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Madeleine McCann: The Carnival Of Spotters Reaches Brazil And Yeremi Vargas

by | 14th, May 2008

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DAILY STAR (front page): “Maddie is seen alive & well in Brazil”

Madeleine McCann is on a plane bound for Sao Paulo. She has also been spotted in Argentina and Chile. The Star says 11 million people live in Sao Paul. It’s the world’s fifth biggest city.

Such are the facts. Gerry McCann is a “heart consultant”. Kate McCann is a “GP”. Facts.

Madeleine has also been seen in: Portugal, Spain, Malta, Morocco, Belgium, Bosnia, France, Australia and Dorset.

Says Clarence Mitchell: “There have been a handful of sightings of Madeleine in South America. Some have been reported, others have not.”

How do editors decide which sightings got on the front page and which are ignored? How do the McCanns?

Have you seen Madeleine?

DAILY MIRROR: Maddy is ‘seen’ on Brazil jet

Interpol was yesterday investigating an apparent sighting of Madeleine McCann in Brazil. The child was reportedly with a man on a flight to Sao Paulo six weeks ago.

Interpol’s chief in Brazil, Jorge Pontes, said: “The sighting is still under investigation so we cannot reveal details. All I can say is that we have a witness insisting they saw the child on a flight.”


Sao Paulo is South America’s biggest city. Fact. Ten million Brazilians live in Sao Paulo. Fact. Taking the Sun and Star’s figures into account we deduce that one million foreigners live in Sao Paulo. And one of those is Madeleine McCann. The search is still hard but now looks a whole lot easier.

Marila Moreira, an Interpol delegate, says a man called Mark called saying he had seen Madeleine at a book fair in Rio de Janerio. How many people live there?

Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns spokesman, says: “Our investigators are looking into this”.

DAILY EXPRESS: “Brazil jet link to Madeleine”

The paper says that Brazil has “excellent air links” with Portugal. The county “attracts millions of holidaymakers each year”.

BBC: Yeremi Vargas went missing in Gran Canaria in February 2007.

Across Europe, the case of this missing child has been eclipsed in the headlines by that of Madeleine McCann. But Yeremi’s family are the first to say they have learned some lessons from the McCanns and are determined to make their campaign as far-reaching.

They are not naturally at ease with the media, far from it.

In the weeks following Yeremi’s disappearance, his mother, Ithaisa Suarez, beside herself with grief and heavily sedated, was hardly in a fit state to give interviews anyway.

Will any more of them spot Madeleine?

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