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20th, December Strange But True

Call David Icke: scientists invent new lizard

Each year, scientists publish roughly 17,000 detailed descriptions of newly discovered animals. Recently, in the journal Breviora, researchers described yet another, a new species of lizard called Aspidoscelis neavesi... More »

20th, December Film

The Interview: the best reactions to Sony's cyber war with North Korea

Obama and the FBI blame the hacking attacks against Sony Pictures on North Korea. Who knew the DPRK regime was capable? The hacks were triggered by the The Interview, in which two American journalists played by James Franco and Seth Rogen set out to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Amid threats of movie theater terrorism, Sony pulled the film from its Christmas Day release. Reactions have been many... More »

20th, December Arsenal

Arsaenal Balls: The 'real' reason Sanchez chose Gunners over Liverpool is...

So. Why did Alexis Sanchez choose to play for Arsenal? The Daily Star has the truth. The headline declares: Arsene Wenger reveals the REAL REASON why Alexis Sanchez chose Arsenal over Liverpool... More »

19th, December manchester united

Transfer Balls: Manchester United get Reus who doesn't move to Manchester United

The most shameless balls in the Daily Star... More »

19th, December News 1

Daily Mail story on foreign nurses is utter balls

News in the Daily Mail of nurses and foreigners: come over here, saving our lives... More »

19th, December Newcastle United

Newcastle v Sunderland balls: Adam Johnson mocks 'fuming' Magpies, calmly

It's Newcastle United v Sunderland in the big north-east inter-city derby. And the media are on it... More »

19th, December Books

Howard Jacobson: why Christians make the best Nazis and Islamofascism is a myth

Christianity is key here,' says Jacobson. ‘Muslims have needed the Jew less [historically], although there’s a lot of Muslim anti-Semitism now due to the Middle East. [But] Christianity’s had to leave [Judaism] behind, so it’s had to hate it, it’s had to say, we are not that, we are not that anymore, and then to say we were never that - so that’s a necessary hatred.’... More »

19th, December Celebrities

Mandy Rice-Davies: sex, society and wonderful photos

The life and times of the woman who kick-started the Swinging 60s... More »

19th, December Key Posts

Westminster paedophiles: we shouldn't give a toss what the police 'believe'

Two newspapers lead with the news of alleged Westminster paedophiles who allegedly murdered children in the 1970s and 1980s. The media call these alleged killers and perverts 'VIPs'. Doesn't the acronym VIP place these alleged crimes firmly in their time. In the 1970s, VIPs were all the rage.... More »

19th, December Technology 1

Pirate Bay is dead but Tribler will never die

The BitTorrent system was supposed to be mortally wounded on December 9, when police in Sweden raided a server farm in Stockholm on December 9th. The Pirate Bay, EZTV, Istole, Zoink and Torrage are took a big hit... More »

18th, December Sports

Football balls: Bale eyes Arsenal, RVP 'snubs' Di Maria at Manchester United, a Liverpool flop and a Chelsea dive

What utter balls.... More »

18th, December Technology

How to build a human, by Eleanor Lutz

A user guide... More »

18th, December News 1

Saudi Arabia arrests six men for anti-Islam Geert Wilders cake

Saudi Arabia's ridiculous sounding The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in Saudi Arabia has arrested six Arab men for selling cakes deemed offensive to Islam... More »

18th, December News

Westminster paedophiles are like Jimmy Savile and Peter Jaconelli: guilty now that they're dead

Tim Hick, Crime and Parliamentary Affairs Correspondent for the North Yorkshire Enquirer, has news... More »

18th, December News

How to beat the imperial USA with maths: a charming North Korean children's film

As North Korea fulminates agaisnt the USA olence, attacks the craven Sony Japanese mob and coerces America’s four largest theater chains into shelving the pretty poor film The Interview, kids in the DPRK learn that geometry can vanquish the enemy.... More »

18th, December Politicians 1

Gogglebox sofa sitter Andrew Michael wants to be a UKIP MP

You won't see Louis, Alex, Carolyne and Andrew Michael on Channel 4's Gogglebox because dad is standing as a UKIP candidate... More »

18th, December Liverpool

Liverpool balls: 39, 51 and 52 passes away from glory

Last night Liverpool beat Bournemouth 3-1 in the Capitol Cup. Liverpool scored one goal after a long bout of passing. But how many passes did the experts count? More »

18th, December News

The trial and execution of 14-year-old George Stinney

George Stinney was 14 when he was executed in the electric chair. An all-white jury had found him guilty of killing two white girls, Betty June Binnicker, 11, and Mary Emma Thames, 8, in the spring of 1944. George Stinney was black... More »

18th, December Strange But True

'Fat' Mary squashes nativity donkey to death

Little, donkey... little donkey.... More »

18th, December News

Ferguson: Dear, Professor Michael Raney, Michael Brown and Eric Garner ate my homework

Student Della wants her exams delayed. White Della is writing on behalf of black students. Della understands. She writes to Oberlin College's Professor Raney, who replies marvellously... More »

18th, December News 2

Watch what a shopper does to a child annoying them in the supermarket

Children: you have been warned... More »

17th, December manchester united

The Blessed Hamstring: Manchester United's Phil Jones gets spiritual to cure what ails him

Everyone remembers the various jokes about the winger of yore, Darren Anderton, who would be out for a fortnight with a broken eyelash and the like. These days, we've got Manchester United's Phil Jones. More »

17th, December Sports 1

Spurs Balls: Yid Army soon to be owned by Jew-hating Qatar

Can it be that Spurs - the 'Yid Army' - are to be owned by the Qatari government in a £1billion takeover?... More »

17th, December Strange But True

Woman catches husband and twin sister naked in a car - jumps into the drivers seat

So. Ting Su, 29, used a tracking device to keep tabs on her husband Cheng. The gadget worked. Ting found Cheng have sex with her twin sister in a car. .. More »

17th, December Sports

Middlesbrough 'Superfan' Julie Philips banned from every ground in England for ripping up pages of the koran

Middlesbrough 'Superfan' Julie Philips, 51, has been banned from entering every football ground across the country after being caught tearing pages out of a Koran in the crowd during her side’s 2-2 draw away against Birmingham City last December. More »