a teen star…


Picture 1 of 5

Kevin (centre) and Joe (2nd Right) Jonas arrive at Queen's Theatre in central London for their brother Nick's debut performance in Les Miserables as he will be starring in the production for the next three weeks.

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Kevin Jonas And Danielle Deleasa’s Disney-Themed Lady And Tramp Wedding

jonas-weddingPEOPLE magazine has a “FIRST LOOK” at Kevin Jonas’s wedding to Danielle Jonas, nee Danielle Deleasa.

The wedding “was like a fairy tale”, we learn. There was “a castle, an enchanted forest and glass slippers in the bride’s shoe size”.

This is what happens when virgins marry and one of them works for Disney. Cue the bunnies and poison apple.

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Jonas Brothers, Black-Eyed Peas And Katy Perry’s Cleavage Present The X Factor Free Grammys, In Pictures

TIME for another music industry AGM and we look at the Grammy nominations. The usual suspects are all name checked: Beyonce Knowles (10 award nominations), Taylor Swift (8), and The Black Eyed Peas, Maxwell and Kanye West (6 each). That might sound a lot but with 109 categories to be nominated for, Beyonce and the big sellers may feel short changed. As for Simon Cowell’s reality TV – American Idol, X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent – concoctions, there is not a single nomination. Simon Cowell didn’t kill music – he just put it into a category marked “CRAP”. Here’s the breaking news in pictures:


Picture 1 of 17,, Fergie, and Taboo of The Black Eyed Peas attend the GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live held at the Nokia Club, downtown Los Angeles, California.

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Jonas Brothers In Paris And In Pictures

THE Jonas Brothers are in Paris. That’s Paris, France. Anorak’s snapper spotted them emerging from the city’s NRJ Radio Station.

Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas all hopped out of their van to the “warm welcome” of a huge crowd of gathered fans. Purity rings at the ready, boys. Set to stun:


Picture 1 of 10

Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas of The Jonas Brothers leave NRJ Radio Station in Paris, France.

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X Factor: George Michael Sees The Light And The Jonas Brothers Back Jedward

7819205X FACTOR Watch: George Michael spots the leading lights and the Jonas Brothers back Jedward.

The trick with the X Factor publicists is to keep the show in people’s minds in the long week, when I’m A Celebrity occupies all thoughts and front pages.

It’s achieved by non news. Today’s non-news news story is that George Michael might watch the show.

A show insider tells the Mirror:

“George is hoping to come and watch the live shows this weekend.”

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Jonas Brothers Launch New Christian Youth Magazine

street-christPRESS release of the day trumpets a magazine called StreetBrand, and the Jonas Brothers singing combo:

Christian teenagers around the country will be able to pick up a copy of a new glossy, handbag sized, faith-based youth culture magazine that launched today.”

Why non-Christian teenagers can’t pick one up is perhaps something the magazine can debate in further issues?

In a world where boy/girl crazed, sex-oriented teen magazines filled with celebrity gossip are the mainstay; STREETBRAND offers readers a well-balanced diet of fun, teen-oriented features and thought-provoking articles…

So no sex in the Christian magazine. No celebrity Christians. Just loadsa stuff that teens enjoy and are interested in.

Fans of music bands/artists who share the Christian faith (i.e. Jordin Sparks, Paramore, The Jonas Brothers) will also find STREETBRAND a good read as we hope to feature acts like this…

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The Jonas Brothers And Spray-On STDs

jonas-brothersTHE clean-cut Jonas Brothers’ video feature the trio spraying their lip-glossed fans with white foam from hoses held at waist height.

In Good Housekeeping – rock ‘n’ loo rolls edition – the Jonai Mum talks about her virginal boys’ sex lives.

If there is one thing guaranteed to put every Priapic boy outside small farming communities and the Forest of Dean off sex it is to hear mum talking about it.

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Miley Cyrus Grows An Extra hand For Jonas Brother

MILEY Cyrus. Virginal teen American star. Jesus friend.

Jonas Brothers. Virginal teen American stars.

They meet.

Is that an extra hand in your pocket or are you a photoshop disaster?


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