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25th, November Celebrities

Terry Hall of The Specials Handles A Man In The Crowd Throwing A Can

I once watched The Alarm get pelted with bottles, cans and at least three big ceremaic cider jugs. They played on. Terry Hall, of The Specials, isn't going to take it. When a face in the crowd at Nottingham Rock City tosses a can toward sthe stage, Hall reacts... More »

25th, November Arsenal

Is Arsenal Boss Arsene Wenger doing a Brian Clough by staying too long?

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25th, November Celebrities

Casting Couch Bill Cosby Should Admit His Guilt And Prove Everybody Right: No Trial Required

Bill Cosby is under the cosh. The actor who played cuddly Cliff Huxtable in the Eighties - a kind of safe suburban Black Man Can Jumpers - is accused of being a rapist. No trial. Now arrest. No charges. Bill Cosby says he's innocent. But... More »

25th, November Sports

Newcastle United Balls: Faustino Asprilla Has A Range Of Condoms

Former Newcastle United favourite Faustino Asprilla offers us his “Tino” condoms for your good sexual health in Colombia, the Bigg Market and beyond... More »

25th, November Strange But True

That Headache Might Be A 4-inch Tapeworm Or 8 Maggots Eating Your Brain

That headache might not be a fatal, after all. It could be a 4-inch tapeworm living inside your skull... More »

25th, November News

Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum: Ferguson Burns As Darren Wilson Walks

The news is full of images of rioting in Ferguson, Missouri. The Grand Jury decided not to charge white Officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of black Michael Brown... More »

25th, November Arsenal

In Arsene We Rust: Arsenal Will Ditch Wenger At The End Of This Season

Pressure builds on Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.... More »

25th, November Strange But True

School Bans Trip To Nutcracker Baller Over Jesus Tree Fears

The Butler Elementary School field trip to see the ballet is back on. Sorry, kids... More »

25th, November Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: Searching Barragem da Bravura For Signs Of A Story

Madeleine McCann: Anorak's look at the missing child in the news. Today the Mirror leads with a Madeleine McCann 'BOMBSHELL'... More »

24th, November Celebrities

Jack Monroe Uses Dead Ivan Cameron To Promote Her Wholemeal Pizzas

Celebrity chef Jack Monroe brignd a lump to the throat... More »

24th, November Arsenal

Klopp Balls: Dortmund Manager Wants Arsenal Job, Get Liverpool Job And Waits For Manchester United Job

The Daily Express has been planning Jurgen Klopp's future. Apparently, the German manager of Boruisia Dortmund is desperate to work in England.... More »

24th, November Books

Neal Cassady Shall Be Justified: Read The Joan Anderson Letter That Inspired Jack Kerouac's On The Road

In 1950 Neal Cassaday chocked down mouthfuls of speed and wrote a 16,000 words, 18-page letter to hgis friend Jack Kerouac. In it he recalled a trip to Denver and a dalliance with a Joan Anderson... More »

24th, November News

Free Speech Dies At Sheffield University: Student Union Bans Eminem

You can ban free speech. You can send women to the back. But god help anyone who dare ban Eminem from the UK's University campuses... More »

24th, November Celebrities

Santa's 'Close Friend' Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen And The Papers Say The Rubbish Magical Journey Is 'Amazing'

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen designed The Magical Journey, near Sutton Coldfield. And Santa Claus himself endorsed it... More »

24th, November News

Australian Educators Steal Children's 'Inappropriate Food'

Remember when fat meant fun? In Western Australia, the food police are clamping down on inappropriate foods.... More »

24th, November Arsenal 3

David Seaman Is Why Arsenal Paid Paul Gascoigne's £50,000 Medical Bills: Spurs Are In The Clear

“I rang up their [Arsenal] physio Gary Lewin and told him I wasn’t feeling great. He said to go to hospital as he feared it was pneumonia..." More »

24th, November Key Posts

Westminster Paedos: Spartacus, The D-Notices, Martin Allen Returns And A Liverpool Shrine

Westminster child abuse: Anorak's at-a-glance look at the story of politicians sexually abusing children... More »

24th, November Music

Life After Manchester United And Coventry City: Dion Dublin's Christmas Album

This Christmas why not sit back and liten to the sounds of former Coverntry City, Aston Villa, Norwich City and Manchester United footballer Dion Dublin? It's for charity... More »

24th, November News

Department of Work & Pensions Orders 90-Year-Old To The Job Centre

The Department of Work & Pensions requests Mrs Campbell attends a metting at her local Jobcentre plus to have her health and working abilities appraised. Mrs Campbell is 90 years old. .. More »

24th, November Celebrities

Can Lewis Hamilton Pip Nicole Scherzinger To Win The F1 Title?

Lewis Hamilton the Formula One drivers' contest. The news media goes wild for the circus. And the newspapers have to decide if they lead with the British sportsman who stood in his car and waved the Union flag, or focus on his American lover Nicole Scherzinger... More »

23rd, November TV & Radio

X Factor: Topless Flatmate Makes Sudden Appearance On Live Telly

You have to love live telly sometimes... More »

23rd, November Manchester City 1

Manchester City And Ched Evans Teach 6-Year-Old Fan A Lesson In Human Rights And Crime

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23rd, November Celebrities

Patti Smith and David Lynch Talk Twin Peaks, Jerry Garcia's Guardian Angel and Pussy Riot

When Patti Smith and David Lynch from the BBC's Encounters series they talked about the movie Blue Velvet and the series Twin Peaks. Smith says of the Russian band Pussy Riot... More »

23rd, November News

State Schools Are Only For The Poorest Lawyers, Doctors And Teachers

Andrew Halls, headmaster of King’s College School in Wimbledon (fees per annum: £20,000 plus extras) a year, has a warning... More »

23rd, November News

Cat Loving Nutters Threaten Swansea Woman Who Joked About Her Pizza Eating 'Wet Pussy'

Did you hear the Daily Mirror's story about the woman who "locked cat in cage and put it in bath - because it ate her pizza"?.. More »