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18th, September News

LA School District Surrenders The Grenade Launcher The Pentagon Donated But Keeps MRAP

DID you hear about the LA School district that surrendered the grenade launcher the Pentagon donated?... More »

18th, September News

Tabloid Hell: London Evening Standard Declares #IndyRef The 'New 'Black'

A pen and ink... More »

18th, September Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Anfield Thought Police Want Steven Gerrard To Be More Like Manchester United Fans

LIVERPOOL FC don't want their fans to swear at the match... More »

18th, September Money

Noooo! Venezuela Is Running Out Of Falsies!

Venezuela's chronic shortages have begun to encroach on a cultural cornerstone: the boob job... More »

18th, September Royal Family

Kate Middleton Pregnancy Watch - Day 10: Bring Your Daughter Not To Malta

KATE Middleton Pregnancy Watch - Day 10: The BBC has " BREAKING NEWS"... More »

18th, September manchester united 1

Transfer Balls: Manchester United Sell Mata To Juventus Because They Already Bought Vidal

TRANSFER Balls: Are Juventus going to buy Manchester United's Juan Mata?.. More »

18th, September The Consumer 1

You Can Buy Pope Francis' Skull Cap

What odds a nice Jewish boy buys one and wears it to synagogue? More »

18th, September News

The 20 Best Internet Reactions To The Indy Scotland Vote

We invade at dawn... More »

18th, September Celebrities

Kay Burley Calls IndyRef 'Yes' Campaigner A 'Nob' And Worse

THE increasingly bizarre Kay Burley has been doing her thing on Sky News again, this time referring to a Yes campaigner in the Scottish Independence Referendum as 'a bit of a nob'... More »

18th, September manchester united

Manchester United Balls: Fan Gets 'Sir Alex Feguson' Is Dead Tattoo

Who is Sir Alex Feguson. And what did he do in his 27 years on Earth?.. More »

18th, September News

Tabloid Highlights Of The Scottish Indy Referendum

HAVE you been getting your Indy Referendum news from the tabloids? If not, you missed some informative stuff... More »

18th, September News

Publisher Features Porn Star On School Textbook

Rocket News 24 reports that the MuangThai Book Center featured Japanese porn star Mana Aoki on the cover of 3,000 copies of its latest maths textbook... More »

18th, September Sports 1

Ajax Fans Pay Tribute To Paris Hilton

Now wipe the floor... More »

18th, September Key Posts

Koh Tao Murders: Christopher Ware Monstered And Hannah Witheridge Was Begging For It

Thailand blames the foreigners and the victims... More »

18th, September News

Local News Watch: The Most Hampstead Story Of All Time

THIS might be the most Hampstead story of all time. It's grim up North London, as the Ham & High reports... More »

18th, September Arsenal

Chelsea Balls: Is Badge-Kissing Cesc Fabregas The Most Fickle Man In Football?

GOOD old Cesc Fabregas. He's the Spanish footballer with Barcelona “DNA”, Arsenal in his heart and Barcelona in his blood... More »

17th, September Arsenal 1

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Sign Swansea's Wilfried Bony For Less Than Spurs And Liverpool Bought Him For

TRANSFER Balls: The Daily Express reveals that Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham are in for "£19m target Wilfried Bony". The headline ends a little esoterically: "CONFIRMS interest"... More »

17th, September manchester united

Transfer Balls: 'PSG Goalkeeper' Invites Manchester United Fans To Plunder Paris

TRANSFER Balls: The Daily Express continues to be rich source for utter drivel presented as rumour-based fact... More »

17th, September Technology

Apple's New Leukaemia Mystery

A NEW allegation about those massive factories in China that make all of Apple's iKit... More »

17th, September In Pictures

Makeup Artist Uses Her mouth To Create Your Favourite Face-Painted Cartoon Characters

Face-painting jut got better... More »

17th, September Sports

Manchester United's Eamon Dunphy & Leeds United's John Giles Star In Weird Dairy Milk Advert (With Apologies To Arsenal's Lim Brady)

JOHNNY Giles, memorably of Leeds United, and former Manchester United player Eamon Dunphy are now TV pundits in Ireland. The duo have been working for Cadbury's Dairy Milk, extolloing the benefits of a diet of sugar and fat in a budding sportsman's diet... More »

17th, September Celebrities

How To Erase U2 From Your Apple Cassette Player

THERE'S been much chatter about Apple's move to give away U2's new album Songs of Innocence to 500 million iTunes customers in 119 countries to coincide with its iPhone 6 and Watch launch... More »

17th, September manchester united

Manchester United: Wayne Rooney Wants To Emulate Real Madrid's Raul

More »

17th, September News

Pulling Secrets Of The Surrey Bus Driver with 26 Children

WHO is Britain's most fertile dad? The Sun reveals him to be Michael Redman, 59. He's squired 26 children by nine different women... More »

16th, September Film

The Best Worst Last Films by Legendary Actors

DEATH is a terrible inevitability. You could pop your considerable clogs at any given moment. You might be half way through a banana. You could be mid-poo, like Elvis. You could be *this close* to finishing that computer game that proved so difficult all those years. You might suddenly die just before someone finishes a joke... More »