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25th, April Sports

We should love Manchester United's Wayne Rooney more than tax dodger Lewis Hamilton

The richest sportsman in the UK is Lewis Hamilton. But he's not. Because he lives in Monaco... More »

25th, April Strange But True

Cocaine trafficker escapes by giving his GPS monitor to a cat

Uses for cats No. 2: mobile getaway device.... More »

25th, April News

Lord Janner: DPP, FGM and shuffling across the carpet to genital abuse

Lord Janner: a look at reporting on the Labout peer in the news... More »

24th, April News

Beyond parody with Katie Hopkins: Royal UN Offical tells British media that free speech has its limits

Katie Hopkins compares migrants to 'cockroaches in her outrageous-to-deadline Sun newspaper column. And the UN high commissioner for human rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, says: “The Nazi media described people their masters wanted to eliminate as rats and cockroaches... More »

24th, April News

President Reagan shootist John Hinckley wants to be free, join a band and date his new girlfriend

John Hinckley, 59, the man who in 1981 shot President Ronald Reagan and three other men (Jim Brady was shot in the head), wants to be in a band. Hinckley has been living in a psychiatric hospital ever since he was found not guilty by reason of insanity to the shooting. (He did it to woo actress Jodie Foster.)... More »

24th, April Arsenal

Transfer balls: Liverpool's bid for Arsenal target Asier Illarramendi is lost in translation

More »

24th, April Celebrities

The Carrie Royale Story: naked Prince Harry's Vegas 'model' bares all (photos)

How do the Press describe Carrie Reichert, the woman who claims to have been with Prince Harry on the night he was captured in naked photos leaked to the paper three years ago?... More »

24th, April Celebrities

On Direction: Louis Tomlinson does something really dull

Pop Star Takes Drugs! Like you, we too are shocked by the Sun's front-page news that Louis Tomlinson, of One Direction, has wiled away the time by rolling "what appears to be a joint"... More »

24th, April Technology

Google maps feature the Android robot urinating on the Apple logo

On Google Maps, a look around the Pakistani city of Rawlpindi coughs up the image of the Android robot urinating on the Apple logo... More »

24th, April News

Happy endings: watch China's banned funeral strippers honour the dead (photos)

"Show me the stiff," say the funeral strippers hired to dancer at funeral in China. "We''ll let you know if he's really dead."... More »

24th, April News

'Teacher with benefits' Brianne Altice admits sex with three students

What is about women and sex abuse? In Davis County, Utah, Brianne Altice has admitted to shagging three students ages 16 to 18... More »

24th, April Arsenal

Chelsea Balls: Fabregas' Arsenal return only highlights Wenger's failure

In the build up to Arsenal's Premier League match with Chelsea, the tabloids are focusing on the Blues' Cesc Fabregas. The match will be the first time the Chelsea player has faced his old club on their home pitch... More »

23rd, April Politicians

Lord Janner: the fight to be anti-Establishment, tea and nonce-sense

Lord Janner: a look at reporting on the Labour peer accsued on child abuse. He denies all allegations... More »

23rd, April Strange But True

Florida teen will not be arrested for 'date raping' a snake that bit his face

More »

23rd, April Arsenal

Transfer balls: Victor Wanyama says the Sun's story on his move to Arsenal is bunkum

Transfer Balls: Is Southampton's heading to Arsenal? The Sun says he might be. The story tells readers... More »

23rd, April News

Lord Janner is accused of a 'lifetime of noncing' in The Sun

Rod Liddle has few words to say about Lord Janner, the Labour peer accused of sexually abusing children. Janner won't be standing trial for alleged offences because the judiciary say his dementia is so far advanced he won't understand what's going on in court. Janner denies any wrongdoing... More »

23rd, April News 1

Earth Day co-founder killed girlfriend and buried her in Styrofoam

Earth Day was co-founded by Ira Einhorn, who was master of ceremonies at the first Earth Day in 1970. The man nicknamed 'The Unicorn' is in prison, serving a life tarrif for murdering his ex-lover Holly Maddux... More »

23rd, April Strange But True

Diner finds used sink plug in her Hog's Breath salad

The diner at Brisbane, Australia's Hog's Breath Cafe got an old plug in her salad. You have to wonder what vegetable the chef think the plug resembles?... More »

23rd, April Sports

Now Aston Villa's Jack Grealish is famous the tabloids set about murdering him

So good was Jack Grealish for Aston Villa during their FA Cup semi-final win over Liverpool that the Sun has decided to damage him... More »

23rd, April News

Dash Cam video of Marana Arizona Police cruiser running over suspect

With bullets in short supply, US police forces have taken to apprehending perps in less traditional fashion... More »

23rd, April News

Denmark outlaw bestiality: animal sex tourists see pet brothels closed

In Denmark bestiality is now banned. The country's MPs voted 91-75 in favour of a ban. Five abstained... More »

22nd, April The Consumer

Discover why in 1977 The Woodlands was 'The Safest Town In America' (Video)

In 1977, The Woodlands, a suburb of Houston, was the Safest town in America... More »

22nd, April News

Watch drunk-driving bikini-clad grandma take police sobriety test as grandson waits in car

To Florida, where Paricia Ebel, 49, has been busted for alleged drunk-driving. Ebel, was taking her 10-year-old son home after a day at the pool out when she crashed her BMW into a car stopped at a red light.... More »

22nd, April News

Watch the video that plays inside the lifts at the new World Trade Center building

You even get a glimpse of the doomed tower... More »

22nd, April News

Belle Gibson doesn't have cancer: magnetic therapists can be wrong

Belle Gibson does not have brain cancer. She never did. Belle Gibson is a "wellness blogger" who is very well indeed.... More »