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21st, October News

French Opera Fascists Refuse To Sing For Woman In Niqab

TO Paris, where a woman on holiday form The Gulf has been ordered to remove her niqab or else be ejected from the Bastille opera house... More »

21st, October Celebrities

Breaking Bad Meth Doll Brian Cranston Vows To Burn His Florida Mom Action Figure

Florida mom petitions against Toys 'R Us over Breaking Bad action figures." I'm so mad, I'm burning my Florida Mom action figure in protest... More »

21st, October Royal Family

As If By Magic Pregnant Kate Middleton 'Reappears'

KATE Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is pregnant. You might have heard. She gets morning sickness, which means she doesn't fancy being on display as Prince William's 'brood mare'. But now she's back! And it's presented by the media as being a kind of magick... More »

21st, October Politicians

Chicago Voting Machine Forces Republican To Vote Democrat

Admitting his confidence in Cook County ballot integrity is shaken, State Representative Candidate Jim Moynihan (R-56), was shocked today when he tried to cast a vote for himself and the voting machine cast it for his opponent instead.... More »

21st, October News

RIP Selfie Guy: Man Falls Into Dock On Live TV

Live TV selfie fail... More »

21st, October News

Hurricane Gonzo Arrives In The UK (Photos)

The Great Gonzo... More »

21st, October In Pictures

Ocean Atlas: Huge Underwater Statue Of Girl Holding The Seas On Her Shoulders

OCEAN Atlas is an 18-foot-tall, 60 tonne (pH neutral) cement statue of a girl benath the waves by Nassau in the Bahamas. It is the world's largest underwater statue... More »

21st, October Celebrities

Scott Ian of Anthrax Recalls Meeting Lemmy For The First Time (Much Swearing)

Never meet your heroes... More »

21st, October Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Mascot Podolski Signs For Spurs Again

TRANSFER Balls: Is Arsenal's Lukas Podolski leaving the Gunners to play for...Spurs? Well, ITV had news... More »

21st, October Money

Viagra To Be Used To Treat Heart Disease

More »

21st, October Sports 1

Ched Evans And Sheffield United: Leave Your Morals At The Door

MORE chatter on the Ched Evans story. The Sun features the words of Charlie Webster, a Sheffield United Patron... More »

21st, October In Pictures

Occupy Democracy London: The Photos

Police officers and Occupy Democracy protesters in Parliament Square, London, during their planned nine-day occupation to highlight the growing inequality in the UK... More »

21st, October Money

Porno Titties For Breast Cancer

his might be the finest offer of corporate sponsorship ever... More »

21st, October Strange But True

Woman Rescued From Chimney Of Man She Briefly Dated

TO Thousand Oaks, California, where Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa, 30, is stuck in the chimney of a man she briefly dated... More »

21st, October Sports

Stoke City's Victor Moses v Sheffield United's Rory McArdle: Only Referees Are Banned From Crying Foul

ARE football referees getting worse? Is'ts not an easy job. For instance, look at this incident from Bradford City v Sheffield United. Is it a foul on Stefan Scougall by Rory McArdle?... More »

21st, October Fashion

Andrew Logan's Alternative Miss World 2014 At The Shakespeare Globe, London: Photos

Started in 1972, The Alternative Miss World is not about beauty - it's about transformation... More »

20th, October manchester united

West Brom Fans Mock Manchester United With Tom Daley And Hello Kitty

Manchester United are setting out to prove that you cannot buy your way out of touble. The Premier League is not all about the money. Well, not all of the time.... More »

20th, October Anorak TV

You Will Never Believe what Happens To This Motorcyclist (Video)

WE'VE had this on loop all day... More »

20th, October In Pictures

Skid Row, Los Angeles: A Photo Essay

Skid Row houses the USA's densest concentration of homeless people, mostly addicts, parolees, the mentally ill and disabled. Over 17,000 people live on the streets in one of the world's riches cities. This is America's shame.... More »

20th, October Sports

Indian Footballer Dies During On-Field Celebration

CELEBRATING a goal in a professional football match should be one of the happiest times in an athlete's career, but tragically, this wasn't the case for Peter Biaksangzuala... More »

20th, October Arsenal 1

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Bid For Morgan Schneiderlin Who Wants To Stay At Southampton Or Play For Spurs

TRANSFER Balls: a look at the utter bilge presented as rumour and fact by the mainstream media... More »

20th, October Liverpool

How Football Reporting Works: Liverpool's Dire 'Martin Skrtel Is Better than Chelsea's John Terry And Anyone At Southampton

HOW football comment works, with Liverpool FC's Martin Skrtel... More »

20th, October News 2

Israeli Hospital Treats Daughter Of Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh

Go home Israeli...and take me with you... More »

20th, October In Pictures

Artist Paints Skid Row's Homeless Into His Dreamy Pictures

If they're not completely passed out, intoxicated, sleeping in their own urine—then yeah, I'll talk to them. Some are friendly, some aren't. But if someone won't wake up... More »

20th, October Celebrities

Lynda Bellingham Stars In Norman, Is That You? (Photos)

Harry Worth and Lynda Bellingham rehearse at the Phoenix Theatre in London in the new West End comedy, "Norman, is that you?"... More »