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If Israel Is Millwall What Chants Can Other Countries Adopt?

WHEN Nicolas Sarkozy and Barack Obama discussed Israel’s Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, the French leader called him a “liar,” Mr Sarkozy and the Us President replied: “You may be sick of him, but me, I have to deal with him every day”, the Times leaders opined:

Israel has existential worries, and understandably feels sometimes that it can rely only on itself. But this “ourselves alone” mentality has become distorted under Mr Netanyahu into what might be called “Millwall diplomacy”, after the famously belligerent soccer fans whose slogan became “no-one likes us, we don’t care”.

Can the world of international diplomacy be reduced to football slogans? Let’s see:

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Dutch Animal Lovers Ban Kosher And Halal Food: Der Ewige Jude Contains No Batteries

IN December, Dutch politicians will vote to ban halal and kosher methods of slaughtering animals for food.

It’s all about modern methods of killing animals being better, say the Dutch. Rather than being bled to death or having their necks wrung, animals these days are sung to death and then when asleep kicked in the head by teenagers on tag.

Some, however, see the ban in the context of European history.

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The IAEA Report On Iran

The NY Times has posted the IAEA report (pdf) on Iran’s nuclear program. As the NYT writes:

The long-awaited report relies on evidence whose scope and depth is far greater than any the agency has made public before, andrepresents the harshest judgment that the International Atomic Energy Agency has ever issued in its decade-long struggle to pierce the secrecy surrounding the Iranian program . . .

The report offered no estimate of how long it would take for Iran to be able to produce a nuclear weapon. But it laid out the case that Iran had moved far beyond the blackboard to create computer models of nuclear explosions in 2008 and 2009 and conducted experiments on nuclear triggers. The report said that starting in 2000, the Iranians constructed a vessel to conduct those tests, which was not shown to inspectors who visited the site five years later.

Those tests “are strong indicators of possible weapon development,” it said.

Reuters/JPost says hard UN sanctions are still unlikely. It’s all about the skewed voting system…


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What Would Silvio Berlusconi’s Retirement Gift Be?

WHAT would you get Silvio Berlusconi as a retirement gift?

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Obama and Sarkozy Say They Hate That ‘Liar’ Natanyahu

AT the G20 conference in Cannes, ‪‪French president Sarkozy says, ‬‬“I cannot stand him [I‪‪sraeli premier ‬‬Benjamin Netanyahu] He is a liar.” Barack ‪‪Obama leaps to the defence of the leader of his country’s one ally in a region not in favour of the United States and replies: “You’re fed up with him? I have to deal with him every day!‬‬

Who needs Wikileaks for bitchy political gossip when you have open mic night?

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Herman Cain: Sharon Bialek Republican Is The Dream Kennedy-Bush-Clinton-Obama-Tiger Woods Interracial Sex Pest (Allegedly)

HERMAN Cain might be the Republican Party’s Presidential candidate. Right now he looks like the Right’s dream blend of Obama’s skin tones, Bill Clinton’s love of skin and George Dubya Bush’s view of the world. Sharon Bialek has accused Cain of sexual harassment more than a decade ago. She says Cain behaved inappropriately while he was CEO of the National Restaurant Association. She’s hired Gloria Allred as her rep. That’s the same woman who gunned for Tiger Woods.

The Views:

Rod Dreher:

Cain can yak all he wants about how he’s not going to talk about this stuff anymore, but that’s all anybody is going to talk about until and unless he firmly and convincingly rebuts this stuff. This drip-drip-drip is going to kill his campaign. I’d say it’s probably dead anyway.

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Virginia Republicans Join Barack Obama Death Cult: The Zobama Lives

THE Barack Obama Death Cult welcomes its newest members: the Republican Party’s Loudoun County GOP committee whose recent email featured an image of President Obama as a zombie with a bullet through his head.

The Washington Post reports notes that Gov. Robert McDonnell has called Zobama “ shameful and offensive“.

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The Pursuit Of Beaver Opened Up Canada

CANADA’S Senator Nicole Eaton wants the polar bears to replace the beaver as the country’s emblem.

Said New Democratic Party MP Pat Martin. ”

“Polar bears are cool but the beaver played a pivotal role in the history of Canada. It was the relentless pursuit of beaver that opened the great Northwest.”

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Spot The Golliwog At The BNP’s Liverpool Conference At Wavertree Cricket Club

THE British National Party’s annual conference was in Liverpool. MEP Nick Griffin praised  a “hard core” delegates for attending the conference. There were about 70 people at the Wavertree Cricket Club. There wer about 30 protestors outside.

The BBC notes:

The delegates backed a motion supporting quantitative easing.

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Julia Gillard Thanks The President Of Tasmania, Australia’s First Republic

AUSTRALIAN Prime Minister Julia Gillard ends the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth by thanking the President of Tasmania instead of the President of Tanzania,

Of course, Tasmania, like Australia, does not have a president…yet.

Are you Aussies ready for President Gillard?

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Alex Deane Is The Tories’ Flavio Briatore: Self-Appointed Protestors Might Boo

ALEX Deane is a City of London Councilman who used to be David Cameron’s chief of staff. He surveys the tents at St Paul.’s Cathedral and utters:

“I urge the self-appointed protesters to clear the site voluntarily”

Mike Pollitt, self-appointed repsonder, responds:

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Only Sarah Ferguson Can Stop Julia Gillard From Replacing The Royal Family As Australia’s Head Of State

AUSTRALIAN Prime Minister Julia Gillard is for making her country a Republic. Maybe President Julia can handle the job of representing her nation to the world?

Prime Minister Julia Gillard yesterday offered one of the weirder, and saucier, greetings in modern diplomacy when she met New Zealand’s Foreign Minister, Murray McCully (right), at the official opening of CHOGM.

‘’You got an apple in your pocket?’’ she said as she met Mr McCully in the greeting line. Mr McCully looked slightly thunderstruck and Ms Gillard giggled.

‘’I’m teasing you,’’ she said.

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Tony Blair, The Daily Telegraph And Those Rich Kazakh Despots

THE Daily Telegraph seems upset that Tony Blair is making money from dealing with Kazakhstan:

Human rights groups have criticised Kazakhstan for its control of the media and it has never held an election judged to be free and fair by international observers. October 25, 2011

Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister, is helping the controversial government of Kazakhstan to improve its standing in the West….

Diplomatic cables sent from the Kazakh capital, Astana, and published by WikiLeaks accused the country’s politicians of widespread corruption, saying: “Corruption is endemic among Kazakhstani officialdom.”
The US cables also report: “Severe limits on ability to change their government; detainee and prisoner torture and other abuse; unhealthy prisoner conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention; lack of an independent judiciary; restrictions on freedom of speech; pervasive corruption, especially in law enforcement and the judicial system; discrimination and violence against women; trafficking in persons.” – October 23, 2011

Tony Blair may have lost one dictator friend with the death of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. But he need not despair. He has found another autocrat to do business with in the guise of Nursultan Nazarbayev, the president of oil-rich Kazakhstan. – October 22, 2011

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Colonel Gaddafi’s Death Video: He Died Years Ago

WHEN a celebrity dies, everyone becomes a joker don’t they? That, or they turn into blubbing, sensitive wail-bags. Of course, both are equally irritating and understandable.

So when Colonel Gaddafi got his body killed until the brains died, everyone laughed, wrung their hands and spat at the front covers of newspapers featuring his cadaver. Which did look a bit like Gene Simmons in a Shalamar wig in fairness. It’s hard not to make jokes when faced with that.

Either way, no matter how quick you thought you were with your wheezes, someone beat you to it by decades.

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Is The US Declaration Of Independence Legal? No, Says the British

HEY, America. We own you! Your Declaration of Independence is worthless.

The BBC reports on goings on in Philadelphia’s Ben Franklin Hall, where American and British lawyers have been looking at the legality of the documents that cemented America.

On July 4, 1776, Thomas Jefferson and cohorts declared that they were going it alone.

But the debate says The Declaration of Independence is illegitimate and illegal. On one side of the spat is the Temple American Inn of Court. On the other is Gray’s Inn, London. It’s the Lawyer v Lawyer smack down. It’s the American superego versus the British self-depracating sneer of superiority.

Say the Americans:

“The English had used their own Declaration of Rights to depose James II and these acts were deemed completely lawful and justified.

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Katia Zatuliveter Is Ready For Lad’s Mag Photoshoot: Mike Handycock Is Innocent

DAY 2 of Katia Zatuliveter’s appeal against deportation to Mother Russia. Did she shag married LibDem MP Mike Hancock for his secrets?

Hancock yesterday quit the Commons Defence Committee. He says he never passed on classified information to his researcher Katia.

The court called a female MI5 officer known as witness ZZ. She sat behind a curtain. No, not an iron one, rather one made of cotton.

She is challenged by Tim Owen QC, for Miss Zatuliveter. The name of Anna Chapman arises:

ZZ: “The security services case is there are similarities but not by any means the same.”

Owen: “The difference is the FBI has got some evidence. Yes?”

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Suspected Spy Katia Zatuliveter Studied English Under Mike Hancock MP For Four Years

KATIA Zatuliveter, 26, ala Ekaterina, says that she did indeed have a affair with allegedly philandering Mike Hancock, the married LibDem MP for Portsmouth South. She also had, reportedly, “flirtations” with a Nato wonk and a Dutch diplomat.

She is accused of being a Russian spy. The British Government want to deport her. She is fighting their right to do so. She says the Government has got it wrong. She sayss he is no spy. Mike Hancock says he passed on no secrets. Katia has been making her case to the panel sitting on the Special Immigration Appeals Commission.

Katia was 21 and a student at St Petersburg University when she met Mr Hancock. She was invited to “chaperone” him round the city. On day one, she tells the group:

“He told me he wanted to sleep with me. He went up to his room and he brought a CD and some money… He made it very clear from the beginning he was interested in me. He tried to kiss me. He was very charming during this time. I was not getting much attention from men during this period.”

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Bad Lip Reading: Mitt Romney’s Bats And Spiders

MITT Romney gets the bad lip reading treatment:

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Desperate Obama Tries To Co-Opt Occupy Wall Street

OCCUPY Wall Street: They don’t get it do they? David Axelrod is a senior political adviser to President Barack. He is making a play to co-opt Occupy Wall Street.

Axelrod says “Republicans seeking the presidency don’t understand the American public’s pent-up anger over corporate excesses“.

The Huffington Post adds:

David Axelrod tells ABC’s “This Week” that the American people “want a financial system that works on the level. They want to get a fair shake.”

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Photos Of The Day: Occupy Tundra, Mr Awesome


Picture 1 of 10

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David Cameron Not Mistaken For Gary Glitter On London Underground

DID anyone else see David Cameron on the London Underground? The Prime Minister, was on the Tube London Underground, riding incognito dressed in immaculate dark blue suit, midnight blue tie and brogues. To his rear is a thick-wristed low-browed sort with a licence to kill. You might have mistaken Cameron for a banker riding the Tube for a dare. But that is the Prime Minster, a man who forgoes a company car with driver for public transport.

In case you aren’t already staring at him, Cameron is approaching one Sanyogita Mayer, 27, and her husband Yanko, 31, to ask about their their three-month-old daughter Sayama.

Says Mrs Mayer:

“We were on our way to go shopping. This man got on at Westminster and came past me and said: ‘Is it your baby?'”

Mrs Mayer is from India. You might wonder why Dave asked her this question and what tone he used. Did he use the anti-immigration “Is that your baby?”, or opt for the smoothy “Is that your baby…” you don’t look nearly old enough, my dear.

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Amnesty Internation Wants George Dubya Arrested

DUBYA! What a guy! The most comedic world leader in years! Nearly as funny as that Ronald Reagan guy! Of course, the fundamental difference between George W. Bush and Ronnie is that Dubya is being harangued by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, while Ron is… well… dead.

Amnesty has gone and demanded the arrest and prosecution of Bush before he appears at an economic summit in Surrey, British Columbia on October 20th.

They want his arrest due to the “overwhelming evidence that Bush and other senior administration officials authorized and implemented a regime of torture and ill-treatment of hundreds of detainees in US custody.”

They also want him extradited but, naturally, the Canadian government has absolutely no intention of playing ball with these demands, in favour of listening to Neil Young LPs and trying to ignore the organizations that are “engaging in cheap stunts.”

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Adam Werritty: Special Advisor To Tory Backbencher Dr Liam Fox

ADAM Werritty is now the advisor to Tory backbencher Dr Liam Fox.

Yep, Foxy Foxy has resigned

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Edwina Currie Recalls Horizontal Dancing With John Major

EDWINA Currie has been reliving her glory days under John Major on Strictly Come Dancing

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Cameron Must Chop Liam Fox Before The Army Does

SOME news and political sources are now openly hinting UK Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox may be gay. Whether or not there is a close physical relationship between his Best Man Adam Werritty and Fox, as possible consenting adults, it is a matter for them.

I couldn’t give an old Queen’s tremulous giggle one way or the other.

What can no longer be in doubt is the ridiculous mind-set of the UK Premier David Cameron on the whole sorry mess of the unappointed adviser in the shape of Werritty.


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