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Celebrity news & gossip from the world’s showbiz and glamour magazines (OK!, Hello, National Enquirer and more). We read them so you don’t have to, picking the best bits from the showbiz world’s maw and spitting it back at them. Expect lots of sarcasm.

Jimmy Somerville Joins Berlin Busker In Rendition Of Bronksi Beat’s Small Town Boy

Bronski+Beat busker

TO Berlin, where a buskers is playing Bronski Beat’s Smalltown Boy when Jimmy Somerville and his dog wander past. The song’s original singer does the right thing and joins in. He knows all the words…

Or maybe this busker has magic guitar and whenever he plays a tune the popstar who made it famous appears? In which case, look out for his mash-up of of Michael Jackson and Elvis tracks…

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Mr T Has An Inscrutable Cat On His Forehead (Photo)

MR T has an inscrutable cat on his forehead:

mr t

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Paul Gambaccini: The BBC’s Gay American DJ Had An MI5 Christmas Tree By His Name


PAUL Gambaccini spoke to Rod Liddle in July 2013.

Spotter: A group of fifteen of radio’s best-known disc jockeys eating Christmas Lunch at Broadcasting House. Back L/R Simon Bates, Mike Read, Peter Powell, Tommy Vance, Adrian Love and Richard Skinner. Middle L/R Paul Burnett, Andy Peebles, John Peel, Steve Wright, Annie Nightingale, Paul Gambaccini, and Adrian Juste. Front L/R Dave Lee Travis and Jimmy Savile.

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TV Stripper Tells Of Magical Nights In Ashley Cole’s Chelsea-Themed Vomitorium

Roxanne ashley cole

IT turns out that the way to seduce Ashley Cole is not offer him a deal for a lucrative marriage nor  write ‘puke here‘ on your face but to compliment his feet.

Roxanne Jeffers says she pulled the Chelsea FC defender by sayiong she liked his feet. Cole had posted a picture of his feet on the web. The Daily Mail reports: “The model got in touch with Ashley when she commented on how ‘cute’ his feet were after he posted a snap of them on Instagram.  The Chelsea and England defender was so flattered he invited the 24-year-old beauty to the £3.5million home he once shared with Cheryl.”

That’s how much Ashley likes his feet.

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William S. Burroughs Sings Songs Of Poets From The Beatnik Book


WILLIAM S. Burroughs is known for his collaboration with rock musicians in the 1990s. But he had previous.

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If Shaun Ryder Can’t Convince Us Of Alien Life Can Flava Flav?


ALIENS with spaceships have advanced brains and control technology we humans can’t even imagine. Which is why they chose to fly to planet Earth and hover over Shaun Ryder from the Happy Mondays. ‘Yes,’ thought Zogxxypt the Mega Brain from the planet C&JUUTB,’ if Shaun Ryder says he saw alien life and tells everyone else, the rest of humanity will believe him and accept us. Shaun Ryder is out best chance of success.’

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The World’s Worst Likenesses Of Celebrities And Persons Of Note

WE name the mystery men.


The campaign to put Jane Austen on English banknotes appears to have achieved a somewhat hollow victory, if responses to the proposed portrait are anything to go by.

Austen biographer Dr Paula Byrne describes the proposed picture as resembling a doll, and making Jane appear “dim-witted”. She even goes so far as to compere it to “a Katie Price makeover”.

However, Elizabeth Proudman of the Jane Austen Society begs to differ. While conceding that the eyes are too big, and the face is ‘prettified’ she appears happy with the overall appearance – including the bonnet, which she says Austen always wore.

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Terrible Tattoos: Russell Brand Is West Ham’s Jesus

TERRIBLE tattoos presentsRussell Brand’s tattoo on the arm (?) of jacqui jobson‏ @angelghost12:


russell brand tattoo



Comments onm the Justin Lee Collins look-alike:

russell brand tattoo

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Iggy Pop, David Bowie and Debbie Harry Faked Lou Reed’s Death (Says My T-Shirt)

WHO was Lou Reed was David Bowie was Debbie Harry?  One Etsy has produced this epic T-shirt saluting the life of Reed, Pop and, well, insert your Seventies pop icon in the space below, in this example populated by Rod Stewart:


lou reed



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Banksy Is Now An Action Figure

banksy action figure 3

WHAT does Banksy gthe artist look like? Well, Mike Leavitt says he looks like a monkey in his “officially unauthorized” Banksy action figure.

You know you’ve made it when you become an action figure – just ask Donny Osmond, Karl Lagerfeld, Donald Trump, Princess Diana, Tori Spelling, Vanilla Ice and William Shakespeare.

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You Can Now Buy Back To The Future Style Hoverboards

hoverboard copy

PEOPLE have long moaned that, now we live in the future, where are our hoverboards? Well, glad you asked because some bright spark has decided to do something about it!

ZBoard have been inspired by the hoverboard in Back to the Future and manufactured a hi-tech weight sensing electric skateboard, which has the same design as the board Marty McFly rode.

The limited edition board uses a pressure pad on the front which allows you to move without ever needing to put your feet on the ground and can manage 20 miles of electrically-assisted skateboarding.

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‘Iron’ Mike Tyson And ‘Wet Noodle’ Brad Pitt Shared A Bed With Robin Givens


MIKE Tyson, one of a rare breed able to get beyond his crimes (rape) and carve our a new career in media, recalls the time he bumped into estranged wife Robin Givens heading home with Fight Club actor Brad Pitt. The exchange is golden:

Tyson: “You had to see the look on his face. He looked like he was ready to receive his last rites. He also looked stoned out of his gourd.”

Pitt:  “Dude, don’t strike me”

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That’s Racist: The Outrage Of Marco Pierre White’s Knorr Advert

marco jamaica copy

THERE are times when the Guardian manages to out-Guardian even itself. The last time was over the idea that the meerkat adverts are in fact racist: something which even the readers of the paper didn’t think was a likely result. Today’s example comes in a column about an ad that Marco Pierre White did for Knorr. Basically making Jamaican chicken with peas and rice by adding a couple of stock cubes to some rice, chicken and peas.

OK, it’s a pretty dreadful version of the dish but still, this is the final verdict from The G on why this is so appalling:

Beneath the tears of laughter at the hilarity of the video was the palpable and justified anger at an attempt to disregard the expertise behind Jamaican cooking. The community’s outrage at the hot mess cobbled together by MPW as “Jamaican-style” is however not just about the misrepresentation of their culinary skills. The evident lack of respect, mingled with an intention to create a marketable product was another example of cultural appropriation for wider consumption.

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On The Justice For Jimmy Savile Rally In Leeds


DID you go to the Justice 4 Jimmy rally in Leeds’ Rhounday Park? Thats Jimmy Savile.

@rabbitaway issued a call to arms:

Not afraid to speak up for those that cannot. Roundhay Park Leeds October 29th 1pm JUSTICE FOR JIMMY SAVILE JOIN US

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The Amen Break: The History Of The Six-Second Burst Of Brilliance

THE Amen Break Beat. You’ve heard it. It’s been played on pretty much everything. It’s six seconds of music history. You heard it on Public Enemy’s Bring the Noise, N.W.A.’s awesome Straight Outta Compton and lost of sounds from the rave scene.

Writer Nate Harrison will explain its use after this blast of godly goodness from The Winstons, who filled a gap in the tune Amen, Brother, a B-side makeweight to the Grammy-winning 1969 hit Color Him Father. You might not know the song, but listen for drummer G.C. Coleman beating out the Amen Break. And, no, they got no royalties for their short blast of magic:

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Why People Moaning About Susan Boyle And Elvis Are Stupid And Wrong


PART-TIME music snobs have been tutting and sighing about the imminent Christmas single featuring both Susan Boyle and Elvis. They think Elvis represents something sanctified and Boyle, something awful. These people, clearly, have little knowledge in either and, in fact, don’t realise how this duet makes a whole load of sense.

When asked about the duet, Susan Boyle was as puzzled as anyone, saying: “To sing with Elvis, I didn’t think it would be possible… isn’t technology brilliant? Dueting with Elvis was beyond my wildest dreams and now that this is able to raise money and help children, it is simply fantastic.”

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Naughty Boy Fail: Loughborough University Student Union Make Us Go Ah Ah Ahhhhhhhhh

loughborough student union

THE Loughborough University Student Union have a song for you. They’ve changed the lyrics of the Naughty Boy’s La la la. You can get better at media and take part in Black History Month:

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Watch David Bowie’s Cracked Actor: The Queasy Lure Of Fame


IN 1974, David Bowie was at a low ebb. The 1975 BBC film Cracked Actor recorded the singer on his 1974 Diamond Dogs Tour. The then 27-year-old Alan Yentob’s Omnibus film showed Bowie in the raw. In 1987, Bowie would say of the BBC film:

“I was so blocked … so stoned … It’s quite a casualty case, isn’t it. I’m amazed I came out of that period, honest. When I see that now I cannot believe I survived it. I was so close to really throwing myself away physically, completely.”


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Kent’s Edenbridge Bonfire Society Sets Fire To Katie Hopkins

THIS year, Kent’s Edenbridge Bonfire Society will be setting fire to Katie Hopkins. Katie’s famouys for being the result of Petri Dish experiment between Mark Thatcher’s mummy genes, the pure hatred Lawrence feels for his wife on the night of Abigail’s  party and the burn when you touch your nuts after rubbing Tiger Balm on your poor aching back


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Katie Price: Jordan Posts Fantastic Photo Of Harvey

KATIE Price thought it a good idea to post this picture of her current beau and some of her kids.

katie price instagram

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Ear Worm Music: When You Can’t Get That Song Out Of Your Head


YOU know when you can’t get a song out of your head.

In Touching the Void, the film based on Joe Simpson and Simon Yates’ epically disastrous attempt to ascend Siula Grande (6,344m) in the Cordillera Huayhuash in the Peruvian Andes in 1985, Simpson’s tired mind is assaulted by Boney M’s Brown Girl in the Ring. He thinks “Bloody hell, I’m going to die to Boney M”.

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Star Wars Blooper Reel Turns Op Online


STAR WARS is a film that is extraordinarily well documented and new stuff shows up all the time. However, one of the best finds is this original blooper reel from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope which has been released.

Originally released by Lucasfilm editor JW Rinzler for this summer’s Comic-Con, the footage features Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Alec Guinness and some Stormtroopers that will make you titter.

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Correction: Lou Reed’s Collaboration With Metallica And Lulu

WHAT did the Metro newspaper have to say about the death of Lou Reed, who is un-we-e-e-e-eeellllll:




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Rocketman: Tom Hardy To Play Obvious Doppelganger, Elton John (Eddie Murphy Busy)

film rocketman

IF you were given the job of finding an actor who looked like Elton John, one of the last people you’d choose was Tom Hardy. You’d inevitably go for Eddie Murphy before him, as at least he could play the entire cast of the film with a variety of masks (and he’s got previous when it comes to making soulful pop).

Yet, here we are, looking at a musical biopic called Rocketman, which will feature the man-mountain who played Charles Bronson and supervillain Bane in the last Batman movie, as the little Candle In The Wind singer.

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