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23rd, October News

Overshare Is Word Of The Year

Described as “beautifully British”, the “subtle yet devastating” put-down “overshare” was today named word of the year by the Chambers Dictionary. Collins, however, has plumped for “photobomb” as its choice, citing the word’s 100% increase in usage over the past year... More »

23rd, October News

Smoking Marijuana Won't Rot Your Mind As Fast As Alcohol And Poverty Do (Study)

DOES smoking marijuana make you dumb? In The Washington Post Christopher Ingrahams takes look at the data in a British study... More »

23rd, October Celebrities

For Sale on eBay: Car Seat Once Used By Adam Ant

WHAT are we offered for a mini cab sat once sat in by Adam Ant, Mr Prince Charming himself?... More »

23rd, October News

Murder In Canada: Islam And Dead Soldiers Race For Victimhood

The sub-title of my new book is “Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned”. I have been writing for over a decade now about the west’s wannabe jihadists, often born and raised in Canada and America and Britain and Australia and Europe, some of them converts – or “reverts”, as they call them.... More »

23rd, October manchester united

Transfer Balls: Manchester United To Buy Vidal After Buying Vidal

TRANSFER Balls: The Daily Express has news for Manchester United fans longing for the Red Devils to finally spunk a shedload of cash on a player (it's been weeks since the last splurge)... More »

23rd, October Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Gary Neville Might Laugh

It's Anfield, people... More »

23rd, October Celebrities

Alvin Stardust - A Life In Photos

ALVIN Stardust taught the kids to cross the road carefully and that you can rhyme "Love-a-me too" with "my coo ca choo"... More »

23rd, October Celebrities

Renee Zellweger Has A Face: Let The Media Bitchfest Begin

RENEE Zellweger has a face. This sensation has been heralded in the news media.... More »

23rd, October Money

Is Jay Rayner An Idiot For Insisting That Food Is Too Cheap?

More »

23rd, October Money

Facebook Pays No UK Corporation Tax For Second Year

More »

23rd, October Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: An Epic Vine Of Brendan Rodgers Meeting Real Madrid's Carlo Ancelotti

WHEN Brendan Rodgers met Carlo Ancelotti before Liverpool's home Champions' League match against Real Madrid, a game soul caught the moment on a Vine.... More »

23rd, October Sports

Ched Evans: A Sheffield United Pariah, Child Killers And Guns

CHED Evans: a look at the footballer who happens to be a convicted rapist (surely rapist who happens to be a convicted footballer - ed) in the media... More »

22nd, October manchester united

Manchester United Balls: Alex Ferguson And Glazers At Odds Over Who Chose David Moyes

DAVID Moyes and Manchester United. Compare and contrast the role played by Sir Alex Ferguson in Moyes getting the top job at Old Trafford... More »

22nd, October Sports

Atlanta Falcons Think London Is In Spain And Scotland Is Bigger Than Italy

THE ATLANTIC Falcons are heading to London. No. Hang on... More »

22nd, October Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Raheem Sterling Hand Jives With Lions And Mates With A Chair

LIVERPOOL Balls: the Sun continues to hound Raheem Sterling and, by inference, England manager Roy Hodgson, who told the Press that Sterling had not been feeling 100% to start the match in Estonia... More »

22nd, October Music

Catwalk Pop: Models who sashayed to the microphone

THE news today is that supermodel Cara Delevingne has hired Pharrell Williams to give her what she needs as she makes her musical bow... More »

22nd, October Money

The Use Of Dildos Turns Women Off Sex Apparently

More »

22nd, October News 1

Thought Crimes: Middlesbrough Man Sentenced For Possessing Dirty Cartoons

ROBUL Hoque, 39, stands in the dock at Teeside Crown Crout. He's accused of 10 counts of possessing prohibited images of children. It's a typical case of depravity, right? Wrong... More »

22nd, October News

Man Finds Large Rat's Head In His Chilli And Hard Beans

IT'S protein a-go-go at the Golden Corral in Florida, where Billy Wilson has found a large chunk of extra meat in his chilli dinner... More »

22nd, October Sports

Newcastle United Balls: Kieron Dyer Reveals Why He And Lee Bowyer Fought On The Pitch

IN 2005, football fans lapped up the sight of Newcastle Untied teammates Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer scrapping on the pitch. It was very entertaining. Most of us thought the fight was triggered by the players' stupidity and unappealing natures.... More »

21st, October News 1

French Opera Fascists Refuse To Sing For Woman In Niqab

TO Paris, where a woman on holiday form The Gulf has been ordered to remove her niqab or else be ejected from the Bastille opera house... More »

21st, October Celebrities

Breaking Bad Meth Doll Brian Cranston Vows To Burn His Florida Mom Action Figure

Florida mom petitions against Toys 'R Us over Breaking Bad action figures." I'm so mad, I'm burning my Florida Mom action figure in protest... More »

21st, October Royal Family

As If By Magic Pregnant Kate Middleton 'Reappears'

KATE Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is pregnant. You might have heard. She gets morning sickness, which means she doesn't fancy being on display as Prince William's 'brood mare'. But now she's back! And it's presented by the media as being a kind of magick... More »

21st, October Politicians 1

Chicago Voting Machine Forces Republican To Vote Democrat

Admitting his confidence in Cook County ballot integrity is shaken, State Representative Candidate Jim Moynihan (R-56), was shocked today when he tried to cast a vote for himself and the voting machine cast it for his opponent instead.... More »

21st, October News

RIP Selfie Guy: Man Falls Into Dock On Live TV

Live TV selfie fail... More »