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Homemade Dutch sex toys (the video)

dutch homemade sex toys


The video to Dutch band De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig’s tune Elektrotechnique features DIY sex toys. If they remind you of happier times, do tell us how they work and if nails or glue is better:



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Watch 3AM Orson Welles’ ‘antipathetic’ porno

orson welles porn


In 1975, Orson Welles edited a scence from the porno movie 3 A.M.

Josh Karp spotted the master’s work in researching his book Orson Welles’s Last Movie: The Making of The Other Side of the Wind. He says Welles “wound up editing a hard-core lesbian shower scene that he couldn’t resist cutting in Wellesian fashion with low camera angles and other trademark flair.”

Welles’ editing was triggered by a desire to free up cinematographer and Gary Graver, who had returned to working on skin flicks to pay the bills. Graver directed 3 A.M under the nom-de-smut Robert McCallum.

Welles knew his porn:


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Bow Wow’s groupie guide to having sex with a self-absorbed voyeur



Dear Bow Wow, I have casual sex with the female fans. But how can I have my cake and eat it?

Bow Wow considers the question on his Instagram.

Yo i see yall boys still young rich and DUMB. Now james is my boy but let me say this now. This is how i USE to do it its called “leaving no evidence” if you was chilling w me my security takes phones and you signing papers. The rule is when she leaves she gets her phone back.

Dumb James is pro basketball player James Harden, seen with a fan in the above photo.

Bow Wow never talks to a groupie without first tucking a pen into his knickers.


Secondly if u forgot to take phone make sure she sleep then find her phone (usually by side of bed) i would take it put it under the bed so i KNOW im good and could sleep peacefully.

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Richard Blackwood doesn’t know what zest is




On BBC TV cooking show Number 650b, zesty Richard Blackwood is proving that there is still work to do:

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The animated Joni Mitchell talks about being a reluctant star


Blank on Blank’s animated video features Joni Mitchell in conversation with record executive Joe Smith back in 1986 .

More in Smith’s book Off the Record.

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Pregnant Samia Ghadie’s magic number

Samia Ghadie and her lover, Sylvian Longchambon are talking with OK! about their love, pregnancy, their love and pregnancy. It’s the cover story on this sweek’s OK!, and the treat will be seeing how the magazine can eke the two-pronged assault out for 11 pages of lover and pregnancy.

Things begin well for the couple who met on ITV’s pro-celebrity ice-sking show Dancing On Ice – some irony that a contest on the most treacherous surface should produce such a rock solid love bond now two-years in the telling.

The story can be told in an extended highlights package.

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Benny Green will always be the first boy into Grange Hill (video)

benny green


RIP Terry Sue-Patt, dead at the too-young at 50. You played Benny Green in TV’s brilliant (well, in the early day it was) Grange Hill. You stood up to Gripper in 1978.

I’m not going to investigate Mr Sue-Pratt’s life. When an actor dies, there’s no need to pick over the bones of somebody most of us never knew and didn’t care about. Better to recall what made him famous, and what pleasure he gave us.

This is episode 1 of Grange Hill. It’s shamless nostalgia.

For anyone who was at school in those days, this was must-see TV. And, to say it again, it was brilliant:


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Former Thompson Twins singer Alannah Currie stuffs her furniture with roadkill

Alannah Currie furniture


Alannah Currie, once of the three-piece 1980s band The Thompson Twins, now works as an upholsterer.

She says she has hidden poetry and handwritten stories in different parts” of her chairs. And then there is her use of marterials, which is interesting:

The foxes, swan, lamb and blue tit on my chairs are memento mori. I’m a vegetarian, so I did a lot of research to find the right taxidermist who uses animals that die naturally or are roadkill. I had to wait eight months for the swan. As far as fitting the animals into the chairs, I’m very specific. For instance, for the foxes, I measured the back of the chair, drew exactly how I wanted the foxes to be positioned and sent these drawings to the taxidermist. Then I sewed them in when they eventually arrived. All the furniture is made to be robust. It is functional art – there may be a lamb on the chair, but you can lie beside it or use it as a cushion. To me, they are very beautiful but disturbing at the same time.


swan dead


You can see more of her work at Miss Pokeno.



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Mike Young’s YouTube Channel is the greatest kamikaze karaoke this side of Tokyo

Richard Metzger points us toward the work of Mike Young, whose YouTube channel is a beautiful horror of kamikaze karaoke. A few highlights apepar below:




Enjoy the silence:

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Robin Thicke’s mum and dad have sex to his music

robin thicke sex dad


Sexy times at Chez Thicke, where Robin Thicke’s dad Alan, 68, and wife, Tanya Callau, 40, are talking about their sex lives. News is that when getting down to it they like to have Robin in the room, aurally speaking:

Says Callau:

“When we do get freaky, we love [Robin’s song] ‘Sex Therapy. You have to admit, it’s a great song to get in the mood.”

Who doesn’t use their children as an aphrodisiac? That question to all the parents out there….


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Watch every time Owen Wilson says ‘Wow’ in a movie

Owen Wilson likes to say “Wow”. If the script contains enough ‘wow’, Owen Wilson is in. Had William Shakespeare wrote “Wow, to be or not to be” or ‘Wow is that a dagger?”, Wilson would have been a fine stage actor.

As it is, he just comes across as a man playing himself on camera.

Here’s a supercut of Wilson and his ‘Hear the Wow’ acting. Watch the full video here.

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That interview with Russell Brand made me realise how stupid the Left think we are

Russell BRand Independent


Everything you needed to know about how stupid the high-brow newspapers think tabloid readers, everyone on the web and the youth are is encapsulated in an Independent headline.

This interview with Russell Brand could well win Ed Miliband the next General Election

Undaunted by the glaringly obvious conclusion that Russell Brand’s influence over the electorate is on a par with John Snow’s socks, the Indy tells its readers that Ed Miliband’s walk through his home echo chamber really mattered to the more go-head members of society:

Ed Miliband’s attempt to break the log jam by making a late-night dash to Russell Brand’s flat was the one moment which left traditional media flat-footed. His interview on Brand’s Trews YouTube channel has been watched by 1.2 million people, many of whom would never consider watching Newsnight.

How many of those 1.2 million were journalists on the social media news beat is possibly in the high hundreds of thousands. And mention of the BBC’s post-Jeremy Paxman, post- Jimmy Savile Newsnight is apt. That show’s desperation to attract a younger audience also featured the preening, anti-intellectual Brand, this time talking with the show’s Evan Davis.

It was an excruciating verbal dad-dance of BBC-sanctioned rebellion.

Brendan O’Neill saw it all:

Hilariously, the very same people who accuse the Murdoch papers of brainwashing their readers into voting for the Tories – such undiluted snobbery – believed that a celeb with a webcam and a lively Twitter presence could simply click his fingers and get the hordes voting Labour. But he couldn’t. And it isn’t hard to see why. It’s because people aren’t idiots. They want substance, seriousness, not finger-wagging gags about EVIL TORIES and instructions to ‘save Britain’ by giving the nod to Ed.

Forget middle-aged, middle-brow, David Icke-lite Russell Brand. The cool-hunting adults should invite Jake Yapp on instead – he’s cheaper and funnier:


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Listen as fans react to seeing Star Wars for the first time in 1977

As Star Wars: Episode VII gets ready to hit the silver screen, you can listen to what it was like watching the first film in 1977. Youtuber William Forsche recorded his trip to the movies 18 years ago. He writes:

“You can also hear me making laser beam sounds at the end of this recording, because Star Wars got me all fired up!”


Is anyone as excited about this film?

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UKIP-lite Russell Brand Occupues Ed Miliband: Reactions To The Trews



Russell Brand isn’t registered to vote. But he says you should vote Labour, unless you live in Brighton, where you should vote Green. Also, Scots should only vote for a Scot – “If you’re Scottish, you don’t need an English person telling what do to do…” Brand the revolutionary likes fixeed boaders and nationhood. He’s wary of foreigners. He sounds a bit UKIPy.

Also, he’s made his views known after the closing date for voter registration. So, Brandios, get in your times machines and vote soon and vote often for a  UKIP-Green-Labour-SNP coalition.

What do we make of this? Helping us are the newspapers experts.

Owen Jones (Guardian):

He has nearly 10 million Twitter followers; his YouTube interview with Ed Miliband received well over a million hits and counting; he is listened to by hundreds of thousands of disillusioned Britons, particularly young people who have been repeatedly kicked over the last few years. Russell Brand matters.

Sure: Russell Brand entertains.

And however much bluff and bluster the Tories now pull – maybe more playground abuse from David Cameron, who called Brand a “joke” – his endorsement of Labour in England and Wales will worry them.

More people have registered to vote than ever before: between the middle of March and the deadline to register, nearly 2.3 million registered, over 700,000 of them 24 years old or younger. In countless marginal seats, disillusioned voters who were either going to plump for a protest party or not vote at all could well decide whether we are ruled by David Cameron, George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith for another half a decade.

They could. They could not.

Naturally, Brand’s endorsement is being portrayed as a giant U-turn, and sure enough, he has abandoned his “no vote” stance.

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Maya PlisetskayaI: ‘I would like to talk about Swan Lake and my handsome partners but it all revolves around Stalin’s terror’

Close-Up Of Maya Plisetskaya

Close-Up Of Maya Plisetskaya


“I would like to talk about ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and ‘Swan Lake,’ about my battements and my handsome partners,” wrote ballerina Maya Plisetskaya, who has died at the age of 89. “But whichever way I look at my childhood, it all revolves around politics and Stalin’s terror.”

Her New York Times’ obituary tells us:

Her father was shot to death in 1938 in Stalin’s purges. (Ms. Plisetskaya learned the date of his death only in 1989.) Her mother was arrested and sent to a labor camp with her infant son, then exiled to Kazakhstan….

Ms. Plisetskaya was… restricted by the Bolshoi’s rigid Soviet guidelines on choreography, which viewed the very movement of dance through the prism of ideology, yet she was able to infuse stultified, literal movements with much deeper meaning….

“I danced all of classical ballet and dreamed of something new,” she said. “In my time, it was impossible.”


855342 01.03.1961 Майя Плисецкая в балете на музыку С.Прокофьева "Ромео и Джульетта". Большой театр СССР (ныне Государственный академический театр оперы и балета России). Михаил Озерский/РИА Новости


Art matters.

But it was a career that was far from plain sailing. She first sparked scandal in 1967 after a meeting in Moscow with Cuban choreographer Alberto Alonso, who, as a citizen of a friendly communist country, was allowed to create for her the Carmen Suite.

“Carmen – where every gesture, every look, every movement had meaning, was different from all other ballets … The Soviet Union was not ready for this sort of choreography,” Plisetskaya said. “It was war, they accused me of betraying classical dance.”


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1974: Iggy Pop Performs ‘Murder of the Virgin’ at Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco

On August 11, 1974, Iggy Pop performed an improvised play called ‘Murder of the Virgin’ at Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco on August 11,1974 in Los Angeles, California. Iggy Pop wasn’t always a car insurance salesman…

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Ed Miliband gets egged in Russell Brand’s kitchen

When Ed Miliband popped over to anti-voting comedian Russell Brand for a televised chat in the kitchen, the papers reacted. What do the tabloids make of Ed’s meeting of minds?

As ever the photos the tabloids chose to use are telling:

The Sun has Ed Miliband on its front page:


brand miliband 1


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Courtney Stodden sex tape is here: see the preview stills and thrills

Screen shot 2015-04-29 at 08.32.21Celebrity sex tapes give perps and pervs the chance to see a famous face and body in the throes of passion. The more unlikley the sex tape star, the more seductive the skin flick. So. News that America’s penumatic sweetheart Courtney Stodden is offering her working genitals for public consumption will need considerable marketing.

Stodden is the cartoonish, pumpkin-chested teen who married weathered older actor Doug Hutchison. Together they put on a pretty captivating circus.

As for the content of this stright-to-tissues movie, TMZ says Stodden’s film is in tune with the sex lives of her porno fans, what with it being a “solo effort”. This is post-modern porn. And it’s amay-zing, as Vivid Entertainment founder Steven Hirsch enthuses: “Looks amazing, this is the most unique footage I’ve ever seen.” Unique porn is hard to find – some of the stuff out there is niche. Nothing is safe.


Picture 1 of 6

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On Direction: Louis Tomlinson does something really dull



Pop Star Takes Drugs! Like you, we too are shocked by the Sun’s front-page news that Louis Tomlinson, of One Direction, has wiled away the time by rolling “what appears to be a joint”. It is a “cannabis storm” – which sounds great it you’re a stoner. The real shock in this story, however, is that Tomlinson should be filmed skinning up mainstream, stupifying drugs in “the four-star Soho Hotel”.

We live in straigthened times, readers. Once upon a time, pop stars did imaginative things with pricey drugs and fish in expansive five-star suites or low-down dens in debauchery. Now we are expected to be excited by a pop star sharing a cab with some mates and billing up in a mid-ranking hotel one review damns are being popular with “media types”.

If he were any more middle-of-the-road and Louis Timlinson would be a dead hedgehog…






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Leave Katie Hopkins alone: she’s just Hitler’s killer elf

Screen shot 2015-04-21 at 22.33.58


So terrible is Kate Hopkins, the Sun’s vile sayer of nasty things to deadline, that the Indepedent called her words on brave, entrepreneurial, tough, resourceful and desperate migrants trying to cross into Europe from North Africa “a column so hateful it might give Hitler pause”.

‘Worse than Hitler’ might be a tagline Hopkins can live with, but, come on on, Hitler was pretty racist, and it’s hard to think of a Katie Hopkins article on immigration altering history, forcing the German leader to recognise just how bad he is. “After alles,” he ponders, “I enjoy mass murder but I’m nein Katie Hopkins.” And Hitler was no fan of borders.

You can read Katie’s ride on the journalisomobile here. But if you can’t be bothered to here are a few highlights:

Rescue boats? I’d use gunships to stop migrants You may as well set up a Libya to Italy P&O ferry

NO, I don’t care. Show me pictures of coffins, show me bodies floating in water, play violins and show me skinny people looking sad…

You want to make a better life for yourself? Then you had better get creative in Northern Africa…

Britain is not El Dorado. We are not Elysium. Some of our towns are festering sores, plagued by swarms of migrants and asylum seekers, shelling out benefits like Monopoly money. Make no mistake, these migrants are like cockroaches. They might look a bit “Bob Geldof’s Ethiopia circa 1984”, but they are built to survive a nuclear bomb. They are survivors…

Bring on the gunships, force migrants back to their shores and burn the boats….

There’s a shrill petition to have Hopkins sacked from the Sun. Sign it and you are on the side of the goodly. You are the good censor, the bright light who saw the limit of free speech and squashed it. Hurray for you.

Best not to bother.

Ed West spotsan interesting piece by James Bartholomew on ‘virtue signalling’, the bane of social media and political debate; that is, people expressing how ruddy good they are by telling the world how much they hate bad things like Ukip and the Daily Mail.” And the Sun’s Katie Hopkins.

Writes Bartholomew:

“It’s noticeable how often virtue signalling consists of saying you hate things. It is camouflage. The emphasis on hate distracts from the fact you are really saying how good you are. If you were frank and said, ‘I care about the environment more than most people do’ or ‘I care about the poor more than others’, your vanity and self-aggrandisement would be obvious, as it is with Whole Foods. Anger and outrage disguise your boastfulness.

West adds that if he were as hated as Hopkins he’d want to kill himself. But Hopkins is no suicide. Maybe she is tougher than Hitler, after all? Hitler craved love. Hopkins seems to enjoy the notoriety.

And rather than taking Hopkins down, getting her the sack brings to mind this episoide from David Sedaris’ Santaland Diaries. Our hero is working as an elf, going through the soul-detroying, scripted motions, doing what people expect of a cartoon character on public display. And for that, people want him fired:

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#KylieJennerChallenge photos: put your lips together and suck like a Kardashian

jenners lips


sTo look like Kylie Jenner t0 and to pass the #KylieJennerChallenge – stick a place a jar or something over your mouth, suck all the air out of it, and feel your lips begin to bulge.

Et voila! You look ridiculous. But all it cost you is the price of a jar of olives and a small shred of dignity.


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Star Wars hilarity: listen to Sheffield student Godfrey Elfwick troll the BBC

This is just brilliant. Listeners to the BBC World Service’s World Have Your Say show were introduced to Godfrey Elfwick, a student from Sheffield talking about the lastest Star Wars franchise, Star Wars Episode VIII: The Force Awakens. Godfrey says the character “Dark Raider” is “racial stereotype”.


Screen shot 2015-04-20 at 21.32.09


Godfrey Elfwick is a work of parody. Having said on twitter that he’d never seen Star Wars, the BBC got in touch:

Did Angela do any research? If she did, she must have missed Godfrey’s other tweets, like these:


Godfrey Elfwick Godfrey Elfwick Godfrey Elfwick

Screen shot 2015-04-20 at 21.22.41


Godfrey pricked the knowing liberal bubble with a skewer:



Brilliant. Just brilliant…

(PS: is he the only work of parody in that clip?)


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Watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Retro Style)

Batman v Superman – Retro style:

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Watch ‘ugly’ TV’s presenter Britt McHenry’s CCTV take down

Britt McHenry

Look ma, I’m on the telly


This week ESPN’s Britt McHenry learnt that these days anyone can be on camera:

A video surfaced Thursday of the ESPN reporter dressing down a parking-lot attendant in brutally ugly fashion.


For those of you in need of a script, McHendy said:

“I’m in the news sweetheart, I will f****g sue this place…. Maybe if I was missing some teeth they would hire me, huh? ‘Cause they look so stunning … ‘Cause I’m on television and you’re in a f*****g trailer, honey.”

McHenry is now suspended.

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Watch The Premiere Of John Carpenter’s Night Video

john-carpenter night


‘Music to shiver by’ might be the name of John Carpenter’s album of Lost Themes. The man who thrilled us with his Halloween and these overlooked gems inspired directors Gavin Hignight and Ben Verhulst to put pictures to Carpenter’s tune Night. 

Hignight pays tribute to the master of sinister synth:

“Upon hearing NIGHT by John Carpenter my head was instantly filled with these nighttime highway road dreamscapes. Someone or something, haunted, traveling the road alone in the late hours.

“Our goal was to take that feeling and put it into a video that paid tribute to the film work of Carpenter but at the same time gave him a new world to play in… in this case literally through Virtual Reality.”


More here.

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