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Alan Sugar Might Be Mad You Know

This isn’t a definitive diagnosis just a potential indication that we might have a problem here. But it’s possible that Alan Sugar has just gone stark staring. He’s arguing that however bad Ed Miliboy is as a potential Prime Minister what we should really do is bring back Gordon Brown.

Yer wha’?

Celebrity Labour peer Lord Sugar has called for Ed Miliband to be replaced as party leader – by Gordon Brown.

The Apprentice star said Mr Brown had been handed a ‘bad deal’ after taking over as Prime Minister from Tony Blair in 2007 just before the economic crash.

Lord Sugar welcomed the former PM’s return to the Commons today – where he spearheaded the Labour’s opposition to Tory plans to ban Scottish MPs voting on English laws.

He added: ‘I wish he’d come back as leader of the Labour Party to be honest with you.’

He told Iain Dale’s LBC radio show: ‘He took over from Blair in 2008 or 2007 when the real problems in the world economy broke and he got the blame, as far as England is concerned.

‘It’s absolutely wrong. It wasn’t his fault.’

Well, that’s not actually quite right. For the deal between Brown and Blair was always that Blair would do the posturing and the leading and Brown would do all of the economics bit. And he was Chancellor right from that first election victory through to taking over aw Prime Minister. We can’t really let the Chancellor of the entire previous decade off the hook if the economy falls over now, can we?

But there’s something else about this: we’ve had Brown as Prime Minister, we’ve seen him operate as Prime Minister and when we had the opportunity to vote on it we said “No, ta, someone else please”. And it’s not for nothing that Guido Fawkes refers to him as the Prime Mentalist.

On the other hand we might be able to read some runes here. If Sugar knows all of this and still prefers Brown to the Miliboy then just how sodding bad does he think Miliband is then?

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Nick Knowles built the pyramids

Playboy Club Opening - London

HISTORY, as you know, is a difficult subject, thanks to the sheer breadth of things that have happened. However, certain things have happened in the past that are so wonderful that you should probably know the basics of them all.

However, when you ask teenagers about anything, a rollercoaster of answers may come your way. For example, did you know that one in ten teens think that Nick Knowles built the pyramids?

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Alan Sugar’s sexist Christmas gift tweet

ALAN Sugar introduces a masterclass in everyday sexism. He tweets:

Women, get the boss to buy you all a small gift for Christmas to show appreciation for all your hard work 

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Lord Sugar Calls For 2 Minutes Silence For Remembrance Day On Twitter: Then Tweets Twice

LORD Alan Sugar asks for two minutes silence on Twitter for Remembrance Day. He then uses the silence to issues two tweets between 11:0 am and 11:02am.

10:59: “No tweeting for 2 mins.”

11:00: “Winner of comp of guessing when i will reach 125k followers @benrichie with guess 10:45 today, well done, will dm you how to get signed book.”

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Amanda Holden Rescues Katie Price To Be Alan Sugar’s 3D Apprentice Finger

katie-price-apprentice1KATIE Price is “set to star” in The Apprentice, the show that’s made Sir Alan Sugar’s pointy finger a thing of entertainment.

With Surralan’s finger and Katie nipples, this is 3D TV that makes itself. So Katie will be on the show. The Daily Star has the fact. Or as the Sun reports:

The glamour model – real name Katie Price – was introduced to Sir Alan Sugar by actress Amanda Holden at a London Christmas party. Amanda, 38, asked Lord Sugar: “Why don’t you hire Katie for one of the tasks next year?”

Katie, 31, told him: “I’m not the brightest but I know how money works.” And Lord Sugar agreed to consider her proposal, saying: “I think you’d be an asset to the show.”

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Alan Sugar Says ‘Labour Offers No Route Out Of Recession’

alan-sugar-gordon-brownSURRR Alan Sugar is soon to be Lord Alan Sugar – Lorrralan. Sugar is Brown’s big pointy finger, pointing the way ahead.

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Brown Sugar: Gordon Brown’s Celebrity Drug

brown-sugarGORDON Brown offers “new seriousness” and the death of the vapid celebrity culture in politics.

And to prove it he’s just hired Alan Sugar as his “enterprise czar”…

2008: Gordon Brown’s Non Celebrity Celebrity Year

Bloody Alan Sugar Presents The Apprentice Uncut

David Cameron Employs Tony Blair To Save His British Business

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The Apprentice Lorraine Tighe’s Facial

lorraine-tigheLORRAINE Tighe was to be the new Susan Boyle, striking a blow for less-than-gorgeous womanhood, and turning Hairy Cherub Alan Sugar’s Apprentice into a moral lesson.

But Grazia says Lorraine is to embrace new teeth, a “facialist” and “may even have Botox”.

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Apprentice Candidate Wants Ben Clarke Beaten Up

PAULA Jones is the “FURIOUS Apprentice loser”. So says the Sun.

“Paula Jones has threatened to get show rival Ben Clarke beaten up — by her BOXER brother.”

Ben is the Apprentice’s carbed–up version of Coronation Street’s David Platt. That he is odious is no great observation – all The Apprentice candidates are monumental tossers.

The Apprentice candidates are those people in the room who when someone stares at them belive it not because they are revolting, stupid or in need of a good kicking but because they are attractive, empowered and worthy of adoration.

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The Apprentice In Lego

THE Apprentice in Lego. You’re inspired…

Read: Alan Sugar Already Has His Apprentice

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Terrorists Target Jews Sugar, Winehouse and Ronson: Blair Outraged

ALAN Sugar is on a “Hit List” of prominent UK Jews to be offed by Islamists. So says the Sun, which leads with “TERROR TARGET SUGAR”.

Given Sugar’s beard, his “You’re fired” catchprase on The Apprentice and gruff demeanour, on reading the headline Anorak supposed Sugar was being less targeted than wooed by the new brown shirts to overhaul their recruitment policy.

Reading on, the Sun talks of “fears” that a list is being drawn up, and that the one who fears most is “British anti-terror expert Glen Jenvey”. He “is convinced online forum Ummah is being used to prepare a deadly backlash against UK Jews”.

On the Ummah site, “Saladin1970” asks for help compiling “a list of those who support Israel”.
“Abuislam” asks: “Have we got a list of top Jews we can target? Can someone post names and addresses?”

Names given include: Sugar, DJ Mark Ronson, Foreign Secretary David Miliband and Amy Winehouse. That’s a real kick in the teeth to the likes of Alan Yentob, the BBC bigwig who must have fancied himself to be a target.

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David Cameron Employs Tony Blair To Save His British Business

DAY 2 of the Daily Mail’s campaign to help small firms, and the drive is already bearing dividends.

What are the odds that the campaign that coincided with the Government and Opposition’s drive to help small business would be such an instant hit?

If only the politicos listened.

“First day of the Mail campaign brings action from the Government and key pledges from the Tories.”


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Alan Sugar Urges Those With Big Balls To Get Behind Gordon Brown

IF only The Apprentice’s Alan Sugar could fire Gordon Brown. But Sir Alan only wants the best staff to fill that office job vacancy in Brentwood.

Can he make Gordon an offer he cannot ignore, perhaps pushing Sugar’s new range of Amstrad teeth whitening fluid?

Here’s Sir Alan championing his man at the start of the Labour Party conference. You may need to wash you teeth after reading this: 

“My company got into big trouble at the end of the eighties. I was into the banks for £150million. That was a lot of money then. I had £300million pounds of inventory and I also had a bunch of executives that had enjoyed the rise to fame.

“I called them all in for a meeting and I said, ‘Those of you who are worried about tarnishing your CVs who might wanna leave what they perceive to be a sinking ship like rats, clear off now. And those of you that are with me we’re going to go into battle and sort this out.’

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Did Heather Mills Lie On Her Apprentice CV?

THANKS to the Sun we know that Heather Mills will not be appearing on the Celebrity Apprentice.

Mills will not be taking a pointy finger form Donald Trump, eh of the tsunami hair, as she is fired for failing to sell musical knickers at the televised fiscal-celebrity interface.

The Sun says this is because Lady Heather wanted a clause in her contract that ensured she would be in the show’s final.

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