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Cathy Newman repeatedly tells Jordan Peterson what he’s saying in horrendous interview

If you cannot understand what your interviewee is saying, you can always couch it in terms you do understand. When Channel 4 journalist Cathy Newman interviewed University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson, she did just that, opting to bypass Peterson’s actual words and debate points Peterson didn’t say. Her preferred method was to tell Peterson over and over “What you’re saying is…”

The upshot is that anyone tuning in will fancy reading Peterson’s book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. Camille Paglia calls him “the most important Canadian thinker since Marshall McLuhan”. You might not agree with him, but it helps to listen:



Peterson debates the interview: “She fabricated on the fly the villain she hoped I’d be”. And on his right to offend, he nails it: “All you have as a journalist is the right to offend people and hurt their feelings.”



His video the psychological significance of biblical stories  is worth watching.

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Starbucks v corn flakes: Cereal Killer hipsters complain about Channel 4 treatment

The hipsters at East London’s Cereal Killer breakfast bar are unhappy with how Channel 4 portrayed them. Gary Keery, one of the twins who run the prelude to the runs, writes:

Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 15.05.28

In tomorrow’s Channel 4 exclusive: TV executive passes council estate on way to sushi power lunch.

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Sex Box: Channel 4 to broadcast people silently shagging in a plastic box

sex box

CHANNEL 4 are going to show a programme that will feature couples having sex in a sound-proofed box in a TV studio with audience, which isn’t sinister version of The Cube at all.

Three couples (two straight and one gay) will take turns to step into the box before being asked questions by host Mariella Frostrup and a panel of hooting sex experts in the new show Sex Box.

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Channel 4 turns One Direction fans into its latest freak show

Liam Payne (left) and Harry Styles of One Direction meet fans outside Radio 1 in London.

NO-ONE loves music more than teenagers and, no-one loves One Direction more than teenager girls. With that, Channel 4 decided to air a documentary about 1D’s fans, painting them in a less than flattering light. That’s Channel 4’s forte at the minute, mocking people who need a council house, can’t speak English, are part of the travelling community and people on benefits.

If you’re working class or foreign in Britain, you can thank Channel 4 for turning your social media feeds into something akin to a UKIP rally.

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Channel 4 to broadcast from a public toilet

channel 4 toilet

REMEMBER the story about the Glasgow nightclub called Shimmy, that got closed down because it let people spy on the girls toilets through a pervy mirror?

Everyone was pretty outraged that someone would do something so obviously weird… everyone apart from Channel 4 who it seems have taken the idea and are going to turn it into a television show.

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The most controversial British TV shows ever

THE shows they loved to hate:

The BBC is under fire again – this time for its new sitcom Way To Go, which finds humour in the subject of assisted suicide. It comes hot on the heels of a tabloid fury over Channel 4’s Big Fat Quiz of the Year, in which jaded drunken luvvies made tedious jokes about the Queen.

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Channel 4 finally runs out of ideas and US imports: The Audience is the idiocy of crowds

FINALLY! After so many pisspoor TV show, Channel 4 has admitted it has no more ideas. So bad is The Audience – oh, what irony in that name for such a dire show that might be beyond parody – that Channel 4 should consider just reloading the VHS with the Friends series (it’s done that before – ed) and wondering why it ever gave up Big Brother? Presenting the idiocy of crowds:

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Mummifying Alan: Egypt’s Last Secret: Starring Alan Billis As Tutanalan, Mr Taxi-Dermy

THE TV show Mummifying Alan: Egypt’s Last Secret will show Alan Billis being mummified. Mr Billis has died from lung cancer. He was, a taxi-driver. It is thus correct to refer to him as the Taxi-dermist.

Scientists at Medico-Legal Centre in Sheffield have embalmed the 61-year-old .

Says his wife Janet:

“He just said, ‘I’ve just phoned someone up about being mummified.” I said, ‘You’ve what?’ I thought here we go again. It’s just the sort of thing you would expect him to do.”

On the show. Mr Billis says:

“People have been leaving their bodies to science for years, and if people don’t volunteer for anything nothing gets found out.”

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After The TV Torture Of Prince Harry Channel 4 Rapes The Pope

LIKE you we’ve been unable to realise the full horror of what would have happened to Prince Harry had he been kidnapped by the Taliban.

Thankfully, Channel 4 is here to fill in the gaps in our fantasy. In The Taking of Prince Harry, a film, we get to see the mock executions and torture.

Channel 4’s head of documentaries, Hamish Mykura, says he told the Royal Family about the film but:

“I think it is just wrong to say that this would create a new idea that wasn’t there already.”

Fair play. Who among us can place their hand on their heart and say they haven’t dreamt of torturing Prince Harry?

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Channel 4 Advertises For Willing Knife Crime Murder Victim

television-is-deadARE you dying? Do you have nothing to lose apart from the last remaining shred of dignity the hospital treatment affords you? Well, Fulcrum TV want you for a new telly show. You will be knifed to death in an East London kebab shop to show the viewers just how terrible it is. Or you might be allowed to die in some other imaginative way.

Jade Goody’s Funeral Pictures

However you die, you can be filmed to be filmed in the run-up to your death for your entertainment. It’s a little bit of Switzerland we can all enjoy. Mumbling about Jade Goody or saying it’s what she would have wanted are not vital but may add an edge to your death. Here’s the advert:

“We are currently keen to talk to someone who, faced with the knowledge of their own terminal illness and all that it entails, would nonetheless consider undergoing the process of ancient Egyptian embalming.”

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Sean Penn Pays Tribute To Eric Cantona In New Paparazzi Picture

sean-penn-kickSEAN Penn is alleged to have kicked photographer Jordan Dawes in the manner of a keen amateur martial artist.

Penn as leaving the Brentwood Country Mart when Dawes appeared. Penn is alleged to become agitated and upset and lashed out with his feet.

TMZ puts it in sober tones:

Sean Penn went ballistic on a paparazzo this afternoon — and we’ve learned the photog just filed a police report against the actor.

At times like this we would like to defer to former Manchester United footballer Eric Cantona, king of the celebrity king-fu strop, who these days is working as actor. Should Cantona’s career fails to hit the dizzy heights – and let’s not forget chins – of his footballing era, we can look forward to the French Chuck Norris offering his opinion of Penn’s kick in 1001 Best Celebrity Hissy Fits on Channel 4.

For now though he is hard to track down and we must fend for ourselves, channel our inner Bruce Lee.

First up, the picture suggests that Sean Penn is less short than miniscule. He looks less like an action hero than a small child having a strop in the supermarket car park, while a smirking dad records the event for posterity and his wedding speech.

In the next pictures it’s not hard to envisage Dawes resting an extended hand on Penn’s head while Pen’s gives it the full windmill.

The talk of repeated blows being struck makes me wonder if Penn is partial to sweets, in particular orange Chewits.

Secondly, Penn’s mouth is contorted into impression of Albert Steptoe, a character not famed for being a TV hard man.

And lastly, Penn’s foot only manages – apparently – to strike Dawes on his upper thigh. He is also wearing sneekers – white-ish ones – when a naked foot would offer so much more menace.

In the end, the case will rumble on until Penn’s people smooth things over and other pap’s know that to gain the actor’s attention they should dress as a kickbag and bring sherbet…

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La Toya Jackson Says Beatles Fans Murdered Michael Jackson

7541189MICHAEL Jackson Watch: Today we hear from Paris Jackson about the man many believe to have been her dad. And we hear from Officer La Toya Jackson who says deep Jacko feared being murdered for his Beatles catalogue…

Daily Mirror: “Paris Jackson on her dad Jacko’s death.”

Paris Jackson blames gig chiefs for dad Michael’s death

Pictured alongside Officer Michael Jackson and The Woman In Black that is Janet Jackson, Paris with eyes turned skywards tells us:

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris believes gig bosses worked her father into an early grave. Paris, 11, has told her aunt La Toya that her dad buckled under the strain of preparing for his huge 50-show This Is It tour.

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Big Brother Cancels Charity Line

BIG Brother is doing so well that Channel 4 says it will no longer donate any money to charity from its Big Brother phone votes.

A vote for Sophie will not see 10p of every 35p vote going to to charity.

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Kirsti Allsop Sticks It Up Channel 4

kirsti-allsop-on-channel-4PERIOD featured telly property show presenter Kirstie Allsop has discovered Twitter and hopes that it will keep her career alive during the housing slump.

As Anorak has long said – you know the housing market is shafted when Allsop’s Location Location Location dies; you know TV is shafted when it carries on regardless.

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Boy Dies On Russian Version Of Channel 4 Show Boys And Girls Alone

IN the Southern Russian town Novoshakhtinsk, a boy, age 7, and three other children have been left to their own devices. It’s Channel 4’s pisspoor TV show Boys And Girls Alone, Russia.

Ten boys and ten girls, aged between eight and eleven, are given the chance to experience life without adults for two weeks

The Russian children agree to play a horror game called Maniac, and the seven-year-old grabs a kitchen knife and begins chasing his friends. He then knifes himself in the head. He dies.

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Delivers Christmas Message On British TV

MAHMOUD Ahmadinejad, President of Iran, wants Channel 4 viewers (you know you you are) to heed his Christmas message.

Mr Ahmadinejad would also like it to be known that  he agrees with the Pope, and anyone who thinks there are any gays in Iran is welcome to check.

He invites the UN homosexual weapons inspectors in to Iran without fear.

Says Mahmoud:

In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful.

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Channel 4 News Plays For Laughs With Inigo Gilmore

IS Inigo Gilmore, of Channel 4 news, a spoof creation, a parody, the work of a satirist?

In a report from New York, Gilmore attempted to show how life in the Big Apple was changed by spotting man selling discount suits, people not wanting to be filmed not talk to him, and Wall Street workers on their way to work with a sense of “urgency”:

Of course, as Gilmore on the scene will attest, Wall Street workers are famous for the Yankee Doodle Dawdle, the slow walk to the office that epitomises the laid-back Big Apple Over Easy Way.

Inigo Gilmore – a does of laughter in trying times…

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Laughing At George Galloway

DAVID Henshaw, executive producer of Channel 4’s Undercover Mosque, is on George Galloway’s Press TV show.

Press TV is funded by Iran.

“Impermissibility” is Galloway’s indefatigable new word. Henshaw starts laughing at Galloway, who has no answer.

“I’m laughing at you, George, I’m laughing…”

“I’m laughing at you, George… I’m laughing…”

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