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Madeleine McCann: 29 Hours With Robert Murat

by | 11th, July 2007

robert_murat.jpg“MADELIENE SUSPECT QUIZZED FOR TEN HOURS,” says the Express on its front page. Readers see Robert Murat going for his “interview” with Portuguese police.

For the tape, Murat is neither handcuffed nor in the company of uniformed persons. He walks in the company of his lawyer Fancisco Pagarete. His head is unbowed. Although this is school holiday time, no mob of mums and kids is there to scream “paedo” and chuck eggs and darts his way.

Murat is innocent? But this is the second time Murat has been questioned in the Madeleine McCann mystery. He denies any involvement in the child’s disappearance. But still the questions come.

The Mirror’s front page says: “Madeleine suspect held over “English girl” email. The Mirror calls this a “suspicious email”. Why this is suspicious we are not told. It was a Mirror journalist who told the police, and then the world, that she found Murat “creepy”.

But the police have found no evidence linking Murat to Madeleine. No link has been established between Madeleine and computer “geek” Sergey Malinka. No link has been established between Madeleine and Murat’s German lover Michaela Walczuch.

Murat was held by the police for 19 hours the first time. He has now been interviewed for ten more hours. His DNA has been taken, but it is not that of the “stranger” found in Madeleine’s bedroom.

A Briton Abroad

Murat is unable to comment on the case, bound by law. But his friend, Tuck Price, tells us: “He told me they are just going through everything again but he sounds well and I’m sure it’s just a routine thing.”

He goes on: “It’s been a very surreal experience for him. He is holding up, but he wants it to be over.” Murat’s estranged wife Dawn says she has never doubted his innocence.

But Murat has received stacks of hate mail, says his aunt, who runs a guest house near Praia da Luz. He has been a “virtual prisoner” in his home. He fears reprisals.

Is Murat another victim? As a Briton abroad should the press be defending him more, standing up for his rights? Or is his sanity and wellbeing a small price to pay in the hunt for Madeleine McCann?

After weeks of investigative work, Murat remains the only suspect.

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