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Saudi Arabia bans women and music from Saudi Got Talent TV show

TO Saudi Arabia, where Saudi Got Talent has been making waves:

A Saudi city known for its ultra-conservatism has created its own version of the “Arabs Got Talent” television reality show, but with no music and women banned from taking part.

Dogs, blessedly, are in….

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The world’s smallest police chase (video)

THE World’s smallest police chase using the world’s smallest video projectors:

Speed of Light / aka / The World’s Tiniest Police Chase from The Theory on Vimeo.

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Overly attached girlfriend – the video that sparked a meme

OVERLY attached girlfriend sparked a meme. Justin Bieber is so very young….


Picture 1 of 16

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Vicks the Rotterdam polar bears tries to break out

TO Rotterdam, where the local zoo’s polar bear, Vicks, is larking about:

Spotter: Arbroath

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Those crazy Russians climb a radio tower

THOSE crazy Russians climb a radio tower:

Then, when the wind is high, they do it again:

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The most honest dishonest thieves explain their crime (video)

THE most honestly dishonest thieves of the day are refreshing us with their vapid candor. They understand that the media will love them. Stealing from a girl scout is mean. But stealing from a girl scout and then feeling aggrieved to have gotten caught is golden telly.  I can’t help but think the first thief is hamming it up for the cameras and her interviewer:

Spotter: Ace

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Turpy the tap dancing mouse is her to entertain (video)

IF a dog can win Britain’s Got Talent, why not a dead mouse on piece of string? Presenting Turpy the tap dancing, body-popping, electric-boogalooing, fox-trotting, head-banging, Pinocchio-impersonating, Benny Hill running mouse. This is how it was before the TV and internet, kids. You made your own entertainment. I remember once an earwig called Flash Masterson who would (continues for days)…

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Mosque security guard gropes buttocks (video)

AT the local mosque in Iraq, the search technique for the perfect supplicant buttock continues:

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The interesting bin man of Camden Town – video

TO Camden Town, North London, where a local refuse collector is weaving about a little. Do you need a licence to operate a trolley? (PS – refreshing to hear the local jeunesse d’oree calling the worker a “bin man”.)

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Teaching Cambodian children to says Supercalifragilisticexpialdocious – video

MATHIEU Cuvelier and Lucy Crook made a viral video about their teaching mission to Cambodia. There, they taught the youth to say ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialdocious’.

Bvut do you spell it?

Yeah ‘I.T.’ Back to school for you:

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Budgie killer shoots hamster (video)

HAMSTER gets shot by man who also shot budgie:

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Baftas 212 – all the winners and red carpet photos

TO the Baftas 2012. And do please give a Bafta in 2013 to whoever wrote the links the presenters waded through. As for the red-carpet (actually a Union flag; isn’t walking on the thing what our enemies do?), we’ve got the photos. We’ve also got photos of all the winners:


Picture 1 of 22

Sally and Jade Farmiloe arriving for the 2012 Arqiva British Academy Television Awards at the Royal Festival Hall, London

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The sharks go fishing in Australia

WHO’D be a big fish? In this vide an intrepid Aussie fisherman catches the head of a giant fish. The sharks got the rest. Well, so he says:

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Egyptian TV channel Marya hires only veiled women and celebrity pariahs

MARYA (pronounced Marry yer) is an exclusively female Egyptian satellite TV channel featuring only women veiled in the niqaab. As befitting such a bastion of sisterhood, Marya is owned by Salafi Sheikh Abu Islam Ahmad Abd Allah, a man.The channel’s general manager Sheikha Safaa explains:

“The work in operations of the channel will be handled by the sisters in charge of management, especially as women are the best one to talk about their needs. The channel “aims at lifting injustice”  of the veiled.

Sheikh Abu Islam Ahmed Mohammed Abdullah has other aims, seeing his channel as a way of “protecting women from temptations by finding them suitable work opportunities”. He adds:

“We plan on hiring all our staff of veiled women and finish that within three months. We have already hired women, filming professionals from other television channels to train our all women team on production, filming, and other skills. But for the technical skills we have to rely on men because we were not able to find skilled women in this field yet”.

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Romanian TV reporter caught faking sandstorm (video)

It’s blowing something fierce on Romania’s Black Sea coast. A sandstorm has been whipping up by the high winds. The reporter for Realitatea TV tells his viewers:

“The wind blows with incredible power, there are moments when it is impossible to stand up here. The wind blows the sand at over 60 km per hour. The wind blew away the beach umbrellas and the tourists had to leave in a hurry.”

Get the hell out of there, man. Save yourself. And take the assistant kicking the sand up to illustrate your story with you, too..


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The Voice is cursed by Whitney Houston’s melisma

IT was of course your ever-reliable Madame Arcati who first foresaw the tragi-comedy that BBC1’s The Voice is turning into – a vast £22 million wail of a show whose patron saint of vocal gymnastics is the late Whitney Houston. While most of you out there were swaying your arms to some pro-am screamed-out golden oldie, like tone-deaf seaweed in an old Jacques Cousteau TV doc, I was filing nails on two fingers.

Up to now I had no idea that there was a word for this endless, mindless, godawful screeching. Now, thanks to the legend that is Mary Hopkin, I have learnt it. Welcome to the world of melisma.
Mary – my new friend on Twitter – introduces us music illiterates to melisma on her splendid website at She defines the word as: ‘Noun: several notes sung to one syllable.’ Mary adds her take: ‘The current definition seems to be: as many hemidemisemiquavers as humanly possible crammed into a single syllable.’ She says that female popstars are most prone to ‘melismating’, tagging the tarts of tinnitus ‘melismatrolls.’

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Err, it’s Dara O Briain

YOUTUBER  has noticed that BBC panelist Dara O Briain says “errrrr”. His errs often follow a witty comment, acting like a rat-a-tat-tat on the drums. He has compiled all of Dara ‘Briain errs from a single broadcast of Room 101. No err is repeated:

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Some kid tries to mess with a marching band – never do this (video)

DO not mess with a marching band. The little kid tries…

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When Jacob met Tyler – uplifting video of the day

SOMETIMES the cynicism and pain dies and all that’s left is the music. In this video Jacob – he’s blind and autistic – meets Tyler, who’s playing music in Lawrence, Kansas on May 13, 2012.

Can you get Tyler on the NHS?

Spotter: Karen

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Chips, Cheese, Trams and Es – the Edinburgh song

ONE of our writers once wrote an article for Esquire on ‘Things You See From A London Bus’. One of them was a sleeping Glaswegian. Up in Edinburgh, the view is no less inspiring:

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Is this the best Stag do prank ever?

IS this the best Stag do prank ever? Kokovtsov is blindfolded. He is taken to a ledge. He is told he is about bungee from a 50 feet high platform. Will he jump?

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TV Review: Sex Lies And Rinsing Guys, Channel 4

LAST Night’s TV: Rinsing Guys – Channel 4:

MANIPULATION for gain is not a modern invention. Snake Oil vendors flogged bottles of nothing to people with bold claims and got the fresh hell out of town before anyone could hand them their sorry arses. Advertising executives have manipulated people for years, but even they’d argue that they were providing some kind of tangible service to the world.

However, more brazen than a bagful of fighting parrots are the women featured in Sex Lies And Rinsing Guys – Channel 4’s latest attempt to goad their entire audience into apoplectic rage about a group of people who are in no way indicative of people at large.

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Impaled deer rescue caught on video – ‘No. The back legs, dummy’

HERE’S a video of a deer caught on a fence being rescued. “No, the back legs,” says the self-appointed foreman, who cares enough to direct the rescue and film the events. To you, she might seem shrill and annoying. But given the brain power exhibited by her colleagues, we can look to forgive her.

Run, Bambi. Run! Save yourself!

And you, bossy camera lady, calm down, dear…

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Bloomberg TV reporter suffers skirt malfunction on air

BLOOMBERG TV gives the City boys a new bottom line to consider:

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Louis Walsh attacks Will.I.Am over The Voice in world’s most weak-wristed feud

THE VOICE is irritating enough in its ‘We’re Yet Another Not-X-Factor Show!’ stance. Add Jessie J to the mix and its a wonder the whole of Britain hasn’t chucked itself into the sea. Either way, The Voice is here and the BBC have spent enough money on it to ensure that it’ll be around for at least the next three years, which is galling.

One man who isn’t a fan of the show is, unsurprisingly, The X Factor’s Louis Walsh. He’s decided to get his claws out and stop likening people to Lenny Henry for long enough to slag off Will.I.Am. Funny thing about these two is that they clearly have a lot in common, what with them both obviously being massive, raving [SENTENCE INCOMPLETE THANKS TO WATCHING LEGAL TEAMS].

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