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Mark Owen’s Teenage ‘Lover’ Susan Tells All

TAKE That fan “Susan” wants to tell Mirror readers about the night Mark Owenenticed her and her friend into bed”. They were a “pair of naïve 16-year-olds”. They were “lured“.

It is 1995. Yep, the Mirror’s exclusive occurs a full ten years before Mark Owen met his current wife Emma and began his conquest of what he estimates to be ten other women.

Mark Owen Does Women And Rehab: In Pictures

Owen would have been 24 at the time. Sixteen seems young, but it is legal. The Mirror plays the age card, telling readers how Owen, allegedly, seduced the girls after they went to see Take That in Earl’s Court to celebrate the end of their GCSEs.

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Take That Sex Story Pictures: Howard Donald Is Mark Owen’s Ashley Cole

AFTER news of Take That’s fallen possum Mark Owen’s sex life, the tabloids tell of Howard Donald’s alleged sex with married Dutch fan Merith Van Onselen, 28.

Says the allegedly cuckolded husband Dave Koevarmans, father to their child in words that should rise a smile:

“I always thought MARK OWEN was her favourite.”

But Mark was in a solid relationship with [insert name here] and was not available.

Howard Donald – Fame And Women

The whole story of Donald’s alleged sex with a fan is told in one breathless News of The World paragraph:

Singer Howard Donald romped with 28-year-old Merith Van Onselen behind the back of the mother of his youngest daughter at the height of the group’s comeback – after wooing her while high on cannabis.

That is how you write tabloid news, readers. Amy Nelmes knows her stuff.

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Mark Owen Does Women And Rehab: In Pictures

MARK Owen, the Take That signer with the drinks issues and ten notches on his magic stick is in rehab. Owen has been confronting his inner demons in the Sun, and asking for privacy on Twitter.

The pick of the headlines is:

* Take That – Take That Star Owen Enters Rehab

Well, when all the groupies have run out…

Says one woman: “You’re joking. I thought Jason Orange looked smaller in the flesh.”


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Mark Owen’s Women: White Whine, A Blow-Up Bed And Pictures

MARK Owen, the Take That fallen possum, says he shagged 10 women while dating his wife-to-be Emma. He was seeing Neva Hanley for around five years – right up until his wedding. So he says.

He appeals for privacy, via that most public forums: Twitter:

“I’d like to ask the media to respect the privacy of my wife and children at this difficult time. No further comment will be made.”

And today the Sun screams:


Owen says he has “secretly battled a drink problem for at least TEN YEARS”.

Mark Owen And The Wome – pictures

Ten is a big number to Mark Owen. He can’t remember exactly how many other women’s he’s shagged but it’s “maybe ten”.

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Take That’s Mark Owen Admits Shagging 10 Women: Neva Hanley In Pictures

DID you know that Take That singer Mark Owen – the one who looks like the Olsen sisters’ little bother – has had 10 affairs? Yeah, John Terry, Owen, that little streak of nothing who looks he lives in a tree on a eucalyptus plantation has pulled 10 women. How many did you manage, JT?

Pathetic. And you had the nerve to bill yourself as the captain of England. Shame. On. You.

Pictures: Mark Owen And The Women

Owen is “a serial love cheat”.

Mark, 38, broke the news of his cheating to Emma, mum of their two kids, at their London home yesterday. He said: “She loves me and I let her down. I’m really sorry.”

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Big Brother’s Angel McKenzie Punches Model in Face: Video

angel-thumbANGEL McKenzie, the Big Brother agonist with the look of a pre-menstrual Shannon Doherty miming to Take That’s Mark Owen while staring at her face reflected in a stainless steel kettle has boxed in a ring.

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One Female Big Brother Housemate Is A Man

cairon-austin-hillNEWS on Big Brother’s Cairon, the 18-year-old American.

One thing we need to clear up: Cairon is not gay.

Cairon is so straight he feels uncomfortable about wiping his own arse and only ever walks in straight lines, never walks backwards and doesn’t even know what being gay is let alone how to spell it.

Problem is, what if one of the female housemates turns out to be a man?

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