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Donald Trump says wind farms will bring down planes over Scotland

DONALD Trump is no fan of wind farms. Wind and Donald’s do not mix well (see video above).

Trump wants to build a golf course on Scotland’s midge-invested lands. He thinks that wind farms parked off the coast will spoil the golfing experience. They will be worse eyesores than braying middle-aged men in canary yellow trousers hitting balls. Scotland is caught in the crosshairs.

Trump has taken out an advert in the Scottish press. The ad links Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond’s backing for wind power to the Scottish Government’s decision to free Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, the only man victim of the Lockerbie bombing in which 270 people were killed.

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Abdel Baset al-Megrahi is dead – innocent man takes secrets to the grave

ABDEL Baset al-Megrahi is dead. He said he never murdered 270 people in the Lockerbie bombing. The British courts said he did. 

Has an innocent man taken his secrets to the grave?

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Lockerbie: Innocent Abdulaset Ali al-Megrahi was looking for sex not murder in Malta

ABDULBaset Ali al-Megrahi, the only person to have been convicted of murdering 270 in the Lockerbie bombing, may get another appeal.

Scotland’s Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill says:

 “The Scottish government had no interest whatsoever in Mr Al-Megrahi’s appeal being abandoned. I had no involvement in Mr Al-Megrahi’s decision to drop his appeal against conviction — that was entirely a matter for him and his legal team… Scottish government officials were present throughout my meeting with Mr al-Obeidi [Libyan government minister]. At no time did I or any other member of the Scottish government suggest to Mr al-Obeidi, to anyone connected with the Libyan government, or indeed to Mr al-Megrahi himself, that abandoning his appeal against conviction would in any way aid or affect his application for compassionate release.”

Al-Megrahi has a new book out.

How latest defence is that he did go to Malta. But with a mind bent on sex not murder.

The BBC reports:

Prosecutors said the bomb which destroyed Pan-Am Flight 103 was in a suitcase loaded on the island. Previously secret documents, seen by BBC Scotland, detail the explanations of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, 59, for his presence on Malta….[The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission’s] 821-page report has never been published, but it has now been seen by BBC Scotland.

“As a Libyan Arab Airlines employee and as someone well known, both at Tripoli airport and at the airport in Malta,” he told the lawyers, “I could get away with not using a passport or an identification card at all, but simply by wearing my Libyan Arab Airlines uniform.

“This may sound ridiculous but it is true. If I wanted to do something clandestine in such a way that there would be absolutely no record at all of me going from Tripoli to Malta and back again, I could do it.”

A Maltese shopkeeper, Tony Gauci, identified Megrahi as the man to whom he sold clothes which were later found in a suitcase which had contained the bomb.

The SCCRC document says:

He told them he could not have sex with his wife.

“It was possible therefore that the reason for his visit to Malta on 20 December was to meet a woman for this purpose,” the SCCRC report said. “The woman in question was the same one that he had suggested he might have met during his visit to Malta on 7 December. He had had sexual relations with her on a number of occasions over several years, until 1989 or 1990.”

Megrahi was released from a Scottish prison in August, 2009. He had three months to live.

In the Scotsman Dr Jim Swire sees his letter published:
Maybe I am just getting too old to relish the challenge, but recent noises from the No 10 direction could hardly be more hostile, with David Cameron claiming that John Ashton’s book Megrahi: You Are My Jury is an insult to “the relatives” of the Lockerbie bomb victims – and that before he could possibly have read it: is he Prime Minister of the UK or the US?
The inquiry route, as that proposed by the Justice For Megrahi campaign group, remains before the Holyrood justice committee. How else can we support JFM? My personal view is that there are sufficient material and powers within Scotland to unseat the Scottish verdict and that until that is done Whitehall, let alone the international arena, will remain obdurate…
The relatives seek answers to the question of who did carry out the atrocity and why were they not prevented from doing so, rather than the simpler question of “was Megrahi guilty or not?” But the verdict is the obstruction that bars our progress, and the heavy lifting gear to get rid of that obstruction is within Scotland.
The two entities needing to be in the cross-hairs are the Crown Office and the Dumfries and Galloway Police. Ashton’s book puts both of them on the back foot. Once the court proceedings at Zeist, in the Netherlands, are shown to have been corrupted – no matter by whom – it should be for Scotland to set aside her verdict. There is a scientifically verifiable divide between the fragment PT35b and the Mebo timers. Let us not waste time on wondering where the fragment came from and who made it. It appears the differences between the two types of circuit boards are scientifically irreconcilable. If that’s so and can be made to stand up in court, there is no other evidence of a timer used to enable the long journey from Malta to the skies over Lockerbie.
With full analysis of the proven genuine fragment, the prosecution case collapses. Once that happens, Whitehall and the Americans ought to have to answer for their roles in all this, but that probably won’t happen in my lifetime.
Besides, it is wrong that an innocent man, Megrahi, and his family should remain under such overwhelming and unjustified blame a day longer. That also is evil and it has been done in the name of Scottish justice. Addressing the far greater evil of the murders themselves must follow the destruction of the verdict, surely?
We shall all be guilty of failing to fight both those evils if we do not rise up in Scotland to overturn the verdict now…
Sometimes it is hard also to resist the temptation to seek revenge against those who have misused the trust we placed in them to solve this case, but revenge was the fuel for Lockerbie, and to succumb to it would be to hand a further victory to those who murdered and those who have deceived. That cannot ever be right.
Who speaks for the 270?

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Hillary Clinton Wants Lockerbie Bomber Slammed Up: Megrahi Might Wish He Were Dead

HILLARY CLINTON, the USA Secretary of State, wants the United Kingdom’s worst mass murderer convicted of the Lockerbie bombing back in a Scots jail.

Her demand came as Libyans celebrated freedom from 42 years of Gaddafi. The street parties coincided with the discovery of mass killings in Gaddafi’s last stronghold Sirte. The New York Times says mutilated bodies of 58 pro-Gaddafi officials and bodyguards, many Black, were found in the grounds of a hotel which had been held by the militia attacking the town.

The bodies are thought to have been there at least a week. All shown signs of abuse and execution. One was decapitated.

The USA Secretary of State had another attack on the Scottish move of freeing Abdelbaset al Megrahi on compassionate grounds in 2009. She also said if the Scots refused then someone else may feel the bomber’s collar.

The Herald, Glasgow, reports:

‘She said: “We want to see him returned to prison, preferably in Scotland, where he was serving the sentence, but if not, elsewhere, because we thought it was a miscarriage of justice that he was released from the sentence that had been imposed for the ghastly bombing of Pan Am 103.” ‘

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Who Killed Gaddafi And Buried The Truth About Lockerbie? The Sun Kills Justice For The 270

COLONEL Gaddafi is dead – killed by his own countrymen. Murdered by the mob. The British press react.

The Daily Mirror leads with news that he begged for his life. We don’t know this. All we know is that the rebels tells us:

The cowardly dictator screamed “don’t shoot, don’t shoot” as rebels finally closed in to end his 42-year reign of brutality, mayhem and murder once and for all. But 69-year-old Mad Dog’s pleas fell on deaf ears and the seething Libyan gunmen dragged him from the pipe, battered him senseless then executed him with shots to his legs and head at 8.30am.

Had Gaddafi stood up straight and tall and declared in a cut-glass accent words along the lines of “Hurrah for anarchy! This is the happiest moment of my life” or “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is God’s messenger” or “Take a step forward, lads. It will be easier that way” would the rebels have relayed his message to the world?

The Belfast Telegraph describes Gaddafi as the “man who brought murder to our streets“. Gaddafi was a friend to the IRA, supplying them with weapons.

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Gaddafi Stiches Up Lying Tony Blair By Revealing Truth About Abdelbaset Al Megrahi’s Release And British Greed

WHY was Abdelbaset Al Megrahi freed from a Scottish jail? Because the Scottish Ministers wanted the man with terminal ill cancer – given three months to live in August 2009 to be free. Because the UK Government in Westminster under Tony Blair and then Gordon Brown applied no pressure.  Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, 57, was jailed in 2001 for his role in the murders of 270 people. He lives in Tripoli.

So what did we make of Colonel Gaddafi’s warning to Westminster of a “holy war” if Megrahi died in Scotland? There would be “dire consequences“. Would he reveal the truth? Who ordered the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103A over Lockerbie in 1988? Did Gaddafi take the rap for others – like the Syrians?

Diana Johnstone writes:

Gaddafi had finally given in to Western pressure to accept responsibility – but not guilt – for Lockerbie merely in order to get the unpopular sanctions lifted. The fact that he agreed to turn over two Libyan citizens to a Western court to be tried for the crime and to pay over two billion dollars of compensation to the victims was explicitly not an admission of guilt, but rather a response to blackmail by Great Powers in order to normalize relations and improve daily life.

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond recently told us:

The decision was taken on the basis of Scots law and was not influenced by economic, political or diplomatic factors.”

He said that with a straight face. It was Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill’s decision to free Megrahi. His alone?

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Where Is Abdelbaset al-Megrahi? One Of East Renfrewshire Council’s Prisoners Is Missing In Libya (Photos)

The poser hinges on Gaddafi’s son Seif al-Islam. The rebels, aka Libya’s BNP, say he has been sezied. He says he’s not been kidnapped. He makes a pretty convincing argument as he sits in a car outside the famous Rixos hotel, flashing two fingers in the air like a man well used to ordering doubles of everything.

Previously, Seif has been accused of plagiarising his Ph.D in economics from the LSE.

You might well wonder about lies and liars – and then wonder about Tony Blair, who when Prime Minister had a hand in the release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, the man jailed for the biggest mass murder on British soil when a jet was blown up over Lockerbie. The killer had three months to live at the time of his release on compassionate grounds on August 20, 2009.

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Lockerbie Bomber Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi Appears At Libya Rally

ABDUL Baset Ali al-Megrahi is not dead. The Lockerbie bomber who murdered 270 people has been at a rally in Tripoli.

He is offered a microphone. He uses it to say that he was the victim of a “conspiracy”. (Let’s ask Moussa Koussa, aka Musa Kusa, what he thinks.)

The convicted killer’s freedom is not because he has terminal cancer – he says his freedom is a victory against oppression. only three months to live.

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Libya: How Iran And Syria Got Away With Mass Murder In Lockerbie

LIBYA – billed on the BBC TV news as a cosy “Conflict” and not a proper war, is a pathetic escapade based on emotion and greed. The anti-Gaddafi forces are called the “rebels“. But the real rebel looks more like Gaddafi. Madame Arcati takes a look:

WHILE Britain, America, France and other mighty nations play space invader games over the Libyan Desert, nudge-winkingly plotting the overthrow of the unloved Gaddafi, my mind keeps turning back to Private Eye‘s late and celebrated investigative reporter Paul Foot and his well-argued alternative view of the Lockerbie atrocity.

In 2004 he wrote in The Guardian: ‘The Lockerbie bombing was carried out not by Libyans at all but by terrorists based in Syria and hired by Iran to avenge the shooting down in the summer of 1988 of an Iranian civil airliner by a US warship.’

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Tony Blair Was Complicit In Release Of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi

BRITISH ministers secretly briefed Libya’s Government on how to secure the early release of the Lockerbie bomber – Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi.

The man convicted of the UK’s worst mass murder was released after Tony Blair’s Government had advised Tripoli the man convicted of downing the Pan Am flight 103 the Maid of the Seas was held in Scotland and subject to Scottish law but Blair’s government had control of Foreign policy. Two hundred and seventy were killed when the plane was destroyed.

Wikileaks has released leaked US diplomatic cables which show the US Government was complicit since it knew of the talks and had been briefed.

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Wikileaks: Lockerbie Dead Sold Out For Weapons And Oil

WIKILEAKS and Lockerbie: Three years ago and a lifetime away Anorak readers were asked the question:

“The name Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi ring any bells?”

It soon did. Anorak had foreseen the bomber’s release which came on August 20, 2009 and this is the last clear photograph taken of him as he boarded a Libyan jet at Glasgow airport.

The man remains Britain’s worst ever convicted mass murder and as a prostate cancer victim he will die with that tag around his metaphorical big toe. He did not die in the three months predicted before the release “on compassionate grounds” and there is no real sign of him turning up his toes in the Tripoli home provided for him by a grateful Libyan state leader

His daughter, right on cue, has today told the BBC the bomber is now in “a coma” and has no real knowledge of anyone around him.

There are those would breathe a sigh of relief at that news since when the Scottish Courts were set up to try him and another at Camp Zeist in Holland the belief was he may have been killed by assassins for what he could tell rather than the Lockerbie Bombing.

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Lockerbie: Abdelbaset al-Megrahi Will Sue Britain For Neglect (Now We Need Wikileaks)

LOCKERBIE mass murderer Abdelbaset al-Megrahi is not dead. But when he does die, his family wants compensation from the  British Government for his treatment in a Scottish jail.

Old Botox face, Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi, says the family will sue for “neglect“.

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Abdelbasset al-Megrahi: Lies, Murder, Money News Round-Up

LOCKERBIE bomber Abdelbasset al-Megrahi refuses to make things easy and die of his terminal prostate cancer. One year after his release from a Scotland’s Greenock prison – when he was given three months to live – the convicted mass murderer remains alive and free in Libya. He was scheduled to die on October 28 2009.

He lives. Any death bed confession or testimony will not be heard in the UK.

The media news round-up:

An Innocent Man

Scottish MP Christine Grahame (SNP) says:

She said there were “gaping holes” in the case brought against Libyan Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, who was the only one convicted of the bombing, which raised serious questions over “the safety of his conviction”.

Who Speaks For The Victims?

Speaking on the eve of today’s anniversary, Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray asked: “How much compassion did his government show to the American relatives of the 270 people killed at Lockerbie?”

The Victims Speak

“We were promised that anyone convicted would serve their sentence in Scotland,” explains Mary Kay Stratis – Elia’s widow and Sonia’s mother. “We feel betrayed by governments.”

Ms Stratis says she will walk down the aisle with a picture of her father, who was killed aboard the flight. And Mary Kay Stratis voices a concern shared by almost all the American relatives. “We are sceptical about any release based on compassion. We are wondering whether there was some other reason why he was released.”

Another adds:

“The whole thing stinks,” says Peter Lowenstein, whose 20-year-old son Alexander was among the 189 American victims – two-thirds of the total number who died. – BBC

How Long Does he have To Live?

Free for a year, Megrahi ‘could live another two’ – First Post

Lockerbie bomber could live until 2017, say doctors – Mail

So Who Said He Only Had 3 Months?

Megrahi was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer in September 2008. When he was released last year, Mr MacAskill said he based his decision on numerous comprehensive medical reports including opinions of consultants who had treated the bomber.

Mr MacAskill was provided with reports and recommendations by the governor of Greenock Prison, the doctors and prison social work staff. He also consulted the parole board.

But the only publicly available document on Megrahi’s health is from Dr Andrew Fraser who, although he is the SPS director of health and care, is not a cancer specialist. While describing the three-month prognosis as “reasonable”, his report states that no-one “would be willing to say” if Megrahi would live longer.

On The Offensive

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said: “Any celebration of Megrahi’s release would be tasteless, offensive and deeply insensitive to the victims’ families. We have made our concerns clear to the Libyan government.”

What is more offensive to the victims’ families – letting the killer of 270 people go free or a party?

Party On!

A huge party is planned in Tripoli with thousands of teenagers wearing T-shirts showing the murderer’s face. And a giant screen will show Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi arriving home to a hero’s welcome in Tripoli on August 20 last year.

The Deal

Precisely what role BP played in securing Megrahi’s release, or what bearing this had on its $900 million oil exploration contract, remains unclear. The company says it did no more than lobby the Scottish Parliament for a prisoner swap. But many senior officials in the Obama administration believe that BP was more deeply involved. They point to the role played by Sir Mark Allen, a former senior MI6 officer who headed the negotiations that persuaded Libya to stop work on its nuclear weapons programme, in late 2003, and wrote to the Foreign Office seeking Megrahi’s release – Con Coughlin

This Is Well Put

As al Megrahi flew home to a hero’s welcome, Mr MacAskill sounded as though he was giving him the last rites by referring to him facing sentence by a “higher power”. His cancer was supposed to be aggressive and untreatable.

Now Mr MacAskill says the prognosis was “not an exact science”. Doctors advised him that three months was a “reasonable” estimate”, but none could say if he would live longer.

Many might ask why the release was not delayed until the prognosis was stronger, but these doubts will ensure that conspiracy theories over external pressures will continue along with strained relations with certain factions in the US.

Poor Mr MacAskill

Scotland’s justice secretary has defended his decision to release the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing – describing it as “probably the hardest decision that I’ve ever had to make”. – STV

Mr MacAskill said: “It was a decision I HAD to make. It’s clear he has lived longer than three months but it’s also undeniable he is terminally ill.” – Sun

The Student

Megrahi arrived in the UK in 1971 to study engineering at Cardiff College of Technology.

Anyone know him from back then..?

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Lockerbie Bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi

LOCKERBIE bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi is not only alive – he’s creating tensions between the UK and the US. He was supposed to be dead by now.

Anorak reader Cheryl writes from the US:

When I posted the earlier article on the Forum yesterday re the one Doctor now covering his arse… Reading this latest article it is now exposed that the prison doctor who played a key role in approving Megrahi’s release was only a general practitioner with no expertise in cancer. Read further, Megrahi’s urologist was not even asked his opinion re Megrahi.

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Lockerbie Mass Murderer Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi Rises Again At Easter: Pictures

ACCORDING to today’s Scotsman, Britain’s worst ever mass murderer, Lockerbie bomber and blogger Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, above in a Tripoli hospital, has less than four weeks to live.

Karol Sikora was one of the three specialists who last August refused to agree with a Scottish Prison Service doctor’s prognosis Megrahi had just three months to live. The man convicted of downing Pan Am Flight 103 which left from Heathrow Airport in London at 6.04pm on December 21, 1988 was released and flew home to Tripoli.

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Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi Brought Back From The Dead

LOCKERBIE bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi has died. It’s breaking news (he’s died before, you know).


There are reports that the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi has died, according to Sky sources.

The news flashes around the globe. In South Africa:

Schabir Shaik outlives Lockerbie bomber

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Lockerbie: Govenment Will Not Publish All Correspondence

7554952LOCKERBIE: The UK Government late this evening said it is to publish “all relevant” correspondence with the Scottish Executive over releasing the Lockerbie bomber.

Downing Street confirmed exchanges between Ministers and their counterparts north of the border would be made public on Tuesday, says the Press Association.

The two administrations are getting close to open insult warfare over the handling of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi’s case.

Note the term “Scottish Executive“. In Scotland the controlling Nationalists insist the term is Scottish Government. Whitehall’s mandarins refuse to acknowledge the term and still use the “executive” description as firm reminder to the kilted ones Westminster remains in charge, despite the transparent myth of devolution.

It’s use at all in a UK Government press statement is designed to turn up the emotional heat in Edinburgh.

Don’t be surprised if you find the “all relevant” documents line is later shown to have a big hole in the terminological inexactitudes department.

All sides are as guilty as sin in this and Anorak told you so three years ago – AGW

In The Forums

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Lockerbie Lies: Who Now Speaks For The Murdered 270?

7245511THE decision to release the Lockerbie Bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi will today be announced by the Scottish Government. The convicted mass murderer may even be in the bosom of his family in Tripoli by the time you read this.

The rehearsals are done, already darked vehicles and police outriders have travelled the the few miles of trunk road between HM Prison Greenock to Prestwick Airport. Cold-eyed men carrying powerful weapons have watched and analysed the likely dangers and plotted response scenarios.

The release will be touted as a “humane” decision because the former top-ranking Libyan spy has prostate cancer and in the opinion of some medical experts has little time to live. According to this morning’s Glasgow Herald, Libya has given an undertaking that there will be no “triumphalism“.

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What The Lockerbie Bomber May Yet Tell

THE cancer-stricken Lockerbie bomber failed in his bid to be freed on bail today.

Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi applied for interim release from jail pending the outcome of an appeal against conviction.

But judges at the Court of Criminal Appeal rejected the application from his defence team today.

The 56-year-old former Libyan intelligence agent had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and the disease had spread to other parts of his body.

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Shannon Matthews: Crazy Pigs, 1988 And Bum’s The Word

SHANNON Matthews: Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Shannon Matthews and Karen Matthews

To Leeds Crown Court…


Indeed, the police have ringtones. One has a whistle that makes the sound of a duck, another has a truncheon shaped like drumstick by which he can pound the beat, literally!

Says one officer:

“I thought, ‘We’ve just found your daughter and you’re more concerned about the ringtone’”

Says another officer:

Ring ding ding ding ding
A Ring Ding Ding Dingdemgdemg
A ring ding ding ding ding
a Bram ba am baba weeeeeee


Natalie Brown is in the witness box. Says she:

“One woman said about him having a cute bum. Karen said she wouldn’t mind taking him upstairs. She was having a giggle thinking it was funny. Acting like a little child.”

Maybe the wrong child went missing?

“One minute she would be laughing and be happy and joking but when the news came on TV she would be very quiet.”

We’re on the telly!

Natalie claimed she told Matthews off on one occasion when she said to her youngest daughter “Look Shannon’s on TV she’s famous.”

Is Karen Matthews a celebrity? Is Shannon? How much is her story worth?

THE SUN (front page): “Shannon mother’s ‘silence’ at rescue”

Says neighbour Natalie Brown:

“I never saw any real tears. Her eyes would well up and that was it.”

Pages 8 and 9: “THE RING OF TRUTH – Phone quip as Shannon found”

DC Alex Gummit has a phone that when called plays Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. Says Karen Matthews, allegedly: “You must Bluetooth it to me or text me.” Or call and we’ll do cans…

The Sun goes on to talk about the £50,000 reward for finding Shannon. The piece is erroneously called “SUN’S £50,000.” The reward was indeed for that sum but the Sun did not put it all up. The money was raised by well wishers. For such reasons, readers who find Madeleine McCann should beware of claiming Anorak’s £3.2million, as advertised here.

Matthews, 33 — who is jointly accused of staging the nine-year-old’s disappearance to claim a £50,000 reward from The Sun — left officers deeply suspicious because of her reaction.

Or not…

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