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20th, April Celebrities

Josie Cunningham: Woman Achieves Fame By Talking About Aborting Her Baby For Fame

WHEN we last saw Josie Cunningham, she had been awarded a pair of 36DD breasts (RRP £4,800) by the NHS. As the Sun put it, Josie had used the New Hooters Service. .. More »

20th, April News

Kyron Horman: Caring Hearts Want Step-Mum Terri Tortured And Killed

Anorak's look at the missing Portland, Oregon, boy in the news. Today we spot a message for Kyron's step-mother Terry Horman on Facebook. An 'Elizabeth Degroff-Crego' wants Terri tortured sent to Hell... More »

20th, April Liverpool

Liverpool Balls Easter Miracle: 'Nailed' Luis Suarez Rises Again At Carrow Road

LIVERPOOL Balls: And on Easter did the Messiah of Afield rise again on the Carrow Road pitch... More »

20th, April News

London's New 'Neo-Nazi Outfitter' Thor Steinar Doesn't Sell Black Shirts

WHAT do bigots wear? A branch of the German fashion label Thor Steinar has opened in Finchley, north London... More »

20th, April Liverpool

Liverpool Balls Photos Special: Luis Suarez Wins The Title For The Reds

Luis wins! More »

20th, April Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: The Best Reactions To Sunderland's Win At Pathetic Mourinho's Chelsea

YESTERDAY it became clear why the so-called neutrals would least mind Liverpool winning the Premier League: Jose Mourinho and his Chelsea would not. The manager is a graceless sideshow. His assistant Rui Faria, yapped like a foaming chipmunk in the face of defeat. .. More »

20th, April Key Posts 3

Banning Khat Turns Black Immigrants Into Criminals

WE need to talk abut Khat. We'll begin with Khat the cat, the three and a year-and-a-half-old pet who attacked his human hosts. He clawed the face of its owner's sister, tore into the arms and legs of its owner's mother and gashed the legs of its owner's young brother... More »

20th, April Politicians

Ed Miliband: Once A Jew Always A Jew (Like Disraeli)?

ED Miliband has been in Israel, rediscovering his Jewish roots. The Daily Mail quotes the Labour leader as saying: "I would be the first Jewish prime minister if we win the election."... More »

20th, April In Pictures

The Power And The Gory: The 23 Bloodiest Jesus Christs Of Easter 2014

WHEN Jesus died for our sins and was born again, he split history in two; it divided BC from AD. All other major religious figures are dead and buried. Only Jesus is alive - and he's giving jobs to actors who want it play him in Passion plays... More »

19th, April Sports

Chelsea Balls: Mourinho's Assistant Rui Faria Throws A Tantrum After Sunderland Score

CHELSEA lose 2-1 at home to bottom-of-the-table Sunderland, and Jose Mourinho's assistant Rui Faria lets a long day in the sun and the excitement of being allowed to stay up with the grown ups get the better of him... More »

19th, April News

Selfie Teen V Train - The Gif, The Video And The Photos

THE lad stood by the rumbling train track, his camera raised up high, the driver spotted the lad and kicked him in the eye... More »

19th, April Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Luis Suarez Interviews Everton Fan Paul McCartney

IT'S a Liverpool love in as Paul McCartney meets Luis Suarez.... More »

19th, April In Pictures 1

The Gory Passion Reenactment In The Village of Nicker in Co Limerick - Photos

More »

19th, April Strange But True

Nominative Determinism: Edward Cocaine Arrested On A Drugs Charge

NOMINATIVE Determinism: An occasional look at names that describe the named. The Florida court calls drug possession suspect Edward Cocaine.... More »

19th, April News

Epic Obituaries: So, Farewell David W. Cummings, aka 'Pervert' Dave

OBITUARY of the day is from the Tampa Bay Times.... More »

19th, April Liverpool 11

Liverpool Balls: Threatening Luis Suarez Puts Bite Into The PFA

WHEN Liverpool's Luis Suarez took a nip of raw Serb - today's dish is Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic - we loved it. Suarez should become this year's Professional Footballers’ Association Player of the Year. .. More »

19th, April Money

Yahoo! Is Now Officially Worth Less Than Nothing, Say Matt Yglesias and Matt Levine

AS two different people have now noted, Matt Yglesias and Matt Levine, Yahoo is now officially valued at less than nothing. Which, for a company that has a $40 billion price tag on the markets is a pretty strange thing to try and say. But it also happens to be true... More »

19th, April Celebrities

1980s: Bunny Girl Dolly Parton Seduces The Easter Bunny

That you, Joshua..? More »

19th, April Flashback

Snooker 1958-64: The B.A and C.C Harry Young Boys' Snooker Championship

SNOOKER - 1958-1963.... More »

18th, April Money

Indian Man Found With 400g of Gold In His Stomach

“THIS is the first time I have recovered gold from the stomach of a patient,” said C S Ramachandran, a senior surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi.... More »

18th, April Politicians 3

War On Free Speech: Starkville, Mississippi Aldermen Want Twitter Parodist Arrested

THE War on Free Speech marches into Starkville, Mississippi, where police are seeking the master criminals who lampooned Starkville Aldermen David Little and Ben Carver using the Twitter accounts @DavidLittleBOA and @BenCarverPray.... More »

18th, April News 1

Manchester City Balls: £200,000 A Week Yaya Toure Says He Is Undervalued Because He's A Black African

YAYA Toure, Manchester City's midfield force of nature, tells the BBC's Football Focus on BBC World News, that he would be held in higher regard were he not African... More »

18th, April In Pictures

Artist Dan Witz Captures The Magic Of The Mosh Pit In These Hyper-Realistic Pantings

DAN Witz lets the viewer teeter on the edge of the mosh pit. The mass of human faces, heads, limbs and legs act like a magnet. You want to join in, be part of the joyous, violent, happening mob.... More »

18th, April Celebrities


ONE THING the internet cannot yet do that newspapers can is field hand-written letters sent through the post... More »

18th, April News 1

Ilinois Mayor Jim Ardis Joins The War Against Free Speech: Police Raid Home Of Twitter Parodists

MAYOR Jim Ardis of Peoria, Illinois, has no sense of humour. If you parody him on the internet, he will be upset... More »