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Mel Gibson’s own stepmother Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson get restraining order against him

TROUBLED is a word that has followed Mel Gibson around for some time now. When he’s not on-tape going postal, or indeed, threatening his ex with all-manner of vile things, he’s pottering around with a beaver grafted to his hand and glaring at everyone like a reanimated corpse.

And now, Gibbo’s own stepmother has filed for a temporary restraining order against him, claiming he’s been acting like a “wild man” in her presence and represents an imminent physical threat.

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Mel Gibson handed BA Hons in Stating The Insultingly Obvious as he confesses to having a bit of a temper

HOLLYWOOD’S prime mentalist shaker, Mel Gibson, has had a busy private life. He’s spat out anti-Semitic insults (allegedly), threatened to kill his ex (allegedly), swore and moaned like a cow in labour at a party concerning work matters (allegedly), wished a raping on his ex (again) from a ‘pack of N-bombs’ (allegedly), worn a beaver on his arm (actually) and generally gone so terrifically insane that he’s now officially stranger than fiction.

With all this in mind, Mel Gibson talked to Jay Leno about his ongoing feud with screenwriter Joe Eszterhas. During this televised chat, he noted: “Maybe you don’t know this about me, but I’ve got a little bit of a temper.”

Gibbo, dead in the eyes and constantly bristling with fury, said he is still upset his former friend recorded him losing his temper during a vacation at the star’s holiday home in Costa Rica. The release of the audio came just a week after Eszterhas appeared on TV news shows reprimanding Gibson for his behavior in front of his child. Oh, and before that, the screenwriter blasted Gibson in a nine-page letter which accused him of being an anti-Semite.


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More Mel Gibson lunacy caught on tape! Still not keen on Jews, murder plot and thrilled at the death of Lennon

OKAY. Where do you start with Mel Gibson? His formerly glittering Hollywood career would be as good as anywhere, but all that’s been knocked into a cocked hat as he’s erupted back into our lives as a grade A nutjob. His ex, Oksana Grigorieva caught him on-tape, saying that he hoped she got raped by a pack of N-bombs and he allegedly said a load of tremendously anti-Semitic things to officers of the law.

And then he appeared in public with a beaver grafted to his arm. Yep, Mel Gibbo is as crazy as you can get, but, he’s learned his lesson right? WRONG! That’s because he’s at it again, yelling and reportedly giving it to the Jew both barrels.

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Joe Eszterhas’ letter to ‘Jew hater’ Mel Gibson and Gibson’s reply in full – the Judah Maccabee missives

JOE Eszterhas has written a letter to Mel Gibson, ostensibly about the actor’s apparent reluctance to work with him on the The Maccabees, the movie of the life of Jewish hero Judah Mccabee.

It’s an odd letter that rambles and rumbles on and on, focusing a lot on Mel’s anti-Semitic outbursts. Eszterhas has written the scripts for the films Showgirl, Basic Instinct and Jade. If the Maccabees script is like this letter then the film might not be worth the effort. Indeed, the best option would be to make a film of the letter, and to include Gibson’s reply, which can be read on the last page:

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Whitney Houston’s funeral: Bobby Brown, Mel Gibson and Kevin Costner’s tribute to Kevin Costner

WHITNEY Houston’s funeral starred Bobby Brown in the role of chief newsworthy event. TMZ reports that the New Edition singer and former Mr Whitney Bobby wanted to sit next to his daughter Bobbi Kristina in the front row. But Whitney’s relatives were not in agreement. So. After 15 minutes, he left, taking with him his NINE guests.

This was Whitney Houston’s funeral, which whilst being a private one, was also streamed live.

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Mel Gibson sends wife Robyn to hell with half his Reformation Church

MEL Gibson has given his ex-wife and mother to his seven children Robyn £272.5million. That’s half of all the cheating, apparent anti-Semitic (“f***ing Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world”), nigger-spouting (he, reportedly, told Oksana Grigorieva.: “If you get raped by a pack of n*****s, it’s all your fault”), alleged coiner of student T-shirt slogans (again to Grigorieva: “I’ll burn the goddamn house up but blow me first. I DESERVE it”) actor’s assets.

Assets such as the £9 million private Mago island in Fiji, £19 million ranch in Costa Rica, £26 million Catholic Holy Family Chapel in Agoura Hills, California. Yeah, a church. It’s not a divorce, it’s a schism. No, it’s the Reformation.

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Did Mel Gibson’s Talented Sperm Show Laura Bellizzi Around A Gated Community? (Photos)

GRAB hold of your hair plugs and prepare to ull hard: Star Magazine claims Mel Gibson is said to have impregnated Laura Bellizzi (aka Laura Patricio) another of his less than immaculate conception.

You will know Bellizzi from her fine work on reality TV show Secrets of Aspen.

Aspen’s social scene is a hive of scandal and intrigue – and Laura is definitely the Queen Bee. She may spend the off-season in Newport Beach, California, but when Aspen’s in season, Laura’s in town — shaking things up and making friends and enemies in equal numbers. This season she’s back in town with big plans to launch a skiwear line. Twice divorced, Laura is the proud mother of three overachieving daughters, but “mom” isn’t the first thing you think of the first time you lay eyes on this stunning beauty. When Laura sets her sights on anything – from another woman’s man to a business opportunity — heaven help anyone who gets in her way.

She and Mel might be suited:

With that said, my actions on the show aren’t always aligned, and aren’t always going to be aligned with my declared faith of the one thing that I am – I’m a Christian, and I believe in God and I do my best, even though I’m not perfect, each day, to seek, find, and fulfill his purpose for my life.

A Bridgette Willis tells Rumor Fix:

“In fact, it was not long at all after she and Mel met that she became pregnant with his child. I don’t know if the baby was planned but I know Laura has told me that she and her parents are just so happy!”

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Robert Downey Jr Wants Us All To Forgive Mel Gibson For Some Reason

MEL GIBSON is not a popular man in Hollywood. He’s been accused of hating Jews, dropping the ‘N’ bomb in THOSE taped phone rants, slapping his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva and generally being mental. Just how unpopular is he? Mel was asked to leave his role in The Hangover 2 after complaints from cast and crew. That’s The Hangover 2 which stars convicted rapist, Mike Tyson.

THAT unpopular.

But he’s found a friend in Robert Downey Jr who is asking Hollywood to forgive and forget.

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Brave Liver (Chopped): Mel Gibson To Make Film About Jewish Hero Judah Maccabee

JEWS! What do you make of Mel Gibson? He’s not exactly been Mr Popular with the Jews after being accused of anti-semitism when resisting arrest a while ago.

If you don’t remember, Gibbo is alleged to have yelled:

“You motherfucker! I’m going to fuck you! Fucking Jews! The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”

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Stella Mouzi Photos: Gibson Isn’t Racist Or Woman-Hating Because He Has A New Not-White Girlfriend, So There

OKAY, Mel Gibson may well have dropped the N-bomb on his ex whilst wishing a raping on her and, yeah, he may have come across rather Anti-Semitic that time… and yes, fair enough, he may well have looked like a woman loathing lunatic when he confessed to slapping Oksana Grigorieva in a police report, but you’ve got it all wrong.

See, the beaver-handed maniac has a new girlfriend. Who gets a girlfriend if they hate women? And she’s not all-American either. She’s a Greek gothic model called Stella Mouzi. So he can’t be racist can he?

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Mel Gibson’s Ex Is Now Saying That He Didn’t Domestic Violence Her One On The Face

LAST seen with a stuffed beaver sewn to his hand, Mel Gibson has had a troublesome year or so, facing allegations of being a anti-Semite, accusations of being a racist for dropping the N Bomb in Those Tapes as well as being alleged to have battered his ex-gal, Oksana Grigorieva.

Well, small joy for Gibbo as Oksana has dropped her allegations of domestic violence against the actor while she attempts to settle their hilariously ugly and public custody battle.

Is anyone thinking or future trainwreck, baby Lucia in all of this? Who cares?

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Did Mel Gibson Beat Oksana Grigorieva To Prepare Her For His Fantasy ‘Nigger’ Rape?

DID Mel Gibson use to beat Oksana Grigorieva to get aroused during sex? She says yes, he did. And this is Mel who, allegedly, fantasises about her being “raped by a pack of niggers”.

The couple are fighting over custody of their daughter Lucia. She claims he roughed her up to get it up.

He claims she is endangering Lucia by promoting a ‘smear campaign’ against him”.

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Mel Gibson’s The Beaver Is Film Gold: Trailer

MEL Gibson is back as the star of The Beaver. Jodie Foster directs Mel as a man with puppet on his hand. It’s a beaver and Mel treats it as if it were real. His character name is Walter Black (*note a gang-banging black – just a white man with a rodent on his hand).

The script for this gem was top of the 2008 Black List of the best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood. And if you don’t want to see the odious Mel running about the place talking to a beaver glove, you have no love of culture. The film sounds fantastic.

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The Celebrity Mugshot Gallery Because You’re Not Dead Yet: Pictures

ZSA Zsa Gabor, born Sári Gábor, is in ailing health. The media loves a newly dead or ill star – almost as much it  loves them being arrested. A great time, then, to look back at her celebrity mugshot. She was once pinched for slapping a policeman. The crime earned her three days in jail and chance to be famous for something other than being married nine times and appearing in such straight-to-bucket films as A Very Brady Sequel. Gabor enjoyed the fame resulting from her arrest. And other celebs, too, arguably, have had their careers improved by a spell with the police force. In this gallery you will see mughsots of such famous drunks, tossers, druggies, accused felons and fame whores as Lindsay Lohan, Hugh Grant, Al Pacino, Jane Fonda. Nick Nolte, Gary Coleman, Mel Gibson and Snoop Dogg. You don’t need to get arrested to remind Hollywood agents that you’re still alive and newsworthy – but it might help…


Picture 1 of 34

Zsa Zsa Gabor

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Pictures Of Mel Gibson’s Home Where He Allegedly Hit Oksana Grigorieva

HERE’S your chance to look around Mel Gibson’s house Lavender Hill Farm. This is the place where Oksana Grigorieva allegedly got fast tracked to her dentist – Mel, it is said, punched her in the face because she “deserved it”. You can buy the place for $14.5 million and have it DNA swapped at your leisure. You can then nail a mezuzah to the corner of every telly in the house, play Mel’s films on loop and see if the thing explodes in a hellish fireball. And don’t forget to invite Danny Glover over to the exorcism…

Spotter: Maureen O’Connor


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Tesco Beautifies Mel Gibson’s Horrible Harangues!

MY head rings with Mel Gibson’s potty-mouthed profanities. I have not heard such things, at least not since I was a choir boy (before the gender realignment op, that is). On my knees.

Yet in the world of Madame Arcati, every bad thing can be turned into something beautiful. To wash away Mel’s verbal pollutions, may I suggest you visit the websites of various famous retail outlets or iconic organisations and childishly type into their search boxes a few of Mel’s sociopathic cuss words and phrases.

Be amazed at what they throw up in the struggle to make sense of Mel and his strange mind: ugliness converted.

For instance:

“I am one tough motherfucker”: There’s only one place for this, Its store locator interprets this as… Muir of Fowlis, in Aberdeenshire. Quite lyrical really. Must visit.

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Mel Gibson’s Raping Niggers Is Now A Hollywood Franchise

MEL Gibson’s “Raping Niggers” are now his biggest Hollywood franchise. But can Lethal Weapon – only 4 so far – catch up?  Matt Jordan put that question to Danny Glover:

Raping Niggers 5 – “cunt, whore, gold digger”

Raping Niggers 4 – The Jacuzzi Blow

Raping Niggers 1,2 & 3 – Show Us The Green Dress Already

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Non-Racists In Hysterics Over Daralston’s Blacked Out Muslim Swimming Pool?

AT the Darlaston Leisure Centre, in the Black Country, Walsall Council has, at the request of some people who are Muslim, placed a  dark film over the big glass windows. Before the letter in the Mail –  penned by Mel Gibson under a nom-de-plume? – a selection of news:

The Mail yells: “Swimmers plunged into dark after council covers swimming pool windows ‘to protect Muslim women’s modesty.”

And only Muslim women’s modesty. The rest of you will be perved at, especially you Buddists.

The Sun screams: “Pool blacked out for Muslim swim.”

…the local council has covered all 250 windows at the centre in Darlaston…the move has plunged the pool into permanent darkness

It’s so dark it’s like wearing a wet burka.

Or as Walsall Council says, without the pun:

The council has come under fire for applying a translucent film to 58 window panels... Anyone who will now use the pool will see that it’s not in darkness at all. It’s like cling film, which allows in natural light; so this suggestion that its windows are blacked out are misleading and inaccurate.

The council adds:

“Not everyone is confident in their Speedos.”

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Oksana Gregorieva Has ‘No Idea’ How Mel Gibson ‘Nigger Rape’ Tapes Made It Online


Hear it here.

Oksana tells us this while failing to show us the “foreign bodies” in her breasts  and wear those infamous green pants  – the “tight pants so you can see your fucking pussy“.

Before the clothing line, here’s Oksana defence line:

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Is The Mel Gibson Rape Tape A Fake? Listen To The Real One Here

MEL Gibson called Oksana what? He used the n-word? He doesn’t like big fake boobs? Never!

We’ve unearthed what seems to be the real tape. This is the truth they – yeah, them – don’t want you to know. This is what history will record really happened.

Mel Gibson “Excommunicated By His Own Church”

Don’t believe what the millions tell you. Don’t believe the audio and the testimony. Think for yourself. Listen to Mel. You know his dad would. Hutton Gibson will get to the truth.

The ‘Nigger’ Fake (?) Tape – Listen Here

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Mel Gibson And The Vegas Whore Rape Tape: Oksana Releases The ‘Nigger’ Tape

MEL Gibson rants and raves at Oksana Grigorieva about raping “niggers“. He says her breasts look “stoopid”. Mel likes his breasts in a cop uniform and covered in Jew sugar.

Mel Gibson’s Porn Star ‘Lover’ Violet Kowal: Pictures

He will not stand for her “sashaying” about in her “tight clothes”. He says if she gets “raped by a pack of niggers” it will be her fault. Male Gibson is not a British High Court judge. He’s a Hollywood star, dammit. He can’t says things like that.

Anyhow. Here’s the tape Oksana just happened to make of Mel saying bad things. It gives us no end of pleasure whatsoever to introduce Mel Gibson Racist Rant 2: The Sequel.

Why Did Hardcore Catholic Mel Gibson Split From Oksana Grigorieva?

Incidentally, Oksana is a singer, so look out for religious wonder Mel’s rape rant proving the Christmas hit we can all sing along to.

And hands up who wants to see Oksana’s green outfit?

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Jesse Jackson’s Hymies, Mel Gibson’s ‘Niggers’ And Glass Houses

THAT glass house Jesse Jackson lives in should be showing some cracks about now, writes Anorak’s Man in LA on the Mel Gibson Racist Rant Sequel.

Jackson released a written statement to Radar Online Thursday about Gibson’s recent and previous rants.

His penchants for anti-Semitic and racist diatribes reveal the actor’s fundamental character flaw,” wrote Jackson.  “He needs help.”

Hi, Pot. Our Man in LA would like introduce Mr. Kettle.  You two have more in common than you realize.

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Mel Gibson’s Raping ‘Niggers’ Rant Is On Tape, Allegedly

MEL Gibson is a nice guy. When not conducting a Bible class in Aramaic or praising Jews with “sugar tits” for starting all the wars – in yer face, Hitler – Mel is, allegedly, telling Oksana Grigorieva, the mother to his latest child Lucia:

You look like a f***ing pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n***ers, it will be your fault.”

Yep, not one “verily”, “unto ye” or “Amen”. Mel is slipping. He later adds, allegedly:

“I am going to come and burn the f**king house down… but you will blow me first.”

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The Real Reason Mel Gibson And Oksana Grigorieva Split

MEL Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva are no longer an item. Mel is, incidentally, still married to wife-of-29-years, Robyn – mother to seven of Mel’s eight children. She filed for divorce but is has not ben granted. Can Mel make it so that he adheres to his hardcore Catholic beliefs, having his wafer and eating it, with blinis and a kosher vodka?

But before that Oksana Grigorieva, has something to say. And she sounds not enough unlike Peter Andre, who told us:

“When you see the whole story you’ll realise why I lost all [my] confidence. And I do think it will come out eventually, just not from me.”

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Why Did Hardcore Catholic Mel Gibson Split From Oksana Grigorieva?

MEL Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva, the Russian-born mother of his child his 5-month-old daughter, Lucia Beaverova, have separated.

Lucia is the one of whom modest Oksana said:

“It’s hard to tell at the moment. She sort of resembles both of us. She’s very cute.”

So. Hardcore Catholic divorcee Mel and the unmarried mother of his child have called it a day.

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