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Madeleine McCann: Manuel Catarino Writes, The Guilt Of The McCanns And International Crimewatch

by | 15th, December 2007

mccann-parents.jpgMADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

DAILY EXPRESS front page: “MADELEINE: Parents would be in jail if they were locals”

But, then, they would not have been on holiday up the road. But if…

Hernani Carvalho, author of Maddie 129 (a book), hosts Portugal’s “version of Crimewatch”. Says he: “If they were Portuguese they would be in jail by now. There are lots of people up in arms with the scandalously privileged treatment that was given to the McCanns. Any Portuguese couple in these circumstances would have been jailed a long time ago”

The McCann’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell says: “That’s his point of view – we disagree. Kate and Gerry have not been given any special treatment”

MADELEINE: “PLAN TO KEEP KATE IN CUSTODY” – Manuel Catarino has written a book. In The Guilt of the McCanns, he writes: “Kate, exhausted, keeps repeating the same. She played with the children in the living room, she put them to bed – and by 7.30pm they were already asleep. The police don’t believe her. They think Madeleine died accidentally in the living room and the parents, in a panic, fearful of the consequences, interested only in defending their reputation, hid her body and staged her abduction”

Says Clarence Mitchell, It’s “another shameful attempt to make money out of the situation”. Clarence Mitchell is paid to represent he McCanns, how much is not said. The Daily Express has produced its own book

THE SUN front page: “CLUELESS – New Maddie witness blows lid on inept cops”

The Sun has read Bridgette O’Donnell’s story in the Guardian. You can read ‘Vanished’ here

“Maddie suspect Robert Murat looked sweaty, excited and breathless when he was drafted in as a translator by bungling cops the day after her disappearance, it emerged yesterday”

So says Bridgette, who works in the meedja…

The Portuguese police failed “to recognise a picture of Madeleine McCann”

Writes Bridgette: “Then he pointed to the photocopied picture of Madeleine on the table. ‘Is this your daughter?’ he asked. ‘Er no,’ we said. ‘That’s the girl you are meant to be searching for.’ My heart sank for the McCanns”

Do you recognise Madeleine McCann? Does the Moroccan woman who saw her in Morocco, the Irishman who saw her in Bosnia, the woman who saw her in Belgium?

And would you have recognised her picture hours after she had gone missing, being abel to spot the difference between it and a picture of another similarly aged British girl??


“Crimewatch producer Bridget O’Donnell said Kate and Gerry had simply made a ‘disastrous decision’ to leave their daughter unattended”

She added the tragedy could have happened to “any of us”

Could it have? Child theft is a rare crime. It could be you – Increasing The Fear…
“Throughout all this I have believed that Gerry and Kate are innocent,” says Bridgette. “None of us imagined we were being watched. One group made a disastrous decision – Madeleine was vulnerable and was chosen. But in the face of such desperate audacity, it could have been any of us”

DAILY MAIL: “Maddie: Portuguese police ‘came within an inch of jailing Kate McCann’”

The paper has learnt of A Culpa dos McCann – the Guilt of the McCanns. Manuel Catarino is editorial chief of Portuguese daily newspaper Correio da Manha. He says Kate McCanns was “one step away from prison” on the eve of her interrogation on September 7 when she was officially named as an arguido.

He writes: “The coordinator of the investigation, Gonçalo Amaral, and the prosecutor Magalhães e Meneses, discussed the possibility of serving Kate up to the criminal instruction judge for him to apply for her to be remanded in custody. But both men were consumed by doubts on the telephone: they did not know whether it was a case of ‘negligent homicide’ which did not allow remanding in custody, or whether to accuse her of ‘homicide with eventual intent’, a more serious crime, enough to remand the suspect in custody while they await trial”

And in the end they decided upon letting her go…

Says Clarence Mitchell: “I would refer any fair-minded person to the fact that neither Kate or Gerry have been charged with any offence and there is one good reason for that – there is no evidence because they are not involved in any shape or form in their daughter’s abduction”

Madeleine McCann: The speculation, accusation and sensation

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