Anorak News | War Drags You Out: World Leaders And Dictators As Drag Queens

War Drags You Out: World Leaders And Dictators As Drag Queens

by | 7th, March 2014

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SAINT Hoax has created these gifs of leaders as drag queen. Called War Drags You Out, we see the likes of George W. Bush, Vladamir Putin, and Osama Bin Laden getting gussied up.

Men who wear uniforms need very little pressure to wear women’s clothes. It’s something to do with the chance to wear restrictive underwear and have real power.

Says Saint:

…I was struck by the richness of this glamour oriented culture.

I took a minute to actually look at the faux queens and deconstruct their main components.

The recipe for an iconic queen:

1- Flamboyant name

2- Fierce persona

3- Defining outfits

4- Personalized hairdo

5- A trademark feature

6- One hell of a PR team

I then realized that it takes that same exact effort to make a leader.

A rush of images containing Hitler’s mustache, Bin laden’s headgear, Obama’s campaigns, Saddam’s narcism crossed through my mind. It got me thinking that behind every “great” man, there’s a queen.

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