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Jacko Chimp Fingers Killer Doc: Daily Sport Sums Up Michael Jackson Case

CAN the Daily Sport sum up the Michael Jackson Dr Conrad Murray death case in one headline? Pretty much, yes.

Now, can someone please bring back the News of The World


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La Toya Jackson Claims That Michael Was Murdered Like A Mad Conspiracy Theorist (Photos)

MURDER! That’s what Officer La Toya Jackson is crying at the moment about the untimely passing of her very dead brother, Michael Jackson.

What would make her say such a thing? A quest for the truth? Or is it to promote her new new autobiography, ‘Starting Over’? We don’t need to answer that do we? So what is La Toya ‘David Icke’ Jackson claiming then? Bizarrely, she seems to be suggesting that he was murdered for his music catalogue.

La Toya says that Michael feared that there were people who wanted him dead so they could steal his music estate.

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Michael Jackson V Conrad Murray: Court Case in Pictures

MICHAEL Jackson in pictures: Every the showman, Michael Jackson uses doctors and drugs to make a spectacle of his own death and keep the show live for months. The latest instalment sees Dr. Conrad Murray face arraignment in the Los Angeles County Superior Airport Courthouse on charges of involuntary manslaughter in the singer’s death. Murray is remanded into custody and held on $75,000-dollar bail. And once more the fans come to watch the show: Michael Jackson 1990 -1999; Michael Jackson 1980-1990; Michael Jackson Pre-1980; Michael Jackson’s Funera:


Picture 1 of 12

Dr. Conrad Murray faces arraignment in the Los Angeles County Superior Airport Courthouse on charges of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson February 8, 2010. Murray was remanded into custody and held on $75,000-dollar bail. Murray listens to his lead attorney Ed Chernoff while Chernoff argues for reduced bail.

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Michael Jackson Tomb Tour: Pictures Of The Crypt, Murray Mania And Dolls

jackson-cryptMICHAEL Jackson continues to entertain. The court case with Dr Conrad Murray looms large and fans and look-alikes keen to revisit those halcyon days of the last time Jacko was in court are invited to buy the Jackson doll, made from authentic Jackson plastic and tape.

The Most Bizarre And Worst Celebrity Dolls Ever Made

In the meantime, you can rock up to the Jackson mausoleum and see if you can glimpse the star. Anorak’s Man in LA writes:

THIS has been happening on the third of each month since October, when a small group of Jackson fanatics first gathered to deliver flowers, cards and balloons to the singer’s well-guarded crypt.

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Michael Jackson: Dr Conrad Murray Introduces The Trial 2

4868763MICHAEL Jackson continues to entertain. Not for Jackson the straight-forward showbizzy death from a drugs overdose. He gave us more. He worked. He gave us Dr Conrad Murray to administer the drugs so enabling Jackson to remain squeaky clean even while under the influence, allegedly.

Michael Jackson 1980-1990

Sadly, things panned out badly for Jackson – who died in 3D – and for Dr Murray – who is accused to causing Jackson’s death. The latest news is :

A lawyer for the Houston-based doctor, Conrad Murray, said Tuesday that his client is in Los Angeles and prepared to surrender if authorities file charges against him. I don’t have any specific information that leads me to believe he is going to be charged this week,” lawyer Ed Chernoff said, “but if he is, we’ve made it clear he’s available to turn himself in.”

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Michael Jackson Buried In Gold Belt And White Pearls

la-toya6OFFICER La Toya Jackson has not stopped speaking about her dead brother Michael Jackson for 79 days straight. Time to put her on the Fourth Plinth and encourage her to count down to the big concert.

She needn’t worry about fatigue: La Toya can swap places with Janet Jackson and Michael and no-0ne will notice.

La Toya is taking her magic mouth to the Barbara Water show, taling about you knwo who in a 20/20 interview.

So, Officer La toay, did Dr. Conrad Murray kill Michael?

La Toya: “Barbara, something went wrong.”

You mean..?

La Toya: “He’s dead.”

So, La Toya, what else have you found out?

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Dr Conrad Murray Jailed As ‘Michael Jackson Made Me Do It’ Defence Fails

national-enquirerIN this week’s National Enquirer: Michael Jackson’s Dr Conrad Murray is sent down, Pete Wentz causes Ashlee Simpson to talk of divorce and Heidi Montag is hell-sent…

Michael Jackson Homicide


“DR DEATH” is “cowardly” Conrad Murray, and he might blame Michael Jackson for his alleged involvement in the singer’s death should a Dr Barry Friedberg be right when he says:

“He’s going to try to put the blame on Jackson. But it won’t work because Murray was the one with the medical license, the power to prescribe medication and the job of keeping his patient alive.”

Dr Friedberg is not only “a Propofol expert”, he is an expert in legal matters and knows Dr Murray’s defence, a man who there is no evidence of his ever having met. Indeed, there is no evidence that Dr Friedberg ever met Michael Jackson.

And Dr Friedberg’s expertise doesn’t end there:

“But if Murray thinks the people around Michael are intimidating, wait until he gets a load of the inmates in prison.”

Dr Friedbeg is medical expert, lawyer, judge and jury.Case closed.

Heidi Montag Anti-Christ Bikini

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Michael Jackson: Sperm Parties, Macaulay Culkin And A Secret Heart Attack

macaulay_culkin_michael_jacksonMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – Macaulay Culkin’s sperm, Wacked Off Jackson’s celebrity milking machine, Jackson’s secret heart attack and the FBI…

Michael Jackson is now less Wacko Jacko as he is Wacked Off Jackson, the man who went about harvesting his friends’ sperm, singing to them to keep their produce tip-top quality and reminding them that more than two crotch grabs is a donation.

Mark Lester has already told us about his time on the Jacksons milking machine, and we have read of Jackson’s own desperming. Now we are invited to see Macaulay Culkin hooked up to the Jackson milk-o-matic.

The Sun: “Home Alone Culkin ‘is dad of Blanket’”

ACTOR Macaulay Culkin is the mystery dad of Michael Jackson’s son Blanket, it was claimed last night.

Blanket. Pubescent sperm. Did Jackson play a team of scrapologists to process the Neverland bedding? The King of…Pop?

The Home Alone film star is said to have donated sperm to help Jacko create his seven-year-old offspring – real name Prince Michael II – with an unknown surrogate mum.

One source said: “It is well known Jackson and Macaulay shared a unique bond. Now rumours are spreading like wildfire that Macaulay, who Jackson nicknamed Mack, is actually Blanket’s biological dad.”

Rumours mentioned. Rumours spread. And minds turn to those Jackson did not milk.

* Did Jackson equip Uri Geller with a soup soon and a copy of the Carrs of Sheffield catalogue?

* Did Elizabeth Taylor show Jackson her vials filled with the essences of husbands’ past?

* Did Jackson’s kin supply sperm, and would it explain La Toya Jackson’s wide-eyed expression?

* Is David Gest fit for purpose?

* Did Bubbles spank the monkey?

No word yet from Culkin nor anyone else. Still, rumours and all that.  In other Jackson Five news:

Daily Mirror: “Michael Jackson’s heart attack was ‘kept secret’, claims singer’s friend

Dr Steven Hoefflin, a friend of the singer, revealed the latest twist after speaking to medics involved in Jackson’s case. He confirmed: “They say he had lividity, which means his blood had already sunk to the back of his body.”

Which means Michael Jackson’s body was on was back to front?

“This indicates Michael’s heart had stopped hours earlier.”

What other facts?

Forensic pathologist Dr Cyril Wecht, not involved in the Jackson case, said: “If someone carried the body from one room to another, the livor would be ‘broken’ where contact with the body was made.”


“If one person held his ankles and the other held him under his arms, there would be corresponding white interruptions of livor mortis in those spots.


Retired FBI special agent Ted Gunderson, who has independently monitored the case, said the new evidence pointed to a “massive cover-up” by Murray.

Independently monitored the case – as in, read the newspapers and watched telly…

He asked: “Did Murray try to fool people into thinking Jackson died on the way to hospital in the hope an autopsy could be avoided?”

Dunno. What say you, detective?

If so, it didn’t work, which is why he had to confess to administering Propofol.” Murray, 56, denies mistreating Jackson.


Michael Jackson – Rest in Pieces…

Michael Jackson Homicide: Wacked Off Jacko Donated Sperm

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7 Things To Do With Big Brother Housemates

big-brother-deadBIG Brother is dead. The last people to realise this were the show’s producers at Flat Earth Productions, who have called in Dr Conrad Murray to keep the thing alive.

But it’s no good. The show is dead. And the only thing left to sort is what happens to the housemates?

7 Things To Do With Big Brother Housemates

1. Keep them locked in the house as a living cultural artefact.

2. Secure Digitas to sponsor the show and euthanize the housemates, handing over the remains to Gunther von Hagens for his Body World exhibition, Hissy Fit.

3. Broadcast footage from the house to al Qaeda prisoners and wait for them to talk.

4. The EU Celebrity Mountain is growing too big for the silo and there are fears raised in Brussels that one good sized Greek celebrity or a Berlusconi harem could crash the market in celebrity flesh. Now though emerging markets in the Far East are willing to trade excess celebs for cycling goldfish.

5. A novelty pet for the significant other in your life who finds dogs too thoughtful and cats not bitchy enough.

6. See if they can be blended, in a blender.

7. Test the theory: you can never have too many scarecrows.

8. Ask them to think of three more uses to turn this into a Top Ten.

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The 10 Craziest Things About Michael Jackson Death Mania

jackson_etMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news -The 10 Craziest Things About Michael Jackson Death Mania. What killed Michael Jackson? What didn’t?

Michael Jackson’s 51st birthday present is not a year’s supply of Demerol nor a subscription to Cub-Scout Weekly but a burial. Thus answering the question – what do you get the man who has everything?

Michael Jackson will spend eternity in the company of Clark Gable, W.C. Fields, Red Skelton and Jean Harlow, as well as replicas of Michelangelo’s greatest works, kitch reporductions of gilded art and statues of naked boys. As in life, so in death. Sit Jackson on a Ferris Wheel with Cheetah’s remains and the Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, Calif. is home from home.

Meanwhile in the Post Jackson world, Dr Conrad Murray, is all set to be charged with manslaughter.

The Sun announces this on its front page: “Doctor to be charged with killing JackoMurray rap within days.”

How many days? The Mirror says within 2 weeks.

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Michael Jackson’s Doctor Murray Linked To James Brown’s Death

jackson-brownMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – did Michael Jackson’s doctor “KILL” James Brown?”

So asks the National Enquirer on its front page. There can be no easy answer, just more question:

Q: Was James Brown murdered?

Q: Given that Michael Jackson was treated by a around 56% of the US medical profession, the odds of a doctors also having treated the Godfather of Soul are high.

Q: Michael Jackson is dead?

Reading on, and we are fed the name Dr Conrad Murray, a man who has had his name sullied in the media and yet who remains innocent of any wrongdoing because – get this – there is not a shred of evidence that he has done anything wrong.

Says a Brown’s ex-publicist James Hollander:

“James and Michael we inseparable and they used the same ‘safe doctors’ who get them anything they wanted.”

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Michael Jackson’s Body Bag And Morgue Pictures

michael-jackson-morgueMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – a look at Jackson’s morgue, Debbie Rowe “sues” TMZ and art…

Sky News: “Jackson Body Given ‘Prestige’ At Morgue”

An investigator who witnessed Michael Jackson’s post-mortem has told Sky News his body was treated with “more prestige” than other bodies.

The cashmere body bag? The monwalking morticians? The testimony of one Lieutenant David Smith, who delivers his Jackson & Me:

“If anything, just for his own privacy and protection. He was kept very much under lock and key.”

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Michael Jackson Missing From Death Bed Pictures

jackson-pillow-1MICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – Jackson’s death bed revisited, Dr Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson is missing…

The Daily Mirror’s front page promises/ threatens: “Secrets of Jackson’s death bed.”

This is another chance for tabloid fans to view the bed on which Michael Jackson died. The secrets are many:
Jackson had a pillow!
Jackson had a duvet!
Jackson pillow and duvet were NOT Little Mermaid knock offs!
There were no little boys in his bed.


Victoria Ward and Ryan Parry pay homage to the Jackson death bed:


This is the bedroom where medics battled to save Michael Jackson, the pillow still dented where his head lay.

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Michael Jackson Was Addicted To Scientology

jackson-scientologyMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news, with Jackson the drug “addict”, the death bed and the Church Of Scientology…

The Scotsman: “Jackson described as an ‘addict'”

Now he’s dead you can describe him however you like…

AUTHORITIES investigating Michael Jackson’s death referred to him as an “addict” and were seeking evidence related to the powerful anaesthetic propofol, according to search warrants.

The Western Australian: “Scientologists behind Jackson’s marriage to Lisa Marie.”

Among other contentious claims, Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson also provides further details of the king of pop’s alleged gay lovers…

In one chapter, Halperin hints that Jackson’s marriage to Elvis’ daughter and Scientology follower Lisa Marie Presley may have been organised by the Church of Scientology.

The marriage was labelled as a sham but both parties always denied it was a fake affair set up to improve the singer’s reputation soon after a child molestation case was settled for $US20 million ($24.49 million).

The religion had apparently wanted to desperately recruit the mega-rich singer and perhaps help him overcome his alleged homosexuality, Halperin said.

Such are the facts.

Examiner: Omer Bhatti is not my son – but he is my grandson…

Reports of Michael Jackson’s “secret” son, Omer Bhatti, have been swirling the internet for the past couple of weeks, but with new information, the story has gotten hot once more.

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