Anorak News | BNP Thanks Poles For Making Them Popular With Spitfire Euro Election Tribute

BNP Thanks Poles For Making Them Popular With Spitfire Euro Election Tribute

by | 4th, March 2009

REMEMBER the war? The BNP does, or at least it remembers bits of it. That picture is of the BNP’s poster for the 2009 European Elections.

Battle for Britain,” bellows the legend. That’s a Spitfire soaring thought the skies, strafing the fascist scum. Hurrah!

Reach for the skies!

It’s a Romeo Foxtrot Delta Plane, as flown by Polish pilots in the great fight. Poles of the famous 303 Squadron of the RAF – the group made up of Polish airmen. The Kościuszko squadron that claimed 126 enemy kills (fascists) more than any other unit during the Battle of Britain.

Right now the RFDP is being used as a budget airline to bring in battalions of Polish workers to till the fields, build the towns and extend the extensions on minimal wage.

The BNP would like to thank the Poles for coming here, the alnd girls and the navvies. It is their arrival that has made the BNP popular. Bring them on. Come one, come all.

Says John Hemming, MP for Yardley:

“They have a policy to send Polish people back to Poland – yet they are fronting their latest campaign using this plane.

“It is absurd to make claims about Englishness and Britishness fronted by this image. It’s obvious they just picked an image at random and they are really clutching at straws if they say this was deliberate.”

Simon Darby, spokesperson for the British National Party, tells one and all:

“It’s not like the BNP are against Polish people as a nation. We are against Polish people coming over here and undercutting British workers. I mean how would the Polish people feel if their government started letting in millions of Vietnamese and letting them work for three bowls of rice a day.”

Or Germans? Why not ask a Pole, they are after all, everywhere? (Old Mr Anorak is overpaying his cleaners; note: reduce rice portions).

“That’s exactly what it’s like over here at the moment – our government has let far too many people in.”

Unite against Fascism compares the gaffe with the BNP’s decision to market an album of classic Second World War songs that included including contributions from black and Jewish artists.

Many of whom were obligingly murdered in the war…

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