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Michael Jackson files stolen by hackers?

WHEN someone says that they’ve landed a load of files of Michael Jackson’s be hacking, you can be forgiven for immediately thinking that some smut will turn up in the turns of earth. Legally, we probably shouldn’t speculate on what kind of bongo film switched Jackson’s groin on.

Instead, we’ll point out that, in this instance, the files that were swiped were actually music files. A large number of them in fact.

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Posted: 5th, March 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Turk Guvenligi Hacks Daily Telegraph And Other Websites

THE Daily Telegraph has been hacked. Also hit are UPS, BetFair, The Register, Vodafone, National Geographic and around 200 other sites. All sites are vulnerable. It’s just a shock that such big sites should be so easily hit.

The hackers are called Turk Guvenligi (trans: Turkish Security, Come to Papa).The sites are still there – the hackers attacked the domain name system (DNS), by which users are directed to websites.

This means that emails sent to the sites would have been delivered to the hackers’ site.

Back in April this year, the Telegraph was hacked by a group called Romanian National Security. It was upset at the paper’s identification of “gypsies” and “Romanians”.

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Posted: 5th, September 2011 | In: Technology | Comment

Obama Not Assassinated After All, but the Hackers Are Going For Rupert Murdoch

MORE -err- jokes from the hacking community, as the Fox News Twitter account was hacked and posted four tweets informing the nation that Barack Obama had been assassinated.  

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Posted: 4th, July 2011 | In: Technology | Comment

Hackers Attack Sony Again – This Time Just For Lulz

HACKING Sony databases is turning into some kind of after-school activity. Just weeks after they lost millions of credit card details (2.2m at current count) – Sony have been hit by another hack- this time from a group known as LulzSec.

Claiming to be annoyed by the Sony’s poor data protection, they swiped the passwords of 1 million users of the Sony Pictures film-rental service in the US.

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Posted: 4th, June 2011 | In: Reviews, Technology | Comment

It Was Pimply Hacker-Heros Anonymous Who Really Freed Egypt!

THE hacker nerds Anonymous really are everybody’s favourite freedom fighters right now. Forget the fact that they are largely greasy-haired 19 year-olds fiddling with themselves in dark rooms in Oregon, some sections of the media have elevated them to the status of wavy-haired Che Gueveras. Those kids aren’t just watching tentacle porn! – They’re liberating oppressed peoples!
Al Jazeera got all gooey over the part Anonymous played in bringing democracy to Egypt. In an article explaining the hackers’ role in toppling Middle East tyrannies, they said:

Anonymous represent the untameable wild west of the web, a world where geeks teach the corrupt and powerful a lesson.”

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Posted: 21st, May 2011 | In: Technology | Comment