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23rd, November TV & Radio

X Factor: Topless Flatmate Makes Sudden Appearance On Live Telly

You have to love live telly sometimes... More »

23rd, November Manchester City

Manchester City And Ched Evans Teach 6-Year-Old Fan A Lesson In Human Rights And Crime

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23rd, November Celebrities

Patti Smith and David Lynch Talk Twin Peaks, Jerry Garcia's Guardian Angel and Pussy Riot

When Patti Smith and David Lynch from the BBC's Encounters series they talked about the movie Blue Velvet and the series Twin Peaks. Smith says of the Russian band Pussy Riot... More »

23rd, November News

State Schools Are Only For The Poorest Lawyers, Doctors And Teachers

Andrew Halls, headmaster of King’s College School in Wimbledon (fees per annum: £20,000 plus extras) a year, has a warning... More »

23rd, November News

Cat Loving Nutters Threaten Swansea Woman Who Joked About Her Pizza Eating 'Wet Pussy'

Did you hear the Daily Mirror's story about the woman who "locked cat in cage and put it in bath - because it ate her pizza"?.. More »

23rd, November News

BBC Reporter Frank Gardner Offers No Forgiveness To The Last Living Islamist That Shot Him

In 2004, BBC news reporter and former Army captain Frank Gardner was shot six times by an Islamist gang. The attack in Riyadh murdered his cameraman, Simon Cumbers... More »

23rd, November Fashion

Jesus Wept! The Christmas Jumper That Bleeds For Your Fashion Sins

Who hasn't looked at a Christmas jumper and declared 'Jesus'?... More »

23rd, November News

Westminster Child Abuse: Jimmy Savile, Carole Kasir And £20,000

Chasing the Westminster peadophiles story the Express catches up with Haroon Kasir. The paper says he's "never spoken about Operation Fernbridge". Operation Fernbridge looks into allegations of a paedophile ring with Westminster links operating at Elm Guest House, Barnes... More »

23rd, November Celebrities

Teach Women Not To Abuse Men: Melanie Sykes And Accusations She Slapped Her Husband

Former beer model and ITV presenter Melanie Sykes' estranged husband has been talking to the Sun. The couple enjoyed a whirlwind ramncne - he first spotted her on Twitter. After marriage. Mel told one and all, "I’ve never met anyone before who I have the kind of synergy that I have with him.” Who doesn't crave synergy in a love story... More »

22nd, November Politicians

'Send Them Back': Emily Thornberry And White Van Dan Confound The Sneering Stereotypes

Labour MP Emily Thornberry's tweet from Rochester made a the story of the by-election about Labour's attitude to the working class... More »

22nd, November Money

Ladies: If You've Got Big Boobs Then You're A High Spender

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22nd, November News

Manchester United's Louis Van Gaal Rewrites His Quotes And Says Arsenal's Welbeck Is Sub-Standard

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22nd, November Strange But True

I Can Pee A Rainbow: The Colours Of Urine Explained

What colour is your urine? Take a look at the picture of colourful urines from the Tacoma General Hospital in Tacoma, Wash... More »

22nd, November Sports

Making Mackay Look Good: Dave Whelan Says English Jews Are A Bit Like the English

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22nd, November Sports

Could Wembley be the home for new NFL franchise?

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21st, November The Consumer

Buy This Wonderful Raiders Of The Lost Ark Face Melting Candle

Hell's fire... More »

21st, November News

Someone Want To Make Lots Of Money From Hitler's Painting Of Munich's City Hall

Who wants to own a painting by Hitler..? More »

21st, November Key Posts

Tommie Rose's Treats Will Settle Your Jamie Oliver Indigestion

Tommie Rose, 15, made what the Daily Mirror calls a "fortune" by selling food to his fellow pupils at Buile Hill High School, Salford. He employs casual labour, paying two mates £5.50 a day. Tommie earns £60-£70a day. Not too shabby... More »

21st, November Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Get Cech Who Stays At Chelsea

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21st, November News

Corrections: Daily Mail Immigration Apology

The Daily Mail corrects... More »

21st, November Key Posts

Emily Thornberry And Labour Hate 'White Man's Gulch'

Poor old Emily Thornberry. She's the Labour MP who mocked Dan Ware's home in Rochester.... More »

21st, November News

White Van Dan Invites Emily Thornberry Over To His Castle

THE Sun has snared White Van Dan - whose home became a sensation when snotty Labour MP Emily Thornberry mocked it. Says Dan Ware... More »

21st, November Money

Academics Say: Poor People On Fuel Lead To Road Deaths

How can roads be made safer? Well, you could do what they've done in London and charge a high fee for cars to enter the 'nondom zone'... More »

21st, November Strange But True

Taco Bell Drive-Through Refuses To Serve Cyclists

TO, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, where the Taco Bell Drive Thru waiters have refused to serve man on a bicycle. Gabriel Harris, 33, wants to eat... More »

21st, November News

Hacking Football Finally Reveals A Bout Of Old Style Racism

MALKY Mackay is now manager of Wigan Athletic. When his private text messages were aired, a few were shown to be offensive, revealing the then Cardiff City manager to be a grade A pillock. As a result of his offensive messages, Mackay lost out on the top job at Crystal Palace... More »