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30th, July TV & Radio

Crossover appeal: When two shows collide

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30th, July Money

Men Really Are Better At Maths Than Women

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30th, July News

The Greatest Female Superheroes!

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28th, July TV & Radio

Mic Wright's Remotely Furious: Trouble at The Mill and Problematic Penguins

Outside the sun was shining, inside The Mill was on the telly, dragging all light and hope from the world. The first series of Channel 4’s historical drama based on the archives of the Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire... More »

27th, July News

Only Bigots, Haters And Nihilists Are All Hamas Now: An Israeli Arab Writes

Dear so-called "peace-seeking people", "pro-ceasefire people" and "peace and reconciliation activists", Forgive me for not taking your nice dreams and peace demonstrations and wishes so seriously... More »

26th, July Arsenal

Transfer Balls Full House: Marco Reus Joins Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool And Man City

So, is Borussia Dortmund's Marco Reus heading to the Premier League? As ever, the media contest is to link every top player with every top English club.... More »

25th, July Money

Whatever The Mail Says Google Just Isn't Avoiding UK Tax

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25th, July Strange But True

Look At The 232 Teeth Medics Pulled From A Teenager's Mouth

ON the bright side, Ashik Gavai, 17, from Buldhana, has no ambition to be a reality TV star or song-contest judge?... More »

25th, July Books

Colour Me A Dead Chris Brown For Father's Day: COLORING FOR GROWN-UPS Is A Book Of Regret

CELEBRATE every moment in your waking life with a Coloring For Grown-Ups artwork... More »

25th, July Strange But True 2

You'll Never Believe How Much Booty A Prison Visitor Stored Up His Anus

You should have seen the size of the cake.... More »

25th, July Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Sami Khedira Signed For Arsenal On Deadline Day

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25th, July Money

Australian Politician Jacqui Lambie Wants 'A Well Hung Man With Heaps Of Cash'

Jacqui Lambie, an Australian MP who shares the balance of power in the upper house, has apologised after declaring in a radio interview that she is looking for a partner who is “well-hung” and loaded with cash... More »

24th, July Key Posts

6 Weird And Fabulous Items Of Band Merchandise

Most bands don't veer too far away from t-shirts and mugs, but some go a bit mental. Tenacious D had a specially designated cum-rag fercryinoutloud. So with that, shall we have a look at some of the weirdest (and therefore best) bits of band merch ever? Feel free to add you own in the comments... More »

24th, July Film

Watch 1896 Footage Of Life In Palestine

IN 1896, French brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière's cameramen filmed life in Palestine, then part of the Ottoman Empire. All 500,000 inhabitants were subjects of the Sultan of Constantinople... More »

24th, July Money 4

Pyramid Teabags Are Better Than Round: Scientific Proof That Is

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24th, July Music

Nu Psych: The new age of psychedelic music

BELIEVE it or not, there's a new age of psychedelic music upon us. Not so much the re-dawning of the age of Aquarius, but rather, a bunch of snotty brats all making experimental pop-music without the need to badger you about some awful political cause. More »

23rd, July News

Cleveland Police Hang Dog For Death Of Pensioner

"A 73-year-old woman who was bitten by a police dog as it searched for a suspect in her garden has died in hospital, police said. Frail Irene Collins... More »

23rd, July News 13

The Rise And Rise Of Anti-Semitism In An Anti-Zionism Disguise

Bring our your prejudices... More »

22nd, July Music

FrancaisOK: The brilliant and popular music of France

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21st, July Arsenal 1

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Sign Sami Khedira On The Never Never

IS Sami Khedira leaving Real Madrid to play for Arsenal? Transfer Balls - Anorak's look at utter bilge presented as fact to news-hungry football fans - spots news on the website CaugthtOffside. It is an "EXCLUSIVE"... More »

20th, July Strange But True

Bride Ties Month-Old Baby To Dress And Drags Her Down the Aisle To Please Jesus

Amen to that... More »

20th, July News

Regret The Error: Cumbernauld News And Kilsyth Chronicle Apologises For 'Envy'

Alison Masterson is away... More »

20th, July Celebrities

Cheryl Cole's Baby Vanishes

COMPARE and contrast the news of Cheryl Cole's womb in the Daily Star... More »

19th, July News 9

#GazaJ19: On The Israel-Gaza March With Bigots, Humanitarians, Dead Baby Pornographers And Bullshitters

PEOPLE massed in London today to protest against Israel's actions in Gaza. Many came to sue for peace. Others wanted genocide and Israel to be annihilated... More »

19th, July Chelsea

Transfer Balls: Chelsea Want Miranda But Mourinho Doesn't

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