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In photos – Television and Radio Industries Club awards 2012

TUESDAY. The Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane, London, for the Television and Radio Industries Club awards. Past presidents of these prestigious awards (it says here) are: Charlie Dimmock, Ainsley Harriott and Spandau Ballet front man Tony Hadley. This year’s president is Eamonn Holmes. For such a starry luncheon, a stella cast: Kerry Katona, Mark Wright, Sam Faiers, Joey Essex, Nicola McLean, Sam Aston, Dane Bowers, Nancy Dell’Olio, Georgia May Foote, Amy Childs, Peter Andre, Andrea McLean, Janet Street-Porter, and Sherrie Hewson. Which one will be voted Weather Presenter of the Year? And why arene’t any of them working?


Picture 1 of 17

Amy Childs and Peter Andre arriving for the Television and Radio Industries Club (TRIC) Awards, at Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane, central London.


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Awesome People Hanging Out Together At Larry Crowne Premiere: Photos

IN today’s edition of Awesome People Hanging Out Together we focus on Cherie Blair’s meeting with Rolling Stones hobgoblin Ronnie Wood at the Westfield Shopping Centre. Wood was with his lover Ana Araujo. And it as all about the hair. Ana was in a machine washable Anna Wintour. Ronnie was sticking with the detonated bearskin. And  Cherie wore a look that said “I’ve arrived. Finally I get to meet a Stone and – maybe, just maybe – shag him to death.”

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Can Nicola McLean Make Anorexia Sexy? OK! Investigates

NICOLA McLean, a former pneumatic Page 3 has breasts that look even more out of proportion to the rest of her because she has anorexia.

On the cover of OK!, Nicola cradles her naked chest, pulls on a pair of short denim shorts and turns to face her audience. She may even have tossed back her hair from her face (chin dipped to bare shoulder; eyes raised) to allow nothing to get in the way of her telling us:


Nicola’s “eating disorder” might well be “devastating”, but what we want to know is: can it be turn on? Can anorexia be sexy? Can mental illness be alluring?

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Daily Mail And Nicola McLean’s Upskirt Shot: Photos And Pixels

IN a story about a night out with CAN Associates’ bright clientele Nicola McLean, Amy Childs, Mel B’s sister (!) Danielle Brown and Kerry Katona, the Mail featured a photo that can be described as revealing. You can see it here. The Mail first pixelated the image up McLean’s skirt and then removed it from its website entirely.

Is this a sign of editorial debate at the Mail?

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Katie Price And Peter Andre In Slash Horror

katie-peter1MORE Peter Andre and Katie Price news as amid a fight at the Mayfair Hotel, bookmakers slash the odds of the pair reunited their camera crews and giving it one more shot.

Ladbrokes has reduced the odds of a Peter Andre-Katie Price re-renewal of vows (they renewed their vows on a TV show having made their original vows before God and OK!) from 100/1 to 4/1.

Whether he bookmakers would take money from Katie or Peter’s PR camps is a moot point. The odds are one thing, the size of the betting market another. A wager of anything over a pound might be turned down by the bookmakers, suspicious of fixing.

One day on from news of a reconciliation, Peter Andre, along with Mel B, her husband Stephen Belafonte, Chantelle Houghton and Nicola McLean are dining with Katie’s former agent Claire Powell at the Mayfair Hotel. That’s them bathed in an orangey glow sat before plates covered in hand-reared breast meat.

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Bianca Gascoigne In Thigh Boots, Sun Sets On Mars

key-bEARLIER this week, Anorak’s woman in a smock went to the Comfort Prima High Street Fashion Awards at the Battersea Evolution in London. Some of the leading names in ligging were there: Jo Wood, Nicola McLean, Brendan Cole, Lulu and Suranne Jones.

The evening celebrated natural beauty…

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Win A Date With Nicola McLean, And The First Prize Is…

“HOW does a date with jungle babe Nicola McLean sound?”


Impossible you may say, but you would be wrong!


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Nicola McLean Meets Her Fans

AN insight into life after the celebrity jungle for Nicola McLean.

Happy days…

Spotter: Kela Hazell

Note: If this image is copyrighted please inform us and we will remove it.

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Nicola McLean Employs The Danielle Lloyd Defence In Trial As The New Kerry Katona

NICOLA McLean and her Jordans are out of the Celebrity jungle and winding down, literally, in an Australian hotel. Is she the new Kerry Katona?

What next for Skippy gonad nosher Nicola? Can roo gonads be frozen and placed into an Iceland pie? Would they impove the texture?

First up, Nicola has to read her “hate mail” and tell Star readers:

“Others wrote ‘cover up you slag’ and some said I was a bully.”

As is the way with any celebrity accused of bullying, the accused should explain at great length that they were bullied at school:

“I was bullied at primary school quite badly. So I would never bully anyone.”

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Skippy Nicola McLean Knocks David Van Day Into A Cocked Hat

BLUE Peter Garden survivalist Nicola McLean is not only a massive pair of Jordans – she’s a massive pair of Jordans with a lack of self-awareness that would put Tatler’s three witches to shame.

Says Nicola in the Star, which offers her more support than a cheerleader in a Wonderbra:

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Nicola McLean: Get ‘Em While They’re Hot

WAS Nicola McLean ever entirely in the Blue Peter Jungle?

While McLean’s head was in the right place, her chests were rumoured to be back at the hotel being pampered and prepped for interviews and fame.

Now all of McLean is in the hotel. And the Sun’s former Page 3 columnist and Daily Star mainstay tells us that she is “gagging” for sex with Peterborough United footballer Tommy Williams.

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I’m A Celebrity: Mallett Snookered By McLean

TIMMY Mallett has been “HAMMERED” by his wife (Sun) and then “Bashed” (Star) by Nicola and Carly.

First up to have a go at Mallett is Mrs Lynda Mallet, who says of her man in the day-glo shorts, “He’s an annoying git.”

And it’s hard not to like him for it as Timmy laughs long and too loud at Robert Kilroy-Silk, a man who if he was half as fascinating to others as he is to himself would be stood in a glass box at the British Museum.

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Nicola McLean’s Optics Illusion To Timmy Mallett’s Little Kilroy-Silk

IN the I’m A Celebrity Jungle “our Nicola” McLean “has still got her boobs out”.

Only she hasn’t. Nicola’s boobs remain restrained in her top waiting for the moment when despair takes root in the celebrity camp and she can uncork out her nipples and dispense a hearty broth (left) and nip of gin (right) to one and all.

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Reserves Turn Out For I’m A Celebrity

ONLY a very few knew the names of all the celebrities on ITV last night.

You can blame the lack of close up of the Wags, and the fact that Ant ‘n’ Dec were wearing the same kit as the indigenous tribe, but I’m A Celebrity was a game of two halves and little drama.

Good then that the Star has edited highlights of what viewers might have missed as ITV trained its cameras on Berlin.

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Testes Times In The Celebrity Jungle

THE Daily Star reports that Nicola McLean is “not afraid to get her lips round a croc’s willy”.

How the paper knows this remains a story untold.

Last night we saw the pneumatic model eating kangaroo testes on I’m A Celebrity, so her sucking on a crocodile’s penis is not beyond the realms of possibility – unless of course, the penis is attached to the rest of the reptile and in a state of arousal.

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Nicola McClean On Her Budding Jordans

DAY one in the jungle and Nicola McLean is in a bikini.

Take care Nicola, say celebrity watchers, lest she get bitten and the puncture wounds cause her to leave the camp faster than a pricked balloon.

(Note: For similar reasons, gastric band enthusiast Fern Britton should avoid playing “human catapult” and hanging around with Boy Scouts).

While Mail readers get to see “desperate” Nicola crying for attention, Star readers get to see Nicole sans bra.

Nicola is planning to undergo a third boob job, readers learn, one that should make her “massive”.

Massive is a big word in Nicola life, it is something of an ambition.

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I’m A Celebrity: Nicola McLean Loves The Bush

NICOLA McLean is swinging into the I’m A Celebrity jungle on her burning bra straps.

Says Nicola: “I wouldn’t rule out a lesbian liaison… I like to look at girls, especially good looking girls.”

“I’LL SWING BOTH WAYS IN JUNGLE,” says the Sun’s front-page teaser.

The Star’s front-page “exclusive” echoes those words.

Nicola fancies a bushtucker trial with one of the ladies. Not since the heady days of Valerie Singleton, allegedly, has the Blue Peter garden known the like.

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Tongue Fisting The I’m A Celebrity Wannabes

A TONGUE twister to limber up your lips on the cover of today’s Daily Star: “I’M A CELEB WAG WAR.”

Take it away I’m A Celeb agonist Esther Rantzen… “I’m A Stheleb Tonth Tvisther.”

Go, go, failed London mayor and ex-gay copper Brian Paddick: “I am a celebratty tonguey fister.”

Now you EastEnders Joe Swash: “OimashlebtungtwistersthOiAmOiIam.”

And so it goes, all the way to Robert Kilory Silk: “I am a tongue shitter.”

No lie: the Star really is 10p cheaper than the Sun and “10 times more fun.”

The Sun can only go on about “Baby P” who died in the care of its “vile” mum and stepdad.

If the Daily Star got its hand on the story, it would be a game of spot the difference between Baby P and Baby M.

So funsters, we turn back to the Star, and learn that miniature Wag Carly Zucker, former Muppet Dani Behr and Friend-Of-Anorak Nicola McLean will be providing more tongue twisters should they and any of the aforesaid Swash, former Blue singer Simon Webbe or Martina Navratilova gel in the dell.

Anorak will be rooting for Our Nicola, who used to play with our patron Old Mr Anorak’s youngest at the Corum Fields drop-in centre, London.

You go, Nicola. And if you see fit to win and want to do good deeds, how’s about returning that pencil your little sister took…

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