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Anthea Turner walks in poor Della’s shoes as Grant Bovey ‘cheats’

AT times like this we pare a thought for Della. The Sun repots that Anthea Turner is“heartbroken” over allegations that her husband Grant Bovey, 50, has been having sex with a 24-year-old.

Anthea, 52, is said to have told a friend: “I’m devastated, but the support of Grant’s daughters is keeping me going.”

A source said: “She is going through a hellish time and keeps crying on the phone. She needs a bit of space to think and clear her head.”

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Property Porn: Anthea Turner’s Surrey Home For Sale (Photos)

PROPERTY Porn time now as we look around Anthea Turner’s home, Sundown “in an elevated position” on the outskirts of the village of Hascombe, Surrey. Poor Della, whom Grant Bovey left to be with TV sweetheart Anthea, may well enjoy the views…

Savills tells us: “Communications are excellent.” Although the phone may not ring as it once did…

It has “stunning orientation”, Aga gas range cooker, sunken sitting area, “contemporary paths”; “the most spectacular sunsets can be witnessed from the decked area”; an “Olympic size indoor sand school”; and wood and floor touched by a TV legend…


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Alan Partridge’s Mid Morning Matters: Episode 1 – Anthea Turner’s Body

ALAN Partridge steps into the radio phone-in slot occupied by the struck down Danny Baker.

Partridge says Anthea Turner is the Ford Escort cabriolet of middle-aged women.

(Poor Della is in trunk.)

You’re listening to North Norfolk digital with Alan Partridge:

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Anthea Turner Meets The Fans One At A Time In Her Lemon Of A Show

FORMER GMTV and children’s programme Blue Peter presenter Anthea Turner was getting set to wow them in the aisles at a Preston, Lancashire, theatre next month. The gig attracted only two tickets sales by the start of last weekend and a “few” more went yesterday.

Grateful to the Lancashire Evening Post’s excellent Weird World for the pointer, writes Bat E Bird.

Anthea was said to be not too popular with GMTV co-presenter Eamonn Holmes, now Sky’s am anchor. Little Miss Tippy Toes springs to mind, adds AGW in the forums.

The Daily Express today confirms what we all knew, Anthea Turner, 49, does not have too many fans out there and is no longer a bums on seats attraction.

Her plan to tour with a one-woman stage show is down the toilet after dismal ticket sales.

Anthea, 49, a former Blue Peter and GMTV presenter, was to be the Perfect Housewife on stage. Cashing in, she hoped, on the TV show of the same name.

Two shows were planned , one in Preston and the other in Grantham, more would have followed if those had sold well. Only a handful of tickets at £16.50 went in Preston and the cut-price £12 tickets at Grantham have sold just over 40.

The shows were to include “10 things Anthea can do with a lemon” The first show was to have been tonight at Preston’s Charter Theatre. But a theatre spokesman said: “The ticket sales were terrible.”

Anthea’s agent said:

“The show has been postponed because Anthea has got involved with a North American TV show and had to fly out at short notice. It was not because of poor ticket sales.”

No, of course not. The North Americans in the far reaches of Canada needed a ray of sunshine. Or is Anthea off to crack the US? Well, how else do you follow Preston?

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I’m A Celebrity Watch: Katie Price Is More Hated Than Baby P’s Mum

katie-price-dumps-alexI’M A Celebrity Watch: I’m A Celebrity’s Katie Price is hated by all, loved by Alex Reid, hated by the entire country and replaced by a bikini…

On last night post-Katie Price show, Anorak began Bikini Watch – keeping a tally of how it was before the big holes left by Katie Price and her Jordans were plugged with other contestants.

After 2.8 seconds, we saw Sabrina Washington in a bikini, followed five seconds later by soon-to-be-ejected Lucy Benjamin (get ‘em while you can), and 11 seconds later then we saw Stuart Manning with his chest out.

At the end of the show, having heard Katie’s flat drawl expwain mi weaons fur leeevin’ ther jungal, there was not enough to for Benjamin to say what a wicked time she’d had.

It’s a good fist at replacing Katie Price, but for the papers it is too little and to, well, little. Though no longer on I’m A Celebrity, Katie Price dominates the tabloid chatter. The news round up:

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Peter Andre Heads Home To Australia

jungle-andre1LOOK out girls and gonads, Peter Andre is heading back into the ITV jungle studio, where the first laid hands on Katie Price.

The Star says:

“PETER Andre will make a sensational return to the I’m A Celebrity jungle to bury the ghosts of his past… He is determined that the jaunt Down Under will help mend his broken heart.”

Is this the same Peter Andre who has moved on? A source looks to set things straight:

“It’s going to be a ratings winner. The public loves Peter and they’d love nothing more than to see him back in the jungle.”

Indeed, sending Peter Andre back to a small brightly lit clearing in Australia is high on many music fans’ wish list. If we can achieve it with love, then let us do so. Peter, we love you. We really love you. We also love Noel Edmonds, Anthea Turner as we once loved Victoria Beckham and Madonna. Love is about letting go, Pete. That’s real love.

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Talking Dirty Makes You Impotent

talking-dirty-makes-you-impotentGENNADY Cheurin of the Russian town of Yekaterinburg, research manager of the Center of Ecological Safety, says talking dirty leads to impotence.

Says he:

“Men were allowed to use these words only 16 days a year. Afterwards, it was strictly prohibited to use them. So whenever men use these sacred words for no reason in their daily life, this immediately leads to sexual dysfunctions, i.e. impotence. If a woman uses these words in her daily speech, she slowly begins transforming into a man.”

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Osama bin Laden Mistaken At Airport For Russell Brand

AT Manchester airport, face-recognition machines are in operation.

The Telegraph has seen an internal email:

“Update on the calibration – the facial recognition booths are letting passengers through at 30%. Changes appear to have been made without any explanation [or] giving anyone a reason for the machines [creating] what is in effect a 70% error rate.

“[The fact that] the machines do not operate at 100% is unacceptable. In addition it would be interesting to know why the acceptance level has been allowed to decrease.”

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Jade Goody’s Greatest Creation

ANYONE remember when it was easy to like Shilpa Shetty? Yes, it was when she was being abused on Big Brother.

Everyone likes a victim, and Shilpa was it. But now Shilpa is accused of being the predator – it alleged that she wrecked her furture husband’s first marriage.

Here’s Shilpa showing Hello! readers around she and Raj Kundra’s British mansion. Through the double doors leading into a grand hall with two reception rooms on the left and steps down to an indoor heated swimming pool.

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Synagogue Sells Used Celebrity Underwear

THE New North London Synagogue invites celebrities to auction off autographed pairs of underwear for charity.

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GMTV Takes On Global Cooling With Anthea Turner

GMTV takes on global cooling, this year’s global warming:

“If your fridge is full this Christmas, use nature’s refridgerator – your car”

Anthea Tuner on GMTV.

Good to see Anthea back, and living in her car.

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The X-Factor: Anthea Turner Goes Down

ALEXANDRA Burke is the “£10million winner” (Mail) of TV’s X Factor, and makes real the “£1m dream” (Mirror).

To her go the spoils of recording contract, to be called the “new Leona Lewis” and to sing a warbling cover version of Little Drummer Boy.

But for every winner there must be a loser, and the Mail brings the associated front-page news that Anthea Turner is a “100m LOSER”.

Anthea Turner weeps as she reveals she might lose her £5million mansion in the credit crunch.

Says the woman who lent her hair to X Factor hopeful Eoghan Quigg:

I don’t think a £5million mansion makes you happy.

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Credit Crunch: Anthea Turner Is Back

ON a brighter note…

Anthea Turner’s husband Grant Bovey loses buy-to-let empire in credit crunch

…Anthea Turner’s back in the Daily Mail…

Anorak Lexicon:

Bovey: An orangey-brown colour.
That meat looks off. It’s gone a horrible bovey colour.

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Robbie Williams Is The Aliens’ Ambassador For Planet Earth

“TAAAAAAYYYYKE me to your leeed-der!” sing the aliens, having been taught the language by Robbie Williams.

With neither Barack Obama nor John McCain yet declared leader of the world, and the Labour Party with no fewer than 17 leaders at any one time, the aliens’ demand may spark as much confusion as it does dread and wonder.

But before the invasion, rich and single Robbie Williams needs to meet the space hoppers, which Michael C. Luckman, director of the New York Centre for Extraterrestrial Research, says might happen.

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