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Breaking News For Fools: Investigation Finds That Perrier Water Is A Rip Off

THE Dispatches team over at Channel 4 has uncovered shocking evidence of the way that Perrier is woefully overpriced, actually being more expensive than honest to goodness beer and cider. Clearly … (read more)

Posted: 30th, June 2014 | In: Money, The Consumer, TV & Radio | Comment

The Government’s Smith Lawson and Company Student Loan Scam: Who’s Wonga Now?


YOU’LL recall that Wonga just got into very hot water over sending threatening letters to people who had not repaid their loans. The problem was that they made the letters look … (read more)

Posted: 30th, June 2014 | In: Money | Comment (1)

WHO Wants To Ban The Thing That Makes Smokers Quit Tobacco: E-Cigarettes

THAT’S the message from a bunch of wowsing “public health” advocates. That we must immediately make sure that tobacco companies don’t continue moving into the e-cigarette market. Because, you know, umm, … (read more)

Posted: 29th, June 2014 | In: Money, Reviews, The Consumer | Comments (8)

Chelsea Clinton Doesn’t Care About Money As She Earns $600,000 A Year


THIS is a fairly brazen piece of behaviour. Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary, insists that she’s not really motivated by nor worried about money. Which is interesting because she’s … (read more)

Posted: 25th, June 2014 | In: Money, Politicians | Comment

Hypocrisy Takes Wing: The Greenpeace Manager Who Flies To Work

OF course we should never look at what our betters actually do: their function is to tell us what to do, not to live up to the rules that they would … (read more)

Posted: 24th, June 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comments (2)

Black Face The Poles: Eastenders Is Just Too White Moans BBC

An Italian ice cream seller, Mr Allocca, and his patriotically decorated ice cream cart which displays images of King George V and Queen Mary, selling ice … (read more)

Posted: 24th, June 2014 | In: Reviews, TV & Radio | Comment

Hurrah! It’s True! The Great British Breakfast Beats Hangovers


I HAVE to admit to being rather surprised that this isn’t in all of the newspapers instead of just one. For we journalists are notably bibulous creatures and thus the news … (read more)

Posted: 24th, June 2014 | In: The Consumer | Comment

Better Hurry Down To The Supermarket With Your Rials And Bahts: The Foreign Change Scam


THE problem with machines is that they’re just not as good as human beings at pattern recognition. This is true of humans looking at human faces as opposed to machines looking … (read more)

Posted: 19th, June 2014 | In: Money, The Consumer | Comment

No More Boob Jobs On The NHS!


NO more breast augmentation operations will be available on the NHS. At least that’s the promise, that there should be no more fittings of Bulgarian Airbags, or boob jobs, on the NHS.

Cosmetic … (read more)

Posted: 18th, June 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comment

Using Tinder and Grindr Gives You The Clap


TINDR and Grindr  give you the clap. That, at least, is the finding of a new piece of scientific research, that using dating apps on smartphones, like Tinder or Grindr, … (read more)

Posted: 16th, June 2014 | In: Money, Technology, The Consumer | Comment

Un-FARE! Uber Downloads Rise 850% As A Result of Taxi Protests

Black cab and licensed taxi drivers protest at Trafalgar Square, London over the introduction of a phone app called Uber which allows customers to book and … (read more)

Posted: 12th, June 2014 | In: Money, The Consumer | Comment

The IMF Says Britain Should Build More Houses: Increase Supply, Dummy

WE don’t really need an international economics organisation to tell us this: that Britain should build more houses. That prices are going through the roof, that no one normal can actually … (read more)

Posted: 10th, June 2014 | In: Money | Comment (1)

Obesity, Booze And Fags Don’t Cost The NHS Money: They Save It


IT’S rather sad to see the people who actually run the NHS being so confused about the realities of that very NHS. The latest being this idea that all of us … (read more)

Posted: 9th, June 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comment (1)

So Now We Know Why You Ended Up With That Grossly Fat Porker

IT’S one of those little tragedies that hits most peoples’ love lives at one time or another. One starts out the evening lookin’ fer a little lurve and the eye alights … (read more)

Posted: 6th, June 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comment

Sgt. 1st Class Gregory McQueen: The Sexual Assault Prevention Officer ‘Who Was A Pimp’


THIS looks like a nice little piece of multi-tasking. There was a non-commissioned officer in the US Army who was tasked with making sure that the number of sexual assaults was … (read more)

Posted: 4th, June 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comment

What If It’s Actually A Virus Turning Us All Into Fat Lardbuckets?


THIS sounds like a very odd theory, that it’s actually a virus that is turning us all into fat lardbuckets. But while it’s an odd theory there’s enough evidence out there … (read more)

Posted: 2nd, June 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comment (1)

Watch The Video Of The New iPhone 6, Dummy


WHAT looks like the new iPhone 6, due for release this summer, can be seen in that video above. The information source is a French website, nowhereelse, and they’ve been … (read more)

Posted: 29th, May 2014 | In: Money, Technology | Comment

Rap Genius Founder Fired For Being a Complete Dickhead About Elliot Rodger


THAT you’re able to think up and found one of the web’s hotter properties does show that you’ve got some smarts. You’re good at doing something at least. But that’s not … (read more)

Posted: 29th, May 2014 | In: Money, Music, Reviews, Technology | Comment

Was The Entire Run Up Of Bitcoin On Mt. Gox Just A Pump And Dump?


THERE’S intriguing evidence that last year’s run up of the price of Bitcoin on MtGox was simply a pump and dump operation by the owners of the site. For there was … (read more)

Posted: 29th, May 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comment

Find Out What The Worst Drug Smugglers In The World Did


IT’S at least an interesting entry for that accolade at least, the worst drug smugglers in the world.

So, two Brits decide to try their luck smuggling a tonne and a half … (read more)

Posted: 28th, May 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comment

Monstrously Stupid Recycling Laws Fine People Who Waste Less


SO, we think there should be less stuff wasted. Sounds like a plan: so, therefore we will fine people who waste less. This is, well, this is monstrously stupid, isn’t … (read more)

Posted: 27th, May 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comments (2)

Montenegrin Patriarch: Conchita Wurst Caused the Balkan Floods


SO says one of the more conservative churchmen of the Balkans, that Conchita Wurst, the bearded bloke in a dress who won the Eurovision song contest, caused the Balkan Floods … (read more)

Posted: 23rd, May 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comment (1)

This Terribly Stupid Strike Against McDonald’s


THERE’S a very stupid piece of labour activism going on over in the US. It’s a series of strikes and demonstrations against McDonald’s over the pay that the people working … (read more)

Posted: 22nd, May 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comment

Situations Pretty Vacant: The FBI Is Hiring Pot Smokers


THIS is rather fun. The FBI, over in the US, is one of the most staid and white bread organisations in the world. They’re cops, of a sort, yes, but the … (read more)

Posted: 21st, May 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comment

Abu Hamza’s Family Deserve All The British Benefits They Can Get


THE Daily Mail is on one of its head explodey little warpaths shouting about how the family of Abu Hookand (aka Abu Hamza) live off state benefits. But if they are … (read more)

Posted: 21st, May 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comments (7)

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