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31st, January Celebrities

Bobbi Kristina Brown: Roswell Police Department make the link

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31st, January News

A handy guide to dealing with online abuse: print out and keep

Have you been called names online? Has some no-mark tweeted something you disagree with? Were you offended? Well, before you call the police and become a nark, take a look at this handy guide to dealing with online abuse... More »

31st, January Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Marco Reus wants Chelsea, gets Arsenal, loves Manchester United and signs for Real Madrid

Transfer Balls: The Daily Express says: Arsenal leading Man Utd and Chelsea in race for Marco Reus Which clubs are in the chase? Let's see... More »

31st, January Strange But True

Trucker pulling his own tooth caused dramatic accident

Next time just don't wear a seatbelt: The accident, which happened just before 10:30pm, was caused when a self-employed tractor trailer driver took his hands off the wheel to pull a loose tooth from his mouth... More »

31st, January Celebrities

Topless Chelsea Handler makes the Middle East war sexually arousing

Chelsea Handler has sat topless on a naked camel. It's a statement, Handler says: "A Muslim allowed a topless Jew to sit on his camel. And we say we can't live side by side? I say we try and we can and we will. And, You don't even have to be topless. L'chaim.".. More »

30th, January Chelsea

Transfer Balls: Chelsea sign Barcelona fan Cuadrado from Manchester United

Transfer Balls: Juan Cuadrado is soon-to-be a Chelsea player. As the Daily Star reports: Chelsea AGREE contract with £26.8m Manchester United target Juan Cuadrado Not too long ago Cuadrado was a Manchester United player, according to the papers.... More »

30th, January News

Exam stress caused railway employee to masturbate over sleeping pregnant passenger

"I was studying for the test when I started to have unwanted thoughts," Manny Romos, 35, told MTA police.... More »

30th, January Politicians

Boris Johnson says all jihadis are tossers but not all tossers are jihadis

Boris Johnson, London Mayor, shares his view on British jihadis with Sun readers: “If you look at all the psychological profiling about bombers, they typically will look at porn. They are literally w**kers. Severe onanists." More »

30th, January Fashion

Faces of Miami's Urban Beach Week: MIA: Soliloquy Of A Dream

In MIA: Soliloquy Of A Dream, Miami's Urban Beach Week is photographed by Wayne Lawrence: “Over the four-day weekend, South Beach is transformed into a frenzied atmosphere where the drama of hip-hop is played out on the city’s streets as hundreds of police stand on high alert.." More »

30th, January Key Posts 1

Ban kosher, halal, veils and circumcision and stop the barbabric Jew and the cruel Muslim

The Times' "Environment Editor" wants to tell Times readers about religious slaughter of animals. You might think this a religious matter, a story based on Jewish and Muslim covenants with God. But it's not. It's about welfare and civilised forms of animal slaughter.... More »

30th, January TV & Radio

BBC Brit: The TV channel for pub bores

BBC Worldwide is looking to launch BBC Brit. What will it be about? What is being a Brit?... More »

30th, January Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal bid for Spurs Lloris and gazump themselves for Jose Luis Gaya

Transfer Balls: It's been busy January transfer window for Arsenal. Gabriel Paulista signed. Krystian Bielik signed. But regular readers will know that the mainstream Press have told us that Arsenal are signing - get his - 65 players. Let's see who else is is on their way... More »

30th, January Chelsea

Transfer Balls: Chelsea sell Andre Schurrle to Dortmund for £3m less than Wolfsburg signed him for

Transfer Balls: Yesterday the Daily Express reported that Chelsea had sold Andre Schurrle to Dortmund for £27m... More »

29th, January Sports

Tennis fans thrilled Kim Sears has learned to swear

Tennis used to feature no swearing at all. The previous 'verbals' highlight was John McEnroe asking if "you can be serious" and screaming about "chalk dust". If you wanted to learn how to swear you had to watch the football... More »

29th, January manchester united

Manchester United fleece their fans for £50

Once again, Manchester United have been barracked by all and sundry over their dreadful season ticket policy which requires all holders to buy mandatory tickets for the upcoming FA Cup replay against Cambridge United... More »

29th, January Key Posts

The Emperor buys new clothes at Noma, where the ants spin gold

Ever eat at Noma, "the world's best restaurant". Noma's based at the Oriantal Mandarin hotel in Tokyo, Japan... More »

29th, January Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Andre Schurrle leaves Chelsea as Reus gets his head checked at Arsenal and Manchester United

Transfer Balls: a look at football rumour, speculation and made-up bilge being presented as fact by the mainstream media... More »

29th, January Arsenal 1

Transfer Balls: Paul Pogba is off to Arsenal If Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and PSG don't want him

Transfer Balls: it's the Daily Paul Pogba. let's see what utter balls the mainstream media is reporting on Pogba, the Juventus player... More »

29th, January News

Local News watch: Plymouth Herald delivers compassionate killing with a free sausage rolls

Big news in the Plymouth Herald... More »

29th, January Arsenal

Gareth Bale talks about loving Arsenal, not doing things and KIen Follett

The Daily Mirror has transcribed Gareth Bale's interview on Spanish radio. It wasn't all that hard: Bale spoke in fluent English, throughout... More »

29th, January Key Posts

Murder online: the logic that links viewing with doing is shaky

Jamie Reynolds, 23, murdered 17-year-old Georgia Williams. He was sentenved to life imprisonment. In sentencing Reynolds at Stafford Crown Court, Mr Justice Alan Wilkie told him he "had the potential to progressing to become a serial killer".... More »

29th, January News

No. An eight-year-old girl did not find the cure for cancer in the Daily Mail

Well, has a "girl of eight found a cancer cure"? The Daily Mail wants to know on its page 5... More »

29th, January Politicians

Nigel Farage is the 'politically incorrect' garden gnome: yours for £24.98

Anyone with £24.98 to spare (What's that in euros? - ed) can invest in a Nigel Farage 'politically incorrect' garden gnome... More »

28th, January Celebrities 1

Je Suis Charlie Hebdo But...: Amal Clooney argues for a limit to free speech

Compare and contrast the views of Amal Clooney, wife to actor George Clooney... More »

28th, January Celebrities

Loredana Chivu says her Playboy photos drove father to suicide

The Sun has news of pneumatic Playboy model Loredana Chivu (as seen above): Playboy model’s dad killed himself after daughter's nude shoot... More »