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Kellogg’s To Brand All Corn Flakes With Picture Of A Cock

kelloggsA SPOT of PR from Kellogg’s, which tells us that it is so concerned about fake cereals that it has developed a laser to toast its company logo on to individual Corn Flakes.

Kellogg’s will try out the process and then – maybe – drops a few branded flakes of cone into each box.

Yeah, really. You buy the cereal and then before coating it in milk spot the outline of a proud cock. You splash on the milk and chomp down knowing that your breakfast is helping a huge American company grow rich. How’s that for satisfying?

Having branded tour conf flakes, Kellogg’s will then seat about labelling your Frosties with a huge demented tiger, Special K (the floor of a budgie’s cage ), Crunchy Nut (a smashed up flapjack) and Bran Flakes (sawdust).

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Paris Fashion Week In Pictures: Witness Appeal

PARIS Fashion Week – this image was taken from footage shot at the Chanel Spring-Summer 2010 ready-to-wear collection show held at the Grand Palais in Paris, France, on October 6, 2009.

Do you know the figure in the glasses, black jeans, drivers gloves, wellies and novelty ‘Mozart’ wig?


More pictures of Paris Fashion Week does Jack And Jill here.

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The H1N1 Swine Flu Cuddle Toy

IF swine flu has not already killed you, you need to be aware what it looks like. Thanks to Neatorma, you can familiarise yourself and your loved ones with a H1N1 Influenza Virus, stuffed with down harvested from bird flu victims.

You can buy yours here. Or wait until it finds you…


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Ralph Lauren Challenges Conventional Modelling Images With New Jeans Campaign

ralph-laurenHATS off, hips, off, waist off and almost all traces of fat and pelvis off to Ralph Lauren for breaking the mould that models have to look like pre-pubescent boys – and not just the boys – with this advert.

Having a head bigger than your pelvis need not be barrier to a career in front-line modelling, says Eddie.

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Celebrate Ghandi’s Life With A Solid Gold Mont Blanc Pen

ghandi-penHOW are you celebrating the day of Ghandi’s birth? Old Mr Anorak’s buying a solid gold Ghandi pen:

The limited-edition Ma¬hatma Gandhi pen, priced at Rs1.1m ($23,000, €15,800, £14,400), has an 18-carat solid gold, rhodium-plated nib, engraved with Gandhi’s image, and “a saffron-coloured mandarin garnet” on the clip. The pens were unveiled this week, before the national holiday on Gandhi’s birthday.

Dilip R. Doshi, chairman of Entrack, Montblanc’s distributor in India, said the pen embodied Gandhi’s timeless philosophy of non-violence and respect for all living creatures. “We are creating a thing of simplicity and beauty that will last for centuries,” he said.

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Left-Handed Underpants Add Seconds To Obama’s Life

y-frontsHARRY Wallop, the Telegraph’s consumer affairs editor brings news of the left-handed underpants.

Thanks to knicker maker Hom, southpaws have finally achieved equal opportunities where it matters most.

In the press release Hom says the gunties will “save left handed men up to three, often vital, seconds when visiting the loo“.

Over the course of a lifetime this could add up to a full quarter of an hour to your telly watching, preventing you missing that decisive goal or the weather for your region.

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Lady Gaga’s Period Inspires Milan Fashion Week

TO Milan fashion week, where Actress Francesca Duca is modelling at the Seduzioni Diamonds fashion show in the style of Lady Gaga, by wearing her knickers in public, exposing her primary sexual characteristics and dripping in (fake) blood?

But get a load of those rocks?

The Frisky wonders if “flaunting your period is the next big thing”.

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They Died For Our Lunch


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Nigeria Caught In Sony Playstation 299 Scam

THE new Sony advert for PlayStyation 3 has fallen foul of the good people of Nigeria, area code 419. In the ad, the Rumour Monger invites the corporate drone to confirm or deny the device’s low-low-low price of 299. Says the drone:

You can’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Otherwise I’d be a Nigerian millionaire by now.”

Nigeria stirs.

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The Condom Fashion Show

CAN condoms make good fashion? Or is a condom solely to be worn as a hat?

One a positive note, anyone who wears these clothes will be prevented from breeding.

A gallery of condom fashion features hereunder.


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Slippers Are The New Crocs

crocsREASONS to be cheerful: The death of Crocs.

In 2007, Crocs boasted a profit of $168.2 million. In just one year, the company found itself struggling with debt, The Washington Post reports. It lost $185.1 million and cut 2,000 jobs while its stock price fell 76 percent. Now, the company has until September to pay back its losses.

The killer shoes are dead.

Long live the… Slippers!

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Michael Jackson Inspires Haute Couture Paris Fashion

MICHAEL Jackson Inspires Paris Fashion Week…


French designer Alexis Mabille does haute couture Blanket.

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Egypt Gets Into Cock Fashion

egypt-cock-t-shirtFCUK, French connection’s dyslexic T-shirt slogan, gathers mildew in fashion’s big bargain basement, and in Egypt the hipsters are buying into their own dream: “Cock” fashions.

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