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6th, March manchester united

Manchester United balls: the Sun shines on Jonny Evans

The tabloids can hardly contains their excitement that Manchester United's Jonny Evans denies spitting at Newcastle United's Papiss Cisse.... More »

6th, March Books

World Book Day: Salford boy banned from dressing as 50 Shades of Grey character

To mark World Book Day, school children are encouraged to dress up as their favourite book character. Liam Scholes, 11, arrived at Sale High School dressed as Christian Grey, eponymous star of 50 Shades of Grey. He carried a mark and cable ties... More »

6th, March Arsenal

Transfer balls: Liverpool replace Gerrard with Manchester United and Arsenal's William Carvalho

Transfer Balls: a look at the nonsense written about William Carvalho, the Sporting Lisbon midfielder... More »

5th, March manchester united

Manchester United's Johnny Evans and Newcastle Pappis Cissse to get life bans and spitting statue

In the Premier Lesgue match between Newscastle United and Manchester United, Johnny Evans and Pappis Cisse appeared to exchange bodily fluids.... More »

5th, March manchester united 1

Revealed: What Manchester United will do to win the Premier League

If you can’t be good be lucky... More »

5th, March Royal Family

Prince Andrew was not with Virginia Roberts when Prince Charles was swinging

Prince Charles wants to kick his younger brother Prince Andrew out of the Royal Family, says the website Celebrity Dirty Laundry. Andrew, once billed as 'Air Miles Andy' and 'Randy Andy' is now "alleged teen sex slave offender Andy". .. More »

4th, March News

At home with Mohammed Emwazi Britain's last living executioner

Mohammed Emwazi is away... More »

4th, March Celebrities

Hilarious highlights from Kanye West's speech to Oxford students

Pouty rapper and holder of Kim Kardashian's bum breasts Kanye West has been talking to the Oxford Guild Business Society... More »

4th, March Celebrities

Someone is selling Jerry Garcia's severed finger

You can buy Jerry Garcia's severed fingers. and the owner will toss in a FREE glass and FREE brine.... More »

4th, March Chelsea

Manchester United fans use Sikhs to abuse Chelsea and all other racists

Eamonn Holmes, the Sky News anchor, was chairing the debate, which quickly turned to Chelsea fans (club owner: Jewish Russian; supstar striker: black African), a few of whom had been filmed behaving badly on the Paris Metro... More »

4th, March marijuana

Police find marijuana in tub labelled 'Not Weed'

Villain of the day is 21-year-old Nebraska motorist Jordan Meier. When police pulled him over for a traffic offence, they searched the vehicle. They noticed a plastic tub of Land O'Lakes sour cream. They spotted that someone had written on the tub “Not Weed.”... More »

3rd, March Arsenal 1

Transfer balls: Paul Pogba gives Arsenal the eyes

Transfer Balls: Is Paul Pogba heading to Arsenal? Is Paul Pogna, the Juventus and France star, going to pull on the Arsenal strip after an £80m transfer?... More »

3rd, March Sports

Adam Johnson: What is the Sunderland footballer's 'mansion' worth?

As the Press loads the argument against Adam Johnson - guilty of being a Premier League footballer but presumed innocent to sex crimes against a 15-year-old girl - we wondered what his home is worth. It's a key fact. appearing in every news story on the Sunderland player arrested on suspicion of sexual activity with an underage girl.... More »

3rd, March News

Westminster paedophiles: Vishal Mehrotra's killer escaped because the police never listen

Westminster paedophiles: a look at reporting on allegations of child abuse in high places. Daily Telegraph: "IPCC to investigate police 'cover up' of eight year old boy's murder" Can you find Vishal Mehrotra's killer in what the police left out? Fill in the gaps... More »

3rd, March Arsenal

Arsenal: Daily Mail sticks the boot into Brooklyn Beckham and his brothers

Any child of David and Victoria Beckham will want for nothing save talent. You can fake it in the world of fashion and pop music, but in sport, there is no auto-tune or PR-wrangling to make the mundane appear masterful. And the media is watching their every move. ... More »

3rd, March Key Posts

Adam Johnson: underage sex, a gun and the tabloids' invitation to bury a footballer

Adam Johnson has been arrested for "SUSPICION OF HAVING SEX WITH A GIRL OF 15'. It's the Sun's big news story. It's also the front-page story in the Daily Star, Daily Express, and Daily Mirror... More »

2nd, March Key Posts

Paddy Power's all-white cast calls every Chelsea fan a racist

Yesterday at Wembley Chelsea defeated Spurs 2-0 to win the Capital One Cup. But more importantly there was NO race riot. No white men in manmade fibres stopped a black man from boarding the Tube nor did they brawl with the self-styled 'Yid Army'... More »

2nd, March Gifs

The exciting new world of Gif company brochures

The new exciting world of Gif brochures... More »

2nd, March Books

Jack Chick: One Man’s Comic-Book Crusade For Humanity

Are you worried about the growing menace of the Homosexual-Catholic-Islamic-Satanist-Masonic-Alien conspiracy to promote evolutionism, fornication, pornography, pornography, paedophilia, pop music, alcohol and drugs? More »

2nd, March News 1

Britain learns to love the Kurds as the ISIS cannibals makes a mother eat her son

For those of you still unconvinced that Islamic State is policed by depraved, murderous nutjobs, comes news that jihadis fed a Kurdish fighter to his mother. The Sun leads with the news... More »

2nd, March Arsenal

Transfer balls: Arsenal sell Morata to Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool but Real Madrid want him

Transfer Balls brings you news from the murky zone where football news and football drivel collide. Today the Daily Express says Alvaro Morata is off to Arsenal. The Express backs this up zero facts. .. More »

2nd, March The Consumer

Watch a swearing father complain that his son picked up bad language from Peppa Pig

Garfield Black, 48, of Waterloo, south east London, says that if you respond to the challenge by Peppa Pig to “find the odd one out” the pink cartoon character responds with a “f*ck you… odd one out”.... More »

2nd, March News

Jihadi John: Anders Breivik and Emwazi were both excellent workers

The Sun has news on Jihadi John. His father, Jasem Emwazi, 51, "has not been seen at his family home in Queen’s Park, North West London, since Mohammed Emwazi was identified as the Islamic State serial killer". This is because, says the Sun, he's in Kuwait... More »

1st, March Key Posts

Westminster paedophiles: The gay loving righteous will dig up Leon Brittan and beat him with sticks

Westminster peadophiles: a look at reporting on the allegation that a VIP ring of paedophiles abused children during the 1970s and 1980s... More »

1st, March News 1

Anti-Semitism: UCLA Student Board Bars a Jew For Being a Jew

Anti-Semitism is now accepted. Jews got a good run after the war. But the USA is now once again rife with anti-Semitism.... More »