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Britain’s Got Talent Hollie Steel And The Facebook Paedos

WHAT ever happned to Britain’s Got Talent’s sobbing ballerina Hollie Steel? Well, the paedos got her. Laura Montana remains unscathed. As the Lancashire Evening Telegraph reports:

“CHILD singing star Hollie Steel has been targeted by paedophiles on the internet, according to her mother.”

Paedos! And she’s been attacked on the web before.

Mum Nina, 37, said Hollie’s personal page on social networking site Facebook had been shut down as a result. She said the Britain’s Got Talent finalist had been sent four ‘disgusting messages’ from two people, including one person who was known to the police.

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Britain’s Got Talent Hollie Steel Guns For X Factor’s John And Edward

pa-7370405HOLLIE Steel. Remember her? The little girl in the ballerina’s tutu who sang like an old woman running her teeth down a blackboard on Britain’s Got Talent? No, not the X Factor.

The other telly show with Simon Cowell sat behind a teachers’ desk. Hollie’s one who, allegedly, ate Susan Boyle’s hamster and was bullied? Hollie’s the one who nearly died?

Well news is that Hollie is aiming to be Top of The Pops this Christmas:

The 10-year-old from Huncoat has an exciting two months ahead of her as she prepares to release a festive single which will go head to head with the winner of the X Factor for the Christmas number one spot.”

If Jedward don’t sing Ebeneezer Good, then Hollie must.

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The Top Five Susan Boyle Moments

susan-boyle-fatAS Susan Boyle prepares to forgo her knickers, shave her head and give broadsheet hacks a chance to write about Boyle Ghandi, and tabloid scribes an opening to wonder if sex with 48-year-old virgin is better than a shag with mum-of-two Britney Spearsvote now and vote often – (with expert opinion from Calum Best), we look back at Britain’s Got Talent.

What was the best bit? Anorak’s Top Five:

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Susan Boyle Is The Hairy Pig

demi-moore-susan-boyle6SUSAN Boyle Watch: Susan Boyle is the Hairy Pig, spreading her Susan Bole Fever over the world.

But – look out – she might not make it. The Boyle virus is in danger!

Sky News: Boyle ‘May Be Harmed’ By Tonight’s Final

An assassin?

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Britain’s Got Talent: Natalie Okri Attacked

natalie-okri-voteIN “BULLIES BEAT ME UP” – Star readers learn that Britain’s Got Talent’s Natalie Okri:

“CHILD singing sensation” Natalie Okri was “beaten up by jealous rivals after starring on Britain’s Got Talent”.

Usually, the back story is that the BGT wannabe was bullied before they went on the show, and now they have become a star they have won the war.

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