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25th, January Chelsea

Transfer Balls: Arsenal get Paul Pogba for £35m less than Manchester United, Chelsea and Man City will pay

Transfer Balls: It's the Daily Paul Porba, in association with the Daily Mirror, which declares: "Man United, Chelsea AND Man City to battle for Paul Pogba's £75million signature this summer..." More »

25th, January Money

Davos: G21 tribal elder Bill Clinton's $60,000 platinum Rolex points towards wealth redistribution

How's life treating the great and good in Davos? Last time a mountain people were on the news, it was the Yazidis up Sinjar "mountain of death". Is the G21 Tribe fairing any better?... More »

25th, January News

Rod Liddle on The Sun's Page 3 and the prigs who want it banned

Rod Liddle looks at The Sun's Page 3, and the prigs who want it banned... More »

25th, January News

Je Suis Grub Street: Salman Rushie and the But Brigade love Charlie Hebdo but hate the British Tabloids

Salman Rushdie has been taking on the 'but Brigade', whose newfound committment to free speech after the Charlie Hebdo massacre has been steadily vanishing, who see moral equivalence and relativism in the killings... More »

25th, January Arsenal

Arsenal Transfer Balls: Gunners sign Paulista in principal for a variety of fees

Arsenal Transfer Balls: So. Is Paulista heading to the Emirates?... More »

25th, January Celebrities

Morgan Freeman nails Black History Month and ends racism, just like Rosa Parks and her fried chicken did

Morgan Freeman might get it... More »

24th, January News

Asbos for vocal victims who attack Muslims: rally for truth

News in the Daily Mail is that a "Muslim gang" has been "barred from gathering in large groups and burning flags after violent outbursts at rallies led by hate preacher Anjem Choudary".... More »

24th, January Chelsea 1

Chelsea Balls: Dennis Wise debuts his Lego Hair on Setanta Sports

Dennis Wise goes back to school... More »

24th, January Sports

Get the Ched Evans looks: celebrity Natasha Massey shows us how

So. What's resting footballer and convicted rapist Ched Evans been up to? The Sun has news... More »

24th, January Chelsea

Transfer Balls: Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea chase Paul Pogba to Spain

Transfer Balls: The Daily Express has stella news on Juventus and France star Paul Pogba. Apparently, Pogba has dropped a "MASSIVE" hint that he will not play for Manchester United or Chelsea. More »

24th, January manchester united

25 Years ago today Manchester United's Eric Cantona king-fu kicked himself into legend

Magna Carta, Nelson’s death at Trafalgar, the Battle of Waterloo, Victory in Europe, VJ Day… Some significant anniversaries fall this year, but the one that will always have a place in my heart occurred just 20 years ago, on 25 January 1995 at Selhurst Park Stadium, London SE27.... More »

23rd, January Money 2

World Economic Forum Watch: 10 messages from Davos to make the 99% puke

The great and good are meeting in Davos. It's the World Economic Forum, dummy, the rich and powerful's AGM. It's here they elect what free gifts banks can give customers, who Prince Andrew shags and if attacking Mars is worth it.... More »

23rd, January Strange But True

Necropants: The hairy trousers made from the skin of a dead man

Behold! The last word in walking trousers. These trousers used to walk! Like these hairy necropants housed in Strandagaldur, the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft.... More »

23rd, January manchester united

Talking Balls (and anus): Manchester United launch new all-star 4-4-2 line-up

The bigger the pornographer, the bigger the prude. Get a load of these takes on news that Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal said... More »

23rd, January News

Watching The Sun: Page 3 turns to the often naked Miranda Kerr

The Sun follows it's return to Page 3 with Nicole from Bournemouth with a Page 3 double spread. It's Miranda Kerr. And the shocking news is that the topless supermodel isn't topless. Because she is nearly always topless. .. More »

23rd, January Strange But True

School bus driver accused of stealing books died after drinking witch doctor's potion to prove innocence

To Kenya, where where a school bus driver is proving his innocence to the charge of stealing books. He has accepted the witch doctor's challenge: drink the brew and if you're innocent, you will live... More »

23rd, January News

The sensational death of Christina Annesley: desperate newspapers piggyback on Koh Tao murders

Christina Annesley died on holiday. The young British woman was travelling when she died on the Thai island of Koh Tao. Terrible news. But can the news of a woman's death from natural caues be spun and sensationalised? Yep: More »

23rd, January Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal outbid Real Madrid for Sergio Ramos as Manchester get Paulista

Transfer Balls: a look at mainstream media reporting on football transfers... More »

22nd, January Global Warming

Global warming causes private jets at Davos

Climate change debate seduces jets... More »

22nd, January Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: people are still donating to the find Maddie fund

News on Madeleine McCann, the innocent missing child, has been thin on the ground. But today the Sun has some news.... More »

22nd, January News

Wasted robot drone carrying six pounds of meth crashes on US border

ON the border between Tijuana and the USA, a drone helicopter carrying six pounds (2.72kg) of crystal meth has crashed. Well, if you're flying that wasted accientd can happen... More »

22nd, January News

Gotcha! The Sun used Page 3 to mock the snooty and the the smug

"God I hate the Sun," a friend texted late last night after a day of Page 3 nonsense. Hate is a strong word. But, great heavens, the paper is bloody irritating. Irritating in the way of a bright teenager who plays the idiot in class, fearing that to expose his intellect would make him seem less cool.... More »

22nd, January NSFW

A day with Eufrat Mai: the Fleshlight vagina model

Meet Eufrat Mai, the woman who was the vagina model for the FleshLight. Yep. Now you tossers can put a face on your glow stick... More »

22nd, January News

Page 3 Stunnas, The Suffragette, Fascist Mary Richardson and the Rokeby Venus at the National Gallery

ll this talk of ridding Britain of the scourge of Page 3 brings to mind the Suffragette Mary Richardson, who in 1914 took a knife into the National Gallery and slashed Velazquez's 'Rokeby Venus'... More »

22nd, January Chelsea

Transfer Balls: Chelsea sign Paul Pogba For £37m less than Manchester United paid for him

Transfer Balls - a regular look at rumour and utter drivel being presented as fact by the mainstream media - look once again at Juventus and France star Paul Pogba.... More »