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Cherie Blair and Nancy Dell’ Olio herd goats over London Bridge: photos

MINTED Cherie Blair and Nancy Dell’Olio spent the day herding goats across London Bridge. This was, it says here, to raise awareness for International Widows day. The goat herding was arranged by Lord Loomba’s Loomba Foundation, which attests that the goat is a life-line for many widows in South Asia and Africa. Lord Loomba is a Freeman of the City of London, giving him the right to herd livestock over the bridge.

This is Cherie who advised women recently:

“One of the things that worries me now is you see young women who say: ‘I look at the sacrifices that women have made and I think, why do I need to bother, why can’t I just marry a rich husband and retire?’ and you think, how can they even imagine that is the way to fulfil yourself, how dangerous it is.”

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Cherie Blair’s Mee Healthcare private healthcare is not Tony’unbridled greed

CHERIE  Blair, wife to Tony Blair, wants £65m to pay for a a company running private health clinics calle Mee Healthcare The Sunday Times reports on its front page:

Cherie Blair seeks £65m for private health clinics

Blair has joined forces with an American fund manager to raise $100m from investors on both sides of the Atlantic. They plan to open their first clinic in the Olympic village in east London within months. Her involvement in private health comes a week after it emerged that her husband paid tax of just £315,000 on one of his company’s earnings of more than £12m last year. The new venture may also benefit from the health reforms being introduced by the coalition government.

The business is called Allele Fund. It’;s motto is:  We will serve you with integrity in all we do.”

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Awesome People Hanging Out Together At Larry Crowne Premiere: Photos

IN today’s edition of Awesome People Hanging Out Together we focus on Cherie Blair’s meeting with Rolling Stones hobgoblin Ronnie Wood at the Westfield Shopping Centre. Wood was with his lover Ana Araujo. And it as all about the hair. Ana was in a machine washable Anna Wintour. Ronnie was sticking with the detonated bearskin. And  Cherie wore a look that said “I’ve arrived. Finally I get to meet a Stone and – maybe, just maybe – shag him to death.”

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Tony Blair’s Role In Colonel Gaddafi’s Downfall, By Cherie Blair

CHERIE Blair, wife of Colonel Gaddafi glad-hander Tony Blair, was been on ITV’s This Morning show telling us how awful the Libyan despot is. She goes on to say that she does not want to meddle and tell the Prime Minister what to do.

This is the same Cherie Blair who said she can sympathise with Palestinian, jihadis and Islamist suicide bombers who attack Israel. (She made her thoughts known after 19 people, including schoolchildren, had been murdered by a bomber on a Jerusalem bus.)

In the video below you  can hear her talking about strengthening Africa’s legal systems.

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Poppy Day Wars: Cherie Blair Battles Sophie Wessex

REMEMBRANCE Day: To your poppies, ladies. The Sunday ceremony at the Cenotaph, Whitehall, London is now all about who has the biggest poppy. Cherie Blair wore a squirting one that coats the unsuspecting sniffer in a serum of Teflon and the smell of wet wafer and washed cash. Sophie Wessex opted for a flower pot on her head…

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Judge Cherie Blair Goes Easy On Religious Man Who Broke Man’s Jaw And Tony Blair’s War

81290551SHAMSO Miah, 25, of Redbridge, east London, is up before the Beak – one Cherie Booth QC. Mr Miah is accused of breaking a man’s jaw following a row in a bank queue.

Blair sits at Inner London Crown Court, listening to the story of how Miah did enter the bank in East Ham, where he met with Mohammed Furcan. They had a full and frank discussion about which of them was next in the queue.

Miah punches Mr Furcan inside the bank. He then punches Mr Furcan outside the building.

Blair listens. She rules that a suspended sentence fits the crime. Fair enough. But her reasoning is such:

“I am going to suspend this sentence for the period of two years based on the fact you are a religious person and have not been in trouble before. You are a religious man and you know this is not acceptable.”

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Cherie Blair Fails To Audition For Wookey Hole Witch

7640921WOOKEY Hole, Somerset, is looking for a resident witch. Applicants must be able to cackle, treat splinters to nether regions and be good with cats.

Cherie Blair should know that the job comes with a £50,000 a year salary and all the frogs legs you can eat…

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Labour Creates Child’s Teeth Database

THE Mail reports that “the number of children having teeth taken out in hospital has shot up by more than half since Labour came to power.”

The figures are 33,000 in 2006 and 20,000 in 1998.

In 1998, the Government brought in its “No Wobble” policy, forbidding children from wobbling their loose teeth in public; wobbling being a gateway to masturbation.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Farting, With Paris Hilton And Barack Obama

FARTING is sure to catch on. And to be prepared, here are Anorak’s Top Facts About Farting:

1. Barack Obama was schooled in Indonesia, where farting is considered an art form on a par with finger painting.

2. In times of recession, sales of baked beans and vegetables and raisins soar. Scientists at the North American Institute Of Global Warming calculate that the Arctic began to break up in the 1970s, when, ironically, power cuts and the three day week were at their height.

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Cherie Blair’s Role Model For Filicide, Allegedly

WHERE’S Cherie Blair? She’s in India.

Former British prime minister Tony Blair’s wife Cherie Blair has tripped herself up with her off-the-cuff comments at a school function in a Punjab village and landed in a political controversy…

Our Cherie saying something stoopid? Pray tell…

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Fergus Shanahan Sees Tony Blair’s Cancer Plot

FERGUS Shanahan, the Sun’s deputy editor, has today’s non-sequitur of the day. It’s stream of consciousness journalism…

Former EastEnders actress Wendy Richard is dying of cancer. Shanahan says Richard reminds him of Pat Phoenix, who played Elsie Tanner in Coronation Street, and also died of cancer.

When ill, Pat married Tony Booth, father to Cherie Booth, wife to Winston Churchill Blair.

“I wonder if he [Tony Blair] feels if three Labour governments have made enough progress on improving Britain’s dismal cancer survival rates.”

Journalists used to ask politicans questions, now they just wonder. Perhaps cancer can form part  of a soap opera storyline, and Fergus can investigate by watching..? 

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The Sun Makes Murder A Spectator Sport

THE Sun’s “major summit on crime” concludes that “killers should be stripped of human rights”.

To the Sun’s Broken Britain summit where the greedy (Cherie Blair), the gung-ho (“Top American cop” Bill Bratton) and the gray (Chris Grayling, the shadow works and pensions secretary) are chewing the fat with the grieving relatives of victims: former EastEnders actress Brooke Kinsella, whose brother was stabbed to death; and Marcia Shakespeare, whose daughter was murdered.

The Sun seems to have adopted the interviewing policy of its sister organ at Sky Sports, seeking the opinions of those still hot with endeavour and rage.

Reporter: “So Marcia, what do you think of your daughter being murdered? Disappointed to have lost a loved one in controversial circumstances?”

Victim: “The judiciary have made a mockery of it. What’s the point when that happens? They got away with murder out there today.”

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Caption This: When Cliff Met Cherie

CLIFF Richard and Cherie Blair… Or is it? You never see Tony and Cliff in the same place at the same time…

Your captions, please…

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