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Your Invitation To The Madeleine McCann Look-alike Party

by | 26th, January 2009

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UK tabloid invites readers to Maddy look-alike do – details to follow…


Tom Mctague is walking the Maddy Mile, putting in the hard yards. He has just passed another marker:

Kate and Gerry McCann will this week brave another family milestone without their beloved daughter Maddie – their twins’ fourth birthday.

How is that a milestone, then? Is reaching the grand old age of four now a milestone in this paedo, pervy age? If he turns up, call the cops.

Sean and sister Amelie, who has become more like her chatty big sister, will be treated to a party at the weekend.

How does the People know what Amelie McCann is like? And if she is like her big chatty missing sister, will she now, you know..?

Pals say it will be especially poignant as Maddie was snatched in Portugal just nine days short of her own fourth birthday.

Well, done Amelie and Sean. Hurray! It’ll be great occasion – better than last year’s do. Thanks to the People we all know about it. The People’s children’s party circular could become a regular feature. Births – Marriages – Deaths – Smarty Arty.

A close family friend said last night: “Kate and Gerry love watching the twins grow up but this is going to be difficult, a painful reminder of the last time they saw Madeleine.

We are watching the twins:

“Amelie looks so like Madeleine did at her age although she has blonder hair. Even Amelie says: ‘I’m pretty, just like Madeleine!’ It makes Kate very tearful at times.


“Amelie loves swimming and dressing like her sister – and still carries around her sister’s Cuddle Cat toy as if it were her own.”

(Swimsuit pics on request.) Eat your heart our, Matthew Lewis. The rest of you, start blowing up balloons:

The kids’ party is expected to be held at the family home Rothley, Leics, on Sunday – a full 20 months since Gerry and Kate, both 40, last saw Maddie.

Can we get a going home prezzie?

Spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “The party is a very private occasion. Kate and Gerry are busy working hard on the search for Madeleine.”

B-b-b-b-but People readers have the date, the address and description of the blonde child – yeah and him, whathisface… Sean. You can’t disappoint them. Better perhaps if the People throws its own Maddy look-alike party.

You can get an idea of what Our Maddy looks like here. And invite Kelsey Lynn Kudla, as guest of honour. Oh, and get her, too.

All tastefully done, of course…

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