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Teenagers jailed for two days over ‘indecent’ trousers

jailed saggy pants


Two students at a Tennessee high school have ben jailed for wearing saggy trousers. Found guilty of indecent exposure, the pair were caged for a total of 48 hours.

One student, Antonio Ammons, is upset that he was jailed and ordered to pay $250 in fines and court fees.

All sad and upsetting. Students should be dressed in shorts and smart blazer at all times, unless ‘shirts sleeve order’ is called, in which instance pressed shirts should be tucked into the top of plain white Y-fronts. Anything less is anarchy.

Spotter: WTAE

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Prisoner caught when second and third wives visit at same time

bigamist jailedTo Virginia, where Frank E. Blake Jr. is in trouble. His second and third wives have arrived at the same time to visit him in Henrico County Jail. And he’s married to both of them.

When police investigated, they found out that he also had married wife No. 2 before his divorce from wife No. 1 was finalised. Blake pleaded no contest on Tuesday to a charge of bigamy, stemming from the overlap between the end of his first marriage and the start of his second, which began in September 2012. Henrico County Circuit Judge L.A. Harris Jr. sentenced Blake to 1½ years of incarceration. The judge gave Blake a total sentence of five years, with 3½ years suspended…

. Before being sentenced, Blake spoke briefly. “I want to apologise to all y’all in the courtroom,” he said. He said he didn’t realise he was committing a felony when he committed to marriage. “I didn’t know I was breaking the law at all,” he said. “You can put me on a lie detector.”

Time, perhaps, for lie detectors in Church. Place your fingers on the pad and repeat after me, “I promise to love and obey…”


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Grandma wearing fake beard sneaked into school to see estranged grandson  

grandma disguiseTo Iowa City, where Gloria Laniece Bryan, 66, of Council Bluffs, has been charged with third-degree harassment and trespass after an incident on Oct. 20 at City High.

Keen to see her estranged grandson, Bryan strapped on a false beard and sneaked into the boy’s school. Disguised as an aged white male, Bryan made her way to the school’s cafeteria, where she found her grandson having lunch. She is said to have handed the boy toys and sweets.

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Amazon ‘thieves’ found with list of tasks: ‘shop lift’ and ‘kiss mom’

amazon thieves


San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies allegedly found a few items on Kristina Green, 19, and Gary Withers, 38 – most of which had been dropped off by the Amazon delivery truck driver they were following in Encinitas, Southern California.

Police arrested the two men. They found:

Amazon packages the driven they were tailing had dropped off on his rounds.
One loaded firearm
13 pieces of stolen mail
Methamphetamine and heroin
A notebook in which thy had compiled a to-do list. One do “Kiss mom n tell her she’s loved.” Another said: “Shoplift.”

The pair are facing charges of mail theft, possession of meth, possession of heroin, felon in possession of a handgun and possession of stolen property.

The only thing not stolen, allegedly, was that kiss.

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Chinese restaurant charges diners for breathing

canned air china


Anyone eating at a restaurant in smoggy Zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu Province, was charged one yuan (10p, $0.15) to cover the cost of breathing air fit for human consumption.

Diners complained to the local council. Why should they pay extra to breathe filtered air? A city official ruled that with no alternative offered, the eatery could not charge for its air.
Of course, anyone not keen on paying the tax can bring their own oxygen supply, or grab a takeaway and hope they made it back home alive to eat it.

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Magic mushroom grown poses for delightful mugshot

magic mushroom arrest mugshotTo western Pennsylvania, where police have arrested David Klab for allegedly growing psychedelic mushrooms in his rented apartment.

Police are unable to say if Mr Klab was under the influence at the time of his arrest and photoshoot.

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Hoverboard bandit steals a case of Lucozade

hoverboard bandit


To Mitcham, where police are seeking a man who drove into the Co-op supermarket on a hoverboard – and drove out with a case of Lucozade, which he forgot to pay for.



Anyone feel a Luozade marketing campaign coming on: Lucozade gives you wings? Or has that been done?



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Firefighters cover wrong plane in foam ignoring burning jet



The good new is that the jet next to the one on fire is now covered in protective foam. The less good news is that the Air China jet sat smouldering on the runway at Fuzhou Changle airport continues to burn.

The right-hand engine of a Boeing 737, Air China Flight CA1822 to Beijing caught fire at around 8am. Crew on the plane behind, Fuzhou Airlines FU6577, spotted the flames and notified the Air China captain. The Air China aircraft closed down the engine and then called fightfighters.

Eight fire trucks arrived. They surrounded the Fuzhou Airlines aircraft and sprayed foam all over it. They then noticed the burning Air China aircraft. 

You have nothing to worry about.

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What’s inside a cat’s advent calendar – a dead song bird for Jesus?

Christmas news now in the form of Ted the cat, who was unable to sign for his advent calendar because the Royal Mail insisted he needed ID to pick it up, and what with Ted being a cat, he doesn’t have any. Moreover, he can’t hold a pen to scribble an unintelligible blot one of those electronic keypads.

Ted’s owner, Brittany Maher-Kirk, was out when the Royal Mail called, so the cheery package was sent back to the Royal Mail depot, who said she couldn’t pick it up as it was addressed to the cat.




Things were all sorted in the end. But we’re left to wonder what is inside a cat’s advent calendar – and if a dead song behind a perforated cardboard door is what Jesus would have wanted?

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Wallaby ‘rescued’ swimming kilometre offshore during sponsored swim



To New South Wales, Australia, where a bunch of marine students from the National Marine Science Centre, have ‘rescued’ a wallaby, “lost at sea”.

Says Laura Sanchez-Peregrine: “We see this thing swimming – it’s like a hairy thing. At first I thought it was a seal, but we came closer and it was a big wallaby, maybe a 25-kilogram wallaby – a big male. He looked really, really exhausted. We decided to help him, but it was really difficult to bring him on board. It’s a really small tinny, and he had really long claws, so it was pretty scary and he wouldn’t let us grab him.”

You’ve got to love these stories. The wallaby has trained, gathered sponsorship pledges and set out on what he hopes will be record-breaking swim. A few hundred yards from home, he’s acocsted by a gang of humans in  a boat, who drag him from the water and return him to dry land.

They even give him a new name, Swampy.

Laura says Swampy, known to his pals as ‘Flipper’, was “remarkably good condition… He stayed on the beach for two minutes, super exhausted standing there, couldn’t move at all. And then yeah, he just went – hopped off and waved goodbye.”


Better check that wave one more time, Laura. Wallabies have more than one finger.

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An Orangutan watch a magic trick (Video)

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Woman removes 6 ribs to get a 14 inch waist (video)

Pixee Fox found a surgeon willing to remove six of her ribs so that she could look more like cartoon figures, such as Tinker Bell, Sleeping Beauty, Fred Flintstone and Jessica Rabbit.


pixee fox


Fox now boasts a 16-inch waist, which she hopes to slim down to 14 inches.

Pixee’s nose, eyelids, buttocks, lips, eyebrows, labia and cheeks are all surgery assisted.

Oh, yeah, and her massive chest, too:


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Crime: mother used Brillo pad to remove son’s ‘rock and roll’ make-up

other parents


Other Parent of the day is Coweta County’s Veridiana Pardo Meo Erbskorn, 47.

She’s been arrested after she allegedly scrubbed make-up from her 12-year-old son’s face with a steel-wool Brillo pad to help him pass rapidly though his “rock and roll stage.”

Erbskorn was taken to the Coweta County Jail on charges of child cruelty, reckless conduct and battery.

She wore no make-up.



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Man caught having sex with camper van towbar

sex towbar cornwall


Shaggin’ wagons were mostly meant for two. But in Cornwall  a van enthusiast has been seen  using the towbar of a campervan to pleasure himself.


Jackie Walker, from Newquay, tells the Plymouth Herald:

“We had an incident outside our house at 1.30am in the morning. My granddaughter was staying with us. She came in my room crying because she’d heard a noise, and said a man came running out [into the street] with something up his jumper. When we got to the upstairs window he was totally naked, trying to sit on the towbar of a campervan. It was disgusting. She’s 15.”


Police reportedly caught up with the tow jobbing pervert.



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Black Depression: Un-Nooh in nominative determinism break horror

un-nooh misses

Missed Un


At the UK Snooker Championship a case of nominative determinism. The player has only the black to pot to make a maximum 147 break and pocket £44,000 in prize money.

He misses. His name? It’s Un-Nooh – aka Un-Noooooooooooooooooooh!


Spotter: Mike Marshall

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Judge allowed defendant to be accompanied by his cat in court

cat in court


To Chelmsford Crown Crown, Essex, where defendant Aiden Wiltshire, 72, is in the dock. To his side is his cat Taylor, perched in a wheeled shopping trolley.

ITV says Mr Wiltshire “continually stroked” his cat.

Wiltshire’s lawyer, Gavin Burrell ,says of the cat and this client:

“It’s a crutch which he relies on. It’s in a basket and not roaming free. I appreciate it sounds somewhat odd but there’s documentary evidence that the cat does provide emotional support for the defendant to cope.”

As the defendant left the court, the judge advised him “don’t let the cat out of the bag”.

The tin lid is place on this story when we tell you that Wiltshire, of Chelmsford, is accused of two offences of… stalking. He has not yet entered any pleas. His case was adjourned until the new year.

The cat is blameless, allegedly.

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Court rules a BMW motorbike will not give you a 2-day erection

BMW - 'But Mine Works'

BMW – ‘But Mine Works’


Can a BMW give you a two-day erection? The Marin Independent Journal learns the truth:

Wolf claimed he suffered an acute case of priapism – a painfully prolonged erection — after riding his 1993 BMW motorcycle for two hours. He claimed the vibrations in the “ridge-like” motorcycle seat caused the condition that lasted several days, so he sued BMW North America and the seat manufacturer, Corbin-Pacific Inc.The lawsuit claimed product liability, negligence and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Wolf said he was forced to seek treatment at Marin General Hospital and then with other specialists.

On Tuesday – in a 14-page decision laced with medical language about Doppler ultrasounds, tumescence and aspiration of the corposa cavernosa — a three-judge 1st District Court of Appeal panel affirmed a San Francisco Superior Court decision to dismiss the case.

The judges found that Wolf’s appeal “fails to comply with the rules of appellate procedure” by failing to cite the relevant cases or statutes, and it “contains no intelligible argument.” The panel ordered Wolf to pay the defendants’ costs on appeal, a sum?

File under: two stroke.


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Driver who killed teenager didn’t have a licence because he’s blind

blind driver


Hector Arroyo, 68, called police to tell hem he’d hit a deer while her was out driving. He had;’t. He’d hit and killed 13-year-old Helina Dirba.

Arroyo told Detective James Maltby he didn’t stop because he didn’t have a licence. Why not? Well, his licences was revoked because he’s “legally blind”.


Helina Dirba


Arroyo is charged with involuntary homicide-manslaughter with a vehicle, driving while licence suspended causing death and failure to stop at the scene of a crash causing injury or death.

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Listen to Manchester’s Beetham Tower groan and hum in the wind

If you listen you can hear Manchester’s Beetham Tower grown in the wind.


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Record Thief Returns Stolen Stone Roses LP After Finding God

record thief note


A born-again Christian regrets stealing vinyl from Out On The Floor Records in London’s Camden Town 10 years ago. The thief realised that his religion looks unkindly on stealing, so he parcelled up the goods and sent them back to the shop.

He slipped this note between the record sleeves:

“Dear – when I was a teenager, I pinched a few records from you, about 10 years ago. I became a Christian not too long ago and wanted you to have these records – I hope you can put them to good use. Sorry, with regards.”

The haul includes records by The Cure, The Smiths and The Stone Roses.

Let us pray:


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Why are 27 nail-studded baseball bats tied to phone polls in San Francisco?

In San Francisco, police have found 27 baseball bats tied to poles. The bats are studded with nails. Is insurrection in the air?


basbeball bat nails sf



Sgt. Michael Andraychak says it’s “very strange”.


bat sf 1


Is San Francisco gearing up for a fight?

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Dog gets stick stuck in his urethra (photos)

door uretha


Basil the elderly Jack Russell was out walking in Chapel Hill, Lincolnshire, when a shaft of plant got wedged up his urethra.


dog urethra


“He was walking like John Wayne when he ran back to us so I knew something was wrong,” says owner Jill Larcombe. “So I checked him and when I saw it I did a double take. I thought ‘oh my goodness, it can’t be’ – there was this stick-like shaft sticking three inches out of him. I tried to give it a little pull but he went ballistic.”


dog urethra 2


A vet, drugs and lubrication saved the day.

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Mother hosted beer and weed party for 12 to 14-year-olds

Mandy Wells weed party texas

Mandy Wells


To Texas, where mother-of-three Mandy Wells, 32, tells police she “thought for minute that it was a bad idea” to provide alcohol and drugs to a party of 12-14 year olds but “did it anyway”.

Court documents allege Wells provided her “depressed” 14-year-old daughter and her pals with cans of Coors Light beer (is that alcohol?) and marijuana, which she loaded into a glass “Hello Kitty” pipe.


weed pipe hello kitty



Wells allegedly confessed to, yes, letting the kids booze, and, yes, letting them get stoned, but she “kept them under control.”

These are the Calpol Kids who graduated.


Wells is being held in the Parker County jail in lieu of $20,000 bond. Her children are away with the social services and the fairies.

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Yodel delivery driver leaves package on top of customer’s roof

Ever use a ladder to retrieve a package?

YodelOnline Suprised your delivery driver decided to throw the package on the roof? Any reason why?


YodelOnline Suprised your delivery driver decided to throw the package on the roof? Any reason why?

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