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Madeleine McCann: Raymond Hewlett’s Death Bed Confession

by | 9th, December 2009

1515119RAYMOND Hewlett has never been charged with any crime in connection with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. There is no evidence linking him to her disappearance. But he became a person of interest. He became the “Maddie paedo” and the media’s “Maddie Pervert”.

He spoke with The Sun:

SUN: Why don’t you eliminate yourself from the inquiry for the sake of the McCanns?
HEWLETT: I don’t have to speak to you. F*** off.

He was accused of wanting money:

A friend of the McCanns said: ‘It has been made abundantly clear to Hewlett that he is not going to get a penny from the Madeleine Fund. It would be like asking the victims to pay. He is saying he wants money to look after his kids if he dies, but no one is going to touch him with a bargepole. He should be more worried about being eliminated from the inquiry. If he truly has nothing to hide, he should be happy to come out and say it. He ought to be grateful that the detectives are willing to speak to him with a view to crossing him off their list of possible suspects.”

Hewlett said:

The prime suspect of hired cops probing Maddie McCann’s disappearance insisted last night: “I’ve never set eyes on her.”

In June 2009, we were told by The Sun:

PAEDOPHILE Raymond Hewlett is to be quizzed in the next 24 hours about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

He had form:

A COP who interrogated Madeleine McCann suspect Raymond Hewlett says the case carries all the hallmarks of the sick sex beast.

He also had throat cancer. In June 2009:

His lawyer Thomas Dahmen told German newspaper Bild that doctors have given him just a few weeks to live after surgery for throat cancer.

And today the Daily Express delivers:


A death bed confession? Would a man on strong pain killers be a credible witness? Says the Express:

Raymond Hewlett has refused to cooperate with the Madeleine McCann investigation

Well, not exactly. He did offer up his DNA to the police:

The convicted child molester reportedly gave the saliva sample voluntarily to cops in Aachen, Germany, where he is in hospital for cancer.

He spoke with Bild, the German tabloid. The Express goes on:

A CONVICTED paedophile wanted for questioning by detectives working for Madeleine McCann’s parents is close to death, it was revealed yesterday. Sex fiend Raymond Hewlett, 64, can no longer speak because of throat cancer and lives in a council flat he shares with his partner in Aachen, ­Germany.

So how will he confess?

Investigators fear that Hewlett could take the secret of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance with him to the grave.

Don’t investigators search for facts?

Hewlett’s lawyer, Detlev ­Wagner, said: “He could not talk to them even if he wanted to. He is gravely ill. He does not have long for this world.”

So he never spoke to any investigators?

But while he has spoken with British police investigating other offences against children dating back nearly 35 years, Hewlett has steadfastly refused to co-operate with the private investigators.

It’s was just the private investigators he never spoke with. Had he confessed or pointed the finger he might have qualified for the reward, no?

The Briton, who has multiple convictions for offences against children, came to the attention of investigators after an ­English couple came forward with new information.

The couple? Is that the noteworthy Alan and Cindy Thompson, the Bin Laden spotters?

They alleged he was near to the Praia da Luz holiday resort in Portugal where Madeleine, then three, ­vanished in May 2007.

Hewlett told the press:

I’d take a lie-detector test. I’ll take any test you like. The only time I’ve seen Madeleine McCann is on missing posters. And I saw her on TV in a bar once. But I’ve never seen her in real life. Yes I’ve been to Praia da Luz, but not since 2002.”

The Express says: “Numerous requests to interview him were all turned down.”

Such are the facts. But the Express is nothing if not diligent and ends with:

Hewlett looks ­strikingly ­similar to a sketch of a suspect with a pock-marked face seen lurking around the apartment where the family stayed in May 2007.

That picture? Or the one Jane Tanner helped police construct that does look a bit like Hewlett?

You need more evidence?

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