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Britain’s Josef Fritzl Was Raised In Austria

by | 26th, November 2008

JOSEF Fritzl is here. The Mirror leads with news of “BRITAIN’S FRITZL”, a man who raped his two daughters.

The 56-year-old businessman from Sheffield, who cannot be named for legal reasons, fathered nine of his own grandchildren.

But he must have a Germanic name, right. If we’ve learned anything from the Fritzl story it is that his were uniquely Austrian crimes.

Britain’s Herr Fritzl man would rape his children up to three times a week and attack them if they refused his demands.

The women were at Sheffield Crown Court to hear a judge give him 25 life sentences for rape, with a minimum term of 19½ years.

In time we will learn his name and hear how his Austrian upbringing (here, here, here and here)  and Nazis (here, here, here and here) and his beach towel contributed to his crimes.

Measnwhile, Lorraine Kelly notes:

“The British police should have a massive recruitment drive and set up a special unit to search every single cellar in their entire country. Who knows what more vile horrors would be revealed.”

Break into homes. Smash doors. Shatter glass. It’s what the Nazis would have wanted…

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